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  1. Am I crazy for wanting this watch?
  2. Show me your watches with raised / applied Arabic numerals !!!
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  5. Haute Horology and Ultra Complications
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  7. Lunch with some great watches
  8. So, help me out with choices - ok, done to death, but why not... - Different watch now.
  9. Lucien Rochat Kefir
  10. Does a t-shirt and spit harm my AR coating?
  11. Epos Emotion 3391
  12. If you had the inclination, and the money ...
  13. Hands similar to those on Sinn U1 (Sqarish) ?
  14. Swiss Army Classic Crystal replacement questions
  15. Luminox 3101 / 7100
  16. Ernst Benz: Happy Holidays & Best Wishes for the New Year
  17. New member starting a collection
  18. Epos Emotion 3390 vs. Mido Baroncelli 3 COSC
  19. Find me a PILOT watch that fits the bill
  20. December Buys
  21. Happy Solstice with Full Moon + Eclipse!
  22. Tuesday WRUW? | December 21, 2010 |
  23. Coolest Chronographs [part III]
  24. Telephone Contact Between Buyers and Sellers- Am I Unreasonable?
  25. BorgeauD Septagraph Pricing
  26. Dad Doesn't Wear Watch Very Often...
  27. Affordable Aqua Terra Alternative
  28. any help on a watch for my dad.
  29. Newbie looking for first watch recommendation
  30. Watch Delivery from Germany?
  31. Which GMT: Fortis B-42 GMT or MKII LRRP or ???
  32. Rant Warning: Longines Poor Quality (how Swatch Group killed a legend)
  33. Starting A Watch Collection
  34. Seiko 4R15 vs. ETA 2824-2 Standard Help please.
  35. When did sapphire glass start being mass used in wathces? 70s? 80s?
  36. [email protected] question - does this count as dress watch? (Steinhart marine chronometer)
  37. (Incoming... Any guesses?) Update: New arrival!!
  38. If you are a Watch Collector and you don't own a meteorite dial watch, you are not serious
  39. <<Monday WATCH on your WRIST 12-20-10>>
  40. Seiko SRP027K1
  41. Info on Montauk Watch Company
  42. hover
  43. Where to buy an Omega?
  44. Omega Geneve - Original or fake ? #pic in
  45. Help Me Choose a LeMans Watch!
  46. Documentary of the watch: from idea to implementation - - "Masters of Haut Horlogery"
  47. Watches Running Away in Price
  48. Never knew what "WIS" meant........
  49. Travel dilema!!!!
  50. Let us introduce you to Zeitwinkel!
  51. Looking for Toronto Watchmaker for Vintage Swiss watches
  52. Old vs. new ETA, any diffrence?
  53. Stranded on a deserted island, which watch would you take?
  54. What could be better than receiving my B&R on my bday? Having the best wife EVER!
  55. Opinions Sought for Large Solar Chrono
  56. Multitouch watch LOL =)
  57. Just found a watch!
  58. Do you have any immediate impressions when you see a certain watch?
  59. Wife needs help buying me a watch
  60. Sunday WRUW? | December 19, 2010 |
  61. Stowa or Doxa What to Buy!
  62. If you had $50 to spend, what watch would you buy?
  63. My new baby arrived and I am excited!!!
  64. Most unusual watch or watch related holiday present you ever gotten
  65. Help! Should I Restore This Watch?
  66. What does AD mean?
  67. My first B&R is finally here! And on my BDAY!
  68. Hello from Germany with a new addition!
  69. Current production "Elgin" watches
  70. Which Ulysse Nardin watch?
  71. How do I adjust my mesh bracelet?? Possible?
  72. Buying the Grail at an AD vs Grey Market?
  73. eBay Madness > Bid Cancelled > 0 bids, Item ENDED?!
