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  1. got my first real watch today, a Steinhart
  2. Questions about The Moonscope YOS400G and Golden Chest YOG100G
  3. How much (%) of watches made worldwide is still Swiss?
  4. Accuracy!?!
  5. question about
  6. ZRC North Adventure - Grand Fonds redesign
  7. Adam Savage from Myth Busters geeking out over watches
  8. What to do with old watches with wear and tear?
  9. Looking for a Ginault killing Tool Watch
  10. Gonna Be A Fun Week....(+1)
  11. Seiko skx007
  12. XOXOXOXOXOXO Public Monday October 30 2017 WRUW XOXOXOXOXOXO
  13. How much time elapses between buying a new watch and thinking about the next one.
  14. Rolex owners are better people
  15. New to the Forum!
  16. OT surveying watch collectors for a class
  17. Returning watch after bracelet has been resized?
  18. HD Images of our Omega Seamaster 300
  19. Have you ever wanted to sell them all and start over?
  20. Help identifying Vintage HENEX SWISS AUTOMATIC 666 feet diver watch
  21. Haggling
  22. Certina Argonaut 280
  23. New from Italy!
  24. DeLorean Watch
  25. $1,000,000 to spend which watch to buy?
  26. Info needed on Omega Seamaster 300 (60's)
  27. ---***---***Sunday Wrist CheckZ 10-29-17 ---***---***
  28. Come Fly with Me (Pilot watch thread)
  29. Wedding Gift Watch Choice! Opinions needed!
  30. How did you fare on this Test?
  31. Show us a picture of your gym watch...
  32. Can anyone date this Tissot Seastar A582?
  33. Looking for a watch. Help
  34. Do we have any York, UK based members?
  35. Colorful hands and dials a la Farer and Aevig?
  36. Casio AMR-320 Watches and Lume
  37. Let's see your steel rally straps
  38. Worn and Wound wind up photos
  39. Blue Diver
  40. Post pictures of scratched AR crystals
  41. Piaget Authentication, Servicing Questions
  42. VC annual calendar + moonphase
  43. Found a 99$ Frogman on E-Bay! (GWF-T1000BS)
  44. Porsche 6780.45.43.1218. Buy or not to buy?
  45. Fitness tracker? Apple watch?
  46. Who bought the Newman? @hodinkee @blogtowatch @watchuwant @[email protected]@anyone
  47. First WUS purchase gone wrong - Course of action?
  48. Lamberti Orologiai
  49. Speedmaster CK2915 (RR) - Submariner 1680 - ?? , The Trio
  50. \\\\\ WRUW Saturday, October 28, 2017 /////
  51. Movements Built for a Watch vs Watchves Build around a Movement
  52. Citizen Signature Grand Classic nb0040-58e
  53. They can be handing these for free. No thank you!
  54. I Found These Cleaning Out Storage
  55. Help on Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
  56. Kickstarter questions
  57. Royce watch any info?
  58. great Moser article
  59. Looking for Christopher Ward C6 Red "second hand" or modder
  60. Playing the piano while wearing a watch
  61. Sea-Gull? What are your thoughts or experience?
  62. Rolex Daytona 116519LN in Hong Kong - What Price Should I Shoot For?
  63. Help me identify this watch in picture please
  64. Seiko SARB035 or Tissot Le Locle Powermatic 80?
  65. Cheaper alternative to Tissot PR-100 Quartz Chronograph?
  66. Wind Up!!!
  67. Exclusive Ask Me Anything with Alexander Linz
  68. Breguet Marine 5817 v. Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso GMT Q3028420
  69. What kind of watch is this ?
  70. Which of these watches would you get and why?
  71. So... I found this watch this morning. Life is beautiful!
  72. Gold 1988 Bulova
  73. Affordable GMT?
  74. Munichtime 2017
  75. Alpina is giving away 2 watches for free
  76. Personalised Watches
  77. Any thoughts on this Bell & Ross Diver?
  78. Did You Plan a Collection or Was It An Accident?
  79. Gentlemen (and ladies)... your help is needed for gift ideas!
  80. Seashark 36000
  81. Phillips "Winning Icons" Auction - No Seiko: Winning Icon of the Swiss Chronometer Trials
  82. For sale, Rolex Daytona worn by Paul Newman
  83. Referral to refinish a stainless bezel
  84. n00b question on the forum
  85. @@@@@ WRUW Friday, October 27, 2017 @@@@@
  87. So I bought a Shinola...
  88. How much has this website cost you?
  89. Looking for a new watch for everyday wear
  90. Need to speak with a Mod.
  91. Rolex- i don't get it.
  92. Movements, Cases and Accuracy
  93. Wittnauer Model ID
  94. Homage watch identification!
  95. Automatic moonphase pre owned under 1k
  96. With $6k and change which Rolex would you get?
  97. Hamilton Pan Europ - Yay or Nay?
  98. Cyrstal gringing?
  99. Dan Henry 1970 Compressor quick review
  100. Sailing round the world, watch choice.
  101. Watch Collecting Software
  102. Here are the Watches being sold at Phillips Auction House later today (inc. Paul Newman's)
  103. Is a swiss ronda QUARTZ movement consdiered high accurate ?
  105. Why do German pilot watches seem more sought after than pilots from other countries ?
  106. buying my first two pieces and planning my collection... need help
  107. Very interesting new kickstarter campaign - Xeric Trappist 1
  108. Shinola Quartz Watches
  109. Family heirloom I'm so happy to own
  110. Eleven James Reviews
  111. Incoming
  112. @@@@@ WRUW Thursday, October 26, 2017 @@@@@
  113. Grand Seiko Quartz Models
  114. I love this watch
  115. Your thoughts about this seiko as a daily wear
  116. Just arrived... Finally joined the Seiko club
  117. How is WatchPatrol doing?
  118. Help required to ID mvt.
  119. Vintage Movado Repair recommendation?
