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  6. Looking for Lady's Skeleton
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  15. You have GOT to be kidding me. First day wearing the watch and...
  16. Another one of those threads.
  17. First time i seen a watch i own on tv
  18. Opinions on the Dunhill City Fighter?
  19. Unitas 6497 at 420 and 1000 FPS
  20. Feeling Guilty Recieving a Watch Passed Down From Father?
  21. ==> Monday Wrist Check 11/02/09
  22. New Esquire magazine, some watch stuff
  23. My grandfather's watches
  24. How does invicta do it??
  25. need help translating Japanese characters!
  26. Endless summer dreaming
  27. Sinn Watch Winding
  28. Good Military Type Watch to Buy?
  29. Older Citizens .... Great Watches - Great Deals
  30. Ingersoll Watch
  31. New: Edox Sea Dubai Super Limited Edition
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  33. Bulova Marine Star
  34. Who's on Watch2009? Get your free copy of the official flyer
  35. Invicta or Seiko?
  36. Visit to Van der Gang Watches
  37. Michael Voltaggio's watch on Top Chef?
  38. Confessions of a rebellious WIS - A review of the Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic
  39. For the ladies...
  40. => Sunday 11/1/09 Wrist Check
  41. "Amelia" Earhart Movie - Longine's Quartz Watch?
  42. Battery Life
  43. What watch is Hugo Chavez wearing in this pic
  44. ladies watch suggestions
  45. sales forum or land of despair
  46. Know where I can buy these watch hands/dial?
  47. A pair of 70's watches
  48. Any other ladies in the house?
  49. For those of you with orange watches
  50. Tsunami + Sumo = Tsunamo
  51. watches with good night visability AND 60min counters
  52. List your 5 most iconic watches here..
  53. ZODIAC-watches available in Finland??
  54. Watch Boxes
  55. Saturday, October 31st. What's on your wrist today?
  56. Stranded on a deserted Island......
  57. Louis Erard
  58. James Dean The Legend Chronograph?
  59. What is your dream watch?
  60. Tritium lume shapes?
  61. Buying new spring bars?
  62. non-LCD digital 7 segment Wall Clock
  63. Cartier in Valentino Films
  64. New Watch by Botta-Design
  65. What do you folks think of this watch?
  66. Ad: Meister International giveaway
  67. Jaw ---> Floor
  68. Superluminova "patina" question
  69. Bye Bye Raymond Weil.
  70. Anyone here live in Tokyo?
  71. Friday Perve-a-thon
  72. Watch With Coloration Similar to the Hublot Big Bang Wally? (PICS APLENTY)
  73. => Friday 10/30/09 Wrist Check
  74. Gotta love lume...
  75. Recommend me a watch please!
  76. First post,need an opinion on Cerruti...
  77. Question on Blancpain 'Leman' ladies watch
  78. Newbie / which is this watch?
  79. Spring forward/Fall back question
  80. Aluminum watches
  81. This watch hug like a snake>>>>
  82. Patrick McGoohan's Watch in 'The Prisoner'
  83. Looking for Watch Case
  84. A High-end watches forum. Why?
  85. Accutron watches- is there a comprehensive guide to the models?
  86. *** Thursday, October 29th - What watch are you wearing? ***
  87. Seeking input on CW, Atlantic and Aristo dress watches.
  88. Maurice Lacroix ?
  89. Advise needed: replating a watch case help!!
  90. GAH Buyer's Remorse! Did I choose the right one?! Oris TT1 Titanium vs. SS Edition
  91. Uh, what time is it?
  92. Help me pick one of these B&M watch
  93. A Tale of 2 Wittnauer Chronographs
  94. Paypal "buyer protection".....question
  95. Alpha band causing discoloration on arm...
  96. Airport Security
  97. All-around watch ~$1,000: Sinn 556, Ball Engineer II Master Classic or ??
  98. Discover the manufacture Romain Gauthier
  99. Narrowing down my purchase: Water resistant watch under $200.
  100. Anyone wear their watch underside of the wrist? (pulse side)
  101. Anyone wear their watch on their 'dominant' wrist?
  102. KREMKE Watch Company GOES RETAIL
  103. Help, find me a band and other stuff.
  104. Cool Gear Clock
  105. Sourcing SBBN007 Tuna case?
  106. Wednesday wonder on the wrist 10-28-09
  107. I proposed on Sunday and got a gift!
  108. LOL - Guess the watch (slightly OT)
  109. How long to fix a loose rotor?
  110. Welder - Anyone see the K28 or K29 in the wild?
  111. A good watch for <$200?
  112. Any lefties out there?
  113. Choose MY Watch! (12 Hours Remaining)
  114. Languages of "days" on Swiss watches
  115. Information on a watch
  116. !!! KREMKE Watch Company introduces our first Authorized Dealer !!!
