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  1. Because we love to look at watches
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  7. It's "dial", not "face". Isn't it?
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  9. Chinese Spam
  10. Found a WIS click at a wedding Saturday
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  14. Why Mechanical Watch are BETTER
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  16. WATCH on your WRIST---Tuesday 8-10-10
  17. Happy 8-9-10-11-12
  18. Collection dilemma....
  19. Condensation in my Watch! Help!
  20. eta 2892-2 and watch winders
  21. smaller diameter Lum-Tec models?
  22. Looking for a Tag Heuer or Omega model #
  23. Hautlence watches coming to America
  24. Watch tiers
  25. Magnetic effects on my automatic
  26. Breitling Superocean II vs Omega Planet Ocean
  27. Liquidmetal made by Apple
  28. Ernst Benz latest press release
  29. black sporty chrono?
  30. Going to Munich Soon - Watch Factory Suggestions?
  31. Look what you did to me!
  32. Odm completeley unable to contact
  33. Leather strap for everyday use?
  34. Re: Reliable watchmaker in Kuala Lumpur
  35. Luminox: Raptor 9292 or 9282?
  36. WRUW Monday 8/9/10
  37. Advice on first watch
  38. Jumping hour thoughts?
  39. Looking for an Automatic watch under $4k with chronograph and large continuous seconds
  40. Strap smackdown!
  41. Thats strange, wheres my ebay feedback thread?
  42. Bounced from Watchgeeks
  43. Question for Traser Classic Pro owners
  44. favorite black dialed gold handed watch?
  45. Electromagnetic influence on wearer from quartz watches?
  46. Serious Lume Question, time to fess up
  47. Finally saw a watch with a blue bracelets.
  48. ^8-8-10 Sunday WRUW^
  49. Help with valuation
  50. A watch that can take beating?
  51. JLC Master Chrono
  52. Recommendations for a Dress Watch
  53. What is an "equation of time" complication?
  54. Wrist Size Variation
  55. Who else cringes when starting to screw in a threaded crown?...and a suggestion
  56. Sizing a rubber strap
  57. Inacuracy problem, what to do? :(
  58. ^Saturday WRIST CHECK 8-7-20^
  59. Starcraft II Watch *minor spoilers*
  60. Ideas on "Homage" watches?
  61. Latest addition to the collection.
  62. Well it was my Birthday Tuesday
  63. Seconds dial becomes misaligned with minute hand
  64. ETA2893 vs. ETA2836 and GMT functionality/desirability
  65. automatic no date watch
  66. Newbie question
  67. How much wind should a watch have when being taken to be regulated?
  68. New Arrival!!
  69. Victorinox cased in China
  70. sold my watch 1.5 yrs ago and it arrived now, but buyer doesn't pay
  71. Panerai on EBAY
  72. Watch with no face? No digital display, no hands???
  73. Watches as the "essential" accessory for managers/businessmen/executives/etc
  74. Show Your BLUE!!!!!
  75. King Seiko refurbished
  76. well the collection is complete....
  77. Looking For A Watch Around $5k
  78. Video: Baume & Mercier Classima Executives 8591
  79. Removing a ding from a case
  80. The Propeller Clock: Made of 33 LEDs and an HDD motor.
  81. Do New Watches Need A "Bedding In" Period re: Accuracy?
  82. Looking for direction
  83. Any other Praesto owners out there?
  84. Will Jean contact details
  85. about buying on ebay
  86. I think Im doing my partners head in !
  87. Middle range watches with ETA movements, does the grade matter?
  88. Constant Handwinding an Automatic Harmful??
  89. How would this look on a NATO
  90. Best watch for...
  91. My New Affordable Rolex
  92. What Watch is Your Grail?
  93. Used Cartier Tank Francaise mens auto value??
  94. New Citizen Chronograph says "Hi!"
  95. Looking for a daily-wear watch
  96. B&M Classima vs Classima Exec.
  97. Getting my first "Real Watch" as an Engagment present. Guidance please!
  98. TGIF!!! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist?
  99. Hey Everyone...(hope this is in the right forum)
  100. New arrival - unboxing & mini review (picture heavy)
  101. Helson Shark Diver ETA 2824-2 vs Miyota 8215
  102. Reasonably priced inhouse movements
  103. Help me chose "a businessman`s watch"
  104. Graduation Watch Ideas?
  105. 30min counter on chronos
  106. Anti-Persperant/Deodorant?
  107. Help needed on possible purchase
  108. Shame on Google!
  109. ^Thursday 8-5-10 WRUW^
  110. Tell the story of your missing watch
  111. Watchmaker in New York city
  112. Help Identifying Watch
  113. Fifty Fathoms bezel problem
  114. Cartier hits HauteLook with lawsuit over watches
  115. Help me pick a watch(es) for my honeymoon!
  116. Unique & Interesting Dial (Yes, It's a Louis Vuitton)
  117. Lighting technology in analog watches
  118. Fred of Paris Watch: Opinions on Brand?
  119. Incoming Samurai
  120. This or That
  121. Trustworthy and Competent Watch Repair in Portland, OR?
  122. Strong sales in watches and jewelry...
  123. Celebrate August with Prometheus
  124. Incoming! Excited, meteorite watch! Share your pics
  125. Wednesday Wrist Check 8-4-10
  126. Advice on first watch (Le Locle) and buying from Amazon
  127. Mechnical watches and oil
  128. Looking for a watch similar to these..
  129. Adding new forums to WUS - Dievas, Benarus, Boschett?
  130. Skagen Watches?
  131. well i've ordered......
