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  10. Looking for some advice VC/Glashutte/Piaget
  11. Rolex Explorer 2 or Speedmaster pro or Pelagos
  12. Please help me identify 2 patek Philippe watches I inherited
  13. Incoming - first Watch purchase of 2018
  14. Need Advice on Servicing a vintage HMT Rajat
  15. Rolex Fake or Real
  16. >>>>>>> Public Monday April 2 2018 WRUW >>>>>>>
  17. The Watches of Star Trek
  18. Baume and mercier
  19. Are Watch Shows Worth Going To?
  20. Chrono24 checkout
  21. Please help identify this ladies watch
  22. Boucheron
  23. Some guys have all the Daytona luck
  24. Minimal look - Nomos Club Date
  25. Eterna Super Kontiki 18K yellow Gold
  26. SOTC 2018 - two brands seldom discussed on WuS
  27. How does the Zenith El Primero compare to modern chronograph movements?
  28. Missing Two Babies
  29. Polishing your titanium watch?
  30. Which to keep and let go?
  31. ************Sunday-April-1st-2018-WRUW************
  33. Watching My Wildcats....
  34. Just Bought a new TAG. WOW!!! Rolex and JLC you’ve got some serious questions to answer!
  35. Okay, I HAD to buy one...
  36. Teen trades an old cell phone up to a Porsche on Craigslist. Possible with watches?
  37. Service Recommendation
  38. Update: Picked the Tudor Pelagos
  39. Whats this watch?
  40. March 31st is the best day ever.
  41. Iconic watch up to 5K$/4K€
  42. Looking for advice on first "nice" watch!
  43. Should I service 12 year old watch that's running within COSC?
  44. Introducing Airmarine Albatros & Morse : design, plans & prototypes manufacturing (very soon).
  45. Seiko Recraft Series
  46. Seikos: SRPB43 vs. SARY075
  47. Nite Hawk T100s beautiful but cheap movement, where's my sundial
  48. The Word "Collection"
  49. Looking for chronograph options under $4k
  50. You have $5-6k to play with. What're you buying?
  51. Need suggestions for a wristwatch
  52. ^*^*^*^*^ Saturday March 31 2018 WRUW ^*^*^*^*^
  53. Wonder Advice Please
  54. Introducing Beaulieu Type S : design, plans & prototypes manufacturing (over the next weeks).
  55. INCOMING x 2!!!
  56. Watches under $500 with power reserve indicator?
  57. Got my son his first auto
  58. Why so hard to find tapered PVD bracelet?
  59. Rally leather band on the new Recraft
  60. Memeber since 2010 but first post to say hello
  61. Window shopping for a new dress watch, pleasanty surprised by UN, IWC..
  62. Ω seamaster Quartz for Rolex 6694
  63. Our Tudor Photos from Baselworld 2018
  64. Looking for options for a chronograph
  65. Can't decide between 2 for my next watch:
  66. What is the definition of quality? Especially in a watch (duh...)
  67. Are omega deville watches 8900 caliber good investment?
  68. Need some advice
  69. My new addition
  70. hello there
  71. Chronograph with seconds totalizer at 6 o'clock position
  72. Can I wear my watch in high altitudes?
  73. Buying from Rakuten?
  74. Digging my new Hammy Khaki Auto
  75. Our Nomos Photos from Baselworld 2018
  76. the Course Change
  77. ************Friday-March-30th-2018-WRUW************
  78. I Have a Question for Collectors Who Have "Luxury" Watches in Their Collection!
  79. Baseball is back! Alright Fellas Let’s See ‘Em Show Us Your Opening Day Watch
  80. Do you think Casio was trying to poke the industry in the eye with the MDV106?
  81. Another which watch Ulysse Nardin vs Omega
  82. Helsinki & Frankfurt watch destinations
  83. what is the Explorer II afraid of?
  84. Lug shape and NATO strap
  85. Never thought I'd wear a Rolex
  86. What are your favorite "Limited Edition" watches?
  87. Help me find a watch similar to the Datejust 41!
  88. Our Prospex Photos from Baselworld 2018
  89. Questions: Best Seiko Service in NYC and Swapping out Hardlex
  90. Rado Manhattan now updated to Tradition 1965
  91. is this a dress watch.....
