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  1. I need help identifying what model these are
  2. RADO R One
  3. OEM Carisen & Signs Time Movements
  4. Watch Collecting Natural Selection
  5. Chewed up shirt cuffs?
  6. how to make the most accurate mechanical watch per period
  7. The Raymond Weil Swiss Made in China Watch Box
  8. "Button which advances date one day"
  9. Anti magnetic - on watch caliber is it worth it ?
  10. To those who wear big, think I can pull this off?
  11. How is copying like this legal ?
  12. Yet another F PayPal thread (No Seller Protection! Period!)
  13. ************Sunday-April-22nd-2018-WRUW************
  14. I'm Now The Proud Owner of a Second German Watch!
  15. 'Strolling Down The Avenue'
  17. GMT decision Rolex vs Tudor vs tag
  18. Maybe you should think twice before buying a Borealis watch..........
  19. Help me decide: Seiko SRP777 vs Grey Sunburst Turtle
  20. long battery-life watch with customizable watchface/mechanics
  21. Longines vs tissot
  22. State of the "Collection"
  23. 15400/26320 owners with 6-6.25 inch wrists?
  24. Quartz chrono with sapphire crystal and low battery warning?
  25. Similar to Apple Watch but Mechanical?
  26. Understanding differences in ADs
  27. Watch Inspired Men's Outfits
  28. Watch ID - DC Legends of Tomorrow - Steel
  29. Does an auto wind or maintain a state of wind?
  30. NA Edox Chronoffshore-1
  31. Seiko Turtle SOTC
  32. New Member Checks-In
  33. Omega pictures from Baselworld 2018
  34. Still thrilled about these two Eterna Kontiki
  35. Help Identifying Watch in picture. Hamilton?
  36. Difficulty opening bracelet clasp after triming finger nails
  37. Back to the begining
  38. H. Moser & Cie Endeavour Small Seconds: Ultimate "Incoming"
  39. Pairing Profession with Watches (What do you wear)
  40. ************Saturday-April-21st-WRUW************
  41. skx movement and crystal upgrade, will it fit ?
  42. reference check
  43. Scary stuff
  44. Music for IWC Video
  45. Fortis or Damasko?
  46. Affordable Sweeping Second Hand Watch?
  47. I Started the Week with Zero Watches en Route...
  48. My First Rolex - OP 34 mm - What do you think ?
  49. Are you guilty of doing this or even thinking about doing it?
  50. Why Does Watch Journalism Suck So Much?!
  51. Where is the real origin of this watch dial ?
  52. Matte Dial Rolex 16750 or Platinum ALS 1815
  53. I'm looking for suggestions
  54. How to destroy and improve a NATO...[emoji23]
  55. As All My Friends Here Know.... (Picture Heavy)
  56. A very special birthday gift
  57. Dress Code Watches
  58. Glass top watch box
  59. Gold Plated Quartz Watch made by Tag Heuer
  60. Blue dial dressy sports watch Genta alternatives
  61. <<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Friday 20th 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  62. Avoiding Scratches From Poorly-Balanced Guitar Case Lids - OCD Tip #2,467
  63. Jimmy O Yang - What watch is he wearing on colbert
  64. Question about my watch' crown behavior
  65. Alpina GT3 - How ro read the chrongraph?
  66. long term storage of quartz watch
  67. Birth year watches
  68. Let's Be Careful Out There...
  69. Graduation gift, a "clean" watch to wear with a suit for $300-ish
  70. What happens if the threading of a screw down crown gets stripped?
  71. Ikepod reborn?
  72. Dressy diver?
  73. TAG Heuer plastic spacer rings: cost vs function
  74. New watch purchase Seiko snd253
  75. Question for those with their Automatic winding watches?
  76. Omega AT 8500 long term review
  77. JLC Reverso Duetto or Duetto One
  78. Movado Calendoplan and Overall Movado Quality ?
  79. Rolex Vs Tudor Build Quality
  80. What do I have here? And a strap request! 21 jewels gold plated Candino
  81. Rolex SS Sky Dweller Blue vs AP Royal Oak Chrono Blue vs Patek Nautilus 5711
  82. New Acquisition Unboxing
  83. Why does the value of Sinn watches keep on going up?
  84. Watching Watch Friends Come and Go
  85. Oris aquis strap change
  86. football manager watches forum
  87. Glashutte Original Senator or JLC Master Control?
  88. <<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW THURSDAY 19th 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  89. Is it normal for the second hand to move a little bit when adjusting time?
