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  1. ##### WRUW Tuesday, December 26, 2017 #####
  2. Sovereign watch, ever hear of it?
  3. Could I wear any other watch on Christmas?
  4. What Vintage Dress Watch Would You Buy on a $5k Budget?
  5. Thrilled !Guess what Santa bought me for Xmas !
  6. Hamilton Navy Scuba
  7. Weekly Rotation Help
  8. Sinn 556i or Fortis Cockpit One. Which would your rather?
  9. Current or past Military Guys/Gals
  10. More disposable income, more use out of expensive watches?
  11. What to add?
  12. Patek Philippe
  13. Can somone help me find this watch?
  14. Need help choosing my first automatic watch
  15. Welcome to our new Public forum moderator - soaking.fused
  16. No Contest... But Definitely a Competition...
  17. Favorite Clasps
  18. 3 questions about swatch watches
  19. Thoughts on historical investment watches
  20. Smilesolar watches
  21. *** WRUW Christmas Day Monday 25 December 2017 ***
  22. How does the date work in this watch?
  23. What kind of watch does Ted Beneke wear in Breaking Bad?
  24. Where is your 2016 Christmas watch, right now?
  25. Only taking one to Chicago
  26. Your only watch
  27. Seiko SRPC03 Vs Orient RA-AP0001S
  28. What was I thinking? 50mm Android?
  29. Incoming...
  30. Christmas gift exchange etiquette.
  31. Is this time gain/loss permenent?
  32. Tellus watches
  33. I introduce myself
  34. New Collector, Next Watch - Omega Seamaster 300M or Rolex GMT2/Sub?
  35. Which Blue dial watches would u buy?
  36. Post your Xmas watch picts!
  37. Maintaining a gold-toned watch
  38. I got a christmas present watch with engrave letter for my girlfriend
  39. Watches with Concave Bezels
  40. Should I sell my Bedat No 7?
  41. ^*^*^*^*^ Christmas Eve Sunday December 24 2017 WRUW ^*^*^*^*^
  42. Do you think Rolex is going to start doing more complications?
  43. What is this? Poljot
  44. This or that? Which to flip?
  45. Advice needed - watch purchase
  46. The romantic vs. the collector
  47. Best Dressier 3 hand + Date Under $7k that's not a JLC
  48. This Just In: Timeless Ludwig Limited Edition
  49. Steelers O Line gets a nice gift!
  50. Rolex Submariner/GMT or Grand Seiko to pass on to kids
  51. Watch Strap Reversed! And I like it.
  52. LIV Rebel watch
  53. Free watch giveaway, but with a small catch.
  54. Marathon watches overpriced?
  55. Suggestions for my first Chronograph :)
  56. Last FliegerFriday this year: Best Fliegers 2017 - Please discuss
  57. Who wore it best? Valjoux 7751.
  58. What models are similiar to this watch?
  59. ************Saturday-December-23rd-2017-WRUW************
  60. Startup watch companies
  61. NBA Superstar John Wall gifts his teammates Rolex watches
  62. This Just In: Omega Speedy Tuesday
  63. Vintage v New - diver dilemma - advice please!
  64. Seiko diver advice needed
  65. $1500 Automatic Chronograph Suggestions
  66. New watch with 2824 making a "clicking" sound when winding and screwing crown down
  67. Do you miss the date complication?
  68. Who all knows they are getting a Watch for Christmas....POST PICS :)
  69. Longines Avigation Big Eye vs Breguet Type XX
  70. What is your "grail" watch?
  71. Little details
  72. Watch case shape- and I am a bit demanding
  73. Odd problem
  74. What is your opinion on this Grand Seiko watch?
  75. Need help in choosing a watch for my girlfriend
  76. Posting pictures
  77. Maids or ladies today?...
  78. Help fill my box?
  79. Which Factors Influence the Value of Watches?
  80. What are your impulse-buy weaknesses?
  81. Watch spotting: I went around taking pictures of my colleagues' watches
  82. Time 4A Pint Podcast #33: James Dowling's (not so) Secret Love for the Beta 21
  83. WRUW - Friday 22nd December
  84. Advice for 2000$ range Watch
