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  1. Buying my first watch
  2. help me to choose sporty and classy watch under 3000 euros
  4. Dan Henry 1939....
  5. Let the purchases begin...where to start
  6. Need a friend in Japan.
  7. ******* WRUW Saturday, January 6, 2018 *******
  8. Cheap Auto for tinkering?
  9. 1000$ to buy 2-4 watches.
  10. Speedmaster Pro Falls Short?
  11. Tudor Pre Advisor 7926
  12. Desk decoration idea - automatic watch
  13. PLAYTIME! Favorite toys!
  14. Please talk me out of wanting a Rolex Submariner!!!!
  15. Some German Love
  16. SOTC - First Ever!
  17. First purchase of 2018 has arrived. Sinn EZM...
  18. Longines 42mm lug 2 lug. Help!
  20. Tag Heuer or Longines (buy advice / opinion)
  21. Actual store in Chicago area to find neat bands for watches Speedmaster and Moon mostly
  22. Vintage Delight: Latest Aquisition
  23. How many turns to wind a hand wound watch daily?
  24. Actual store in Chicago area to find neat bands for watches Speedmaster and Moon mostly
  25. Entry to Midrange Moonphases - What are the options?
  26. 5 Watches is money was no problem
  27. Question about cost and value of Swatch?
  28. I don't understand how the 1/10 subdial works.
  29. Difference Between Breguet Type XX models?
  30. So What's my Next Move? Go Big?
  31. Elements of a quality movement
  32. What is acceptable damage from Service?
  33. 2018 - GMT watch photos thread
  34. new member checking in
  35. # # # # W R U W Friday 5 Jan 2018 # # # #
  36. Make and model of this watch and leather band?
  37. Watches and Beer
  38. Have you noticed lately, the huge number of certain brands
  39. Got the kids their first manual 'vintage' watches for Xmas
  40. Old automatic case
  41. Watch retailers and sales
  42. Vibrating analogic watch to wake-me up
  43. Good Watch For A Run In The Snow (Picture Heavy)
  44. Photography and Limits of (Mis) Representation
  45. Louis Erard?
  46. First Decent Watch: Halios Seaforth, Damasko DA36 or Sinn 556i
  47. Bad *** analog watch...
  48. Denver Watch Service Shop Recommendations
  49. Let’s See Your Omega Seamaster Professional With Different Bracelets/Bands
  51. Is it just me?
  52. Solar Atomic deal breaker....
  53. The Rolex Craze!
  54. New Hip Wrist watch concept....
  55. Is my watch too small for my wrist?
  56. Watches aren’t meant to be smashed and dropped against hard surfaces...
  57. Omega SMPc or Oris Sixty Five 42mm blue
  58. Anyone recognise this swiss ladies watch?
  59. Give me your tired, your poor, your unwanted models yearning to be bought…
  60. Movado
  61. The Watch Technology for the Overseas Traveler – Radio Controlled, GPS or Bluetooth?
  62. Help me decide: Mido or Victorinox automatic?
  63. Seiko SKX007 & Omega Seamaster Daily Wear
  64. Revelations and facepalm realisations. What are yours?
  65. First big watch purchase: Panerai PAM01000 or Sinn 756 DIAPAL?
  66. W R U W Thursday 4 Jan 18# # # # # #
  67. Help me decide between the Omega AT and Rolex OP
  68. What's everyone looking forward to purchasing in the New Year?
  69. Blue dial decision: IWC Le Petite 40mm vs Omega Aqua Terra 41mm
  70. Casio Edifice Blue Holo Sticker
  71. Which one? Opinions appreciated
  72. Help with Girard Perregaux 352/353
  73. Leather Strap Recommendations for 1970s Vintage Bucherer Gold Watch
  74. what to spend $2,000 on...
  75. Oris Sixty Five 42mm blue v Jeanrichard Aquascope Hokusai
  76. Is that a good choice? Glycine Combat sub vs Tissot PRS516 Extreme
  77. Post your favourite dressy watch!
  78. Looking for a microbrand diver
  79. Should I sell my Rolex GMT?
  80. Dress watch decision: Nomos v. vintage, size concerns
  81. Oops I bought a few watches
  82. HELP-Select a Swiss Dress Automatic
  83. 20,000 Feet Lume....
