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  1. Canadian Dealer for Waltham?
  2. vintage omega and zenith in ebay are quite cheap
  3. Orsa Pro Diver in need of a Crystal Replacement
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  6. Miros, Miros,on the wall,who's the fairest diver of them all....
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  9. new member
  10. Need suggestions! under 100 dollar watch for a gift
  11. Tuesday 4th January - WRUW???
  12. What does it mean losing and gaining seconds on mechinal watch
  13. Should there be a criteria for calling a watch a "Limited Edition" watch?
  14. Tuesday Jan 4, 2011
  15. *SHOCK-PROOF* Sports+Active LifeStyle and YOUR AUTOMATICS
  16. ETA questions.
  17. Is John Elway (QB) a WIS?
  18. new member
  19. Authenticate this U-Boat Left Hook including PHOTOS
  20. New guys 1st WUS purchase/delivery
  21. New Arrival with Pics - Better Late Than Never
  22. Seeking advice on watch restoration (reluming & refinishing dial)
  23. Analarm vibrating watch wakes you, not your spouse (or neighbors)
  24. Scammed on ebay - what to do now?
  25. Search for Crown Gasket Supplier
  26. Sharpie and a new strap
  27. Sinn U1 = review by The Watch Observer
  28. Baltimore/DC GTG Jan 29th!!!
  29. Quartz watches and microwave ovens
  30. ***WRUW - 3rd Jan 2011?***
  31. Really like my new Rado "True" Line Multi-Function
  32. Running fast seems to be better than running slow...
  33. Bought a watch to gift to a colleague, but I'm thinking of keeping it for myself...
  34. First the "Viperfish" and now THIS?
  35. Anyone spent more on their watch than their house?
  36. Jacques Cousteau
  37. i found what appears to be a nice omega watch
  38. What Watch Does Fire Fighter Wear?
  39. Japanese 'Italian' ...................
  40. suggestions on a new watches for my upcoming nuptials?
  41. Which ETA 2824-2 is used and an accuracy question...
  42. Citizen Windsurfer 42-8035 GN-4-S.
  43. swiss military hanowa automatic
  44. Who owns mechanicals and don't use a watch winder?
  45. Found my perfect watch. Problem: I can't buy this Russian watch ANYWHERE!
  46. >>>WRUW*** 01/02/2011 wrist show <<<
  47. New BENARUS MORAY 2 Landed in Charlotte, NC :)
  48. Made a review video of my Lange & Sohne 1. First one on youtube
  49. Made a youtube review video of the IWC Portuguese 7 day 5001-07
  50. who else got this message?
  51. Baume and Mercier Classima Executive 8787 or the 8788 Version
  52. who makes automatics cases' and the movements' in house?
