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  1. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #35: Nathan's Collection (with a Little Help from Some Friends)
  3. Mexican Governor Watch. Is it a Richard Mille?
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  8. Need Advice to Thin the Herd
  9. Trying to get more info on this watch
  10. SIHH 2018 favorites to this point
  11. Newbie just getting started
  12. ******* WRUW Tuesday, January 16, 2018 *******
  13. Just a thank you to those who guided me.
  14. Identify the movement for me please - LAD WEATHER SOLAR DRIVE ATOMIC
  15. Hamilton Khaki King/Victorinox Airboss Black Edition
  16. I think I am getting the bug again.
  17. PVD or Cerakote services UK
  18. LED vs EL
  19. My new 18k rose gold Zenith
  20. Our Photos from SIHH (Continuing)
  21. Pre-Owned and Vintage Watch Shopping in Paris
  22. What are the watches in the TV series GRIMM
  23. Why thermometer?
  24. Quartz watch Runs slow after 2 days
  25. Accepted to Med School, Looking For New Watch
  26. IWC Portugieser Chronograph Automatic - 150th Anniversary
  27. Too many tools, too much time
  28. Bang for bucks 3-4k
  29. Is having two almost identical watches stupid?
  30. Movado Bold Face Replacement Cost
  31. Watch Repair in Indiana
  32. Why Are Sellers So Secretive About Serial Numbers?
  33. ******* WRUW Monday, January 15, 2018 *******
  34. Deciding between Rolex Explorer 214270 vs Datejust 41
  35. GADA One Watch Dream — Name Some Models
  36. The start of a collection....1 Name Brand and one Micro Brand
  37. Does anyone know this site?
  38. Macro appreciation
  39. This is the Weight in Grams of some of the Watches That I Own(ed).
  40. Help: Torn between 2 dial colors on Breitling SOH 2
  41. [help] anyone near El Paso, TX?
  42. help, talk me out of buying an apple watch, pick a watch for $433
  43. PayPal scam? Need advice
  44. Where can I sell a watch that needs some TLC?
  45. Recommend me a glowing tactical analog/digital watch?
  46. Piaget thrift store find.
  47. Trading up... PAM26 or Big Pilot 5002
  48. In praise of “boring” watches
  49. Falling down the rabbit hole - a beginner's trip on buying a watch
  50. Sector 650 Strange Model
  51. Newby first post Mora EC 13909 /l\
  52. Gauss Meter App
  53. Piaget Question?
  54. interesting moonphases?
  55. Slimmed the collection down to 3 and broke a new years resolution. Some musings on collecting.
  56. Can parts still be found for this?
  57. What a watch - the first field watch I ever liked
  58. I'm going with the Public Forum on this one even though....Pounder's Jewery
  59. ************Sunday-January-14th-2018-WRUW************
  60. Thoughts on Hamilton Khaki Aviation x-wind
  61. Is the Caligraph Linden by Visitor watch co. going to be produced?
  62. Vintage Ebel Perpetual Calendar
  63. If you could have any watch in the world!!!
  64. What would you do?
  65. How long can you rely on the Water Resistance rating for?
  66. My “new” Le Jour 7203
  67. Newbie
  68. Neo-vintage Rolex and Omega charm from another era
  69. Strange 'click' sometimes when I wind my watch, what can it be?
  70. is a Rolex all that?