  92. Solar / Atomic or GPS
  94. Looking for a 40mm-ish non-sunburst blue dial "dress casual" watch. Suggestions?
  95. What happens to the price of the old Seamaster?
  96. Crown Screwed Down While Watch Stored?
  97. Which would you rather??
  98. Thinner alternatives to Jaquet Droz Grande Seconde
  99. Ressence - repaired, upgraded and back in my hands
  100. What should I do with my quartz collection?
  101. Mysterious watch
  102. Trade offer
  103. How to order a Baselworld release from an AD?
  104. Why are companies so secretive about watch dimensions/measurements?
  105. Have Casual Business Dress Policies Impacted Your Watch Collection?
  106. Alsons
  107. Strap or bracelet?
  108. Help Identify Birkoff's Watch (La Femme Nikita)
  109. Comparison of 2 significantly differently priced blue enamel watch dials (Seiko & UN)
  110. ************Thursday-March-29th-2018-WRUW************
  111. It's so hard to say goodbye...
  112. Locate RARE Jaguar watch (Help me please!)
  113. Something similar to the fossil fsw1000
  114. Our GS & Presage Photos from Baselworld 2018
  115. adjust Hamilton with ETA 2804-2 movement regulator?
  116. 5atm water resistance with screw down crown?
  117. A Trip To The Museum
  118. Diver under $1200
  119. First Automatic: Tissot PRC 200 vs. Seiko Samurai, or get both?
  120. Our Omega Photos from Baselworld 2018
  121. I got a Pepsi!
  122. Looking for a casual dress watch recommendations to wear with t-shirt and jeans
  123. What are your thoughts?
  124. Sold a brand new watch on eBay, buyer damaged it and is now returning it for a refund.
  125. Should watches be insulated?
  126. Mock croc – double standards?
  127. First and possibly only "Luxury" watch? Speedmaster professional?
  128. How likely are the popular Baselworld watch to be sold out?
  129. First luxury watch (starting a collection)
  130. OKWDO watch market site - is it a scam?
  131. Omega Seamaster 300M Diver or Rolex Sub Pre-owned?? Worth the premium?
  132. ************Wednesday-March-28th-2018-WRUW*************
  133. Resco Patriot
  134. Springbar vs. Cold Steel and Other Original Ideas?
  135. WUS in Japan
  136. What's the general take on Tudor Black Bay ETA version?
  137. Need help identifying inherited watches
  138. Bronze watches
  139. Advice for 1978 Women's Watch?
  140. Vital dial “Information”
  141. Need advice for watch - budget 1000$ to 2000$
  142. Replica of a highend watch on auction on ebay at high price.
  143. I don't know what it is
  144. Optik Instruments Horizon Watch
  145. Would you purchase a watch with such photographs?
  146. Tips on selling an expensive watch
  147. Surely it must be 5:00 pm SOMEWHERE
  148. New Member with a question about Universal Geneve watch
  149. Magnetized watch that refuses to be degaussed
  150. Rose Gold Plating? Help needed.
  151. Casio ARW 320 (376)
  152. Please help me understand why you would...
  153. Look at what my found son in a heaping pile of trash.
  154. Do you color match your watch to your outfit?
  155. New on my wrist: A Nixie tube watch
  156. His & Her watch - What R U & UR partner wearing today?
  157. Any real wrist shots of the Luminox 6502.BO?
  158. Every watch collector needs a Chronometer grade watch. Right?
  159. alternatives to blue subby
  160. £1,400 watches
  161. San Francisco GTG?
  162. @@@@@ WRUW Tuesday March 27, 2018 @@@@@
  163. where to buy Seiko SKX013J
  164. Watch Shops in London, UK
  165. Any users with a Miyota 9015 or a Halios Laguna 2, can you answer my question?!
  166. Rightsizing and upgrading my collection - advice on sporty-ish and elegant-icsh pieces <42mm
  167. Yet another what to buy thread. Help needed :)