  90. External AR coating
  91. Baume et Mercier vs Frederique Constant
  92. Ultimate Dare - Shoe me your Well Worn Watch Under a FLASH Photo
  93. Here’s my latest - Roman azzuro blue
  94. If you could change that one thing about that one watch you'd still have it today....
  95. Is this the End?
  96. My Journey to the Rolex Explorer II Polar 16570
  97. Second watch, get this one?
  98. - Help needed!
  99. Signs of My Addiction
  100. guiloche small seconds?
  101. Have you ever... EVER... been complemented on your watch?
  102. Were the eighties truly the dark ages for mechanical watches? Show me your eighties vintage mechanic
  103. Incoming...again
  104. Victorinox INOX, second hand stuck!!
  105. Buying modded
  106. Experience with or know about Timepeaks watch auction Japan?
  107. Please Help Identify Watch From South Africa
  108. Recommendations for a Rose Gold Diver Watch
  109. ************Wednesday-April-18th-2018-WRUW*************
  110. Vacheron Constantin real or just garbage?
  111. Shinola Battery Replacement
  112. Hamilton Khaki Auto 38mm vs Seiko SNZG13
  113. Current alternatives to Sinn U1
  114. Looking for a summer sport/casual watch under $300
  115. Everyone in the room is wearing $80 watches...what then?
  116. Tax Day Hypothetical - One Watch
  117. Help identifying a watch brand
  118. Please help identifying a watch
  119. Choice of two Tudors
  120. Need some watch recommendations
  121. Hello everyone
  122. Value of an unsigned/undated AD-stamped warranty card?
  123. General watch brand question
  124. Are box and papers really that important?
  125. Keep the market value of your watches under control with MyWatches
  126. Mesh Bracelet for Nomos Tangente 38, which one to choose ?
  127. What's the difference between Rolex Explorer 2 "AN" & "G" series?
  128. Hi from a new WUS user
  129. What Oris is this (no pics though)
  130. GAME TIME! Which watch would you wear when......?
  131. Another hit for Longines: An Annual Calendar For Under $2,500
  132. Going to buy a grail keeper
  133. Dress watch under 2000 EUR - Nomos Orion vs Junghans Meister Kalendar
  134. Need some advice - friend lost my SARB
  135. which is this watch in joses hand
  136. Hola, New Guy
  137. What's Your Collection Breakdown? Do the Numbers!
  138. ************Tuesday-April-17th-2018-WRUW************
  139. Movado or Versace ?? HELP
  140. Fun NATO Combos?
  141. Need buying advice - new Ulysse Nardin - AD or GM?
  142. New arrival
  143. Everyone loves a good Ponzi scheme...
  144. What size NATO/Zulu strap for 19mm lug width watch?
  145. HELP PLEASE! Omega Automatic Cal. 1480
  146. Wire for bezel
  147. Any Guesses on the Hammer Price?
  148. Famous people and lifelong watches: Non-Rolex?
  149. Birth year watches
  150. Question about my Casio AMW-320D
  151. What is this?
  152. please help to ID this watch
  153. Watchmaker for servicing South East England
  154. ---**Monday Wrist CheckZ 4-16-18**---
  155. Does anyone have experience with Richemont's ALDC finish?
  156. Does watch thickness include crystal height?
  157. Waterproof watch
  158. 2018 Boston GTG (Summer Kickoff)
