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  1. Happy Canada Day!
  2. ^First day of July Wrist Check^
  3. How is the future for Linde Werdelin
  4. wuts a good plastic crystal polish to remove scratches that u can find @ a store?...
  5. New Arrival!
  6. Watches with the Audemars Piguet look!
  7. Deciding between Archimede Pilot M and Seiko SARB017 (green dial)
  8. What watch are you aspiring to own?
  9. Swiss Army Travel Clock? Cool!
  10. First (and last) SOTC Post
  11. how well do you have to be dressed to try out AP ROO at an AD
  12. Looking for automatic watch with power reserve
  13. 4th of July Sales?
  14. What Defines a Good "First Watch" (Help Someone New)
  15. Newbie
  16. Rafael Nadal's Watch: Too delicate for tennis matches?
  17. Your thoughts on Robb Report's Best of the Best Watches for 2010
  18. new G-Shock arrival
  19. New to the forum, Just a quick question
  20. Casio Edifice EF-539D-1AV Incoming
  21. Swatch Auto Chrono on the way ...
  22. MY SEIKO 6105-8119 with WINGS
  23. MY SEIKO 6309-7040 with WINGS
  24. My thoughts on various Haute Horlogerie brands
  25. How do you store your collection?
  26. WURW Wednesday 6/30/2010
  27. Opening a Timepiece Boutique
  28. scammers
  29. Old Life Magazines
  30. New G Shock AWG101 and The State of the Collection, (pic heavy)
  31. Cold Temperatures...
  32. Help with an old Glycine (60's I think)
  33. i was at a jewelry store....
  34. New B&M and a sincere Thank You
  35. Back to the office after a long weekend... (Incoming!)
  36. Watch as graduation present for son ($500-700)
  37. Rear Admiral Michael R. Seward
  38. I can't believe someone bid on this!
  39. Help cleaning up my Bezel
  40. Acura's new commercial making fun of WISs
  41. Moon Watch
  42. Straps are to watches what rims and tires are to cars
  43. Buying watch in Hong Kong
  44. Hello WUS!
  45. Christopher Ward watches
  46. (Which WATCH- Tuesday 6-29-10)
  47. New Member here saying hello!!!
  48. First watch with sapphire crystal?
  49. Help identifying this Baume & Mercier
  50. Ouch - Maurice Repair
  51. Bi-Compass Automatic Chronos $2000 and under?
  52. H3 Tactical?
  53. How to Use a Chronograph Watch
  54. BREAKING NEWS: Nicolas Hayek, Chairman of the Swatch Group & Watch Industry Savior Died
  55. Nicholas Hayek has died
  56. Funny Timex Atlantis review I found
  57. Which watches are safe to use around magnetic fields?
  58. wittnauer electro-chron
  59. Watchmaker in South Florida
  60. Another new member in the club!
  61. Let's talk Bulova Precisionist Quartz ...
  62. Need some suggestions. . .$1500 +/- to spend
  63. Hello, there
  64. ^Monday Wrist Check 6-28-10^
  65. Bell&Ross BR03: Bad choice for a first watch??
  66. My Amazing Cambodian watch rescue
  67. The Bernhardt Watch Company and The Binnacle Anchor
  68. Unloading a Fashion Watch
  69. importing watches and other items from Japan...
  70. looking for a cheaper alternative to the hamilton khaki field chrono (for example)
  71. Where is the Ulysse Nardin forum? Not good enough?
  72. Scam by Ebay seller? What do you think?
  73. Help me identify these watches! (Rolex, Cartier, Royama, Phillipe Charriol)
  74. Can someone ID this Gerrard Perrigaux - Ladies Diamond Watch
  75. Only 7,4mm height: Oris Artelier Hand Winding
  76. Omega Planet Ocean LiquidMetal Limited Edition
  77. Sunday WRUW 6/27/10
  78. Prometheus Ocean Diver Chrono Review
  79. Need help choosing a woman's sport watch...
  80. Do you ultimately choose a watch with your head or your heart?
  81. Newbie here sayin' "Hi"
  82. My Grail
  83. Any wrist shots of Air Nautic 24M????
  84. How Long Does it Take Gevrils to Get to Overstock and the Like?
  85. Never thought I'd see this in a mechanical ...
  86. Need help finding a watch similar to this modded SKX007.
  87. Absolute classic
  88. Nettuno 3 running strangely - advice needed
  89. This or that
  90. Influenced by the sales forum
  91. Automatic Chronograph Suggestions ?
  92. Stupid posting question
  93. Any idea where ellesee makes their watches?
  94. What is the difference between men and women watches?
  95. Saturday WRUW? | June 26, 2010 |
  96. eterna-matic 1000 5 star - is the caseback number correct?
  97. Question on wholesale prices
  98. 2 New Bell & Ross--What do you think?
  99. How do you like this new Sub-Commander Dial ?
  100. new to watches making good decisions
  101. seiko with persian numbers
  102. Family Photos :-..
  103. $5,000 to blow at Tourneau - need some help!
