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  1. Damascus Steel Watches
  2. General maintenance
  3. Baume et Mercier 8591 or Longines Master Collection
  4. Anyone know any good reputable shops in the LA metro area?
  5. So angry....oh so angry....
  6. Swatch Right Track Rotor Nosie
  7. So Long Socal! One last hike.
  8. What does "master compressor" mean?
  9. TGIF!!! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist?
  10. SOTC - One Year Later
  11. Opinions wanted
  12. Help Identify a Croton Watch
  13. Need a Company to Use for International Shipping?
  14. My New Glashutte Original - Take 2 - Now with Wristshots & Timing Results!
  15. need help, cannot send private messages.
  16. Just Arrived!!
  17. Adapting Oil Spill Lingo for WUS Use
  18. Difference between real croc/alligator and calf leather?
  19. Got MARRIED this past weekend! 3 new watches for ME!
  20. ^7-15-10 Thursday WRUW^
  21. To Baume or not to Baume
  22. Pellikaan timing auto/date prototype
  23. Need Help Locating Sellers of This Leather Case
  24. Finally got the Hirsch Leo Right! (AT Pics Inside)
  25. 6R15B vs 2824
  26. Does anyone check the date more than the time?
  27. My first mechanical - opinions?
  28. Why do stainless steel bracelets come in so few colors?
  29. Zulu uprising!
  30. Lum-Tec Combat B13
  31. TAD/Surefire and the SubZ Tactical
  32. Incoming, in a week or so ...
  33. Spotting a Fake
  34. New GO will be here tomorrow : )
  35. Lum-Tec M23, M24 and now updated with M25 photos.
  36. Hans Brechbühler R.I.P.
  37. Greetings ALL!
  38. PayPal or credit card rate
  39. What Quartz Movements and Dials Will Fit a Marathon TSAR?
  40. decision time? do I sell or keep?
  41. OT: Easy Tracking for International Post
  42. Just joined
  43. Which vibrating alarm watches does exist ?
  44. Watch style phone, good for gift???
  45. Which WATCH for 7-14-10/Wednesday?
  46. Another watch running fast! Help!
  47. Trouble staying logged in
  48. Is it impossible to sell a watch that you lost the original box and documention for?
  49. Why don't more watches use the 2892 instead of the 2824 movement?
  50. Manual vs Automatic
  51. New Cx Swiss Hurricane.
  52. Grey Market Experience -
  53. Anyone come across such a watch?
  54. Identify a watch please
  55. New Nato's!
  56. Why is power reserve of watches limited to ~40 hours?
  57. A strange observation
  58. ^Tuesday 7-13-10 WATCH on your WRIST^
  59. Casio vs. Citizen Part II
  60. Four new straps arrived
  61. Women's watch suggestions?
  62. Greetings to all you horological freaks!!
  63. Help with a Titanium Watch of 500$
  64. Breitling = only watch company to have 100% COSC-certified watches?
  65. Post your Brownies!
  66. Opinions on Chopard
  67. Casio vs. Citizen
  68. any other values?
  69. victorinox swiss army watch question
  70. I'm at work...
  71. Trying to find a watch that meets the below criteria...
  72. Watch Snob
  73. What kid of watches do IT guys wear?
  74. Looking for a watch but I have small wrists
  75. Sapphire crystal alternatives
  76. Looking for advice on German marine watches
  77. An idea for a new club with a transcendental twist!
  78. Wedding Watches for Groomsmen
  79. Knockoff vs not knockoff
  80. Monday WRUW 7/12/10
  81. "Go to a watchmaker".
  82. BM Capeland S Chrono Service?
  83. Picking My First "Nice" Watch
  84. swimming with a 30meter resistant watch
  85. Shop NBC
  86. MMMmmmmm... Frogman! Nom nom nom...
  87. Stienhauser watch winder broken
  88. Riseman, Riseman, doing the things a Riseman does!
  89. need help finding a good watch repair shop in san diego
  90. What is this watch?
  91. automatic movement winding question.
  92. Please contribute: Show me water damage
  93. A Seiko at long last!
  94. Will you be going to the WIS meet 17th in Montreal ?
  95. JULY WristShot! Contest!
  96. How would you classify this watch
  97. Thoughts on this travel case?
  98. ETA 2894 Accuracy
  99. Any Raymond Weil fans??
  100. Which is the multiple complication watch you dream of owning?
  101. What's a cool outdoor, lawn mowing, weed whippin watch? :0)
  102. My Old Watch. My New Watch?
  103. Unusual divers / divers without the standard diver design / bezel
  104. Sunday WRUW? | July 11, 2010 |
  105. Buyer's Guide?
  106. The podcast that isn't?
  107. Questions for traveling with watch collections, do's and don'ts.
  108. New arrival: A study in greys
  109. The "downside" of attending GTG's
  110. ATTENTION: Possible excuse for watch purchase identified.
  111. Two favorites - new shoes and old shoes (modem vaporizer).
  112. Soggy Saturday Waht's on your wrist show
  113. Rainer Nienabar?
  114. IWC/Omega AD in San Jose & Bay area?
  115. Japanese translation help needed!
  116. Have most of the "regular" sized watches disappeared?
  117. TV coverage of James Bond Watches exhibit opening
  118. please help me decide
  119. any suggestions
  120. Buying Watches:Internet vs. Stores
  121. What watch is this?
  122. Home made winder; prototype 2
  123. Why are wrist watches worn on the left, when most people are right handed?
  124. That damn fly!
  125. Watch Trading Company
  126. Introduction
  127. Haters
  128. watch customizers here?
