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  1. <<<<<<<<<<<<*** Wrist Check Monday May 20th*** >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  2. What are these for?
  3. Question About Removing the Second Hand of Quartz Dress Watches
  4. Omega 'Big Blue' at auction
  5. Omega in the wild
  6. Sorry Seiko, you are beautiful but...
  7. Time to replace my "one watch?"
  8. Sub 40mm Worldtimers, as rare as hens teeth?
  9. Show me your "Small Seconds"
  10. Pulling on a stem a bit too hard
  11. <<<<<<<<<<<< Wrist Check Sunday May 19th >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  12. Question about buying from eBay
  13. Poll: Which vintage watch would you buy if you have to buy one? - Gold plated or frankenstein?
  14. Yet another "is the clasp centered" posting
  15. How much would you sacrifice for a watch?
  16. What is a Sapphire Crystal?
  17. Leather strap shop in San Diego CA?
  18. Hamilton service -
  19. Why Oris is Garbage.........Continued
  20. Does my Orient look too big?
  21. Affordable watch shops in LA and SD
  22. Watch Collecting & Road to Self-Awareness. Departing from all your Rolexes, Tudors & others...
  23. A Trio of Seikos!
  24. ************Saturday-May-18th-2019-WRUW************
  25. Panerai or Omega
  26. My Entire Watch Collection
  27. Longines moon-phase chrono servicing cost
  28. Drop and orange peel? Possible?
  29. Best $140 I ever spent. Should have gotten one a long time ago.
  30. Any guys wearing ladies`watches out there?
  31. Watches in Shoes
  32. When You Don’t Love Your Best Watch
  33. Sternglas Zeitmesser ZIRKEL and TOPOGRAPH reviewed
  34. Blue Dial Watches
  35. Help finding a 21mm curved end bracelet
  36. What's so great about the G-Shock?
  37. What I learned from 2001: A Space Odyssey
  38. Nw Blancpain and GO divers
  39. Recommend a good quality Shelll Cordovan strap 3-4.5mm thick under $75
  40. Timex q reissue.
  41. *********WRUW Friday 17th May 2019***********
  42. Lug screws for Prometheus
  43. Need help picking watch for wife’s grad school graduation
  44. Looking for similar styled watch recommendations, can you help?
  45. In The Know: Best Watch Straps to Stylize Your Apple Smartwatch
  46. Identify watch
  47. Do you continue to wear a watch you have up for sale?
  48. Opinion Poll: Old Batman or New Batman - Oyster Or Jubilee
  49. Advice On Sale
  50. Wearing a watch with a stainless steel band on the beach
  51. For review is the Raymond Weil Blue Freelancer Diver on a Bracelet, 2760-ST3-5001
  52. Damasko for a dress watch
  53. The Cincinnati Watch Co. P-40M?
  54. SOTC 2019
  55. ************Thursday-May-16th-2019=WRUW************
  56. TGV and The Urban Gentry Joins the WatchBox
  57. One watch getting serviced
  58. Thought process when buying + Divers under $2500
  59. Universal Genève Polerouter Date
  60. Please recommend some blue dial non-divers.
  62. Question re: "imperfection" impact on valuation
  63. Ernst Benz: Salmon & Slate Metallic Sunburst Dials
  64. Watch brand with highest number of patents?
  65. How much is your collection worth? Market value and subjective value?
  66. What do you use your chronometer for?
  67. Seller's Remorse?
  68. Homage is "hipster" for knock-off" (is this true?)
  69. I thought my watch was magnetized, but they regulated it.
  70. Omega vs Christopher Ward
  71. Which watch have you beat up and was surprised it was still working?
  72. Seiko SKX vs Steinhart OVM - Some comparison pics.
  73. Have a say in how your watch is designed?
  74. Watch Shopping Advice Seattle & Vancouver
  75. Opinion on Tudor
  76. Everything is ready for the Couture time in Las Vegas!
  77. Is watch servicing a hoax?
  78. **----Wednesday Wrist CheckZ 5-15-19----**
  79. Who here loves dress watches but don't actually dress up that often enough?
