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  1. What do you think of this Swiss Military automatic watch?
  2. Roamer MST Caliber 468 Movement
  3. Alpina Extreme Regulator
  4. Repair suggestions for Eterna band
  5. New Member. Watch: Mido Baroncelli
  6. Help finding a beige dial watch...please!
  7. "T" on the dial of the watch ???
  8. Trying to identify model of Tiffany Watch
  9. <---> Watch U Wearing Sunday 05/16/10
  10. RW and fitting a bracelet
  11. Any fellow Roamer owners/photos of Roamers?
  12. Hm ... looks like the Omega cal. 8500 has to wait.
  13. Vintage Timex show
  14. Stowa
  15. $.01 automatic watch!
  16. CHALLENGE - Anyone recognize this watch?
  17. Timex finished
  18. Would like suggestions for my next watch
  19. You only can keep three of your current collection
  20. Broke The Stem on my Omega
  21. Wristwatch Superlatives
  22. My great experience with my Bulova
  23. I own this watch. I don't wear it. I won't sell it.
  24. WRUW Saturday 5/15?
  25. Like this Lum-Tec, but not fan of quartz
  26. Any Costco shoppers here??
  27. A sinking Watch co Azimuth Poor Quality Worse Service Worst follow up
  28. Feels like a new watch!
  29. Two Newest Arrivals
  30. I like these Timex models ...
  31. Subaqua Noma- thumbs up or down?
  32. World's Most Alarming Watch Rumours
  33. Let's see your quartz chronographs. What have you got?! nt
  34. Favorites iPhone Apps about watches (mostly Free)
  35. TGIF!!! What's on your beer drinking / nut nibbling wrist?
  36. Retailer for Casio Oceanus?
  37. Invicta Downunder
  38. You win some, you lose some
  39. Does anyone else hate divers?
  40. What movement in a Bulova Accutron Exeter?
  41. Touch-screen window displays allow shoppers to try on virtual 3D watches
  42. seeking opinions about a watch
  43. Timex Ironman 30 lap problem
  44. 1005 post. Not big deal, I know...
  45. Rogue Warrior?
  46. Burned by a member, opinions please
  47. Has anyone tried WSC/Watch Service Co. of Salt Lake City for movement service?
  48. Someone willing to Replace Hour/Minute Hands for Me (for a fee)?
  49. casual luxury sports watches that are non genta designs
  50. Invicta Men`s Invicta II Blue Dial Stainless Steel... Quality?
  51. My Derek Jeter Series 800 Movado
  52. Case back scratched. New one?
  53. decision help needed on 2 watches!
  54. sort of new Frederique Constant
  55. Damn... who knew I had so many straps...
  56. WRUW Thursday May 13th?
  57. guys im new! and i need help!
  58. Watches "too nice" to wear? What's up with that?
  59. Best Way to Mail a Watch?
  60. what ever happened to RXW watches?
  61. Ice breakers...
  62. So you've got 5.7 million USD to spend eh?
  63. question about 1st Automatic
  64. Couple new LRRP pics
  65. Clockwise vs. CCW (possible dumbest question ever)
  66. Prometheus Ocean Diver Chronograph
  67. Guilloche pattern generator
  68. Some pics of my Florida Vacation (Watch pics)
  69. Haurex Red Arrow?
  70. What's the best car ortiented watch....
  71. Is this a fake TISSOT SEASTAR ? ? ?
  72. First Arrival of The Day
  73. Movement in this Eterna?
  74. Got my Stowa Antea (finally!) ...
  75. Announcement: Tourby "Gradmass" Pilots Automatic Mode
  76. Josť Mourinho's watch
  77. Biggest Loser
  78. Can you help me identify this?
  79. Hump-day wrist-check: whatcha got for 5.12.10?
  80. Most Luminous Watch
  81. Alright to ask about values/prices?
  82. Where to go for Servicing
  83. Where can I find Fortis (not flieger type) or similar hands for sale?
  84. It happened again.
  85. Matching watches
  86. ANNOUNCEMENT: Server downtime - Tuesday May 25
  87. What's the most extreme things you have done to save up for a watch?
  88. Cartier Pasha Seatimer
  89. Gold Watch Gets $6 Million at Auction
  90. New LRRP Arrived
  91. Help Me Identify This Vacheron Constantin Watch
  92. Network Issues?
  93. Identification help wanted please.
  94. Have U Heard of "BELCA" brand?
  95. ^Tuesday 5-11-10 WRIST CHECK^
  96. broken rules.
  97. Who can fix it?
  98. Help: Cartier Tank Solo
  99. Fed-Ex lost a Rolex I sent to be serviced.
  100. Please Help Identify this Cartier Watch.
  101. What is the "Pepsi" watch Tom Selleck is...
  102. What is the most you would pay ... ?
  103. Blew my watch budget for the month.
  104. Unbiased advice please?
  105. I need Panerai blueprints
  106. Monday . . . 5/10/10 . . . The Wrist List.
  107. Watch magazine for us common folk?
  108. Flakie Seiko
  109. Movement Cartier Roadster Chronograph
  110. Anyone else having trouble with WUS timing-out?
  111. Make a Gevril 4804L from 4800L and 4804B?
  112. Cool watch search tool...
  113. Lum-Tec subforum disappeared?
  114. need some info?
  115. Watch Neophyte Needs Advice
  116. watch for recent graduate (programmer)
  117. Tissot Date jumps
  118. Anyone purchased a watch from someone in Spain (customs)?
  119. what is your holy grail tonneau/ rectangular case watch?
