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  8. Have you ever lied about the cost of a watch... Downward
  9. Top Watch Picks for June 2019 (from someone in the industry)
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  11. Should I trade my Monta Ocean King for a SMP Bond (2531.80)
  12. The vintage NOS conundrum
  13. Work watch for 18 year old daughter?
  14. Looking for watches similar to zenith defy under $2000
  15. Has anyone tested “shock absorbers”
  16. Seiko Tuna Prospex Solar PADI Divers v Automatic
  17. WURW Thursday 06.06.2019
  18. Charles Xavier watch
  19. Lume Color Variance Due to Type of Light
  20. HELP! Recommendations for a light blue dial sport watch
  21. Watch shop recommendations near Disneyland/Anaheim
  22. I really love Heimdallr, and heres why.
  23. Some interesting comments from a Rolex AD
  24. Breitling Blackbird 44 Opinions
  25. Are there decent watches with diamond bezels for under USD 2000?
  26. Timex Navi Depth (TW2T83200LG) dial qestion
  27. New Watch
  28. Why did watches with battery hatches never really take off?
  29. Silly names for watch brands and models
  30. Any info about this watch?
  31. What Is Your $$$ Cut Off and Why?
  32. Help me find a watch for my custom strap
  33. The Watch I'd Buy Right Now
  34. Any experience with renting a box to sell your watch?
  35. Which Watches likely to become hard to get Future Classics?
  36. Does anyone here buy/sell watches anywhere other than Chrono24, Ebay and Forums?
  37. Strange feeling when screwing in a crown.
  38. Visited German Master Watchmaker and AHCI candidate Stefan Kudoke in Weifa/Saxony
  39. Fascinating watch Rebuild story
  40. WRUW Wednesday 5 June 19* * * * *
  41. Rolling in Rolexes
  42. Help Identifying (Swiss?) Watch Brand and Value
  43. Speaking of Green...
  44. ISO 6425...
  45. Ikepod rubber straps
  46. Death in Paradise Dive Watches: Identify Dwayne' Watches
  47. Thinking of Whittling Down to 3 Watches - Thoughts?
  48. Quick Read: How Leather and Shell Cordovan Straps Beautify Your Watch
  49. Bump Feature
  50. World timer with custom cities
  51. Luving me a little schadenfreude
  52. Article Supporting a One Watch Collection
  53. The strangest thing happened. I was interested in buying a watch...
  54. #archimedepassaround - a quick review
  55. Pictures request
  56. *****WRUW 4th JUNE 2019*****
  57. Redbar PDX
  58. Vintage birks watch.
  59. Seiko LX (Lux)
  60. Self WInding problem?
  61. NORQAIN Incoming: Adventure Sport Auto Kaki
  62. Got promoted. Which watch to mark this milestone?
  63. Ebay Sales Tax - Uugghh
  64. These two watches - What to do with them?
  65. UK based watch assembly / making course
  66. dress watches with champagne sunburst dials
  67. sarb017 runs very fast when walking
  68. Attic Finds
  69. Any watch deals on a Carnival cruise?
  70. Unboxing my new Phoibos Wave Master
  71. Why is it....
  72. Has a watch ever stopped you buying more ..The beautiful Brellum Duobox...
  73. How much can the serial no of a limited edition affect the value?
  74. ***---Monday WATCH on your WRIST 6-3-19---***
  75. Is there such a phenomenon as movement break in?
  76. Mom and dad watches
  77. Detroit Mint Islander
  78. Post a watch you want to be talked out of buying (and we'll find ways to talk you out of it)
  79. Question re “paratrooper” straps from cheapest nato straps
  80. Which Piaget is this?
  81. New arrival: my strap storage solution.
  82. Hamilton Khaki Mechanical vs Oris Big Crown Pointer Date
  83. Have you ever missed watch that you sold you bought another?
  84. WRUW Sunday 2 June 19. . . . . .
  85. Play or slight movement of hands in 251.264 movement
  86. Watch with similar aesthetic to the Rolex GMT Master "Root Beer"
  87. Best Bracelet Besides Rolex
  88. Nickel-phosphorous: Why?
  89. Please Help
  90. Time for enjoyment
  91. Can you spot a Fake by weighing the watch?
  92. What watch on your collection surprised you and became a favorite
  93. @@@@@ WRUW June 1, 2019 @@@@@
  94. 3 incomings...
