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  40. funny hobby we have here says Sisyphus
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  49. re: How to get your watch coated w/PVD
  50. What made you start collecting?
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  53. can anyone tell me whether the watch is fake or real?
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  77. Im new and love the site
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  88. Adrien Huijbers
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  103. VAN CLEEF & ARPELS- that's all I know about it. Help me identify the watch on my desk.
  104. Piggy back ride someone ? *** Caution *** Heavy
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  138. what watch does Gordon Ramsay wear?
  139. Need a link please!
  140. Breitling or Omega
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  143. President Clinton's Panerai?
  144. Another ID Thread: Nigel Lythgoe
  145. Does it exist?
  146. Best way to remove scrathes form the crystal
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  148. What watch did Jerry Seinfeld wear in almost all of his episodes?
  149. Forum page loading very slow
  150. Leather Strap length - help!
  151. Canadians buying U.S. or European Goods
  152. Toronto stores
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  154. Self Suffient Watches: Kinetic and Solar
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  164. Does anyone make this combo of specs:
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  167. Time & Exploration Exhibit in 2009
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  169. Oris Carlos Coste Chronograph Limited Edition
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  171. Two of my Favourites: Are there others?
  172. Yobokies url.
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  176. Kobe Bryant gives his teammates a gift!
  177. Lemania Elvstrom
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  183. watch i bought for my girlfriend
  184. Does having the chronograph on affect accurary of automatic watch
  185. Hello
  186. Launched ! EDOX-Class1 CHRONOFFSHORE>>>
  187. Pulled the trigger on a Baume et Mercier Capeland!!
  188. One was given to me ;) Vintage Beauty
  189. Ewww
  190. What i'm looking for in a watch
  191. Casebacks >>>
  192. Lanco?
  193. Corum Golden Tourbillon
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  195. Any One Watching How I Met Your Mother?
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  197. newbie seeking purchase advice
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  206. What the HAQ Forum Is (and Is Not) About Please read before posting.
  207. Iron Man Watch
  208. Psychological personality analysis based on your watch
  209. Fast Watch
  210. Would you be careful if someone did NOT ask for refs ?
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  212. Rolex/Federer ad
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  235. I am also now seeking a Certified Chronometer Alarm Watch. Is there any company that
  236. Hublot's Jet man!~
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  249. Does anyone know David Dooley ([email protected])?
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