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  1. Auction Houses & Watch Prices
  2. Show me your conversation piece!
  3. When collecting Swatch watches
  4. Need watch recommendations
  5. They're not all big ....
  6. <<<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Tuesday May 15 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  7. Shipping a watch to Canada
  8. Need Help Legitimizing
  9. New Member Introduction
  10. Movado museum sport
  11. C65 Trident Classic or SARX055?
  12. Automatic GMT suggestion
  13. Which color Archimedes Outdoor Protect to buy?
  14. Too Sinn or Not to Sinn
  15. Opinion on Undone watch?
  16. Why no Bregeut forum?
  17. I'M IN :)
  18. tiffany streamerica
  19. MODS - 4 oclock date window on 8926
  20. New member here!
  21. Debating between two meteorites
  22. Does a quartz watch like this exist?
  23. ########## WRUW Monday 14 May 2018 ###########
  24. High-End Victorinox
  25. Best Nice Beater?
  26. How to properly test watch precision?
  27. Vintage Exactus need help with value
  28. New Member wanted to say HI
  29. Movado, Authentic?
  30. 2 hands with date, under 2k
  31. Thinking about buying future brother in law a watch. Thoughts?
  32. Troll Discrimination
  33. Modding Tisell Type A
  34. Question In Regards TWSteel Purchasing On Ebay
  35. i have a cold
  36. “Can” you wear a gshock with a tux?
  37. Yay or Nay?..
  38. Maurice Lacroix el1098 - chrono stuck
  39. Maurice Lacroix Moonphase LC048-ss001-110 Fake/genuie + info
  40. My new Habring2 Foudroyante
  41. Most worn watch in your collection?
  42. How do I get WUS-specific answers to technical questions?
  43. Can you get stronger springbars or watches that dont use them?
  44. New watch pet peeves
  45. ************Sunday-May-13th-2018-WRUW************
  46. Automatic options around $400?
  47. I'm done with local ADs
  48. Upgrading a Nomos to Rolex DJ or OP
  49. Help choosing a box sapphire 3hander
  50. Titanium with tritium?
  51. How much $ do you currently think is "Too Expensive"
  52. Kevin Cheveldayoff Watch
  53. Anyone here whose first Swiss watch was a Rolex?
  54. Eye opening experience with International shipping
  55. Breguet 7787
  56. Chrono24 question: "seller has not disclosed any details"
  57. SCUBA PRO 500
  58. ***WRUW Saturday 5-12-18***
  59. I came here mostly because I wanted to do a watch swap.
  60. Zenith watch on ebay
  61. Making your own minute markers?
  62. What is the best bracelet you've seen on a watch?
  63. Help Identifying an Elgin Watch
  64. Vintage inspired watches with brushed metal dials
  65. One Watch Collection - Personal Problem
  66. Show us your World Timers...
  67. Watch bezel damage
  68. Nomos strap discolouration
  69. Double incoming : Two Tudors
  70. Does anyone know what I have
  71. Let's play a round of "Armchair CEO"
  72. what are your next 2 planned watch purchases?