  95. Movie Watch ID - Iron Eagle. Orfina Porsche Design?
  96. Manufacturer vs Authorised Dealer
  97. Watch event at Hamilton Jewelers in Princeton
  98. Can you identify this watch worn by John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day -
  99. Gerard Perregaux Gyromatic HF
  100. I'm buying a new car and need some suggestions for a watch to compliment it
  101. Show me your NON diver with rubber straps
  102. King Seiko Japanese Inscription
  103. Chrono24 layout change
  104. Boldr Voyager looks like a Rolex?
  105. watches with luminous second hands
  106. WARNING: Gratuitous Joy Inside! - New Arrival: Seiko SARB075
  107. Please Help Me Find My Dream GADA!
  108. ************May-31st=2019-WRUW************
  109. Oris vs Oris
  110. Anyone know a good IWC iw354706 homage?
  111. Waiting for Rolex to have this exact sale!
  112. How should a watch on a bracelet fit?
  113. In The Know: Panerai Watches - A Comparison of Different Styles
  114. New Grand Seiko Four Seasons Models!
  115. WTB forum
  116. 1 Brand - 3 Watch Collection - Which would you pick?
  117. SOTC - What to buy and what to sell?
  118. Problem with a new watch
  119. Scratched and battered beaters..Show 'em
  120. VK64 fix
  121. What is this watch?! Help please!
  122. Grand Seiko Snowflake SBGA211 Review
  123. ************Thursday-May-30th-2019-WRUW************
  124. Apologies...
  125. New stolen watch registry (free)
  126. Victoria Watch Collective - looking for info
  127. Cartier Tank Solo Pair
  128. Seiko Fifty Five J vs K ARE 42 vs 43 mm.... but do they wear differently?
  129. Watch friends come and gone... here's mine
  130. Are Solar watches actually all that economical?
  131. Thoughts on Spinnaker? I'm new to watches and they are the first microbrand I've followed
  132. Branching out.... Tissot vs. Hamilton or stick with Seiko?
  133. Bucket list + Hamilton
  134. Documenting your watches come and gone: an exercise in vanity or interesting?
  135. Help me decide on my daily beater: Submariner 114060 vs. Cartier Santos in blue dial (large; 2019)
  136. Horological Society of New York Watchmaking Classes in Hong Kong
  137. Need legit check for this model Breitling AB0110 thanks
  138. Help finding an affordable GMT watch!
  139. Help Determining Authenticity of Porsche Design Watch
  140. *•*•*•*•*•* Wednesday May 29 2019 WRUW *•*•*•*•*•*
  141. Battery saving tips for watches
  142. New watch
  143. Interesting sales issue
  144. Inside Look: Everything You Need to Know About Shell Cordovan Leather
  145. Quality of Pantor Watches?
  146. Triple/complete/annual calendar sport watches under $15k?
  147. AD vs. Pre-owned vs. Grey market vs. Ebay vs. Amazon
  148. Certina AD ? Help
  149. Should Australia invest in atomic clock technology?
  150. After 20+ years should I....
  151. CL Timeworks... anyone used them?
  152. Iconic analog countdown timer watches
  153. ---WATCH on your WRIST Tuesday 5-28-19---
  154. My surprised gift this weekend
  155. A new appreciation for Quartz?
  156. WHY? Why did I not just stay away!
  157. Cheapest and most expensive watch
  158. And.. there goes the watch fund.
  159. Nomos Ludwig Automatik, Tudor North Flag, or something else?
  160. Hand Wind daily suggestions....
  161. Best diving/tool watch. Seiko, Tudor, Oris
  162. Casio Edifice band width
  163. A Man And His Watch
  164. Buying Pre-Owned
  165. What app is this?
  166. Glycine Combat Sub “Soda” watch with Pepsi bezel
  167. Bad date placements. Let’s see some.
  168. Watches in the wild - game
  169. 36mm Rolex Explorer options
  170. Researching new purchase
  171. "Marine Grade Brass"