  85. Watch Shopping - a Day in the Miami Design District
  86. Which Extra Thin or Triple Calendar Moon?
  87. What's wrong with this picture?
  88. Wulf watches?
  89. Weird Engraving on the inside of the watch back
  90. Would you buy a lemania 5100 in 2017
  91. Do you think watch prices go up around Christmas?
  92. What is the general opinion on MontBlanc's heritage line
  93. Chronext to the US?
  94. Recommendation for a casual watch for a friend
  95. Fuvre leura
  96. Large dress/everyday watch for less than $500.
  97. If you hadn’t got into watches
  98. Is the state of this watch something you'll call "perfect condition"?
  99. What kind of watch is this?
  100. The three most beautiful watch dials
  101. I have $1500 burning in pocket - 3 watches in the running - thoughts?
  102. tick tock... excitement kicking in... new purchase on the way...
  103. If you had 10k$ to buy anything you want
  104. Heuer Re-Edition CS3111 repair - local jeweler vs manufacturer
  105. New: MIDO MULTIFORT ESCAPE + Special Edition
  106. Magellan Watches
  107. Vintage Tissot Seastar
  108. Digital with 3 letters for month besides Ironman?
  109. Wenger Classic Limited Edition 78179
  110. “Hidden” / inconspicuous indicators on watch dials
  111. Glashütte Original - Homages in disguise
  112. Help needed to identify a Rotary Elite watch I found at a vintage store
  113. Use of 'surrogate' watches to fulfill the function as intended
  114. History of the twisted lug?
  115. Shipping sometimes sucks
  117. Finally got my Speedmaster Pro!
  118. Change from leather strap to stainless steel bracelet
  119. We Are One Sick Bunch of Puppies...
  120. High Percentage of Fake Vintage Plain Swiss Army Watches?
  121. ************Thursday-December-21st-2017-WRUW************
  122. Rolex Service Center
  123. Need help with mechanical automatic watch
  124. All you need is two watches: A Seiko and a Casio G-Shock. It doesn't get any better than this.
  125. Show your favorite beach to boardroom watch?
  126. Places to shop for vintage
  127. Is the vacheron overseas interchangeable strap system durable for the long run?
  128. This just came in
  129. Crown at 12 - Do you own, would you ever buy, thought?
  130. You don't like how the leather zulu strap wears with all the loops? Hack it.
  131. Watch Maxx factory warranty
  132. Innovative Mechanical Watches Under $10k?
  133. Got pics of CW C7 Rapide Automatic?
  134. New watch! And why I chose Orient over Seiko in the under $200 range
  135. NEW to the watch world- Looking for a little advice
  136. Radium Girls: The dark times of luminous watches
  137. Citizen recommendation BM6750-08A alternatives?
  138. Suggestions sought for all-around watch
  139. Vintage Girard Perregaux Watch
  140. Adam Driver watch identification
  141. One or two watches? SD43 or SubC Date and Monaco Calibre 11?
  142. NEED ADVICE - Vintage Baume & Mercier late 40's
  143. ************Wednesday-December-20th-2017-WRUW************
  144. Do watches provide opportunities??
  145. Martin Braun EOS?
  146. Tissot or Movado
  147. Has there ever been a classier Genta design?
  148. a Show of Machismo
  149. Predictions for the next Aqua Terra dial?
  150. The Best Thing About WUS...
  151. FYI: Ernst Benz Holiday offer
  152. Sub 40 mm Titanium watch, reccomendations?
  153. Choosing my first chronograph
  154. Your favourite Omega?
  155. Your favourite Rolex?
  156. Your favourite Grand Seiko?
  157. Help please, what do I have here?
  158. Looking for pics of Rolex GMT Master II Pepsi with leather band
  159. Siemens Grand prix edition
  160. My latest Purchase
  161. Raymond Weil Month/Day of week adjustment
  162. Look Out Rolex...
  163. visiting hong kong and tokyo, should I buy a watch?