  73. How can I respect my lecturer (professor) who wears a G-Shock to work?
  74. We're giving away two Speedmasters + a bunch of weekly prizes!
  75. What brands do WUS forum's users prefer? [Attention admins]
  76. Sentimental Value?
  77. Any information on Venus as a watch manufacturer?
  78. Who else used to set their time set with the speaking clock
  79. Please advice on good or best watch polishing service in usa or San Francisco CA 94133
  80. Can anyone identify this watch used in the 1967 film Casino Royal?
  81. Help adjusting strap! (unusual)
  82. Gray dial with green strap?
  83. Movado strap
  84. Help With Purchasing From Watchgooroo
  85. ************Friday-May-11th-2018-WRUW************
  86. Optimal Size of Watches in a Collection
  87. A new watch that changes how you feel about your collection?
  89. Are buyers' offers on Chrono24 binding?
  90. A G-Shock and a Wedding Watch Dilema
  91. Love the watch, hate the band!
  92. Zenith Bracelets
  93. Any thoughts on Alexander Shorokhoff vintage 5? AS vintage 5 vs Montblanc heritage chronometrie?
  94. Opinion/Thoughts - Select a dial
  95. Opinions/Thoughts - Blue Dial Chrono
  96. Do you have more than one watch with same calibre
  97. Recommendation for a Replacement for SARB033
  98. Newbie in search of a daily driver sub-$1,250
  99. Does my "perfect" watch exist?
  100. Timeless Sixty-Five Limited Edition
  101. This 18 year old's collection is insane!
  102. Why the obsession with a smooth second hand sweep?
  103. Halios Seaforth, where to buy?
  104. R Lapanouse watch
  105. Sector 290
  107. should i go all in?
  108. ((((((((((((((( WRUW THURSDAY May 10 2018 ))))))))))))))))
  109. Tiffany CT60 Question
  110. Recommendations for a blue dial chrono
  111. Older Automatic Movement - hand-wind to jump-start?
  112. Automatic similar to Torgoen T18 Carbon Fiber
  113. Lack of spacing symmetry between minute markers and second markers on reissue of Omega Seamaster 300
  114. First post- dealer ordered wrong Oris Aquis strap
  115. Seiko SKX007K2 Crown Stem Broken?
  116. Inheritance
  117. My Watch History and a BIG Thank You!
  118. Occupations where a watch is a legal requirement
  119. Similarities between watches and ...
  120. VC Overseas Chronograph vs Rolex Daytona
  121. World Time vs. GMT Choices
  122. Dagaz Diamondback
  123. Could you vote for my first Watch JLC-GS-IWC
  124. My first Omega watch, Men's Omega Constellation w/ boxes
  125. How do you rate watch movement?
  126. I need help figuring out what watch this is.
  127. Any one else have a novelty watch in their rotation
  128. <<<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW WED May 9th 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>>
  129. What countries are your watches from?
  130. Recommended vintage swiss/Omega watch service
  131. Which size fits me best?
  132. Deciding between two watches... Hentschel and Montblanc
  133. B&R as Daily Wearer
  134. So I re-bought a watch I regretted selling
  135. Which watch/es do you NOT regret NOT buying and WHY?
  136. Marathon T/GSAR on 6.5inch wrist! SKX007 photo comparison
  137. Any new vintage style automatic timepieces in the 42 to 44mm rage?
  138. Experience with Certified Watch Store?
  139. What's the deal with "silver toned" Sarb033
  140. Which C60 Trident should I keep?
  141. This watch costs $130,000!
  142. If you are a dealer, use MyWatches for your bookkeeping
  143. How many brands worldwide actually make their whole mechanical piece from start to finish?
  144. Omega pickup
  145. Longines Legend Diver (Milanese) vs Oris Aquis "Source of Life" LE
  146. Have You Ever Been to SIHH or Baselworld?
  147. Bezel insert
  148. ************Tuesday-May-8th-2018-WRUW************
  149. Looking for input on Giorgio Piola watches
  150. Which one would you keep?
  151. Wow... So this piece of art happened
  152. What watch is he wearing?
  153. I'm 18 and new to watch collecting, here's my collection so far...
  154. New Burett Watch
  155. Buying a watch to pass down to a son… Recommendations?
  156. Rolex 1600
  157. Bezel Maintenance??
  158. Datejust 41 Rolesor, and it’s smaller sibling
  159. Preowned vs Grey vs AD in $500 differences
  160. 15400 Blue Dial Prices in your area?