  129. Incoming Watch...
  130. WIS's Amongst You???
  131. Watch Care
  132. TGIF!!! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist?
  133. I Have Entered Into a Weird Phase
  134. Have any of you read the reviews on Amazon for the Zenith Men's 96 Defy Xtreme Tourbillion
  135. I'm a Watch noob, Hi.
  136. Wearing an admirals cup non sailor
  137. Grand Seikos are going international!
  138. some help please
  139. Help, Breitling making more noise?
  140. Where does Kobold get off charging the premium for their watches?
  141. What model Concord Watch is this??
  142. GTG - Montreal Meet July 17,2010 come join us. ;)
  143. manually wound divers
  144. Stylish watch with 24hr countdown timer
  145. Incoming!
  146. ***not sure where to post this***
  147. Do you like this one?
  148. 7-8-10 WATCH on your WRIST
  149. MB&F Horological Machine No4 THUNDERBOLT is here !
  150. fifty fathoms vs. big pilot
  151. Has anyone seen Elini Commander watch?
  152. is this baume & mercier geneve fake??
  153. Are there any decent watch related newsgrops?
  154. My new Ridinfool band on Nighthawk
  155. Kenneth Cole brand of watches?
  156. It's good to live in this global market.
  157. Different color fliegers?
  158. Help finding a gift for Dad
  159. AMADO - Heard of this brand?
  160. Titanium Rolex Sub or Daytona?
  161. Leather in dry dock; bracelet rules in summer
  162. Horological Machine No4 Thunderbolt
  163. Advice On B&R
  164. Are quartz watches hand made?
  165. Are you on Twitter?
  166. Something Completely Different
  167. Seiko kinetic
  168. Slick marketing
  169. PVD Bracelets...
  170. WRUW Wednesday 07/07?
  171. What do you think is each House's best line of watches?
  172. Which direction is your collection headed?
  173. Chronograph layout - Your preference
  174. Lum-Tec B Combat Phantom?
  175. Boxes o' watches!
  176. Received this reply from a seller.
  177. Watch brands that are 100% in-house
  178. When will it ever end ... ?
  179. What kind of watch is this - Indian Native American with hatchet Webster Watch Co.
  180. Why did you buy that watch?
  181. Just posted a new Swatch Auto review ...
  182. Watch-ID: The Losers
  183. WATCH-U-WEARING >>> Tuesday, July 6th, 2010
  184. Rugged, Tough, Accurate Chronograph Movements
  185. ETA7750 Animation?
  186. whats the oldest watch company still around?
  187. Saudi Rolex anyone????
  188. Maurice Lacroix Sale on RueLaLa starting July 8
  189. WatchTime Magazine for your iPad
  190. FL pictures, light watch content
  191. We need a "WatchUseek" iPhone app
  192. Big decision?
  193. What watch/es in your collection would you wear during a nuclear winter?
  194. *monday 7-5-10 wruw*
  195. Swatch Automatic Chronograph?
  196. State of the Collection
  197. Happy 4th everyone!
  198. Why aren't full dial lume watches more popular?
  199. What types of watches do you think best fit the "Sporting" type?
  200. How does your significant other feel about your hobby?
  201. Squale Watches
  202. Why can't anyone other than Rolex make a good date magnifier?
  203. Can anyone tell me about this Bulova Accutron
  204. Would you give up your entire collection for your 1 true grail?
  205. I never thought a Cartier piece can be so seductive. Seeing is believing..
  206. problem with power reserve with eta 2892-2
  207. Who are Tendence?
  208. Swiss cheaper?
  209. Omega seamaster quartz not adjusting by hour
  210. lurker finally saying whats goody!!
  211. Informational video for an amateur
  212. *July 4th Wrist Check*
  213. Help a color blind guy choose a watch!
  214. The "GLOCK" of watches
  215. Experience with import duties to the US
  216. If you had titanium options for not much more would you buy?
  217. Question about Valjoux 7750
  218. Watch Magnetised - Question
  219. 21600 movements bigger than a 7001??
  220. Why is Blue lume not as common?
  221. How many fishes can read time? This one can
  222. Hello All
  223. Help! Vintage Zodiac
  224. Question to everyone, but specially to 7750 experts
  225. Rolex, Tudor, Omega, Nomos - what next? :)
  226. Hurray! New arrival.
  227. Preventing Clutch Wear and the "Full Wind"
  228. Personal Organization and Time Management: Looking to Improve
  229. Wruw 07/03/2010
  230. My Only Arrival of The Week.
  231. Do you know of any employers that give gold watches as retirement gifts?
  232. What's the attraction of lumens?
  233. Help Replacing Golana Crystal
  234. Prometheus Ocean Diver GMT in its natural environment
  235. Prometheus Recon 5 from a different angle
  236. *WRUW- TGIF edition 7 2 10*
  237. How do you determin quality in a watch?
  238. Archer Aero 45 joins the herd...
  239. Out of YOUR collection.... what's your favorite watch? [Post Pix!!!]
  240. Recommendations for New Strap:
  241. Looking for watches that fall under the following criteria....
  242. Orange Bezel Watches
  243. Upgrade from Omega to Rolex?
  244. New OD Arrived (pics)
  245. What do we know about the C01.211 ETA/Tissot/Swatch Movt.? ?
  246. Perpetual Calendar Appreciation Thread
  247. Bulova stem needed!
  248. Well, I landed north of $1500, but for this one it's ok
  249. Maurice Lacroix: what watches are powered by in house movements?
  250. Could I Be The Youngest Here??