  164. ************Tuesday-December-19th-2017-WRUW************
  165. Free advice for your favorite brand
  166. Watches put Thai politician in hot seat
  167. Breitling Superocean 44 Special
  168. I'm calling this collection complete
  169. High Quality Affordable lesser known Dive watches?
  170. Break in the weather - time for some golf!
  171. Can I buy this watch from this chrono24 seller?
  172. Crown-winding ratios for automatic movements
  173. Screw down crown
  174. Mystery Springs
  175. Great modern bargains and traveler watches that can be had under 5000$
  176. New Cartier Rotonde Chronograph
  177. Recommendation for my first watch
  178. Help me, is this Longines Les Grande Classiques fake?
  179. What quartz movement is used in this ML Aikon watch?
  180. Need help IDing this Orient Automatic
  181. Has anyone seen the Nomos Ahoi Neomatik Signalrot in person?
  182. What is your favorite full titanium tool watch?
  183. Recommendation in the $500-600 range?
  184. Nastiest guy on youtube...
  185. My first "build." Black Bay Homage (of sorts).
  186. The Best Affordable Audemars Piguet?
  187. [emoji383][emoji383][emoji383] WRUW MONDAY 18 DECEMBER 2017 [emoji383][emoji383][emoji383]
  188. Which watch is better for casual?
  189. Ordering a custom watch - want to help?
  190. Nuke collection down to one spectacular Blue Diver - recommendations?
  191. Help me find a Nato watch with 20mm and Black and White theme
  192. Is Maurice Lacroix now produced in China?
  193. Has anyone ever felt they had to up their 'watch game'?
  194. Identify this vintage Tourneau
  195. Any experience with
  196. When a mere 38mm wears like 45mm
  197. Identify this watch
  198. Longest time a watch has gone without a service and still been fine?
  199. Educate myself!
  200. Your dream box of 12 watches
  201. Proper way to position an automatic watch
  202. ************Sunday-December-17th-2017-WRUW************
  203. Want to build ploprof homage
  204. Loveliest Homages I've ever seen
  205. First love
  206. Vintage ladies rolex
  207. Diamond like Wrist Hair
  208. Watch in the movie The Killing of A Sacred Deer
  209. This Just In: Omega Trilogy Limited Editions
  210. In Japan, looking for a 4th Watch... Rolex BLNR, Explorer I, or Speedy?
  211. Need Help Slecting a Dress Watch
  212. Help Identifying a King Seiko
  213. High quality watch as gift
  214. What's your daily watch routine?
  215. The evolution of the watch
  216. Watch spotting in the wild + commenting on another person´s watch - two questions
  217. Need some HELP with a 1960s Certina automatic
  218. Seiko BFK Kinetic Diver or Victorinox Maverick?
  219. Timepeaks
  220. Bucherer Lemania 1873
  221. Help pick!
  222. \\\\\ WRUW Saturday, December 16, 2017 /////
  223. Dan Henry 1963 ....
  224. Seiko Sea Urchin Mods
  225. Newbie needs help! 1st dress watch: Seiko vs Longines vs M. Lacroix vs F. Constant
  226. Found at estate sale for $4....
  227. Solve My Watch Mystery, Please. I Beg You.
  228. Watches like the Rolex OP 39?
  229. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #32: Ollie's Horological Sisters from (very) Different Misters
  230. Vintage timex diver
  231. Watches you plan to definitely buy or would like to
  232. Am I crazy? Thinking of parting w/ Kobold
  233. What is the big advantage of a Tourbillon watch? And why are they so expensive?
  234. At what point do you have an "Incoming?"
  235. Incoming! Glashutte Original Senator Excellence
  236. Anybody having a Puma PU911361002 watch?
  237. Jacob & Co.
  238. So U "love" watches. What is behind that "love"?
  239. Met my first WIS today....
  240. Van Brauge Watches closed??
  241. \\\\\ WRUW Friday, December 15, 2017 /////
  242. Inexplicable Phenomenon with My Sinn 356 Flieger
  243. Watch manufacturer with changeable face?
  244. Time Recorder Watch Feature
  245. What movement is in this Concord?
  246. Brown Glycine Combat 6 Vintage meets...
  247. Identify this watch
  248. Anybody bought recently from watch4less seller on eBay?
  249. Question:Is the screwdown crown itself water resistance?
  250. Slow running watch: Regulate, accommodate or DIY?