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  88. Im Thinking of buying a Ball, ( NOT A FOOTALL, lol) Which one should I buy?
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  96. Newbie
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  106. quick answers please? is this watch too big??
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  108. Quartz no longer hacks after stem reinsertion?
  109. Pre-V buckles
  110. citizen 70s chrono
  111. My watch fogs!!??
  112. Nixon Watch
  113. Does anyone else do this? Am I just anal?
  114. Your opinion on ETA 2892-A2 & Valjoux 7750
  115. TGIF!!! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist?
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  118. Any thoughts on the Chanel J12?
  119. Members of TZ-UK or Watchforu UK
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  123. receiving a faulty watch from an online watch companies
  124. Back from holidays with a new baby :-)
  125. My New Louis Erard Heritage
  126. What watch is Eminem wearing (im not afraid)
  127. Funniest comment someone's made about your watch?
  128. [WATCH on your WRIST- Thursday 7-22-10]
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  131. Pilot Watch on a NATO
  132. Intro and ID help...
  133. we need a new member sticky
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  135. Three's Company
  136. for those who had warranty work done....
  137. Reputable watchmaker in/near Los Angeles?
  138. Some bigger watches sometimes more comfortable....anyone else?
  139. What's the point?
  140. Casual Patek wrist shot!!!
  141. Different Types of Movements
  142. Continental watch brand?
  143. 2824-2 rotor movement
  144. Help me identify this watch for my wife
  145. watch strap sizes
  146. ETA F06.111 stem removal
  147. Help me find a GMT for <$500
  148. Hello all
  149. Help Me Decide
  150. RXW mm20
  151. A simple chronograph recommendation
  152. IWC Portuguese Auto or Dornblueth?
  153. WRUW Wednesday 07/21
  154. New to watch collecting, wanted to hear some opinions before I make a purchase!
  155. Did this ever happen to you?
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  157. My Situation
  158. My Small Collection
  159. Praesto Change-O (the strap-o)
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  162. How can I protect myself in a watch trade? (not face to face)
  163. Best buys between 1000 to 2000.
  164. Ocean Diver recomended in Men's Journal
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  167. Seeking general advice
  168. My Local Watch Repairman .....
  169. Bench/ 20th anniversary limited edition
  170. Chronograph with engraved tachymeter?
  171. Hello All: New to the Forum.
  172. Discovering lesser known brands and lines
  173. About member Ajp - Please read !
  174. Suggestions for dress watch: brown strap, white dial, roman numerals, swiss auto, < $1K
  175. Summer sun and watch dials
  176. How important is your strap? Favorite straps?
  177. halios holotype
  178. VC Overseas or One of Two GO's?
  179. ??? Public Tuesday July 20, 2010 ???
  180. watch repair
  181. International shipping charges for watches.
  182. watch pins included?
  183. Have we ever done this before?
  184. WUS Mobile question-can't reply
  185. Suggestions
  186. Nixon 51-30 Chrono Maratac Zulu Pics
  187. Suggestion for ladies mechanical watch
  188. Munichtime 2010
  189. Wedding Watch
  190. Why does my watch naturally lean to the right?
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  192. Can anyone hepl me identify this maurice Lacroix skeleton?
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  200. The Ultimate Tactical! All others step aside!
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  202. Does anyone like quartz?
  203. Touching Watches
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  205. Show me some pix of your car and your watch.... together!
  206. Cafe Bremont
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  208. Why does Official internet time change?
  209. How many people around you actually buy watches?
  210. Could this be true?
  211. What should a service cost?
  212. Help im looking for M&M BLUE-SEA watch
  213. What is the best???
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  220. compass bezel
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  230. 2000 - 3000 Watch
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  235. I have 2000+ posts, I should know this
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  238. recommend me some women's watches
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  241. Finally Got My Monaco (pics included)
  242. How do you like this one ... ?
  243. Do you buy a watch to commemorate special occasions?
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  246. Deployant Clasps
  247. Identification of Model Needed, plus opinion on keeping or not
  248. Chronoswiss Opus or Grand Opus
  249. Damascus Steel Watches
  250. General maintenance