  80. Oris flight timer limited edition (60 years of peace since world war 2)
  81. Citizen ID Help
  82. Watch Tips: How To Change A Military Watch Strap On Your Own
  83. It's not often one sees a good watch article on a fashion website...
  84. Weird Little Coincidence
  85. Omega or Breitling Under 2k?
  86. Watches you have changed your mind about
  87. original with reissue pictures
  88. Does lume wear out with more frequent charging?
  89. The black & white of a simple two watch collection
  90. Is this Seiko Turtle too big for my wrist?
  91. NTH Scorpene inspiration
  92. Luxury watches with military heritage
  93. Which watch is your king of casual?
  94. Opinion Wanted: New JLC vs. Vintage JLC +
  95. Should I trade my Black Bay 36 for an older Omega Seamaster 300?
  96. What should I get next?
  97. >>•>>•>>•>> Tuesday May 14 2019 WRUW >>•>>•>>•>>
  98. “Certified Luxury Watches” dealer reliable?
  99. Omega seamaster quartz behaving strangely
  100. Buying a watch as a gift
  101. White dial watch under approx $800 usd
  102. Im looking for a reliable watch refinishing person/website to brush some parts
  103. So I got ripped off by a long-term member. What can be done?
  105. 200 Meter WR...without a screw down crown?
  106. Where can I buy a "minimalist" watch just like this, but made out of metal? (not plastic!)
  107. Very cool video about an ancient timekeeping mechanism.
  108. Opinion & Questions: Microbrands vs Established Brands
  109. CHRONEXT Promo Codes and more....
  110. WRUW MONDAY 5-13-19 >>>>>>
  111. Rolex GMT 16710 On Sinn Rubber Strap
  112. Keeping Watch Water Resistant
  113. Show me your watches with a Seiko NH35 or Miyota 9015 movement with no date
  114. Hello. I am new here.
  115. SOTC — Need to Pare Down
  116. Definition of a "low-baller"
  117. Opinion on Rolex
  118. Casio Oceanus is the best deal and hidden gem amongst Japanese watches
  119. Saw my first Invicta
  120. varies with browser used discovery
  121. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 vs Omega Speedmaster
  122. Watch Lover with muscle wasting disease?
  123. Is this a good daily casual watch ?
  124. Give me a reason why I shouldn't buy this watch...
  125. As of now.
  126. Found Something Useful for a Tachymeter
  127. Show me your sexi back!
  128. Meca quartz chrono recommendation
  129. New Member!
  130. ----WRUW Sunday 5-12-19----
  131. Customs and Duties into US questions
  132. What tool do you use to break a spring bar?
  133. My small humble beginnings.
  134. Nth watches
  135. Juvo Luxury - Positive Customer Service Experience
  136. When is a watch too big?
  137. Swiss Made?
  138. Members in the UAE, do they still do huge sales during Ramadan?
  139. Seagull Bauhaus No-Date Manual Wind ST17 | A Hidden Gem?
  140. Off the beaten path Chrono's under $4K ?
  141. Lum-tec 600m-3
  142. Polished Strap Hardware With A Brushed Case?
  143. Looking for Suggestions to Buy Luxury Watch
  144. Watches on Daytime Television
  146. Seiko Prospex “Save the Ocean” SRPD09 Samurai & SRPD11 Turtle Review
  147. Can anyone identify this watch
  148. Anyway to fix this
  149. Accuracy - new auto mvmnt
  150. Antiquorum Catalogs?
  151. eBay Buyer Scam
  152. <<<<< Wrist Check Saturday, May 11, 2019 >>>>>>
  153. Dial Video
  154. How accurate are your quartz watches? (Timing tests)
  155. Spoil yourself
  156. Aftermarket Date Magnifier for Plexiglass Crystal
  157. Unusual (fake? cobbled?) 1950s Oyster Perpetual Datejust
  158. First time Watch Repair
  159. The obsessions of a watch collector - Bell & Ross and other dressy field watches
  160. Collection Suggestions!
  161. Service for a marathon sar
  162. What would you do?
  163. love the watch, hate the brand, keep or flip?
