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  10. Could use some positive waves
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  12. How Is The Weather Where You Are?
  13. new or used
  14. Affordable Classics?
  15. Help needed
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  17. If you have to choose 5 ????
  18. Did anyone see the watch on "Lost"
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  20. Can you repair a Watch Case?
  21. Bernhardt Corsair - FREE
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  24. Advice please
  25. Panerai P2005 movement
  26. Alpha Omega Liquidation
  27. What's a few mm's among friends?
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  29. glycine
  30. Something wrong with my manual-winding watch
  31. Realization...I'm hooked
  32. Chase-Durer/ Maurice Lacroix fans
  33. Bell & Ross BR-03...any thoughts?
  34. Jewelry cleaning cloths vs. cleaning solutions
  35. Does anyone have info on Daniel Mink watch?
  36. Watch making resources
  37. Gentlemen, start your Engines ..............
  38. Women's TAG Heuer 1500 Professional
  39. Wristwatch Catalog?
  40. Cuervo Y Sobrinos Watches
  41. Your quartz watch finally died... how long did it live?
  42. Debaufre watches?
  43. Vintage Fortis & Henri Sandoz lookalikes
  44. Who Da Man!!!!
  45. Omega vs Oris.
  46. Invicta S1 Concept Model 2284
  47. Online grey watch dealer in Canada?
  48. Question about water resistance
  49. New "homage" Addition Today
  50. Gordon Ramsey's watch on Kitchen Nightmares? USA?
  51. Should I keep this watch or sell it?
  52. Swiss quartz or mechanical japanese?
  53. Tag vs. Oris
  54. Does anyone have this watch?
  55. Watch advice (for my birthday) need help.
  56. New: Bavarian Crono 300 SL Gullwing
  57. What do you Folks Think About Bulova Watches
  58. Decisions...decisions: Tissot LeLocle or Zeno Watch Basel?
  59. Can Ceramics be polished?
  60. New: Davosa Vigo Day-Date
  61. Some new Revue Thommen watches>>>
  62. Which Junkers watch? Pick one :D
  63. High Quality Analog / Digital?
  64. Rotary - some brand info, experiences...?
  65. New additions for me!
  66. good skeletonized watches?
  67. If you could only own ONE, Which would it be?
  68. Marathon Watch Quality - Your Opinion
  69. how durable is a SWISS ETA UNITAS 6497 ?
  70. Amusing Sales Forum......
  71. Accutron VX200 of Benrhardt new GLobemaster?
  72. Greetings -
  73. New Arrival for my Bride- Just in Time for Valentine's Day
  74. About tourbillions
  75. Black Dial Chrono's with Screwed in Case
  76. Watch Case Help
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  78. Introduction
  79. introduce my self
  80. U-Boat Watches
  81. Night View Test!
  82. Novice-Looking for some suggestions $5000-7500
  83. Watchuseek costs you money!
  84. New to the Forum - Traser?
  85. Source to purchase an ETA 2826-2?
  86. Bling-Bling for Valentineīs Day
  87. What watch brands feature tritium based illumination?
  88. my new beauty !
  89. I've searched for 2 weeks but i can't find a watch. Not even one...
  90. Porsche Design P'6750
  91. Looking For Technomarine Ceramic Bracelet
  92. New Addition - Bernhardt Binnacle
  93. IWC Spitfire question
  94. Postal Insurance
  95. My new leather band collection
  96. US people buying from europe
  97. Swiss Watch Delivery Program
  98. are ETA and VALJOUX the same brand ???
  99. Watchmaking and India?
  100. Thoughts on Bell & Ross?
  101. Monday Quiz!
  102. Need runs and stops, runs and stops...
  103. Are there really any affordable alternatives to the Omega X-33
  104. What hand do you wear your watch on? A possibly interesting topic...
  105. Running in
  106. help setting time
  107. Ok "Swiss Made" we know, but what about..
  108. What are some of the most reliable movements, independent of cost?
  109. New Picture Enjoy!
  110. How would one swap out this watch band?
  111. Need help finding digial flying watch
  112. Citizen Nighthawk Ecodrive Opinions
  113. :::drum roll:::
