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  1. and the Worlds most competitive economy is...
  2. When watch shopping, does it bother you when the salesperson touches your watch?
  3. Help me spend my money.....
  4. Watch Sighting in Psych
  5. What's on the wrist today? (Sunday, Sept. 13 2009)
  6. Has anybody ever been contacted and asked to list a watch on Amazon Marketplace
  7. Recomendation needed..
  8. Digital watch with thermometer?
  9. As anyone here been through the different watch phases?
  10. Delivery Times From Canada To The US???
  11. search watch whit month,date,day,moonphase
  12. TAG or Omega or Longines? help me choose!
  13. This Or That
  14. My Lum-Tec A1 Bull
  15. SubZ
  16. Not quite a watch, but rather a challenge coin "watch"
  17. where do you buy watch tool kits B&M
  18. Travel Clock
  19. looking for that perfect watch need help???
  20. Coolest Chronographs [part II]
  21. Amazing Swiss Watch Production Pics
  22. What the ?
  23. Ebel watches
  24. Magnetic money clips and mechanical/autos
  25. =>>>> Saturday 9/12/09 Wrist Check
  26. Don't hate on me: Let's talk Rolex for a sec
  27. George Bluth in Arrested Development
  28. Watch Commander
  29. Latest additions to the collection...
  30. So who owned LEMANIA back in the 30ies?
  31. WI to WIS?
  32. Watchwinder causing a watch to run fast?
  33. Tawatec vs ZBV...legit?
  34. Watch for wife?
  35. Almost got a grail.........almost.
  36. Am I an idiot for considering this?
  37. Question about applied dial markers
  38. WRUW Threads Suggestion
  39. Off topic but in memoriam 9/11
  40. Thoughts on Maurice Lacroix
  41. almost perfect watch....
  42. are there any watches that looks similar to the Breitling Navitimer Chronograph?
  43. Friday >> SEPT 11th << WRUW
  44. are vendors not accepting AMEX??
  45. Swiss Legend - Taking Stupidity Up a Notch
  46. Check out these new Raymond Weil watches!
  47. What the heck has happened to...............
  48. Who are Your 'Must Read' Posters???
  49. what's your idea on luxury watches?
  50. Things you wished you knew?
  51. hello everyone, watch running real fast
  52. Vibration per hour - the more the better?
  53. Swiss Army Watches on Sale (45%-50% off) at GILT
  54. Left Handed Watches
  55. MythBusters Watch They Wear
  56. Thursday >> SEPT 10th << What's on the wrist today?
  57. What is the watch on 'Two and a Half Men?'
  58. Are there any 40mm PAM Homages??
  59. Is down?
  60. Noob reserve power question
  61. What are the top quality watchmakers (other then Rolex)
  62. With cost not being an issue,what do.................
  63. Nobreza watches, anyone know anything about them?
  64. Linde Werdelin proudly presents 'Blue Gold' oscillator - exclusive to SpidoLite
  65. sperina watches
  66. Buying advice for pre-owned watch
  67. watch sellers in europe
  68. gentlemans, watch brands are infiltrating into mobilephones
  69. Best Place to Find Used Watches
  70. Low profile sports watches?
  71. New Bulova Accutron slide show?
  72. Would you buy a watch without the kit? and why?
  73. Wednesday WRUW? Triple 9s | September 9, 2009 |
  74. Canadians! Ever had a watch shipped from the states?
  75. Am I the only one?
  76. Swiss Army
  77. My New Pyrolume watch!
  78. Peugeot Watches???
  79. Affordable Watch Tools
  80. Why is Heuer still using the TAG branding?
  81. Botta Uno -- 24 hour or not?
  82. NYC Watch Repair
  83. Tissot compared to Citizen
  84. Limited Editions: What is the NEXT most collectible edition No.?
  85. How to Program an LCD Module
  86. oozoo watches
  87. ** It's TUESDAY Sept. 8th - WRUW ? **
  88. Should I go back here.
  89. My First Watch Ever
  90. SHipping Overseas
  91. Military Issue Watches??
  92. Help with a dressy or smart casual watch
  93. a better bezel for the PlanetOcean
  94. How many of you.....
  95. Bio or,who the heck is AzWatchBroker??????
  96. There should be an "Impossible to Obtain-Super expensive" forum!
  97. Original Chuck Norris High Happiness Fortunate Star Good Luck Brand Strap (Prototype 001)
  98. Trailer for new movie INCEPTION has my watch in it! (Oris BC3)
  99. Question Regarding Multi-Complicated watches.
  100. To whom it concerns....
  101. Sotc
  102. Who makes are better watch - Luminox or Marathon
  103. So I went on a binge...
  104. yellow or ivoire dial chronographs
  105. ya gotta love those automaticals!!
  106. Removing scratches from seiko hardlex?
  107. tourby watches
  108. Would like to introduce myself
  109. Automatic with second-hand subdial
  110. what's your everyday watch? (or one that you wear the most)
  111. MCT debuts with its first watch, the Sequential One
  112. Please help me decide on a watch to buy
  113. Help me find an old watch - Timex Military Winding Watch
  114. Really affordable Mechanical movement watch
  115. Winwatch wants RFID tags in your next wristwatch -- what could possibly go wrong?
  116. alarm
  117. can someone name this watch?
  118. Gone but not forgotten...(flipped watches)
  119. Seiko SHC057 Sawtooth Mod
  120. Black Dial/Orange Markings?
  121. New Smilies
  122. Stowa/du bois & fills
  123. I'm new here
  124. Labor Day weekend ... WRUW?!
  125. Veterans,what did you take to the sandbox?
  126. A question for the mods, and for Ernie >
  127. when youre winding an automatic, what does the clutch to prevent over winding feels like?