  53. Quartz.
  54. Trying to identify and get the value of a watch.
  55. Dropped Archimede pilot M
  56. DOH! Therapeutic Post
  57. Not one more watch or else!
  58. Happy New Year!
  59. Who uses their tachymeter?
  60. A Vintage Patek Philippe Christmas
  61. Please welcome novedl as our new moderator
  62. A major consipracy!!!!!
  63. Just graduated college
  64. Interesting Dials
  65. New Year's Day watch, 1-1-2011
  66. Paul walker's watch in Takers
  67. Links of London - any good?
  68. Help buying a skeleton watch
  69. Help me choose a watch please
  70. Stowa fans?
  71. Get ready for the 1-1-11 midnight wristshot thread! East coast first this year!
  72. A happy and healthy new year!
  73. Watch rental
  74. Nigerian Scam
  75. movement sliding in case
  76. Chopard- new addition arrived today!
  77. Happy New Year
  78. Why are there no women watch collectors?.or so it seems?
  79. Can anyone recommend a good restorer?
  80. Happy New Year 010111 all WUS'ers what's on yo wrist???
  81. Ready To Purchase Omega Seamaster-Who To Buy From?
  82. Happy New Year Everyone
  83. Watches of occasion
  84. Dumb question perhaps
  85. First watch purchase guidance
  86. Polishing / Waxing / Protecting Watches...even new ones
  87. Carl F. Bucherer EvoTec - Peripheral rotors
  88. WRUW 311210 New Years Eve
  89. Omega, Breitling or IWC
  90. Hello from a new guy!
  91. Seiko Alpinist: SARB017 ... a study of colors ...
  92. Dress/casual watch: Tissot Le Locle vs Longines Legend Diver?
  93. New Member
  94. How do you decide which goes and which stays?
  95. Pls help me with this question--new poster
  96. Bond....James Bond??
  97. Extremeties.... The big and small of collecting
  98. <<Thursday 12-30-10 WRIST CHECK>>
  99. To eBay or not to be
  100. The American Movie
  101. Jay-Z Gives Away $220K Audemars Piquet...
  102. New member! With a victorinox chronopro
  103. My Watch Box has One Slot Left Open!
  104. Deciding Between Omega Broad Arrow and IWC Pilot's Chronograph
  105. Which Ferrari watch do you like better, the Girard Peregaux or Panerai?
  106. In which countries does Casio make their watches?
  107. Blowing it all on one watch. Chrono or Dress?
  108. Unique Dial Art
  109. New Forum Member
  110. Automatic question
  111. Hey Miami Vice/Ebel fans :D ...
  112. Tempted by Casio Oceanus MULTIBAND 6 OCW-T1000-7AJF - Seeking Comment
  113. This Watch SUCK! The HATE thread
  114. Every had one of those duh moments
  115. My new Christopher Ward C40 Speedhawk :)
  116. Share your "ins & outs" for 2010 ...
  117. Confused about Nixon Regent jewel count
  118. Can't decide between similar models- advice appreciated
  119. Alpha & Omega: show us the extreme ends (price-wise) of your collection
  120. This or That
  121. Bvlgari Diagono Aluminum Question- help
  122. replacement band for this?
  123. New to Watchuseek
  124. Recommend me a watch
  125. 12/29/10 WRUW (I don't have a girlfriend, just a wife)
  126. Next watch. TAG 1887/Omega Speedmaster/IWC Pilot Chrono? Need Advice. Thanks.
  127. 291210 what's on your girlfriend's wrist?
  128. Zeno Basel Watch
  129. I am so weak!
  130. What is the point of a chronograph?
  131. Worried. Just a Lil' question to those who know...
  132. setting time, up to number or down to number?
  133. Where can I post a watch for sale?
  134. Watch From Movie
  135. need help changing out bracelet/bands
  136. Does anyone know this 'pierre bernard' brand (
  137. Trivia
  138. What is this watch?!
  139. Anybody want to get a Beer in Baltimore?
  140. Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921: review by The Watch Observer
  141. Another diver >>
  142. Maurice Lacroix ref # help
  143. <<WATCH ON YOUR WRIST Tuesday 12-28-10>>
  144. gold watches on black leather straps
  145. newbie seeking guidance: mechanical chronograph?