  114. What watch does your wife/partner wear? Do they collect?
  115. Watch colors
  116. I W C
  117. Watches level?
  118. TokyoFlash LED homage - Group Buy
  119. Watch Sale (great discounts!)
  120. Altanus Geneve Incabloc watch value?
  121. Opinions on
  122. Tissot PCR 200 or Hamilton Jazzmaster?
  123. Just Arrived: MkII Vantage
  124. NE folks: Alpha Omega Liquidation Sale starts 02/08/08
  125. Help Me Choose A Watch
  126. IWC Model Guide
  127. Another Novice - Buying advice 2,000 budget
  128. We do get smarter...
  129. How to polish Omegasīs healite crystal ?
  130. Bell & Ross
  131. Show me your: White dial stainless band watches
  132. I got me new toy (Bergeon 6825)
  133. watch cloths
  134. Rockford Watch with problems
  135. Rising prices of 2824 watches, why not 2894?
  136. Are prices of mechanical watches going up?
  137. Incoming
  138. Novice Needs Help in Choosing a New Watch
  139. New Arrival!!! - Fortis B-42 GMT Diver
  140. info about Lemania watch
  141. EDOX Open Heart
  142. Anyone done a trade-in at Tourneau?
  143. Anyone got a Certina DS podium auto ?
  144. Need suggestions for Seiko pin constantly falling out
  145. new watch box
  146. Rochester New York get together
  147. One Comical Trip To The AD
  148. which Casio G Shock
  149. Acceptable time loss/gain in mechanical movements?
  150. Color coded hands (chronograph)
  151. What's Arnie wearing in the new Esquire? pic inside
  152. Authenticity question
  153. Preowned IWC Classic xv Chrono
  154. Top 10 "Must have" watches for every collector
  155. mechanical accuracy
  156. Paul Durelle Watches...Ever Heard of Them?
  157. Bergeon nickel-plated brass tools
  158. Surprised at how few PVD "stealth" watches are made
  159. Ebay transaction rant
  160. Bah. I'm looking for a particular styled watch, but no luck. Would love some help!
  161. Aviator Wright Brothers watch >> who has real pictures??
  162. Beginning Of My Collection
  163. I got a scratch on my new watch
  164. What watch companies still make their own movements?
  165. A pronunciation guide for watches
  166. Yet another Noob, FNG, Rookie etc...
  167. What's the record for the longest running quartz watch?
  169. Acceptable Time Gain for Peseux 7001
  170. Well look at this!
  171. Marathon SAR VS GSAR
  172. Hello, Another Noob Here
  173. Does Anyone Care About Day Displays?
  174. Shnoop to Canada?
  175. Black...
  176. Cushion-Shaped Style Watches
  177. Noob in the house
  178. Just for Fun: 4 watch dream collection
  179. New user, presenting my collection :)
  180. How do you save up for "another" watch?
  181. Ebay hidden bidder indentity is BOGUS
  182. inaugural post enicar movement query
  183. Did I show this one yet?
  184. Free polish cloth
  185. How much should you pay for a Rolex Daytona
  186. Giants Win...ball Comes Through Again
  187. Maintenance and Repair tips?
  188. Accutron Telluride action button came off... easy to fix?
  189. greatest watch innovation
  190. Marathon or NOT
  191. Need info on Enicar AR 2167 movement
  192. Suggestions for a multifunction watch please ?
  193. Hi! New Member
  194. I need some watch education
  195. Buying a Stowa
  196. chopard
  197. Fun with photos and my Omega
  198. Please help me.
  199. How do I tell which grade of ETA 2824 a watchmaker uses?
  200. Got my new Watch
  201. Question on Japan Shopping services
  202. Movement on this skeleton?
  203. Aristo in Hong Kong?
  204. Accuracy of Hamilton khaki field auto chrono
  205. RXW Plasmir Milgraph opinions?
  206. UK - Alarm Clock with Day-of-week Alarm Function?
  207. Roy Schneider would be proud
  208. Thrift store score!
  209. Recommendations on 34-36 mm round white face quartz
  210. sellita sw200 and 300
  211. Hard time finding a watch
  212. Wrist check 2008-02-02
  213. Zodiac Marine Life Professional
  214. Advice on storing unused automatic watches?
  215. Importing watches to the US
  216. breitling chronographs
  217. Your Opinion on Digital watches?
  218. What do you look for in a dress watch?
  219. Mega Watch Brochure Comparison (Part I)
  220. Hello!
  221. Does anybody own one?
  222. Longines Retrograde x 4...I'm in Love
  223. Anonimo Professionale Winding
  224. Ebel discovery manual
  225. Im in the market for a new!
  226. ETA 6497 question (Steinhart Grand Marquis)
  227. Case back de la Fabulouso
  228. Run your Chronograph to death??
  229. Just picked up my Baume et Mercier Classima Executives Contemporary
  230. A rainbow of color!!...
  231. Longines Lindbergh 47mm?
  232. For those who have flipped a watch before...
  233. Buying Watches on the Internet
  234. Opinions please: Mesh Bracelet on my Maserati?
  235. How I Almost Bought A Knockoff - Or, A Watch Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts
  236. Do we like Jaeger LeCoultre?
  237. Recommendation for Women's Tool Watch?
  238. List of Top/Chronometer grade watches under $2,000
  239. Comments on Cartier
  240. Longines Master Accuracy HELP!
  241. wrist check: wed, 30th
  242. Any WUS members live in Richmond VA?
  243. Just for those who detest "busy"....
  244. dfreemont as promised
  245. Recently inherited Patek Phillipe
  246. How do I pronounce Tutima and Lemania
  247. U-Boat manual?
  248. question for mike stuffler re: Spitfire
  249. Moderately Priced Lemania 5100 Watches?
  250. Wife's B-Day