  172. Tell me the story of how your watch was destroyed, lost or damaged
  173. Omega seamster 200m cal 1441 STEM removal Help
  174. Timefactors watches
  175. ***---Monday WATCH on your WRIST 5-27-19---***
  176. Questions about DLC coating
  177. Help finding a vintage Seiko
  178. Citizen Eco Drive bm8180-03e day date misalignment
  179. Real ?
  180. Well that didn’t take long![emoji23]
  181. Is this the watch Tag presented Pagenaud today?
  182. Bezel terminology
  183. I now need more watches than I have $$$
  184. This may be a silly question but..
  185. Anyone seen these 42mm UN Divers in person? Thoughts?
  186. Which is the nicer watch? Blue or Red? VC
  187. Watch meet up with a friend
  188. The automatic Ronda R150 powers Aristo watches 7H123 and 7H124
  189. Normal Watch Co.
  190. What watch will you be wearing for Memorial Day?
  191. My Grandfather’s World War One Trench Watch
  192. OMEGA marriage watch with custom dial (not original)
  193. Looking for SMALL, Cheap Pilot's Watch (Arabic 12, 3, 6, 9)
  194. APP ?
  195. Best auto chrono under $1,000
  196. Which watch would you buy?
  197. It is dangerous when you're sent out on a mission...
  198. Microbrand Watches..Show 'em!!
  199. Watch you love wearing but never seen anyone else wear
  200. Want To Purchase a Watch From a Chrono24 Private Seller
  201. A friend has decided to buy a preloved Aquaracer Calibre S, and it has raised a series of questions:
  202. Rough Grinding Feel when screwing down the crown - AP15400
  203. Blue face watches
  204. <<<< WRUW, Sunday, May 26 >>>>
  205. Natural Habitat
  206. chronometer calendar watches
  207. Chronoswiss dealer in USA?
  208. Let's see your roulette date wheels
  209. Smallest Spinnaker watches?
  210. Best sub £1000 diver/gmt
  211. Trying to choose a dressy sport watch or casual dress watch
  212. My Timex Expedition Croaked Today
  213. WOLF Roadster winder giveaway!
  214. Watches with luminescent numbers?!?
  215. Miyota 821A showing it's issues?
  216. Bad quality control. Let's see your pics.
  217. Jumping hour watch
  218. Two Blasts from the past
  219. Deal on a Tag Heuer Calibre 01
  220. Thousand post club. Thanks!
  221. New AP 15500 v 15400
  222. Vertical clutch - any harm in running the chrono all the time?
  223. What will be a better Casual Sport Watch between those 2?
  224. ************Saturday-May-25th-WRUW************
  225. First luxury purchase?
  226. Oris Big Crown Pointer Date Alternative
  227. My watch selling/buying dilemma
  228. Crystal Times Horology no exchanges or returns?
  229. Can someone explain what the point of a GMT is?
  230. Terry Kath from Chicago - what watch was he wearing?
  231. Maurice Lacroix Aikon 39mm Availability Any Ideas?
  232. Selling a vintage watch - Restore or not?
  233. How quartz watches work...
  234. Anyone in the UK have any experience with
  235. Oceanica watches
  236. <<<<<<<<<<<< Wrist Check Friday May 24th >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  237. Let’s See Your Watch As You Wash Your Car
  238. Dark Green Dials
  239. Vostok Amphibia 420 on a skinny wrist.
  240. Experiences with Clockworld in San Francisco?
  241. What kind of watch does Bill Hader wear in Barry on HBO? (w/ picture)
  242. Insider Look: Handmade Products - A Class Apart
  243. Oris Event Today!
  244. I asked for your advice about trading my BB36 for a Seamaster... This is the result...
  245. Real life power reserve - what should one expect?
  246. To Mod or Not to Mod?
  247. The theory and practice of watch collecting strategy
  248. New Scurfa Green Meanie
  249. YEMA Superman Heritage Bronze on Kickstarter June 1st
  250. Introducing Mirus Watches - The Official Thread