  132. Grand Seiko
  133. Need Help Swiss Army or Technomarine
  134. Help me choose a new watch
  135. Rose Gold & Black - Who Else Loves It?
  136. The perfect watch for a police officer.
  137. Help me choose please
  138. Glashutte chronometer
  139. My dad's Tudor is back!
  140. {Tuesday Wrist Check 8-3-10..
  141. Does anyone have a source for 23mm springbars that are 1.78mm (or 1.8) in diameter?
  142. Okay, so help me find a watch that perhaps doesnt exist.
  143. Cant decide Panerai or Werdelin
  144. Here's one for you
  145. My New German Swatch!
  146. Watchmaker Recommendation
  147. Nato/Zulu questions.
  148. G-Shock Repair Experience
  149. Lucien Piccard owner files for Chapter 11
  150. Solar question?
  151. Tag Heuer Carrera: 1st time piece purchase. Help Needed!
  152. Which of my watches would you wear on holiday?
  153. Which Watch for Wedding?
  154. Unbelievable accuracy on this Invicta!
  155. Crown Bruise Prevention
  156. Which dive watch is better/do u prefer?
  157. Has anyone ever pawned a watch to get a plane ticket home?
  158. What Watch Am I? Needle in Haystack? Please Help Spend My Money!
  159. Anyone Have a Picture of a Ronda 715 Quartz Movement?
  160. Watchmaking for dummies :)
  161. WRUW Monday 8/02/10
  162. do you like index marker only watches?
  163. {Monday 8/2/10 Wrist Check..
  164. Thin mechanical watches <$1000?
  165. New member seeking advice - narrowed it down to a few...
  166. Miyota 8215 vs. ETA Quartz
  167. Help ID this dual-time watch......Pics inside...
  168. Ollech & Wajs MP 2063 questions?
  169. Watches/Movements w/ smooth rotor winding
  170. Bored at work... Iphone Pictures
  171. Let me introduce myself!
  172. new arrival
  173. Tri Compax versus 'Valjoux layout' for Chrono Subdials
  174. Platinum vs. Gold vs. Stainless. I am not getting the pricing
  175. Announcement: New Tourby Calibers
  176. Is this a real ETA2784?
  177. I'm joining the "rejecting the big watch" crowd...
  178. Back after long absence
  179. WRUW Happy Sunday in the 1st August 2010
  180. My Trip to Washington D.C.
  181. I need help identifying the watches in these photos
  182. Carl F. Bucherer or Maurice Lacroix?
  183. 25th Birthday Gift to myself... AP vs. parmigiani vs. Vacheron Constantin
  184. Can't make up my mind, need suggestions
  185. Rounds/tours per day on winder - watch specific recs?
  186. Costco vs. Omega
  187. Styles similar to B&R and Lum Tec
  188. "Phantom" Options?
  189. Newbie: Weight of a Stainless Watch with Bracelet?
  190. Omega vs TagHeuer vs Breitling
  191. Moderators...
  192. 6497
  193. Tool Kit
  194. Is the strap buckle supposed to dig into your flesh?
  195. Saturday 7/31 WRUW
  196. New guy + watch suggestions?
  197. JLC Reverso 986 or 976
  198. Orkina Flieger Incoming - Anyone Else Have One?
  199. Chronometre Forget
  200. Anyone heard of Jacques Lemans Tempora
  201. bit of a longshot, but can anyone id this watch
  202. Absolute slickest way to remove spring bars!!!
  203. Moon phase discontinued?
  204. Casio MP3 watch model WMP-1V parts
  205. Poor manīs Einzeiger-Watch
  206. Just bought a watch, now I'm scared to wear it because it is too precious looking!
  207. Just thought I'd introduce myself
  208. New Member +collection. What to buy next?
  209. toy watch, durable enough for kids?
  210. incoming
  211. Struggling with selling or keeping for myself
  212. My 1000th post!
  213. Watch Servicing: Automatic vs. Hand Wound
  214. Archimede
  215. Risks of Taking Your Watch to a Watchsmith?
  216. Scatola Del Tempo 7rt Settings Help...
  217. TGIF!!! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist?
  218. Omega SpeedMaster Professional vs IWC Pilot's Watch Chronograph
  219. Help please!!!!
  220. Any info on Geneve Ferrari watch?
  221. My Valkyrie needed a Flieger Strap
  222. Driving me crazy!!!
  223. Custom Project complete!
  224. New Addition!!
  225. Just wanted to share to share my duo
  226. You can't tell the players without a scorecard
  227. Need Help Picking a Strap (or two)
  228. Scale that goes to 52?
  229. USPS Express mail is not next day?
  230. Daily watch options
  231. Help, I want to buy an UGLY watch!
  232. Paris - any good for buying pre-owned watches?
  233. ^Wrist Check- Thursday 7-29-10^
  234. Lookout for homage: Davidsen or RXW?
  235. Buying! Need advice!
  236. Do you know this Graham watch Model? I need your help!
  237. I finally bought a dress watch...
  238. Longines vs Baume et Mercier - Paying for the name
  239. First post--ebay Casio Edifice purchase
  240. Need Help Kobold or Sinn
  241. New Arrival Orient Racing Series CFM00001B
  242. Chrono24???
  243. Need advice - diver, chrono, day date
  244. question re brushed bracelet refinishing
  245. Help! Orange Monster or Zodiac?
  246. Gold vs. Plat
  247. Need Help indentifying watch!!
  248. Match leather watch strap to shoes and belt?
  249. Latest Incoming
  250. WRUW - Wed 7/28/10