  128. Have you noticed?
  129. Nur-Spec vs. Subzilla
  130. A six pack of Carbon Fiber and Titanium - project pics
  131. Watch terminology trivia question.....
  132. New to Watchuseek
  133. Shield your eyes.....
  134. 21 day hold policy
  135. My Modded Franken Monster
  136. Identify this Cartier
  137. ML MasterChrono - 7750 /w Gold Chatons?
  138. Dealer in LA, Las Vegas or San Francisco?
  139. WRUW? (Friday September 04, 2009)
  140. New Watchmaking Technique Developed!
  141. Some funky watches!
  142. Buying watches: Used or New
  143. Is this you? Would YOU wear this?
  144. So I finally got my ultimate GMT watch
  145. A database for watch collectors (Bento® 2 template)
  146. My starter family (Ball/Seagull/Laco)
  147. (Re)Mounted my WWII Waltham B-17D Bomber clock (WIP)
  148. Let's hear it for quartz!
  149. WIS Handbook?
  150. Im BAAAAAAAAAACK...shameless plug...
  151. new watch recommendations
  152. New member just saying Hi
  153. HELP! Suunto Core Orange
  154. You know you're a WIS when...
  155. mido's multifort lineup changes [plus baroncelli]
  156. WRUW? (Thursday September 03, 2009)
  157. What do I say when the wife said "why does it cost that much?".
  158. Different kind of screw down pushers?
  159. if you were to pick just one watch for under $1000, what would you choose?
  160. is this normal with mechanical watches?
  161. Tell Us About Your Automatics UnReal Accuracy.
  162. Decision Time: Blancpain Fifty Fathom GMT vs Panerai 88
  163. Hangin' with the Big Boys
  164. Which should I buy
  165. Corvus
  166. Your thoughts on US to Europe shipping?
  167. WRUW - Sept 2nd, 2009
  168. How many of you kicked yourself for this.
  169. Sector 600: back light stops seconds hand?
  170. What's that by the pool?
  171. paypal
  172. Watches of Terminal?
  173. Looking for this watch
  174. Can anyone attest to the quality/value of the Sultana brand?
  175. Chrono and Water?
  176. Casio lineage liw500dj-1
  177. WRUW? (Tuesday September 01, 2009)
  178. Armourlite watches????? anyone checked this one out ?
  179. folks with automatics, how often do you wind your watch?
  180. Please help me id this watch!!!!
  181. What is that cave man wearing?
  182. Suggestions for a Dress Watch
  183. Tracking Celebrities and what watches they are wearing (let's keep it going)
  184. Snapshots From a Recession
  185. Share your stories of flipper's regret!
  186. Introduction first
  187. New: Miyota 9015
  188. Watch Pitt is wearing in Mr. & Mrs. Smith?
  189. Been playing with the cam recently, just want to share
  190. Toywatch
  191. What are some white dial blue bezel watches?
  192. Corvus
  193. Pls help me decide betweem the Carrera and the SuperOcean Heritage
  194. Any info on this Longines GrandeVitesse model?
  195. Adrian Peterson fantasy football commercial
  196. My brother's watch finally arrived!!!
  197. Open Slot
  198. What watch is this?
  199. How did people keep accurate time in the past?
  200. Formula 1 Safety Car Watch?
  201. Rose Gold - Black or White Dial
  202. My Baume & Mercier Riviera Sport
  203. Wound Or Unwound
  204. => Sunday Wrist Check 8/30/09
  205. Marathon Question
  206. How feasible to restore a vintage watch's water resistance?
  207. Best GMT watch for the money between $2K-$5K
  208. Orient Movement vs. Swiss Movement
  209. Trade in Blackbird for a Portuguese Chrono Automatic?
  210. What watch is this?
  211. Non-dive/non external bezel mech. watches with WR of 150m or more?
  212. Is this an authentic Swiss Army Brand watch?
  213. reports on Orient calibers vs. ETA
  214. Sotc
  215. trading watches
  216. Favorites part 7
  217. What's everyone wearing today? Saturday August 29, 2009
  218. JeanRichard TV XL?? Help please..
  219. George J Von Burg?
  220. US watchmaker
  221. Watch technology types
  222. WUS Thread Emails [?]
  223. Need some help choosing a watch
  224. New-old stock (NOS) watches-- do the movements need servicing?
  225. Seth thomas mystery solved.
  226. What is happening with Zenith??
  227. How do you edit your post title?
  228. Help with an eBay situation, please.
  229. What's the risk involved with using the quick date change?
  230. Shipping to Australia; What's Best Way
  231. this watch is just WOW! *PIC*
  232. It's Friday! What's everybody wearing today?
  233. Favorites part 6.
  234. New Watchbox, AandTcrafts
  235. Citizen Chronomaster/Grand Seiko
  236. Matchmaker says she can't get parts
  237. Mechanical Casio???
  238. I like "Explorer" watches, how about you?Part 2
  239. Would you still save up for a watch that you really would'nt want.
  240. Please recommend a watch for my dad.
  241. Thoughts on water resistance in the shower
  242. Would it be fair to say that O & W and SA are similar?
  243. Incoming ? Milus Triretrograde
  244. Down time next Wednesday
  245. Help me identify this movement?
  246. Led watches
  247. Can you help identify this YSL Ladies Watch - Heart Shaped Case
  248. Thursday, August 27th. What's on your wrist today?
  249. Favorites part 5.
  250. Which one do you like the most?