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  29. Has this ever happened to you before?
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  36. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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  38. Buying From Europe (Stupid Newbie Question Here)
  39. Where to learn about wall clocks?
  40. Customs Duties in various countries
  41. How often do you buy a new watch?
  42. KREMKE Watch Co. Flagship Aviators Watch: VALKYRIE
  43. < 5.0 >>> VALKYRIE - Flagship Aviator's Watch - SPECIFICATIONS <<<
  44. What type of collector are YOU?
  45. Post your crown locking mechanisms:
  46. What do you think?
  47. A watch similar to this?
  48. Mistake or Fraud? My new Frederique Constant Clear Vision
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  51. victorinox
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  59. How do you add pics to your signature?
  60. Anyone intimately familiar with the Baume & Mercier line?
  61. What does the long-term future hold for mechanical watches?
  62. quick interchangeable bands?
  63. How Many Watches?
  64. Still maybe the Coolest Watch I own .............
  65. going to dubai
  66. Watch Case with winder in toronto
  67. Post your Skeletons! :D
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  71. Dial window material type???
  72. Benrus
  73. I need strap ideas for this watch!
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  76. Watch Bracelet Sizing Tool
  77. Marvin
  78. u-boat questions from a noob
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  84. New member, saying hello, asking questions, scratching my head.
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  95. hamilton
  96. Graham Watches
  97. Tag Heuer Monaco vs Cartier Santos 100
  98. Starting out
  99. Casio PAW1500 instead of PAW 1300- is it worth???
  100. Other Kremke Models?
  101. 24 hour question
  102. James Bond Swatch Watches
  103. does this forum not have an ignore list option?
  104. hypo allergenic watch/sensitive skin problem
  105. Anyone heard of CHRONOGRAPH SUISSE CIE?
  106. please help --list some watch brand appears in movie
  107. Rodolphe by Longines - Many fakes?
  108. Help me identify LeCoultre chronograph
  109. 400 year old Swiss watch found in China!?>>
  110. A Thank You, and an Introduction
  111. Buying Used
  112. Hamilton Khaki King Scuba - AD or internet?
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  114. NEW Alpina Extreme 12 Hours of Sebring
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  116. Which should I get Tissot Seastar 1000 or Tissot LE LOCLE auto? Prices included
  117. Do you buy one size smaller when it comes to string bars?
  118. Need Help Finding A Watch
  119. Oris v. Mido and best online retailer?
  120. Concord C1
  121. John Mayer's photo blog?
  122. Help me find a watch that truly suits me
  123. Rotary Gents Gold Plated Automatic Moonphase Watch
  124. Help me choose my next Watch!!!
  125. help me decide on a watch for my girlfriend?
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  127. Your opinions please....
  128. Kremke sizes?
  129. COSC statistics published for 2007>>>
  130. Great value Nautica Ladies watch on ebay!
  131. Does Hamilton make a ladies sized watch?
  132. Next Batch of Subzillas??
  133. Guys, can help me chose which watches to get?
  134. Archimide Arcadia... or other options
  135. help me decde AP royal oak or FM casablanca chrono?
  136. Hamilton Khaki officer mechanical?
  137. Looking for a watch
  138. Why hasn't Internet opened up to wholesale?
  139. Who actually uses the Chrono/Timer feature? Why demand it?
  140. Help identifying this watch (clear photo)
  141. What is Sean Connery wearing in this photo ?
  142. Marathon stainless steel bracelet HELP!!!!
  143. Does Shark leather stretch?
  144. I'm looking for watch education references
  145. Big numbers
  146. nautica
  147. Your watches for Christmas 2008 thread
  148. How important are hacking and handwinding features to you?
  149. URGENT : I have a decision to make, which one ???
  150. Need a new case for my ETA/Valjoux 7750
  151. Perpetual Calendar-- what happens when battery runs out?
  152. Which hamilton?
  153. Has this been asked?
  154. PAM 297 (switch to strap) vs. GO Navigator Date vs. IWC 5001-07
  155. Southeast Michigan WUS get together
  156. Selling on the bay as bad as buying
  157. crown on my watch wont puch back in ..any help??????????