  74. Triumph vj 7751
  75. Need help/advice
  76. Can you help me find a new watch for my father?
  77. Railroad inspired recos?
  78. Wruw 12/18/10
  79. This or That!! and why
  80. What did you learn about your watch tastes in 2010?
  81. Casio dw-7800
  82. Automatics in the age of flying cars
  83. FeDex is KILLING ME!
  84. Raymond Weil Hour Hand Misalignment?
  85. What Your Watch Says About You
  86. Does Anyone Know Much About Ingersoll watches?
  87. Nano Watch Kit
  88. TECH: Now here is an interesting development!
  89. Good quality watch
  90. Crystal replacement costs?
  91. Hermes Carre H Watch Alternatives
  92. I want a black beauty!
  93. <<TGIF Wrist Check 12-17-10>>
  94. The watch from Nov 23rd finally arrived...
  95. What would cause a 7750 movement to stop working like this?
  96. Vintage hands replated and relumed with "vintage tritium" superluminova - recommendations?
  97. A Day at the Mall (and an odd occurrence)
  98. Antique Watches - Should I sell?
  99. Pretty cool video of how a quartz watch works
  100. Oxygen Globe Trotter 2 Dual Time (White Dial)
  101. Casio Led-10 and Casio Led-20 watch
  102. Average age of people in WUS?
  103. Find me a WHITE watch!
  104. I have searched and cannot determain if the Perrelet P-1030 movement is totally in-house
  105. The last one for 2010 ...
  106. Must-see shops in San Francisco?
  107. "Luxury" diver, IWC Aquatimer or Bremont SuperMarine??? Best value?
  108. Why is the first 20 minutes on the dial colored differently?
  109. Deep Blue Watches
  110. Stuhrling Orignal: Winchester Grand
  111. <Thursday 12-16-10 WRIST CHECK>
  112. What's the deal with alarm watches?
  113. Anyone own a Rolex shirt?
  114. Luxury: What are you willing to spend it on yourself?
  115. Help with watch identification
  116. Diving, aviation and railroad watches: Function to fashion?
  117. When did watch companies stop using radium?
  118. Is the younger generation being conditioned towards digital timetelling?
  119. Is it wrong to be Watch jealous?
  120. BAUME MERCIER help in need
  121. Cartier Santos 100 (1904-2004 Edition)
  122. Stowa Antea 390 Milanaise V Nomos Tangomat white with date.
  123. Swiss bankers and watches
  124. Win a just released Ball Fireman Racer
  125. ^Wednesday WATCH on your Wrist 12-15-10^
  126. Worried about fakes
  127. Who else is saving for a January purchase...
  128. Yema USA offering free Microfiber Bag
  129. Let Your Chronograph Run?
  130. If I'm honest, I have to admit that this is killing me....
  131. Ever heard of Le Chateau?
  132. Good Victorinox Swiss Army prices in Canada (or perhaps USA) ?
  133. Sea-Gull ST to TY cross-reference to ETA
  134. Looking for a watch for a deployment
  135. Seeking help with a B&R homage --- vintage
  136. 1960's Birk's Rideau - Allegedly Omega?
  137. They sell my Grail at Costco....
  138. Looking for watchmaker
  139. My watch no go tick-tick ?
  140. MMI Original swiss made 25j automatic movement watch. Any brand info? quality?
  141. IWC Aquatimer Rose Gold or Zenith El Primero Rattrapante
  142. Baselworld Media Release
  143. For those that like to see the time on their cellphones
  144. I just bought vintage Hauer1550sg
  145. Auto or Quartz For Teenager
  146. Seiko SARB035
  147. Heading to NYC - where to bargain on Baume and Mercier? (AD only)
  148. <<WRUW- Tuesday 12-14-10>>
  149. Would you sell this (TAG) to buy that (B&R)?
  150. need advice
  151. Collection to the point of contentment?
  152. Polishing kits/tools?
  153. I think I finally understand Stowa
  154. HELP! Expert Advice Needed on Watch Purchase
  155. New Addition!
  156. PVD / DLC Question
  157. Luminox battery replacement?
  158. Galifreyan Fob watch
  159. How durable is hardened mineral crystal
  160. Warning about the dangers of online watch shopping
  161. Don't punch the bag!
  162. <$2K Motorsport inspired?