  120. TagHeuer the Pictorial Delight
  121. Are digital watches having a comeback?
  122. Window Shopping Dissapointment
  123. Flashing time & date
  124. WRUW Sunday 5/9?
  125. Mech CDT?
  126. Applied Numeral Fell Off Help Please!
  127. Two New Vintage Arrivals
  128. Is anyone else's automatic more accurate than their quartz?
  129. Dead OKTO, happy ending!
  130. I'm Back.. but Jetlagged
  131. Magnetic screwdriver safe?
  132. Sometimes, words fail me...
  133. *Which one for Saturday 5-8-10?*
  134. watches that appreciate..
  135. Please help Identify this Delbana model
  136. What kind of watch opener do I need for this type of caseback?
  137. Hello and please help!
  138. My next purchase, help me decide!!??!!??
  139. Euro is tanking... what is the next purchase???
  140. Are all watches with decent WR safe in salt water?
  141. Trying to find info on Caliber# 60/1686XR.
  142. New Watch Tester
  143. Custom MKII Vantage or Used Omega Speedmaster Reduced
  144. 1960's Elgin or Vulcain
  145. Valkyrie Lume Pics
  146. Why do we barely see these movements?
  147. invicta watches
  148. Why is this part on a watch band thin?
  149. Expert AD to Remove Cyclops in Boston Area?
  150. May I have your Votes please ?
  151. What is your most prized watch in you collection?
  152. His/Her Watches: Tacky or cool as a concept?
  153. Photos from my eShoot!
  154. how do you choose which watch to wear?
  155. Low Beat or High Beat?
  156. My Gift to You: ""
  157. Anyone know what the name of this is or where to find similar ones?
  158. New Kremke Valkyrie
  159. TGIF!!! - What's it going to be?
  160. Best HIS and HER watch?
  161. Buy a modified watch?
  162. Tony Stark the WIS
  163. Linde Werdelin Oktopus Tattoo
  164. Larger Watch in Summer Smaller Watch in Winter
  165. Valkyrie # 10 Reporting for Duty, Sir!
  166. RGM as a Wedding Gift?
  167. Affordability of (high end) watches - UK vs US
  168. Is my watch broken?
  169. What similar Ladies Watches have you come across?
  170. Lume on the Date Wheel
  171. The Airman has landed
  172. My newest addition: Dievas Phantom
  173. WRUW Thursday May 6th
  174. Need help: Field watch
  175. Like it or no?
  176. wallpapers
  177. Where to find a Grovana dealer
  178. Vintage gold seamaster 600- original band??
  179. Calculating Your Watch Time Keeping Accuracy
  180. Best watch for a metropolitan "city" person
  181. Found My Next Purchase
  182. RE: New subforum. Thoughts?
  183. New Forum on WUS: Books & Accesoires
  184. Watch service shop in Manila (Philippines)
  185. Tiny wrists - watch suggestions??
  186. Is this an authentic Corum?
  187. Marathon guru's chime in
  188. Hump day! 5 May 2010 - show me what ya got!
  189. rule of thumb?
  190. rule of thumb?
  191. What watch tools do you have?
  192. Free Watch For Mom - Winner Selected Tomorrow
  193. Watches that blend artistry and engineering?
  194. Torn...
  195. Rubber Ball Case tool
  196. Advice for a newbie? UN or Rolex Datejust?
  197. How about a Kremke Image Thread???
  198. We are looking for your help to build the watch you look for
  199. Tag vs. Baume & Mercier
  200. Anyone else having problems signing on to PMWF?
  201. Wrist Check 04/05/10
  202. WSJ: How much are Luxury Watches Worth
  203. Elementum lookalikes?
  204. Finest Non-Quartz Watch Under 2,000(USD)
  205. Deal Breakers
  206. Two Real World Sightings in the Caymans!
  207. doest it exist?! cool day&date watch
  208. Top Grade Movements
  209. Cannot send or reply to private messages?
  210. Fantastic piece of watch trivia!
  211. Need some Help!
  212. No Rolex, Cartier or IWC -- Down to PAM 90 and 104
  213. My Latest Purchase.
  214. identication of a Longines model
  215. Jacques Lemans Moonphase Classic - question
  216. Cleaning up your collection
  217. CARTIER: Santos Dumont Vs Tank Americaine
  218. Behind my wifes back!
  219. Prometheus Watch Company Survey
  220. Why not silver?
  221. SCOOP: The FROG is Alive !
  222. Recommend Me A Watch With Oyster-Style Bracelet
  223. ^Wrist Check - Monday 5-3-10^
  224. The office, Jim's watch
  225. Looking for a big automatic watch
  226. Watch G2G's, tater tots, and motorcycles!
  227. Watches women like!
  228. Motorcycle-inspired watches anyone?
  229. watch selection help
  230. All you experts our there...Please help ID a watch!
  231. Watch work?
  232. Which watch is better?
  233. Might take a real expert to answer this one...
  234. Negotiating Discount - Advice From the WUS Experts
  235. does anyone play "how old is that wrist?"
  236. Sunday May 2nd wrist check.
  237. Help?
  238. Any good watches with compass?
  239. Watch Snob talks about Panerai....
  240. eBay watches from China
  241. Which Zodiacs have a backlight?
  242. When is a watch too big? Rules of wrist?
  243. New watch brands in 2010?
  244. under 2000
  245. What's the most trouble you've gotten into with your sig. other over buying a watch?
  246. Just ordered Valkyrie
  247. What use is the 'Tachymeter'?
  248. ABC is WATCHING Mark Benford
  249. Friends wife asked me about Breil? Help me
  250. Seiko vs Raymond + Seeking Advice!