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  31. STOWA vs NOMOS Glashutte for a dress watch
  32. A good mechanical
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  36. Watch running more accurately on winder
  37. Best wishes for tomorrow Mr. Recliner
  38. Mini-review thread anyone?
  39. How about an FAQ in Public Forum?
  40. How often do you buy from Authorised Dealers?
  41. Counterfeit watches
  42. Really stupid question
  43. Does anyone here own (or ever owned) one of these Casio Waveceptor/Tough Solar watches?
  44. What strap for my new Lum-Tec A1?
  45. B&M 8735 vs 8731 (Manual vs. Automatic)
  46. Elgin: what's the deal?
  47. In with the new out with the old ...
  48. Date changing problem
  49. "Quintessential" model ?
  50. Chronographs with large constand second hand?
  51. Identify a Watch
  52. Learned my lesson about buying on the sales forum
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  54. plz identify the movement of this B&M 8688
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  57. Tag Heuer WAF1311 Ladies Midsize
  58. Breitling Avenger Skyland Black Steel vs IWC Pilot Top gun
  59. Magnetic Liquid - Ferrowatch Would you buy it?
  60. I'm picking out a thermos (and a strap) for you...
  61. EBEL, Which model?
  62. hand winding
  63. watchmaker job prices? (or maybe a do it yourself)
  64. Question about a Vintage Casio Diver
  65. i need some good quality screwdrivers
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  67. Ruminations on lume
  68. My favourite marketing campaign
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  70. How do you determine a watch movement's pedigree?
  71. Suggestions for a decent everyday watch (Under $500)
  72. Would you wear this watch to a funeral?
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  74. OK to wear a replica IF you own the real thing?
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  76. How to file down Titanium?
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  80. Watch envy - your first time
  81. swiss army renegade questions
  82. Glycine Combat
  83. Let me put my money in your leather..
  84. ^Tuesday Wrist Check 9-7-10^
  85. Case back scratches
  86. Luxury watch dilemma
  87. Help Tracking Down Manufacturer of Unique Watch
  88. Is Rotary Watch a good brand?
  89. - custom watch design -
  90. valjoux 7750 VJ rotor
  91. Invicta 3712 Pictorial Review
  92. I'm Pretty Sure Someone on WUS Can Do Better Than This
  93. Which watch, tag or raymond weil or?
  94. raymond weil freelancer 2710-ST-20001
  95. GMT watch....recommendations?
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  97. Quality Watch Repair in NY
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  99. Best watch for around 250$
  100. Watches around $500 or less with shapely cases
  101. Stowa
  102. Wyler geneve
  103. What's the best clasp out there?
  104. Armand Nicolet - help identifying
  105. Hello from a new member, with a few photos
  106. Pin and collar questions
  107. What direction are you taking your collection at the moment?
  108. Rest in peace Shoya Tomizawa
  109. New addition to the collection
  110. Hi!.......I need your advice!
  111. Any Info on this BVLGARI watch
  112. Silver Dials with colored elements: what automatic can you recommend?
  113. How often do you wash your watch on the tap
  114. Richmond BC: any good shops?
  115. Wrist Check- Sunday 9-5-10
  116. Can't reply to posts
  117. What is considered "good" shock resistance?
  118. Could somebody help me identify this movement?
  119. Am I looking at another movement changeout?
  120. Need a Special Bracelet!
  121. Black or Mother of Pearl Midsize Ladies Aquaracer?
  122. Breaking in period for automatics
  123. Have I broken it?
  124. Anyone free for Coffee in New York Tomorrow Sunday 5th ?
  125. Android Divemaster Enforcer 7750
  126. Alright, How many are guilty of having owned a Shop NBC Watch?
  127. Feeling very sad lately.
  128. Saturday WRUW
  129. Black chronograph - need help to ID
  130. G-Shocks at the honeymoon!
  131. Winding queries...
  132. My auto springwatch is 5 second late every 24 hours.Is it normal?
  133. New mod arrived!
  134. Battle of the young brands Maurice Lacroix vs Frederique Constant
  135. Things they should do at the AD
  136. Sellita SW200 Movement - Gear train illustration
  137. Fifty fathoms case
  138. Is Frederique Constant a good brand?
  139. Pics of new IWC Vintage Ingenieur!
  140. New Arrival!
  141. 60th Anniversary Special
  142. Best way to remove scratches?
  143. Certina online seller
  144. When you Realize That One watch Became Your "Rotation"
  145. Real Estate Scammer - Raffaello Follieri - Auction items
  146. Bulgari Watches
  147. Took some more photos of watches:Blancpain FF & Panerai 106
  148. Who are the top US watch makers?
  149. Help me find the perfect watch
  150. Opinions on this watch / strap combo?
  151. IWC Aquatimer vs. Bell & Ross BR03-92
  152. IWC Aquatimer vs. Bell & Ross BR03-92
  153. Watchmaker in WA state
  154. What's more important for you: Movement or looks?
  155. CSAR Dwarfer
  156. A watch for Kids?
  157. TGIF!!! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist?
  158. Watch recommendation for a friend
  159. Not sure what to do, looking for advice
  160. anybody watch Top Chef, Nasa theme yesterday?