  163. 1.5 million dollar watch (Rapper buys it wrapped in plastic) video inside
  164. Pansar of Sweden - New Watch Brand
  165. Deep Blue Watches? Any opinions/reviews?
  166. ^Which WATCH are you starting the week out with.. 12-13-10^
  167. Well, it's been about a year now...SOTC
  168. Suggestions for ladies watch
  169. Nomos Orion vs Nomos Zuerich vs JLC Master Control vs Glashuette Senator Automatic
  170. 30th Birthday, first quality watch - which Omega???
  171. Incoming: New Zenith El Primero 36000VPH
  172. Ordered watches, No stickers/film...why???
  173. 2010 In & Out - a swan song
  174. Vincent Cassel in Black Swan--What's on His Wrist??
  175. Recommend a better <$3k chronograph than this Omega!
  176. Do you go second hand??
  177. My "Russian" Auto-zilla
  178. My visit to Belles Montres, Paris 2010
  179. Bid on this Accutron and won-----Does this seem legit or a franken watchl?
  180. how often do you buy a watch?
  181. My watches
  182. ^Sunday Wrist Parade 12-12-10^
  183. Your favorite quartz watch
  184. Value retention of Breitlings compared to other brands (Tag, Omega, etc.)
  185. Demagnetizers
  186. MTM Black Vulture Opinion
  187. Any good vintage watch shops in Zürich, Lucerne or Bern?
  188. Hands not recentering on Luminox Dive Chrono 8152
  189. Question on Timex Expedition
  190. :'( B&R went back today
  191. Lange 1 Moonphase or Lange Datograph (both in Rose Gold)
  192. Best Place To Ask - Envoy Stopwatch?
  193. How much to Spend
  194. watches with second-reset feature pls help, building a list
  195. All about bead blasting
  196. Near-Death Experience
  197. benrus type 1 remakes?
  198. ++ WURW Saturday 12/11/2010 ++
  199. Physics questions about automatic watches...
  200. Materials needed in a Dress watch?
  201. Titanium Scratch Removal
  202. YES Watch Holiday Sale
  203. Tag Formula 1 quartz any thoughts?
  204. Dressy Divers? What do you think?
  205. Black RG w/ rubber sports watch suggestions
  206. By manufacturing watches last Epicuro Beobachter WWII
  207. Elini???
  208. Friday December 10, 2010
  209. Ever have a watch turn into a grail AFTER you bought it? Happened to me tonight!
  210. So how did I do?
  211. Watch Shopping in FL?
  212. Heard of these, Granada and Tradition.
  213. What is your most distressing/embarrassing watch
  214. What is this watch?? Need experienced horologist
  215. Coping With a Blemish
  216. Internet movie watch database site that's like imfdb but for watches?
  217. Watches that look like this...
  218. Does a watch with these features exist?
  219. I can't upload my photos
  220. TexasTee Finally Got Aound To Joining!
  221. Basel 2011 - is one full day enough [a.k.a. who's going?]
  222. What's your favorite watch in your collection right now.
  223. Men's Military Watches
  224. The new Enzo Mechana
  225. Swiss made, know what it means, but what are the legal aspects?
  226. Thursday WRUW? | December 9, 2010 |
  227. Chonotac watches??????
  228. Do you always know what time it is?
  229. What do you do?
  230. Hirsch Duke vs Di-Modell Bali alligator- pattern strap - need advice
  231. Donna Moose passed away yesterday
  232. Everest Watches....explorer??
  233. >>>CHRISTMAS SHOPPING (((Pics)))<<< Two *QUARTZ* Watches <-or-> One *AUTOMATIC*???
  234. My $18,000 G-Shock
  235. Signature update!!
  236. To buy or not to buy, that is the question
  237. indy
  238. Precisionist Accuracy Check-in
  239. Fishy Ebay Communication?
  240. Tissot Couturier - SWISS AUTOMATIC ETA 2834-2
  241. Tapatalk and WUS on iPhone, love it
  242. Seiko Spring Drive question
  243. Houston stores...
  244. NEW: G10 NATO Racing Stripes Collection
  245. Best Light Source for charging Superluminova???
  246. Trying out something different... yay or nay?
  247. This or That? Commando...
  248. Wednesday WRUW/ December 8, 2010!
  249. Most frustrating thing about WUS sales forum.
  250. Barrington Griffiths Watch Co. - a new independent Canadian brand