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  1. Will a watchmaker really make a part from scratch?
  2. imperfect alignment
  3. Russia rule, OK
  4. Looking for suggestions: modern 34mm-36mm Gold Dress Watch on a strap
  5. Breitling query - can you help please?
  6. Bello Wus
  7. Favorite big pilot???
  8. Mercedes hands
  9. The beauty of the GS “Snowflake”
  10. Throw away point
  11. Greetings from NoVA
  12. AVI-8 anyone ?
  13. Anyone make a "slide buckle" watch strap?
  14. Citizen Eco Drive Calibre 3100 (BT0000-58L)
  15. Post-SIHH, Pre-Basel thoughts on my "small collection"; I thought I was satisfied...however
  16. Aftermarket adjustable clasp bracelet?
  17. Wife got me new watch box for Valentine’s Day
  18. ######WRUW ... SUNDAY 18 FEB 2018######
  19. First post! Thanks for being here!! Question on Russian mechanicals
  20. Which watch is this? Jeremy Clarkson on The Grand Tour, Series 2 Finale
  21. Trying to identify these Ladies watches!
  22. I am so so so happy today
  23. New Flieger Watch, thank you WUS!
  24. Recent arrival, long time in coming — El Primero 38mm
  25. Should I not get a speedmaster?
  26. Eterna KonTiki Bronze - New Photos
  27. Alternative to Steinhart OVM 39mm
  28. Hi
  29. Manually Winding Gruen 460SS
  30. Through the eyes of a watchmaker
  31. A strange gift
  32. Inspired by the Winter Olympics: Bronze, Silver and Gold
  33. An eBay concern
  34. Everyday Casual Watch - Sinn 556a or Bell & Ross BR-123 Vintage?
  35. Add a watch to this three-piece collection and DON'T tell my wife...
  36. My First Damasko Landed Today
  37. What's everyone buying with their tax return?
  38. ########## WRUW Saturday 17 February 2018 ###########
  39. Help Odentifying Gold Concord Watch with Black Face
  40. Oris 65 Blue Dial help
  41. Your watch and ring..
  42. Watch Sales to Servicing Cost Percentage?
  43. Questions on how to choose the right fit with a "Mesh Bracelet".
  44. 2 or 3 decent watches or 1 good used one?
  45. Micro Brand Opinions
  46. Do do I add to the collection? Omega fans
  47. Charles Barkley"s Watch on Kimmel Feb 15, 2018
  48. This should get more love
  49. Incoming! Sky Dweller White Dial!
  50. Calendar Languages - Kanji Day, Deutsch Day, French Day?
  51. Fifty Fathoms Tribute No radiation Change
  52. White dials- how do you handle them?
  53. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #39: Jonathan's Modern British Watches
  54. Vaucher Private Label ...
  55. An interesting article on the Grand Seiko Hi Beat GMT Limited Edition
  56. Vintage Casio BM-100WJ Thrift Store Find
  57. Confused
  58. Helmut Sinn has passed
  59. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Friday, February 16 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  60. Vintage BOVET Watch - Need Advise (To sell it)
