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  1. belated intro.....
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  3. IWC GST question.
  4. what kind of watch should I get my son??
  5. what watch does president Obama wear?
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  12. What model Guinand is this?
  13. does anyone know how to open the back of
  14. Wolf Designs Winder
  15. Looking For HEUER BUND Chrono Cal. 230
  16. Why can't we delete posts anymore?
  17. Parsifal GMT (Raymond weil)
  18. 2 Seiko Kinetic's(Undecided)
  19. Why no photos????
  20. Watch Market
  21. Precista, Stowa . . . Others?
  22. What is your idea of a great dress watch?
  23. First watch. Help!
  24. Do you wear your automatic while using a laptop?
  25. Hamilton, Oris or Ball?
  26. I'm trading my watches for a guitar
  27. citizen problem
  28. Any other automatic watches with this overall design...?
  29. New affordable Davosa Skeleton
  30. what's your wrist size and favorite size watch?
  31. James Bond Movie Watches
  32. AAAAHHH! There's a HAIR
  33. Torgoen Watches
  34. Here's a Grail Watch-Audemars Piguet
  35. WHo would do such a thing????
  36. Advice needed on first proper watch
  37. Cartier? What about this?
  38. POLL: Admit your addiction level
  39. Ormont Watch Company??
  40. A watch's heat resistance
  41. Let's play a game!...
  42. opinions on george j vonburg watches
  43. International shipping from the US
  44. where can I buy TX watch in Canada?
  45. Romain Jerome Moon Dust DNA
  46. 42mm or larger partial skeletons?
  47. Name your most comfortable and most uncomfortable watch
  48. Wolf Designs Winder
  49. re: My Big Boy Watch: The Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Extreme World Chronograph
  50. The Tale of my Vintage Grand Seiko Chronometer's Service!*modem burner*
  51. Omega just sent me some James Bond watch pron..Thought I'd share
  52. Vulcain watches? Any info folks???
  53. Came upon tis company, What do you think
  54. 10 Cool And Weird Watch Concepts
  55. Back from Hawaii with a new acquisition...
  56. Aviation Watch Question for Ian
  57. Server Down
  58. Durability of ion plating?
  59. Everyday watch that can take a beating?
  60. 10% off watches and $1 shipping through 11/16
  61. How much less for used watches?
  62. Does anyone own a watch by the company Alpha?
  63. Curious: What percentage of your watches were bought online?
  64. Inexpensive dive watch suggestions
  65. How is a Rado?
  66. ORIENT VS. INVICTA > Who Wins?
  67. Casio Mudman >>
  68. Jeremy Clarkson's new watch
  69. The UGLY Watch Thread
  70. J.Schulz
  71. Advice on building a decent collection
  72. Surprised at the relatively lack of threads on Hamilton (esp Frogman)
  73. Look at what my wife gave me...
  74. Well I Did It...I'm officially a seller!
  75. Removing AR coating on my sapphire crystal
  76. Another help me shop thread
  77. Occupations?
  78. Hello from Atlanta
  79. Handcraft Independent Watchmaker with in house movement
  80. Will Breitling go out of style?
  81. hello from iraq and happy veterans day!
  82. Has anyone seen/have this hamilton?
  83. Are you looking to buy some seriously expensive watches?
  84. zodiac
  85. Do buttons on new chronos stick?
  86. NEW SCORE - From WUS Trade
  87. How would you sell watches?????
  88. Problem getting on WUS
  89. Hello everyone
  90. What would you do in a sale deal ?
  91. confusion reigns
  92. Watch suggestions please
  93. Quick update re: pricing and ordering
  94. what do people think of the DOXA
  95. Calling all FORMEX owners!!!!!
  96. Magnetized Watch
  97. automatic watch maintenance
  98. Just for Fun
  99. Suggestion for new Brand Forum on WUS - MKII Watches
  100. Help me understand... Please
  101. Best way to polish mirror finish titanium
  102. Counterfiet Watches: Why is there a demand?
  103. Genuine Victorinox Swiss Army watch?
  104. Need some help... Faux or no faux.
  105. Pricing
  106. I think i may need professional help...
  107. Information Request
  108. Opinions on Davosa
  109. Announcement: SUBZILLA introductory pricing.
  110. Anyone have any idea what watch this is....
  111. The "eintausend kazimon" new pics
  112. Just came back from an AD...narrowed my choices
  113. My ragtag collection, 1979-now
  114. Mathey Tissot ??
  115. In search of simple stainless Seiko
  116. Just pulled the trigger !!!
  117. Insurance Certification
  118. Are there any Poker players ?
  119. Where to buy?
  120. Wenger Special Commando 2008 - Anyone Know anything about them?
  121. I need some green!
  122. Looking for an "Italian" watch... TB Buti ?
  123. bought a stuhrling skeleton on a whim, received it today...