  71. Help Identify Watch ?
  72. Seiko Sarb 033 vs Tag Carrera 5
  73. ************Saturday-January-13th-2018-WRUW************
  74. How about a little silver/white dial love?
  75. How to sell a watch?
  76. Incoming
  77. G-Shock Red-Out is Coming to Timeless
  78. Has anyone bought a watch from eBay live auction
  79. 2018 predictions
  80. Chrono24 users (particularly for vintage watches), what are your thoughts on this situation?
  81. Nodus Trieste LE sunburst review
  82. Thoughts on the new Baumatic 5-day chronometer?
  83. Italian 'One-Eyed' Panda
  84. $50k to spend on a watch
  85. Saying Goodbye For the First Time
  86. Help Find a Watch for a Presenter
  87. Help me find an alternative to this oyster perpetual
  88. Four Down, More TO GO
  89. Swiss watch factories
  90. Altimeter Watches
  91. Chronograph Owners- How do you use this complication outside the obvious?
  93. Can someone name this watch?
  94. Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 Watch Pairing
  95. ******* WRUW Friday, January 12, 2018 *******
  96. Best / worst movements
  97. Is this online dealer legit or will I be cheated out of my hard earned money?
  98. I don't mod my watches.....okay maybe just this once
  99. Ceramic divers under/around $1500?
  100. Watch winder for Breitling???
  101. Teach me the ways of polyamory
  102. 2018 Club Watch
  103. Your favorite articles on watches.
  104. Opinions about the new citizen 1000m promaster bn70-20
  105. 44/45mm all-black auto with vintage notes/hour markers?
  106. Unsure About Next Purchase
  107. Victorinox INOX leather strap question
  108. Omega Aqua terra vs Rolex Datejust 41 blue dials
  109. ***Squale 50 ATMOS Bronze Limited Edition in (2) Models***
  110. Wind or Not to Wind-Vintage manual
  111. Longines Automatcic identification
  112. Post your military/pilot watch with military/pilot style jacket.
  113. 5 Fun Things You Didn’t Know About Watches
  114. Watch Identification
  115. Seiko Quartz with laser etched caseback?
  116. My local haul!
  117. Watch Identification & Recommendation
  118. Trying to decide which...
  119. 6.5K (aus) to spend .....what to do?, its my 50th!
  120. Ball Watches
  121. I just paid 127.99 for a Brand New Swiss made Automatic and it Doesn’t Suck
  122. Moser releases the ultimate homage watch
  123. 2018: The year of "Appreciate what you have."
  124. Jaeger LeCoultre App
  125. Video game controllers and magnetism, or any other things people avoid wearing automatics around!
  126. Gray Market Shopping - A Somewhat Cautionary Tale
  127. paralyzed with indecision: best travel watch
  128. Keep or Return a New Watch that needs a repair
  129. Inquiry about Tag Heuer 159.306/1 parts
  130. [Question] Do all watches on Chrono24 come with a return period?