  146. Oris Movement
  147. Next-Step-Up advice
  148. Re-introducing the Hager Commando Milsub
  149. Opened up my drawer and saw......
  150. New Premium Model: Tourby Planetarium with hand engraved 925 Sterling Silver dial
  151. New to this forum!
  152. tell us your weird rules of collecting
  153. New (to me) IWC ...
  154. *TOP-3* Your FAVORITE WATCHES You Bought in 2010
  155. I'm clearly not a WIS (and grateful for that fact)!
  156. Similar to ...
  157. What is NPH wearing?
  158. American Top Gear - What is Tanner wearing?
  159. Perfect quartz adventurer...
  160. Before I try this / strap modification advise
  161. greatest danger + most expensive watch
  162. Monday December 27, 2010
  163. Merry Christmas from a Kremke fan
  164. This watch will make you dizzy! & Do double rotors actually provide more energy?
  165. Why I Love My Wife !
  166. My Favorite WIS... what is Bill Clinton wearing this time?
  167. Given the choice, would you rather have a Navitimer Caliber 01 LE or IWC Portuguese Chrono
  168. Swatch Irony - HEQ accuracy !
  169. Watchmakers ... and their celebrity doppelgängers?
  170. Electronic Arts "Medal of Honor" in game watches
  171. Since it's the Holiday Season ..................
  172. 12/26/10 Sunday WRUW
  173. Nike Torque watch
  174. Shocked at how many I have- How many have you got?
  175. How Does One Lose A Watch?
  176. Invicta Calendar
  177. Willanna watches
  178. Austin Watch - What's it worth?
  179. Edox Class 1 GMT Titanium w/ Ceramic Bezel - Q&D Wrist Shots...
  180. WIS vs. WUS... what's the difference?
  181. If you could pick only one, what would you have in one sub-dial?
  182. Casio pathfinder spf-100s
  183. Quartz and Automatic - Durability
  184. vacheron constantin
  185. Rep (Ollech & Wajs) Watches >>
  186. Orients in the Far East
  187. When is the best time to buy a watch?
  188. Citizen Shine Braille Watch
  189. It's Christmas! WRUW 25/12/2010
  190. It's Christmas! What watch did Santa bring you?
  191. What's up with my watch?
  192. SOTC (State of the Collection)
  193. Do I really need one more watch ????
  194. So how do I attach my new bracelet? ...
  195. Raymond Weil Freelancer 2710-ST-20001
  196. New Arrival
  197. What is this watch?
  198. Merry Christmas Everybody
  199. Appalachian trail thru-hike, which watch?
  200. THE PRACTICAL PERK OF A GRAIL IS A GIFT, in any case, merry xmas, mates
  201. Temporanea Manifattura Fiorillo, an introduction
  202. Swiss Army Air Boss Mach1
  203. Rant/Long diatribe: Build me a flieger!
  204. Mido Watches. Can anyone tell me about them.
  205. Most Expensive Watch You Wore before you turn 35?
  206. Green on green on green...
  207. fickle? Me, I guess I am, er no I'm not!
  208. Wruw 12/24/10
  209. >> demagnetizing a watch (if it's running too fast)
  210. help with info on watch
  211. Happy Holidays
  212. Incoming grail! Oris Nico Rosberg...
  213. Automatic rotor and winding mechanism?
  214. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from AZ Fine Time
  215. Watch shopping in Rio...
  216. My Christmas Gift To My Wife....In a letter
  217. Hanhart Vintage Stopwatch.
  218. Show us your wrist candy - Thursday, December 23, 2010!
  219. *TUXEDOS* and $300 Watches
  220. Watch stopped working
  221. Watch Movement Cufflinks for Christmas!
  222. What's so special about a vintage "MARVIN" mechanical movement & what does "election" mean
  223. Odd second hand behavior
  224. What's the best PVD watch?
  225. Blue on white dial similar to Milus Tirion TriRetrograde
  226. Howe & Howe watch
  227. Omega Megasonic 720
  228. Looking for a gold band with roman numerals, need help
  229. Season's Greetings
  230. Does ETA make rattrapante movement?
  231. The Evils of Ebay.... (Opinion)
  232. Small wrists and deployant buckles, a good idea?
  233. Show me your Omega Speedmaster day/date
  234. High End Favre Leuba?
  235. Am I crazy for wanting this watch?
  236. Show me your watches with raised / applied Arabic numerals !!!
  237. ^Hump Day Wrist Check 12-22-10^
  238. New Year's Resolution
  239. Haute Horology and Ultra Complications
  240. Help me buy a 1000$ watch. Detailed preferences included in this post
  241. Lunch with some great watches
  242. So, help me out with choices - ok, done to death, but why not... - Different watch now.
  243. Lucien Rochat Kefir
  244. Does a t-shirt and spit harm my AR coating?
  245. Epos Emotion 3391
  246. If you had the inclination, and the money ...
  247. Hands similar to those on Sinn U1 (Sqarish) ?
  248. Swiss Army Classic Crystal replacement questions
  249. Luminox 3101 / 7100
  250. Ernst Benz: Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for the New Year