  124. Orient - :(
  125. Bremont Watches...
  126. Present for a friend
  127. < 1.0 >>> SUBZILLA - Flagship Divers Watch - SPECIFICATIONS <<<
  128. Montblanc Star Chrono
  129. My new Bell & Ross!
  130. Help! might have been ripped off
  131. Atomic watches in southern Ontario
  132. Any Watch Buyers Guides on Net?
  133. 7750 movement, hessitation, jittery sweep second hand on Chrono
  134. Strap Color vs. Shoe Color
  135. Help with Raymond Weil Tango
  136. Chopard ident?
  137. upgrading lume on an AP0600-01E
  138. Hammond gold ladies watch info
  139. Some wrist shots: "Florida Style", or how we upkeep our expensive leather straps farm ;)
  140. Who owns their own watch tools?
  141. Can anyone recomend some Swiss aftermarket watch band or bracelet companies?
  142. What tonneau watch!
  143. ETA 2824 vs 2892... Help a ETA newbie here...
  144. New James Bond watch?
  145. What is a "local watchmaker"?
  146. New arrival!
  147. Omega Seamaster and PO and Superocean polished and brushed?
  148. Help choosing 1st decent watch
  149. Question???
  150. Watch magazines ?
  151. How the hell do i change to a different hole on the strap of my new Balmain watch?
  152. NYC Swatch Group Sample Sale 11/13-11/14
  153. How does this watch work?
  154. Anyone time the election with a chronograph?
  155. Quartz Movements?? good and bad??
  156. If u could only have one watch in a "i am legend" meets "resident evil"
  157. Wedding with watches!
  158. LeJour watches: Any sources to educate myself on the brand?
  159. Which GMT watch do you have? Post a picture pls.
  160. Any Recommendations?
  161. I'm gaining symmetry in my life
  162. (Crosspost) Suggestions for my Christmas present -- looking for a black watch
  163. Please go vote!
  164. A quick Request Guys>>> ?
  165. Help me identify this watch!
  166. Authenticity Question - Movado watch
  167. Trying to remember a certain watch... need help
  168. which watch...brand, model
  169. Do you keep all your watches wound?
  170. Ingersoll
  171. I belong to the group of....
  172. Love my two Pyrolume watches
  173. ALL MECA Smartocean
  174. The buyers nightmare: "My latest overpriced acquisition"
  175. Ceramic case
  176. My new watch corner :-)
  177. Watches and The Law of Diminishing Returns
  178. Considering trading!
  179. Omega vs. Breitling
  180. 1000-1500 range
  181. What's your favorite watch that you almost sold???
  182. Does Titanium scratch easier than SS?
  183. The man who went deepest died yesterday
  184. Finally... a new find
  185. Need some advice asap!
  186. Inserting Collection in your threads/replies
  187. I know we all love watches but....
  188. Recommendation please
  189. Nautica
  190. Paypal help needed
  191. Folio watch?
  192. My New Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Chronometer!!!
  193. Bold but not Flashy
  194. Information on Seiko 6117 Navigator Timer 1968?
  195. Description of Watch Styles
  196. Need some general info
  197. Chronograph Suggestions
  198. Options please!
  199. Hey show me your Calander watches dudes
  200. The Art & Science of Watches: An Appreciation
  201. Heavy Duty Spring Bars?
  202. Curious if anyone has heard of an Andrew Fezza watch?
  203. archimede chron
  204. Need help finding woman's watch...
  205. Check Out This Ad
  206. 24mm Lugs?
  207. Eterna - You know, they do exist!
  208. Swiss Star
  209. Believe it or not this is far from Switzerland
  210. GLYCINE EVENT in the Netherlands
  211. Tw steel vs engelhardt
  212. best chronograph possible for $1000
  213. Cosc?
  214. 7 year power reserve?
  215. >>___Come & check out some BALL watches___Free BALL watch giveaway !!!____<<
  216. Inspiration needed: practical, yet stylish ladies watch
  217. Newbie: online purchase advice?
  218. Info on Tiffany & Co Watch
  219. too good to be true?
  220. Ever walked along the ??
  221. "WATCH-ING FOR THE CURE" - Please Join the WUS and SCWF Charity Project...
  222. Toronto WIS meet November 15 - reminder!
  223. What is the difference in Automatic Movements
  224. Automatic with alarm for less than 2000?
  225. Any advice about buying in Canada?
  226. Looking for 6 hour plus chronograph (ladies)
  227. Has anybody used this dealer!!!
  228. EOL (End of Life) - Video !
  229. Newbie looking for reccomendation.
  230. "WATCH-ING FOR THE CURE" - Please Join the WUS and SCWF Charity Project...
  231. Little help please
  232. This one has me drooling now
  233. Presentation Box for Hamilton X-Wind
  234. Where can I find a good online selection of JUNKERS watches?
  235. should i buy it?
  236. Breitling, Omega, Longines, etc...Pros and cons?
  237. is it safe to buy from overstock and amazon?
  238. Does anyone sell aftermarket Ulysse Nardin watch straps for Maxi Marine?
  239. Hacking and hand-winding autos on the cheap?
  240. What to purchase for $1000-$2000?
  241. wtb chrono auto blk face w/stainless or rubber brac. around $1000
  242. Deployant direction selection
  243. Anyone have experience with Paul's watch and clock repair:Sacramento,CA?
  244. Watch Magazines?
  245. Richguyswatch
  246. Where to get a watch etched
  247. Looking for a watch to fit the bill.
  248. Thoughs? Hamilton v Sinn
  249. Cuckoo Clocks
  250. Need some advice, with a budget in mind