  164. Which watch would you KEEP accurate or looks
  165. Any DAVOSA APNEA PVD plated owners out there?
  166. Alaska
  167. Which watch got you hooked?
  168. <<<<< WRUW Friday, May 10, 2019 >>>>>>
  169. What was your 1st WUS buy
  170. New Xeric - I had to see this, so you do too
  171. My experience with Christopher Ward's customer service
  172. Oris pointer date blue. Pics of straps please.
  173. Finding the perfect rose gold dress watch
  174. Help choosing a new microbrand GADA
  175. What's a good GMT watch for my wife.
  176. 5 minute Video on Aussie Made watch
  177. My unfortunate Oris experience
  178. Dress watch redundancy?
  179. Longines Moonphase Authenticity Check
  180. U COULD get it, but WON'T get it, but will accept it gladly if GIFTED
  181. Looking for a recommendation on a GMT watch
  182. Watch Store Pad
  183. Any Traser watch fans out there - show us your Traser
  184. Fired FIFA Exec Wants His Watches Back
  185. Philips Geneva Watch Auction 9
  186. ************Thursday-May-9th-2019-WRUW************
  187. blue collar work watch
  188. Sinn 104 vs. Rado Captain Cook
  189. New Oris Artelier has arrived!
  190. On a Serious Note ..Do you think a lot of "wrist shots" Resemble National Geographic?
  191. Deep Blue QC
  192. My Vostok trip from Meranom to USPS
  193. Quick Read on Military Watch Straps: History, Types, and Function
  194. Second hand longines master moonphase vs. tag heuer carrera chrono
  195. Second hand longines master moonphase vs. tag heuer carrera chrono
  196. Unboxing my new IWC
  197. Vintage Audemar Piguet
  198. Is watch collecting the natural hobby for the obsessive compulsive?
  199. Lost and Found Seiko Kinetic
  200. Moon phase auto too much of a PITA?
  201. G-Shock GW-B5600 & GW-B5600BC owners. Your brief review
  202. WRUW Wednesday 8 May 19. . . . . . .
  203. Experiences in buying watches through online auctions like Sotheby's?
  204. Patina moomphase - Glashutte Original
  205. Apparently I am in need of a beater
  206. Scammers' Photoshop skills on the rise
  208. Are the higher end Seiko worth getting?
  209. Wheelchair users and automatic watches
  210. Help me find my "unicorn" watch! Ideas please!
  211. Affordable vintage homage? Please help!
  212. Catch and releases -- on average how long did you keep them?
  213. Define Nerd, Haute, and Poser in Regards to Watches?
  214. Which one would you choose? You can only have one &#x261d;&#xfe0f;
  215. Looking to buy an ORIS Aquis Automatic Blue Dial
  216. What Just Came In: G-Shock GMWB5000G-2
  217. I want to buy your watch. NOT
  218. Graduation watch for my stepson....
  219. Mido out with a new Multifort models
  220. Vulcain Cricket with no sound holes on case back
  221. Has your attitude changed over time?
  222. Advice: White Dials under $700
  223. Trying to fingure watch...need your help!
  224. Lum-Tec May 6 release
  225. Watchfinder & Co. YouTube Channel - The Best of all YT watch channels?
  226. Show Us Your Best Dive Action Shots
  227. Can I use Cape Code to polish my Seiko Brightz titanium case SAGN011?
  228. ----WRUW Tuesday 5-7-19----
  229. Fromanteel thoughts?
  230. Dagaz Bonefrog UDT PVD
  231. When Did You Get Your First Watch?
  232. A watch for my dad... can you help me pick one?
  234. Any watch genre you're not a fan of?
  235. Speedmaster
  236. G-Shock Mudmaster or Tissot T Touch Expert Solar - help me decide
  237. Rolex website -awesome !
  238. Hamilton H21 or TAG Formula 1 Quartz
  239. Help wanted: Which brand used/uses this logo?
  240. Watch in Good Morning Vietnam
  241. Are Rolex Sports models Tool watches?
  242. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Wrist check Monday May 6TH>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  243. Inspection checklist - what do you look for before accepting a watch from an AD?
  244. IWC SIHH 2019 Pilot Watches Preview at IWC Boutique Beverly Hills (photos and impressions)
  245. Vacheron Overseas 3rd gen. 3 hander and Jaeger Rendez-Vous Night & Day Small
  246. Longines Flagship Heritage models from the early 2000s?
  247. Recommend a chronograph for a 5.1" wrist =(
  248. In search of watch brand: custom made, lots of lume, I found them through these forums
  249. Precista
  250. Skin divers!