  161. Campell's Soup Heiress Auction
  162. Would you give up your speedy for a JLC Polaris chrono
  163. Stay with Rolex no date 14060 or..
  164. Mido Multifort and a Tourneau Repair
  165. Help deciding between a Breitling SOH II and Tudor BBH II!
  166. A True Nightmare
  167. Seiko atlas/landshark question
  168. Challenging watch hunt - A very nice GMT / Worldtimer on a budget
  169. Your Best Ever Wristie....
  170. Hand finished movement on a budget.
  171. Seagull Flywheel
  172. How often do you comment on someone’s watch?
  173. My Best Nighttime Lume Shot
  174. What watch created the madness
  175. (((((((((((((WRUW MONDAY 7 May 2018))))))))))))
  176. When does it make sense to use an auction house to sell watches?
  177. Story behind Gevril Tribeca “re-issue”?
  178. Usage of Zenith’s Caliber ZO 342 (Defy Lab)
  179. Oh no! My watch is worth $500,000!
  180. Anyone familiar with the Eterna Airforce III? Good alternative to Sinn 103 / Breguet Type XX?
  181. SiVos brand Looking for any info / history / watch models
  182. I got these watches in my collection..
  183. No gmt hand
  184. What would you buy, under $2,000
  185. Bought a Seiko SKX009J Tips/Suggestions/Ideas?
  186. Speedo Boomerang Series Wristwatch
  187. Hello and good morning, I’m a noob here!
  188. Any experience with The Watch Outlet (Brooklyn)?
  189. Danish vs. German design
  190. Favorite Watch Case - Ignore Bezel
  191. Next watch?
  192. Replacing Swatch’s straps
  193. Company gifting luxury watches
  194. Seeking advice for *final watch purchase
  195. ************Sunday-May-6th-2018-WRUW************
  196. Which watch will definitively get you killed by your wife once she finds out
  197. Usage of the Sistem 51 movement in Swatch group brands
  198. Pasadena CA watchmakers?
  199. Career watches for police officers (not GShock)
  200. Lug to Lug length "database"
  201. New in the Forum, watch enthusiast
  202. New Arrival - Maurice Lacroix Aikon Automatic
  203. Chris.Ward: When do new models come and possible sales
  204. What does "refurbished" mean to you?
  205. Tudor Black Bay Chrono Review
  206. Interesting brand movie placement & advertising
  207. ************Saturday-May-5th-2018-WRUW************
  208. Scratches in Mineral & Saphire Crystals
  209. Buying my first watch ever !
  210. Heading to Brussels - recommended dealers?
  211. New here
  212. Help me choose a second watch to complement my SARB033
  213. Help Identify this Piaget Quartz Watch
  214. From Skymall to the AARP Bulletin
  215. When will automatic watch mechanisms be practical?
  216. Great Shipping time from Havanan watches
  217. Car or a watch?
  218. Schofield News: Introducing the Daymark Dark
  219. CAD & 3D print designer wanted
  220. Best racing/motorsport chronograph ever?
  221. Which one to upgrade (first)
  222. Affordable GMT with quick set 12 hour hands?
  223. Pick 1-9 before entering. This is what you have to wear on your wrist for the rest of your life
  224. With dressy attire : Dress watch on metal vs Sports watch on leather
  225. Understated look,simple 3 hand, thin,central second,date,beautiful movement,clear back,micro brand?
  226. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW FRIDAY MAY 4TH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  227. White dialled bracelet sports watch
  228. What Do You Do?
  229. Anyone else excited for Christopher Ward C65 Trident Diver?
  230. What watch is this? I can't find on google!
  231. Hello Folks Newbee here!
  232. alternatives to blue Patek 5170
  233. Casio Mudman G-shock strap mod?
  234. MKII Hawkinge vs Hamilton Khaki Mechanical
  235. Subjectivity of taste - Oris Artelier Regulator
  236. On the topic of redials - share your thoughts and opinions
  237. "no engraved brand..."
  238. Miyota 9015 Movement Question, Clicking Crown.
  239. NIB, BNIB, LNIB as it pertains to remaining warranty
  240. Need Advice on Watches for Wedding Gift
  241. I don’t think I could get myself to buy and wear a Rolex...
  242. Making a watch / strap stay in place
  243. El Primero De Luca (used) vs Chopard Mille Miglia (used) vs Seamaster Chrono (New)
  244. Dress diver suggestions
  245. Micro brands with innovative (not retro) designs
  246. Anyone else guilty of buying beaters for their beaters?
  247. Hi
  248. Alternatives to the the fifty fathoms?
  249. Cool Hand Luke....
  250. ***---Thursday 5-3-18 WRIST CHECKZ---***