  61. Omega GMT 50 year advise?
  62. I May Not Know Geography... Okay, I Really Don't...
  63. Alternatives to this cushion case, white dial dress watch under $1k?
  64. A simple fix to a "big" problem
  65. Looking to buy that $1000 watch?
  66. My name is VaEagle, and I like watches...
  67. Does a watch's aftermarket value severly drop once it goes out of production.
  68. Do you see a Future for the Watch without the Wheel?
  69. Who can laser weld cases other than ABC?
  70. New Seiko SBDC051 / SPB051 Still has classic Seiko Problems
  71. How to handle U.S. customs duty on used watch coming from Switzerland?
  72. Loved This One So Much I Bought Two -- Anyone Remember These?
  73. Quality Comparison : Grand Seiko SBGR251- Tudor Black Bay 36 mm
  74. Yet another clockwork
  75. Does this Nomos Orion 35 fit my 6" wrists or shall I go smaller? Please Help!
  76. OMG, someone actually noticed my watch!
  77. Good morning...fng here and my wallet is going to hate me for joining;). Rather new watchaholic and
  78. Nightmare about your watch?
  79. When you’re given a watch you will never use....
  80. Vintage Omega
  81. I quit
  82. Advice needed - Longines stuck in Japan. Any Japanese residents here?
  83. Stuff like this really irks me.
  84. ************Thursday-February-15th-2018-WRUW************
  85. In Japan... what do you guys think of those Grand Seiko?
  86. Value proposition of JLC and GO compared to Patek and Lange, respectively?
  87. Why are skeletonized watches not very popular here? I really like these Cartiers...
  88. New Blue Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro - beautiful and high value per dollar
  89. Educate me on moonphase watches with an actual face
  90. Younger Generations Not Wearing Watches
  91. Micro Welding Dings - Success!
  92. Help choosing first luxury watch
  93. Your Emotional Brand
  94. Rarity and Prestige.
  95. Can someone help me identify this watch?
  96. Generation x and the watch industry
  97. Current SOTC - trying to thin out the collection
  98. Help to identify authentic Certina watch that doesn't observe the usual coding
  99. Valentines Day Gifts
  100. Help With Concord Model #
  101. Roamer Automatic vs
  102. Opinion on Panerai Rep
  103. Wealthy People Wearing Cheap, Ugly Watches
  104. Vostok
  105. My first high-end watch purchase - Need assistance
  106. Online Appraisal companies?
  107. Under $200 with weekday alarm
  108. The long story of a watch purchase that took 7+ years
  109. 18k gold bazel with corrosion
  110. Does this look correct or like a franken watch?
  111. HELP_Budget GMT/Second time watch
  112. How Rare are Omegas? Never Seen One in Real Life . . .
  113. How many are taking a step back?
  114. Courtie watches?
  115. Incoming
  116. > > > > > >WRUW Humpday 14 Feb 18< < < < < <
  117. My new collection so far
  118. Puffy the Marshmallow Man
  119. Help with watch ootions
  120. Valgranges a07.211 movement noisier than others?
  121. Which should stay and which should go?
  122. What Is Your Most Obscure Watch?
  123. Law School Graduation - Rolex, IWC, Breguet or?
  124. An unusual This or That... Cartier Santos or Piaget Upstream
  125. Omega Seamaster AT from First Year 2002
  126. Breitling Aerospace Avantage VS Avenger Chrono
  127. Save the date: Glashütte Original launching their „Capital Edition“ on 14 Feb on Facebook
  128. In the hunt
  129. Hodinkee Swatch Sistem 51, an investment piece??
  130. Watches that symbolize “achieving the (presumed) impossible”?
  131. Why do you CHOOSE to NOT own more expensive watches?
  132. watchexchange on reddit
  133. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Tuesday 2/13/18 >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  134. Watch Durability Test..