  117. Unconventional Watches, let's see em!
  118. Re-lume in the UK
  119. Information on a watch
  120. Tuesday tale of the wrist 10-27-09
  121. Seeking empty steel 46mm square Bell Ross type watch case
  122. Ebay???
  123. Where can I buy a watch movement!
  124. Where can I get spring bar watch faces?
  125. watch that i'm seeking
  126. This site can be frustrating!
  127. New case back opener (DIY) - Movement pic included as eyecandy!
  128. NetFlix for Watches? Interested?
  129. Need a little help with a gift
  130. NYT Watch Supplement
  131. Longines vintage set with diamonds - are the "diamonds" likely to be real?
  132. Thinking Longines Hydroconquest...
  133. ==> Monday Wrist Check 10/26/09
  134. Trying to find out what a certain watch is?
  135. For Fun - Significant Other's View on Watches?
  136. strap source for Baume et Mercier Capeland
  137. HELP: All black watch needed
  138. Can a mechanical manual watch run forever?
  139. A 'cushiony' ride ..............
  140. My brand new Longines!
  141. Bracelet re-sizing tool kit(s)?!?
  142. Common Advice/Pitfalls on Selling, Buying and Maintaining Watches
  143. Help me choose a new watch.
  144. Deciding between IWC and Longines
  145. Another new "Swiss" brand ....
  146. New Finds and it's a good one too!
  147. New member seeking advice
  148. European internet discount stores
  149. advice on indicative market value
  150. "Sexy" watches? What turns you on?
  151. Quick impression of the Hamburger Uhrensalon aka Watch2009 Hamburg
  152. Longines
  153. => Sunday Wrist Check 10/25/09
  154. Watch Brands - Classification into High-End / Mid-Range / Low-End ?
  155. should i run my chronograph to stop any lube gumming up?
  156. Custom made watches
  157. Best/Safest Place to Download Clocktopias Gadgets
  158. take it 1 hr back
  159. Can any one tell me what watch this is?
  160. Angular Momentum's NEW Model
  161. Does any body have Information about these watches...?
  162. Help with dilemma
  163. My favorite 'Commemorative' .................
  164. What Are the "Watch Destroyers"?
  165. Why are so many quartz chrongraph watches so thick?
  166. An amazing website about mechanical clocks/watches
  167. WRUW Saturday 10/24
  168. Can anyone identify this Longines Chrono?
  169. What was De Niro's watch in "The Last Tycoon?"
  170. Recommend a watch for my dad!
  171. Cartier Santos - need help pls authentic or not
  172. Tag Heuer Aquaracer or Longines Hydroconquest?
  173. For Italians and not only Italians- FuoriOrario Forum
  174. => Friday 10/23/09 Wrist Check
  175. More Laughs from EBay
  176. Anyone try a Rasmus strap on a Subzilla?
  177. Victorinox Swiss Army watches - best retailer?
  178. 2 of my 'diver' watches
  179. Reputable London Watch Repairers
  180. How long does it take for a "drained" automatic watch to get back to fullly wound?
  181. What is the difference between an "Homage" a Replica and the original SUB
  182. =>>> Thursday 10/22/09 Wrist Check <<<=
  183. Mysterious Ebel logo on its crystal???
  184. Does This Work???
  185. rallying with my Nür-Spec
  186. A preliminary report from Manhattan
  187. My stolen watch--UPDATE, arrives at buyer
  188. BlackBerry Watch
  189. For Black Belts Only !
  190. Back in August, there was a thread on the Longines GV GMT (real pics) >>>
  191. Boschett and gold plated movements
  192. Pre-owned watch store in Toronto area?
  193. Taking Off Your Watch at Work
  194. Cartier Santos 100...Display back?
  195. Wednesday - 21 October WRUW
  196. Shipping to APO...
  197. Andrew Zimmern's new watch?
  198. Seiko Surprise!
  199. Quartz chronographs with a "sweeping" hand
  200. Bernhardt Globemaster (current issue)... thoughts and info
  201. Zenith Watch dealer
  202. Review: TagHeuer Aquaracer Grande Date chrono
  203. Choosing the right watch for a special occasion...
  204. Pre-owned Watch store in Toronto area
  205. My 'new' Hamilton
  206. Solar battery
  207. Dealing with AD/Bargaining?
  208. ===>>> Tuesday October 20 - WRUW? <<<===
  209. Have you seen this style!
  210. chanel j12 (is it fake?)
  211. Rolex store in Manila robbed by armed men
  212. Cant decide on which of these two autos
  213. Asheford Warranty Service
  214. Funny, I never have to replace the battery . . .
  215. Citizen Orca - Is it easy to read as it looks
  216. New Hammy and SOTC
  217. Do you wear any jewelry/cell phone with a watch?
  218. Oldest watch in recorded history...
  219. Favorite inexpensive ($25-$50) watch case?
  220. To repair or not to repair?
  221. What's wrong with my watch?
  222. If you won the lottery...
  223. Omega watch repair Oxford Circus London
  224. Lume looks brighter from the side of the eyes
  225. Titoni Watch, are they good or bad?
  226. Please help to identify watches!
  227. ==>>> Monday Wrist Check 10/19/09 <<<==
  228. First watch; get what I want, or one at a deal
  229. Got me a Subzilla
  230. My trip to Geneva
  231. Watch Problem. Could use some advice.
  232. What strap should I put?
  233. A question concerning lug width?
  234. Another Poll!!!
  235. Info on my 15 year old Ebel Discovery's quartz movement?
  236. The Omega De Ville Vs. The Bremont ALT1-C
  237. My new Certina
  238. Sunday WRUW? | October 18, 2009 |
  239. Whats more important?
  240. weird experience selling
  241. Most amazing coincidence...
  242. Another "Help me find a dress watch" post...
  243. Finest Automatic Chronograph Movement under $8000?
  244. Designer Inspired/Ripped-Off Watches
  245. Observations/rant about replies to commonly posted questions
  246. Any experts on Porsche Design?
  247. News from TSOVET
  248. How do I post a full size pic instead of a thumbnail?
  249. Enzo Mechana or Benarus, does it just come down to looks?
  250. =>> Saturday 10/17/09 Wrist Check