  84. Unexpectedly honoring my Grandfather today...
  85. ****Aight' Fella's LET'S SEE 'EM*****What watch did you gift yourself over the Holidays?*******
  86. Let’s see (pics) of your Tissot Visodate Black Dial
  87. Let's forget finish. Which watch has the absolute best FIT?
  88. Is there a forum favorite for sending watch off to be cleaned, re-polished/brushed, etc?
  89. ---[]-[]-[]- WRUW - Wednesday January 3 2018 -[]-[]-[]---
  90. Best place to sell a watch
  91. My ending 2017 starting watch collection
  92. Gold Watch Bracelet
  93. Stories of Mistaking a Steinhart for a Steinway?
  94. Brilliant Innovation: Australian Carer's Watch
  95. New Hamilton Navy Scuba
  96. PUW 1361 Lawrence ... info requested.
  97. The Problem with Golf Watches
  98. When people talk about how their watch performs in adverse conditions (Durability is overrated)
  99. What watch is this ?
  100. Watch newbie... Requesting advice
  101. Safest shipping within the US
  102. 1000th Post Giveaway!
  103. Pilot Watch Help (Sizes)!
  104. Free Timex Indiglo!
  105. Help with Baume & Mercier Clifton Club specific spec.
  106. Make and model number for these please?
  107. Which Affordable Vacheron Constantin?
  108. Almost perfect...
  109. How much extra are you willing to spend for the right colour?
  110. I am in LOVE!!!
  111. Bvlgari Titanium Watch
  112. WRUW 2 Jan 18. . . . . . . . . .
  113. Dress type/durable
  114. Can Anyone Identify this Watch?
  115. GMT Recommendations??
  116. Happy new year 2018
  117. Let's see your lume shots
  118. new on here - looking for
  119. I know nothing about watches and have some questions
  120. &&& WRUW on YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY....
  121. Great Desk Mat for Watch Projects (any hobby with small parts)
  122. 1960's inspired diver watches
  123. Are some mido watches in lazada fake?
  124. Clipped/Truncated Numbers
  125. The mechanical equivalent of a G-Shock?
  126. Helson vs Muhle Glashutte
  127. Blue dial / white details(hands, markers...) ?
  128. Sinn 556 or Nomos Orion/Club
  129. Help me buy my first good watch. Looking for a dark grey color. Pic inside
  130. First watch of 2018
  131. Ever try to Appreciate your Watches?
  132. Horological Trinity
  133. Closing out another year on WUS
  134. Help! Omega Planet Ocean Chrono 9900 or Breitling Chronomat GMT 47mm
  135. Watch with compass
  136. I sold my Rolex and bought a G-Shock!
  137. Power reserve
  138. *****WRUW New Year's Day 2018*****????