  135. There can only be one !!!
  136. Anyone wear/own a crystal style watch like bulova 92c002? Do they look ok on men?
  137. Help me figure out What's Next? - $4k to Spend!
  138. Moving on...
  139. Dodane Type 23
  140. Comparatively expensive repair, or just replace?
  141. How well are Breguet Type XX - XXI - XXII watches made?
  142. New Found Money....Help Me Spend It (there may be a little something in it for you, as well!)
  143. Affordable Flieger under $500
  144. Monday, back to work....
  145. 2018 Basel World Predictions
  146. Seeking a watchmaker in South Florida
  147. Help me find an obtainable alternative to the Glashutte Senator Cosmopolite
  148. Feb ‘18 SOTC
  149. Please help me find a blue Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 :-)
  150. Advices to a mechanical newbie.
  151. State of the Collection (2018)
  152. Let's see some Breguet numerals!
  153. Strongly considering the ceramic GP Laureato...thoughts on versatility of the watch?
  154. **--Monday Wrist CheckZ 2-12-18--**
  155. Pros and Cons of a white gold watch?
  156. What's classy and looks better beaten?
  157. Which case for travel and protection?
  158. My First Automatic - Need Advice
  159. Help: Question whether something is wrong with my used watch that I just purchased
  160. Large Watch Storage Case Options??
  161. Halios vs Christopher Ward
  162. What did Panerai do between 1950 and 1993?
  163. The more I wear it, the less too big I think it looks
  164. PSA: Hate winding/setting your watch with a really small crown?
  165. Quality Comparison : Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 5 - Seiko sarx033
  166. Will watch get magnetized at airport?
  167. You see a fake on Ebay - do you report it? Why or why not?
  168. Why are not all decent quartz-watches solar powered?
  169. The next MING 17 model is out.
  170. Is constantly resetting your watches bad for them?
  171. Post your president watch
  172. Hour markers -preferences ?
  173. Budget around $3000
  174. 12 years on WUS (16 years if I count the old WUS)
  175. Watch parts
  176. Watch hunting: antique show edition
  177. Autavia vs Speedmaster Pro
  178. ****** WRUW On Sunday February 11 2018 ******
  179. Modifying/customizing a watch
  180. Rounding out the collection - thoughts/suggestions?
  181. Retail Price VS Price You Paid: how do you value your purchase.
  182. Black/Gunmetal Bracelet
  183. Where to buy Smiths watches?
  184. Iwc or Omega - help needed
  185. Talk me out of a 36mm Breitling Superocean II
  186. Orange Watches only!
  187. Photographer Austin area
  188. New Monta OceanKing?
  189. What's your watch wearing schedule?
  190. Only five watches for life
  191. Apple sold more watches than the entire Swiss watch industry last quarter
  192. Let's see your no date watch!
  193. Does anyone make a bronze diver @ 40mm or less?
  194. JLC MUT Perpetual Calendar <vs> Patek Philippe 5146R Annual Calendar
  195. Looking for Simple and Stylish Design
  196. Adding Third Watch to Collection
  197. Is this FC a good watch for the price?
  198. Bulova
  199. ---***---***Saturday Wrist CheckZ 2-10-18 ---***---***
  200. sillydumb Q: "00" vs. "60"
  201. Post Halios Seaforth Frustration! New Watch Alert! Halios Tropik Black!
  202. Watchmaker in Los Angeles - recommendations needed
  203. About online shop at .................... is it safe?
  204. Reasonable cost for repair? - 10 yr old Raymond Weil Tango
  205. Does anybody know what tritium traser uses
  206. Not sure what to buy?
  207. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #38: Eight of Arwind's Early El Primero's
  208. Would you own to of the same watch with different dials??
  209. I've hunted for one of these....
  210. Victorinox Alpnach delivered yesterday.
  211. Alternate Strap for Batman?
  212. I am a fan.
  213. Putting a 22mm strap on a 23 mm lug watch?
  214. How to remove crown of a ISAQUARTZ 2174(3)
  215. POLL: Which watch is more legible to you: Sub No Date or Panerai 112
  216. Aging Well
  217. Help Me Start a Collection...
  218. This or that
  219. The Interpretation of Watch Dreams
  220. Watch in the picture
  221. Do your no-date watches... change the date at midnight?
  222. Help me find a watch for my wedding.
  223. Pick me a watch under £1,000
  224. Help Needed: Tudor watch with clunky movement (See video)
  225. Does anyone know what strap is on this JLC Q2068570 master compressor deep sea?
  226. Ways to use watch for dual time zones?
  227. Seller's regrets
  228. What a mess!!!!!
  229. Still in love with your first mechanical watch?
  230. HELP! Need your expertise/recommendations...
  231. looking for seller site reviews
  232. Envisioning a meaningful collection (Nomos, Rolex, Omega, Oris)
  233. ########## WRUW Friday 9 February 2018 ###########
  234. About to make my First watch purchase ever! Omega seamaster - Would love your opinion!
  235. Service in Indianapolis
  236. What to do with my Seiko Lemon?
  237. Alternative to Black Bay 41?
  238. Introducing the Grand Seiko SBGT241 & SBGV238!
  239. Who has bought watches for their children
  240. Mechanical chronographs
  241. Info on timex movement
  242. WatchAndListenPodcast
  243. Blancpain replacement SS bracelets
  244. first post, looking for tritium dual time zone watch
  245. Rolex Datejust 41 vs Lange Saxonia Moonphase WG
  246. Uk watch repairs service Omega
  247. If you would buy a $8000 brand new watch from a High Street Jewelll?
  248. Arcturus Lion City
  249. Need suggestions
  250. just got my first automatic, should i keep the Seiko SKX007?