  158. Some pics of Watch2008
  159. Watches from bangkok?
  160. My visit to Fricker GmbH Co.KG (caution: Image Intensive)
  161. Broken movement...
  162. Strap Suggestions for IWC Die Fliegeruhr UTC (3251)
  163. Great experience with Revue Thommen / Grovana
  164. XO Skeleton...What do you think?
  165. Longines
  166. Traser Commander 100 or Seiko Black Monster?...
  167. Grandson and 4 of my Watches !!!!
  168. Which watch is that?
  169. Movado Series 800 - Strap Replacement
  170. Rolex Submariner 116610
  171. Need help, which of these two?
  172. How are crystals fitted to the watch case?
  173. Concept Watch Article
  174. Does an (nice) alarm watch for ladies exist?
  175. "New" Raymond Weil W1 Automatic -- few questions!
  176. Why does my watch set of store theft detectors?
  177. Special Omega Sale!
  178. Standard Strap size?
  179. Seeking advice. Looking at Opus and Golden Bridge
  180. Are invictas good watches?
  181. The Best Deal You've Ever Seen?
  182. approx value of Solvet et Tituts watch
  183. Watch Tools
  184. I'm looking for something similar to this...
  185. What Is A Jacquet Module 3506 ?
  186. Looking for a Chrono...
  187. Secure Watch Storage, Watch Winder Safe?
  188. new member - just saying Hi to y'all
  189. Can't make up my mind PLEASE HELP
  190. Does this movement look genuine to you?
  191. any IWCs with transparent casebacks?
  192. My first used purchase on watchuseek
  193. intro
  194. Hamilton Pics, Damasko on the way, vintage pocketwatch help, my short list.
  195. Junkers Poljot 3133 chronograph movement
  196. Can The Wait Be TOO Long?
  197. Tissot PRC200>> Seconds Hand Is Not Aligned!?
  198. Ticking automatics
  199. My complete collection (Lots and Lots of Pics)
  200. The Three Kings
  201. Watch Industry Statistics and General Information>
  202. welder k24
  203. What is your favorite watch for widget?
  204. new brand - ROYAL WATCH UNION
  205. My new full skeleton watch
  206. Not sure if its a good buy...
  207. Claro-Semang 888 users/experience?
  208. Nice Panerai Homage
  209. Buying online >:|
  210. titanium or stainless steel
  211. Removing a Rolex Sticker? :D
  212. Another watch value thread.
  213. anyone know this watch?? EVERITE??
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  215. Am i dreaming???
  216. Oris TT1 Diver vs. Hamilton Khaki Tachymiler
  217. Lume
  218. Kremke at Watch 2008
  219. Are all swiss quartz movements the same?..
  220. My first post in this forum
  221. Press Release: Grönefeld Exclusive Timepieces
  222. >> Am I losing My Mind?
  223. Anybody own a Swiss Army Night Vision?
  224. Mobile Phone with a mechanical movement
  225. Online Purchase & Warranty Coverage Questions
  226. A Couple of New Shots of the SUBZILLA
  227. What about Schaumburg Thousand one with Satelita sw200?
  228. Screw in case opener tool...
  229. Article: Bulgari & Cut Backs
  230. Recommend a white face "manly" watch for <$1000
  231. Santa- please read! Looking for this.
  232. I Still Find the Story Facsinating
  233. Seiko sport watch
  234. Andy Rooney is at it AGAIN!!
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  236. Repair need
  237. Final Purchase
  238. Brad Pitt
  239. Is it possible to LOVE an watch? Check these pics out...
  240. Watch2008, a photo report
  241. Thanks Ernie for a lovely day in Maastricht...
  242. Watches are to men as handbags are to women?
  243. Is a jeweler the same as a watchmaker?
  244. ETA Valgranges movement video - Very Cool
  245. Pearl Harbor Day
  246. Longest lasting lume?
  247. How to unscrew caseback without special tool?
  248. If God wore a watch
  249. How Do You Mend A Broken Heart??
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