  139. Post what you have on for new years eve, with correct date, date watches only.
  140. Results from first Polywatch attempt
  141. Motorized Quartz sound ?????????
  142. Watches that do the Date Well
  143. Exterior AR Coating - Just remove it already!
  144. Recommendations for wife’s first watch
  145. Fake Richard Mille on ebay
  146. Recommend me a field watch, specific
  147. Should I go back? What do you say?
  148. Can anyone tell me more about this Patek?
  149. What watch will you use to count down to the new year?
  150. Patek Phillipe / Audemars Piguet Forums
  151. Looking for an ETA 251.232 for a Breitling Colt chronograph
  152. In These Freezing Temperatures....Mechanical Or Quartz?
  153. Chronograph second hand and minute hand not in their correct position.
  154. Mall of the Watch experience?
  155. Are there watches like these any more or are they extinct?
  156. Does anyone have any information on this watch??
  157. An Introduction.
  158. JLC Master Control Date Sector vs. Rolex Explorer. Which would you pick?
  159. Different brand of watch bracelet on a watch.
  160. ##### WRUW Sunday, New Year's Eve, December 31, 2017 #####
  161. Armand Nicolet L06 limited edition
  162. Spring bars failure
  163. How did you perform on this Year End Quiz?
  164. Blogs worth reading/following
  165. New here
  166. I need help deciding between the following brands:
  167. Watches with 20M Water Resistance?
  168. Identify this watch?
  169. The New Prospex Black Series: Now Available for Pre-Order
  170. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #34: A Horological Combined Forces Operation with Jonas
  171. Hello!
  172. How To Resize Your Grand Seiko Bracelet
  173. GMT Newbie Questions....
  174. Help to determine what is RW4000 caliber
  175. Roman Numerals on a Chronograph??
  176. Hamilton Khaki Worldtimer Chrono Quartz Review
  177. Show Your Vintage Hibeats 36000 bph Watches
  178. VISUAL Definition re. Different TYPES of Chronographs: Pilot, Diver, Rally, etc.
  179. General Question Regarding Replica Watches
  180. New Vs. Vintage, Watch Purchase Decisions
  181. Looking for ideas for a new watch
  182. The Dark Knight....
  183. Help! What's the right road trip watch?
  184. ************Saturday-December-30th-2017-WRUW************
  185. Aerowatch - Please tell me what you know
  186. Ever feel self conscious wearing a nice watch?
  187. I bought a Grand Seiko watch (plus screwdriver/bracelet size question)
  188. Magnet question
  189. Timeless Ludwig Limited Edition Review
  190. ****Wear one watch for a month challenge****
  191. 1985 birth year watch
  192. Beater Search
  193. Bead blasted watches wear and tear
  194. Trading Grandad’s Watch
  195. Automaton and watchmaking
  196. How do you vet a new *user* watch in your collection?
  197. Where is this watch face from?
  198. Cartier 81037288
  199. Quick question re: paying duty on entry to U.S.
  200. Newest family member
  201. Looking for an affordable GMT watch with GMT hand AND hour bezel
  202. ************Friday-December-29th-2017-WRUW************
  203. Only one watch can stay home, the other has to go....
  204. Rolex Daytona ceramic VS JLC DSC. Thoughts
  205. Noobie -- looking for a decent replacement bracelet
  206. Servicing Your Watch...
  207. Help finding where to buy this watch
  208. Post your Wrist Shot GIF (Animated Watch Wrist Shot)
  209. the Midas Touch
  210. What is the Best Thread or Topic of 2017?
  211. Can anyone help identify?
  212. What watch did you wear most in 2017?
  213. Is time really an Illusion
  214. Getting Started
  215. Christmas Acquisition
  216. Undive - First Kickstarter watch received
  217. Which Bluetooth Watch – Casio Edifice or Citizen Proximity?
  218. Post by the fire
  219. 3 Watches in Need of Straps. Vintage Sub. Orient Chicane. Seiko SRPB05J
  220. Trying to find the perfect 36mm-37mm watch for my dad
  221. **********WRU WEARING THURSDAY 28 DECEMBER 2017***********
  222. [Tudor] Black Bay Bronze - new purchase, first impressions
  223. Questions on my Christmas Present - B&M Capeland
  224. Christopher Ward - a confused brand
  225. New Breitling purchase
  226. blancpain fifty fathoms Bathyscaphe reliability
  227. Bought Citizen at Pawn Shop
  228. Where to buy Marathon TSAR?
  229. Halios,Raven,NTH purchase decision
  230. Watch Market Status
  231. Clean House for a GADA
  232. Everest Watch Works?
  233. Swatch Sistem 51 - an HONEST video review
  234. I need help finding a movement for my Franken build
  235. Which Chrono? Doppelchronograph, Speedy Pro or Tutima Commando Ti?
  236. Quartz Chronograph Options
  237. ************Wednesday-December-27th-2017-WRUW************
  238. $2000 Budget - 36-38mm small second watch?
  239. Toughest watch under $ 1000.
  240. Solar Atomic - Casio Edifice vs. Citizen Skyhawk
  241. I just found out this fact about the Omega speedmaster reduced and it is hoooooorrrribleeee
  242. Where to find replacement strap for an old Must de vermeil quartz
  243. Grand Seiko homage spotted at Dakota Watch booth
  244. Vacheron Constantin
  245. Advice needed - ebay transaction gone wrong
  246. Rolex Pearlmaster - Help to find the specific model - PICTURES BELOW
  248. Harvey Specter Watch
  249. Guitar Watch
  250. Help picking a bronze watch - Tudor, Ball, Oris, Steinhart