  131. Seeking... please help identify
  132. Multiple versions of same watch?
  133. Decision Making Framework for Watch Purchases
  134. Thoughts on Baltic Chronographs and ST19? Is It a Decent Movement?
  135. Real or Fake
  136. Non-vintage Japanese Manual Wind
  137. ////// WRUW Thursday Jan 11th 2018 \\\\\
  138. Great interview even if you're not a G enthusiast
  139. Brathwait-Beware
  140. PSA - Zodiac will replace bracelet links for free
  141. Time for another GTG - London
  142. What's the deal with in house movements?
  143. Best Value Retention: the 4 Key Brands
  144. All-new G-Shock Rangeman GPS Navi Watch
  145. I have a thing for these type straps
  146. Question about selling an Omega Speedmaster and Ebel Automatic Wave....
  147. This, that, the other, or something else?
  148. Well-executed power reserve indicators
  149. Retro Casio A168 aftermarket straps, original pulling hair like crazy
  150. Valuation of a Vintage Oris Swiss watch
  151. Eszeha ladies watch
  152. Help identifying a Favre-leuba
  153. Nomos Orion 35mm (309) size comparison with Seiko SARB033
  154. What does the watch symbolize?
  155. Interesting Microbrands: Show me something different from an interesting microbrand please
  156. A Watch Buyer's Conundrum
  157. Post picture of your everyday watch.
  158. What's the deal with ... ?
  159. Rolex Explorer II vs IWC
  160. ########### WRUW 10 January 2018 ##########
  161. Recommendation for 18th birthday present please
  162. Omega seamaster 2255.80 v Omega SMPc
  163. Is there a site where you can 'try on' multiple watches and ship back the ones you don't like?
  164. Wulf watches
  165. New Arrival - Dreyfuss 1953 - Blue Dial
  166. Should I limit my watch collection to just one brand?
  167. Good watch recomendation with Ash Grey colour dial?
  168. Seals Model C Field Explorer
  169. Armand Nicolet O.H.M 1958....
  170. Does anyone actually is the Tachymeter / Telemeter scales on their watch?
  171. Why are strap versions of a watch the same price as the bracelet ones?
  172. The New Oris Carl Brashear Bronze Chrono...
  173. Introducing the first Strapless wrist watch.
  174. What is Bill Frisell Wearing Here? (also, beautiful song within)
  175. advice with stolen watch ebay
  176. [Sound inside] Comparison of winding sound - IWC Mark XV
  177. Watches with Wave dials?
  178. The Semantics of "Dress" Watches
  179. Zenith El Primero 1969 vs Blancpain Leman Flyback Chrono... or sell the Sub and get a Daytona...
  180. Purchasing a watch from overseas
  181. Longines Legend Diver
  182. ******* WRUW Tuesday, January 9, 2018 *******
  183. Vostok bezel removal
  184. Looking for my first dress watch (max budget $2000)
  185. Hodinkee Skipper and El Primero or Ceramic Daytona????
  186. wire transfer or Paypal friends and family
  187. This or that
  188. Help identify dad's old watch
  189. My.First.Rolex!
  190. Can Anyone in Austin Texas Give Me Some Feedback on a Local AD??
  191. In search of my perfect Daily watch.
  192. First Dress Watch
  193. Thin watch below $1000
  194. MontBlanc Authenticity Check
  195. Do other 34mm watches exist any more? Help me find a (non Rolex) watch? (If it exists)
  196. Speedy pro vs GS snowflake
  197. Cheaper Alternative To This Particular Omega
  198. (Purely Aesthetic) Black Dial With Brown Leather Strap Which Would You Choose Under 1k?
  199. Florida Watch Group on Facebook ?
  200. (Sorry) "American" or American Watches?
  201. ******* WRUW Monday, January 8, 2018 *******
  202. Most rugged field / sport automatic for less than $300?
  203. Best watch I’ve ever owned: 1957 Omega Railmaster LE
  204. Disappointing AD experience
  205. Suggestions for next watch up to $20K
  207. Thinking to flip old Daytona ss for the new wg oysterflex or sea dweller 43mm
  208. Recommendations for a watch that can handle an adventure!
  209. A newb question, how would such a case back be opened?
  210. Hello, what forum should I use?
  211. Seiko 6106 7107
  212. Stale Swatch Smackdown: Blancpain Villeret Ultraplate vs Breguet Type XX
  213. My Grandfather's Clock
  214. Need a comfortable watch for my elderly father. Ideas welcomed
  215. Best automatic watch under 500$ that comes with a nice bracelet and sapphire crystal with AR coating
  216. Two EZM brothers meet for the first time.
  217. Starting All Over
  218. Received The Hamilton Intramatic
  219. Buying on Amazon
  220. Which one would you sell?
  221. I need authenticity of this reverso watch
  222. iso GMT / 2nd TZ watch
  223. Will millenials and gen Z ever care about real watches?
  224. ******* WRUW Sunday, January 7, 2018 *******
  225. Laventure watches - looking good
  226. New Member Introduction
  227. Would you add a Submariner or a Daytona to this collection?
  228. Had a lovely lunch with a friend
  229. Help deciding between Seiko & Victorinox for Anniversary gifts
  230. How did your perform on this Dive Watches, Part 2 test?
  231. Some Advice on a Raymond Weil
  232. Thinking about a new dress watch
  233. How well does a Omega Seamaster compliment a suit?
  234. 🇮🇴🇧🇷🇨🇦WRUW in the Extreme🇪🇺🇦🇷🇦🇱
  235. Any FREE accuracy apps for iOS?
  236. Looking for versatile weekend watch - any pointers?
  237. Buying my first watch... Used seiko 5 vs used Wenger 7219x
  238. Buying my first watch
  239. help me to choose sporty and classy watch under 3000 euros
  241. Dan Henry 1939....
  242. Let the purchases begin...where to start
  243. Need a friend in Japan.
  244. ******* WRUW Saturday, January 6, 2018 *******
  245. Cheap Auto for tinkering?
  246. 1000$ to buy 2-4 watches.
  247. Speedmaster Pro Falls Short?
  248. Tudor Pre Advisor 7926
  249. Desk decoration idea - automatic watch
  250. PLAYTIME! Favorite toys!