  161. Please ID this watch (pictures included)
  162. Thanks for the help on the new watch...but
  163. Alternative to the Omega Speedmaster Professional?
  164. Combining watches and other jewlery
  165. dior homme chiffre rouge
  166. Free Catalogues
  167. Why all these horrible websites?
  168. Suggest a rose gold watch with black dial!
  169. New iPod Nano Watch... Huh.
  170. Montreal Watch Modding Seminar
  171. What's the best hand/dial contrast?
  172. WRUW - Thursday 9-2-10
  173. IWC not getting any love
  174. Ever wonder what this Dive Strap is for ?
  175. The ideal universal watch
  176. Does Maurice Lacroix deserve it's own forum?
  177. Which level tier of quality is my movement?
  178. Longines Master Retrograde vs Maurice Lacroix Classic Phases de Lune
  179. Double Unboxing, Good Kind Of Day; Glycine and Komandirskie!!!
  180. The New and Improved Otto Frei?
  181. Patek Philippe and the like...$$$???
  182. New Arrival!!
  183. Rotor pivoting in auto/mechanical
  184. Is watch collecting addictive -are you hooked??
  185. Vintage Timex help
  186. Dallas/Ft Worth in the house? Identify yourself!
  187. Tag Heuer vs Hamilton & Tissot
  188. One watch yours + a question
  189. The best deals from AD's
  190. A new, modern tool to search Roland Ranfft's caliber database
  191. LIMES - When life gives you limes...
  192. Lets see your "Shark">>>>>
  193. New arrival!
  194. SUBZILLA Leads the pack
  195. for anyone who wants a snob's latest article
  196. Checking feedbacks
  197. September 1, 2010 - Wrist Check
  198. Shaking my wrist - just how delicate are these things?
  199. best watch youve seen on the street
  200. Evaluating an Audemars Piguet/no info at all
  201. Hey Toby - how's this for a weird coincidence?
  202. Breguet Movements, In-House?
  203. Do ads in the "for sale - private seller" have to be approved?
  204. Raymond Weil
  205. my new valjoux 7733 Sandoz.. Breitling...
  206. New Tourby "Classic" Model
  207. Tsar VS G-Shock
  208. Tachymeter scale
  209. My new Rado DiaStar Original Divers
  210. A water tank for diver watch?
  211. Scheduled maintenance -- where do you go?
  212. DELETING problems
  213. Observation on seconds gained/lost
  214. Is this Longines too big?
  215. A Happy Ending
  216. Introducing the Yema Watch Company of France
  217. {Last day of the month Wrist Check..
  218. Any Yema Fans out there?
  219. Unable to edit post
  220. YEMA of France Launches Today - Thoughts?
  221. Is Technomarine an upscale brand?
  222. Ding and scratch avoidance: Developed any manerisms?
  223. If you had to rank the "prestige" factor of the major brands...
  224. Casio F-91W
  225. What's the one activity that defines you as a true watch geek?
  226. Please ID this watch for me
  227. I hereby denounce dress watches
  228. Please help me choose my next watch
  229. 30/08/10 Monday Wrist Check
  230. What happens if you handwind a automatic movement the wrong way?
  231. What is the difference between case see thru and exhibition?
  232. Watch History
  233. Do you prefer auto or hand wind?
  234. What are some watches with a free sprung balance?
  235. Time Keeping Advantages of Tractor powered Chronographs vs Ground Up
  236. Do you prefer hearing the rotor or not hearing it?
  237. Baume Mercier 18k
  238. Best Values; $500-1500
  239. Vertical versus horozontal watch collecting
  240. Shipping To Hong Kong From Canada?
  241. Made in USA
  242. Sunday 8/29/10 WRUW
  243. How much of an accuracy freak are you?
  244. My New Freddie C!
  245. Trival thought of the day
  246. PVD for a bracelet?
  247. IWC Chrono vs. Omega Planet Ocean Seamaster
  248. Regulating an Oceanaire...please help
  249. I just received a hard to find white Zodiac Oceanaire on mesh!!
  250. Watch Stores in Buffalo, NY area?