  168. Swatch strap compatibility: New Gent / Irony --> Diaphane
  169. Need help identifying this watch
  170. Jewlarsmutual insurance
  171. Watch cleaning
  172. Does it stop?
  173. Traser P67 Office Pro vs. Marathon auto 41mm?
  174. MVMT watches. Thoughts & opinions?
  175. Fill my box
  176. Renata Battery Supplier UK
  177. Anyone recognize this watch?
  178. How the heck does a slipping spring work??
  179. Not quite a collection...
  180. Swapping my Pelagos - for what?
  181. Chr. Ward C60 bezel swap?
  182. Micro Adjust Clasp for Omega Seamaster Diver 300m (2220.80)
  183. Is it real or fake ? audemar piguet royal oak offshore
  184. Is it real or fake ? Audemart Piguet 30th anniversary
  185. Longines Legend Diver 36mm
  186. does anyone interested in bathyscaphe?
  187. ----WRUW Monday 3-26-18----
  188. Roman numerals are outdated? why?
  189. Booming online luxury goods sales convert watchmakers to the web
  190. Watches with independent 12 hour sub dial to track 2nd time zone?
  191. When is a movement considered too small for its case?
  192. Brathwait - Horrible Service?
  193. Thoughts on Design Lineage of Steinhart Marine 38
  194. Which is more prestiges to the masses: Tudor vs Tag Heuer
  195. So crazy it just might work...
  196. What should i buy?
  197. Unrealistic Expectations? Can’t seem to find a flawless watch in any of my authorized dealers.
  198. Biver comments on the Smartwatch Industry
  199. ID on this watch
  200. Problems choosing a new cronograph
  201. Appropriate strap?
  202. Omega Ranchero
  203. Decision poll
  204. pvd coating or other coating fix for my scratched watch?
  205. Why does the hour hand only take 12 hours to make a full rotation when there are 24 hours in a day?
  206. No Ulysse Nardin subforum?
  207. Logines Quality Control Concern.. Acceptable Defect Within Tolerance or Quality Control Problem?
  208. Thoughts on the Bulova Curv?
  209. Who wears their 50m WR watch swimming on a regular basis?
  210. Is this a geniune Ulysse Nardin?
  211. Enzo EMV ... done.
  212. Well I did it... finally!!!
  213. Omega AT vs Tudor BB GMT. Should I flip?
  214. baum mercier clifton chrono
  215. Standards for AD exerience?
  216. Your choice?
  217. ************Sunday-March-25th-2018-WRUW************
  218. Timex Ironman GPS Global Trainer - T5K444F5
  219. Nomos alpha accuracy
  220. Need help finding this watch - Gold and Green - suggestions appreciated!
  221. Bulova Accu Swiss Percheron
  222. Need advice on SOTC and next piece
  223. Top 10 Luxury watch recognized by the ordinary and what they perception they have on it.
  224. Post pictures of your watches with short pro/cons
  225. Any info about this upcoming Zodiac Seawolf?
  226. What is this watch? (worn by Turtle in Entourage)
  227. FINALY!! My First Diver Watch!
  228. Recommend a round face chronograph automatic
  229. query re grey market sellers for zenith el primero 38mm in stainless steel
  230. What does Glace Saphir means - on watches ?
  231. Early swatch identification help
  232. Deciding between ~$1000 Timepieces
  233. Manual wind chronograph advice
  234. Female Student visits Patek Philippe and Starts Own Watch Company
  235. Audemars Piguet 2003/1 caliber
  236. Omega Seamaster 600 1967 advice
  237. Where's the coverage?
  238. ISO Cat Watch
  239. Another episode of: Help me pick my next watch!
  240. Breitling Navitimer Super 8
  242. Help with the endless search
  243. Love dive watches but considering a field watch?
  244. Need help identifying illinois 17 jewel wristwatch
  245. ETA 2801-2 case
  246. <<<<<<<<<<<WRUW Saturday, March 24, 2018>>>>>>>>>>>
  247. An unusual problem
  248. Decision time.
  249. Help with a Tag Heuer please.