  159. Help: Trying to find finding a quick set hour watch
  160. How To Know Best Resting Position For Your Watch?
  161. Need help deciding on a vintage re-issue
  162. Do any of you have a "don't wear for X amount of time then gone" rule?
  163. Any Sinn 103 owners in the Detroit area?
  164. Service cost as a percentage of purchase price?
  165. Watch Identity
  166. A Couple Bros Talking Watches
  167. Please Help Identify Possible Rolex Movement.
  168. Japanese buying proxy services. Has anyone used them?
  169. Opinions about Montblanc Watches
  170. recommendation of documentaries about history of accurate timekeeping
  171. Eisenhower’s Elgin watch
  172. Looking for a vintage alternative to a Cartier Tank
  173. Fortis B 42 Professional Chronograph Model 637.10
  174. Rose gold details
  175. Do you have any inexpensive watches that you enjoy and receive compliments on?
  176. Phishing login info
  177. ****Sunday WATCH on your WRIST 4-15-18---
  178. Guess who moved in next door?
  179. Second watch
  180. Watch justification
  181. What was your first watch?
  182. Patek Philippe Gondolo 5124J-001 Yellow Gold - Incoming
  183. Need help with new watch!
  184. Longines Big-eye vs. Oak & Oscar Jackson
  185. Feeling blue...
  186. SOTC and Advice on Next Watch
  187. Is Bruno Magli a good watch brand ?
  188. Need help identifying Delma Watch
  189. Information on Bancol watch
  190. Recommendations needed: GMT watch
  191. The official unboxing thread!
  192. Something similar to the G2900 but solar?
  193. Help choosing a birth year watch
  194. Help me choose my next seiko!
  195. It’s Spring!! Show off your fun, colorful watches!
  196. What do you wear during the weekend?
  197. Dress watch recommendations
  198. Help finding a dual time watch.
  199. Farer?
  200. An everyday, "only watch" with a modern design for a minimalist person?
  201. Watch Shopping in Hong Kong
  202. Need help selecting a GMT
  203. WRUW **** Apr 14 ****
  204. Fleabay question
  205. Share official promotional video that you think the video is good or bad here
  206. Any advantage to buying in the US? (For a Brit)
  207. Problem with Touch of Modern
  208. Crown & Caliber - A Uniquely Better Way to Buy and Sell a Watch
  209. Need help deciding between the Ulysse Nardin Marine chronograph and the torpilleur!
  210. Ghost Watches
  211. Thoughts on a trade
  212. How Long Do I Wait On A Response For A Trade Offer?
  213. The struggle is real...
  214. 42mm vs 40mm Rolex explorer 2 Polar ?
  215. Simplicity is a beautiful thing!
  216. “Entry Level” a pointless semantic quibble?
  217. 4-5 watch collection including Speedmaster and Monaco
  218. Breaking the mold.
  219. ************Friday-April-13th-2018-WRUW************
  220. New watch finally arrived
  221. Watch keeps turning/moving on my wrist
  222. My new watch
  223. Cull the herd?
  224. Newbie can’t figure out how this case opens.
  225. Birth Year Watch for 1965
  226. Watch Repair & Co Review - Did I Get Ripped Off?
  227. Joaquin Phoenix Watch in" you were never really here"
  228. Why does every watch have a negative!
  229. [Bulova] Completely restored WWII watch
  230. A Salute to a micro brand with a lot of potential
  231. "Undone" watches
  232. Interesting bezels? Fluted, etc
  233. What watch is this????
  234. Chance of a Life Time ! Or maybe not - A Roger Dubuis Excalibur King Arthur for nothing !
  235. Trade BB for SMP300 - Would you do it?
  236. Sell off and buy a Rolex or keep and add a speedy
  237. Casio Oceanus
  238. Ever disliked a watch for no clear reason?
  239. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW Thrusday April 12 2018 >>>>>>>>>>>
  240. My new Ophion 786!
  241. pure looks, which is nicer?
  242. Follow-up to the "Are you a flipper or a Keeper" thread. Pics from you keepers
  243. Watches "rode hard and put away wet" for sale
  244. Watches all synced
  245. Slight predicament...
  246. Quartz is kewl... post your quartz watches...
  247. Blued screws - just what do they add (value/aesthetics)?
  248. Quotations about Watches
  249. The American Chopper Watch Meme Challenge
  250. My last Zenith acquisition, the 1965 Captain chronometre