  104. Just got my new automatic what?
  105. M-Watch Mondaine - Swiss - How much is this worth?
  106. Longines or Tag?
  107. Suggestions for Leather strap watch?
  108. Topper Fine Jewelers Ball Forum Contest #2 Win a Ball Fireman II
  109. Most accurate, least accurate mechanicals you have?
  110. *tgif wruw 6-25-10*
  111. Will over removing pins/collars from bracelet weaken it?
  112. First time poster: Victorinox Dive Master 500 vs Nixon 51-30 Chrono
  113. What watch is this?
  114. How hard is it to access hands?
  115. THIS or THAT - Cartier Edition
  116. What's the real cost of a watch?
  117. Vintage Oris, 1960's
  118. Trusted repair in Cleveland, OH?
  119. Longines, Oris and Fortis
  120. Where to buy Swiss in China
  121. Habring(Austria)
  122. My Stowa is Back - With a New Look!
  123. Swiss watch sector lost 4,200 jobs in 2009
  124. How come we don't have a dedicated Ladies Watches section?
  125. Looking or the perfect WR analog
  126. *WATCH on your WRIST- Thursday 6-24-10*
  127. To Buff or Not To Buff?
  128. GQ shots from Milan Fashion Week
  129. Formal watch to wear with tuxedo?
  130. Where is Maurice?
  131. Watch hand styles?
  132. New additions to family.
  133. Panerai 40mm a "Lady's watch"??
  134. In search of a tough "beater" watch
  135. Scratches on sapphire crystal?
  136. Are white ceramic watches too feminine for men??
  137. Changing straps - making me nervous
  138. Buying used automatic: how old is too old?
  139. Just bought new watch help please
  140. Blue Nato
  141. When youre asked what time is it how do you respond?
  142. *Mid Week Wrist Check 6-23-10*
  143. Some upcoming Lum-Tec B models shipping soon!
  144. How long has your Automatic been going?
  145. Does it irritate/confuse you when you see...
  146. Looking for a grail chronograph
  147. Price???
  148. Question about service and regulation
  149. Sports watch decisions, decision...
  150. Beginning Collecition...any potential grails?
  151. How to spot a fake U-Boat
  152. There is nothing more frustrating than a tracking number that doesnt update!!
  153. Digital display driven by analog watch - does it exist?
  154. azzuri
  155. Silly Question: If a watch gains time...
  156. At what point is my ETA 2824 running too fast
  157. Show me you Zodiacs Guys >>
  158. Home made winder; prototype 1
  159. How to tell if a watch is counterfeit?
  160. (Tuesday 22-6-10 WATCH on your WRIST)
  161. held $500,000 worth of watches today
  162. Duracoated T-Touch
  163. Did I break my automatic movement?
  164. Cool Looking watch
  165. Revived!
  166. how durable are kinetic watches?
  167. Black and White
  168. Oils and Winders - Myth or Truth?
  169. help finding bombproof pocketwatch
  170. Second hands in automatics
  171. shipping
  172. Michele watches
  173. *monday 6-21-10 wrist check*
  174. Prometheus Ocean Diver GMT on Vintage strap
  175. Taming that strap end.
  176. Omega to stop selling its watches through non-Omega retailers?
  177. Omega Seamaster vintage: real or not?
  178. Calling all dress watch aficionados!
  179. Tip for UK based WIS
  180. Next Watch Idea - Beater
  181. a gold rolex president to share with swmbo good/bad idea?
  182. Why do you view a members profile
  183. What to know before buying a watch?
  184. Watch Modding
  185. My Fathers day gift- Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT
  186. WRUW Sunday 6/20?
  187. Need some help: Auto Ladies Dress Watch
  188. what stores can help with free watch band adjustment?
  189. Do Americans start their kids later on watches? Why?
  190. The question of 'collector worthy'
  191. Do you feel comfortable selling on the for sale forum?
  192. Picked these two up today.
  193. Need Help identifying this Girard Perregaux
  194. Some wrist shots of my Citizen Promaster 1000m catching some rays
  195. Fossil Watches, the best of homage?
  196. Automatic watch winding question
  197. Picture of my collection and wrist shots alpha, orient, timex, bulova(I'm a newbie)
  198. Traser owners read this and reply!!
  199. U-Boat Classico 45 AB4 2 UB-082 PHANTOM!!!
  200. I am so screwed
  201. Bulova Watch ID, please
  202. Interested in wrist alarm watches ?
  203. Vintage Seiko 6105 is a must have for PilMil / Diver collectors.
  204. Precista PRS 50; have a few questions about this one :)
  205. who would thought it
  206. Ressence, the platform watch, available this September
  207. Girlfriend is dropping some SERIOUS hints
  208. Watcha got for Saturday 6.19.2010?
  209. Found my Dad's watch.
  210. scary video of shock test robot
  211. Your first watch as child? Your very early watch career?
  212. Can you guess?
  213. What is this??
  214. baume & mercier rivera 8797 sailcloth strap + salt water
  215. Trade opportunity
  216. Tissot watch age by numbers?
  217. Autran & Viala?
  218. Pre-owned IWC Inge (3227-01)--Deal or No Deal????
  219. Very Important to read about SWATCH GROUP
  220. Help please! Is my father's day gift real?
  221. Thats it no more nice (metal watches) at work!!
  222. Looking for first high-end watch
  223. Cool/Unusual watches
  224. Planet Orient vs Blue Mako?
  225. Caring for brushed stainless
  226. Watch for Father's Day?
  227. WUS, possibly greatest forum ever.
  228. TGIF!!! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist?
  229. All white watches?
  230. Can't find anything about this watch.
  231. Advice on buying from the forum
  232. New Favre-Leuba Vintage
  233. Just meshin around!
  234. 520 movements for your i-phone, i-pad
  235. Blasphemy or sound idea, power-coat refinishing a wache case
  236. A newbie needs help; "Philip" brand watch
  237. How can you describe people from their watch?
  238. Costco Revelation
  239. Argh!!! Can't decide.
  240. ++WRIST check Thursday 6-17-10++
  241. An odd pair...
  242. What watch will the US Open winner be wearing
  243. Start of a Collection?
  244. Help identifing a watch...big mystery
  245. Another request for recommendations
  246. Breitling Boutique coming soon to NYC
  247. Longines Question
  248. No photos
  249. rolex watch need help please
  250. vintage accutron astronaut