  120. Newest Piece - Bremont
  121. Pvd coatings from swiss brands, how do they hold up?
  122. Alpina-Beauty in the eyes of the beholder:
  123. New job: need good-looking and sturdy mechanical watch that tracks elapsed time
  124. Quandry... 1993 Speedy 3521.30 vs Oris Aquis Date, Black Ceramic
  125. ************Wednesday-October-25th-2017-WRUW************
  126. Which Rolex to Buy...
  127. Louis Erard- Longines Master Collection Alternative?
  128. What Happened To The Thinner ETA 773x series?
  129. Problem with watch bought from UK / Royal Mail
  130. An introduction and a “which watch to add to my collection” (Nomos?)
  131. My Mother’s Watches
  132. Help required please is this a Universal Geneve?
  133. Sinn 556 vs Group B
  134. Help me identify this watch please.
  135. Smiths Sport Timer, minute hand won't reset properly??????
  136. Which watch model or watch types are you scoping out on WatchRecon?
  137. Ready to buy from AD - to negotiate?
  138. New Kemmner 007 Stingray announced
  139. Watch close-up on Walking Dead
  140. Repair or not to repair
  141. Second Hand must be on top of all hands?
  142. GoldQuest Kaabah Platinum Coin Watch
  143. Justice League - Ben Affleck - is this an MB&F Watch?
  144. Incoming....
  146. Does this Seiko SBDC051 work on a 6" wrist?
  147. Vintage Piaget pickup - thoughts on authenticity?
  148. @@@@@ WRUW Tuesday, October 24, 2017 @@@@@
  149. The sad reality of a spring bar release
  150. Information or thoughts on this watch?!
  151. Sacrilege...blasphemy... profanity ... inadmissible, inappropriate, unsuitable...
  152. Going to Hong Kong in January and need Advice
  153. Satindoll - Tokyo
  154. My first dive watch got pimped
  155. Swiss Brands. What slogan would you come up with?
  156. What do you clean your watches with?
  157. Newman's Newman experience yesterday
  158. Could a hot Bathtube harm a mechanical watch?
  159. Ceramica Chronograph 50th Anniversary Limited Edition.
  160. Help identify and old citizen quartz
  161. Identify this watch
  162. Omega Speedmaster 3210.50 question
  163. Looking for a daily wearer
  164. ChronoCash in Malta Legit ?
  165. Opinions and alternatives on Longines Evidenza and Seiko Recraft
  166. Quiz: identify the part (updated!)
  167. New to forum. Looking for particular watches to enhance my collection
  168. Bulova Accutron II Alpha Precisionist Spaceview 96A155
  169. Brand: Mechanical Instruments
  170. Post your PVD or DLC coated watch photos!
  171. ************Monday-October-23rd-2017-WRUW************
  172. Calendar disc for ETA2824 ?
  173. Patek Philippe World Time yellow gold
  174. Small scuff/dent on brand new watch
  175. Singer Reimagined Track 1
  176. Choosing my first diver
  177. Another watch recomendation and vs vs vs thread
  178. World Time dials and where you have visited
  179. Create your (my) collection
  180. Oris serial number 26-19524 model 7569
  181. Opinions on blue dial dress watch
  182. ************Sunday-October-22nd-2017-WRUW************
  183. Engineering Question Re: Crowns
  184. Looking for help identifying this watch or history of this watch
  185. New 2017 Orient Classical small second hand
  186. Experience shipping watches through customs in Lonate Pozzolo, Itlay
  187. Help me choose a watch
  188. Which modders do you like?
  189. Paul Newman Daytona - The industry meltdown and 5 hacks to survive the hype
  190. Which would you choose: Audemars vs Hublot?
  191. Speedmaster, to wind or not to wind
  192. Tissot or Seiko...Which is best?
  193. Watch identification
  194. One watch per brand vs having a favorite brand...
  195. New Oris "Alpinist"
  196. Banging watches on stuff has changed my outlook on watches
  197. Watch with Geiger counter - Useful or nonsense?
  198. Does lume vary on a watch ?
  199. Automatic watches - Should we always keep them fully wound ?
  200. Ever buy a grail and hate the crap out of it?
  201. Why Are Mechanical Watches With an Alarm Function So Darned Expensive?
  202. Rookie buyer seeking advice
  203. *********** WRU Wearing Saturday 21 October 2017 **********
  204. Ever bought a watch because it was popular/a forum favorite?
  205. Lifetime Guarantee Watches
  206. photos all my collection
  207. Tissot seastar powermatic 80 stoped working
  208. Too big or just about right?
  209. Time Out 2017 - Two-Day Watch Event
  210. Does your watch collection cost more than your car(s)?
  211. Is this legit? Pionier Dublin watch
  212. ORIS Chrono RAID Limited Edition - How to change date?
  213. some pictures of windows shopping taken the last saturday from the Galeries Lafayette
  214. Do you really read the moonphase?
  215. Help me pick my first watch ?
  216. Longines Conquest Classic vs TAG Heuer Carrera
  217. Citizen has inspired me/Please help w/Rado
  218. Diver or Chrono recommendations
  219. Reply from the Founder of Farer watches
  220. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #26: The Loosely Categorised Watch Collection of Jason S.
  221. nicest man on the moon moonphase
  222. "Dress" watch all over the place: JLC Mut Moon, GO Moon, FC Perpetual, FC Moon, Longines Flag Her??
  223. Submariner Date or GMT Master II BLNR?
  224. Luxury day-date watches
  225. *********** WRU Wearing FRIDAY 20 October 2017**********
  226. Looking for a chronograph
  227. Is this Rolex real and worth buying?
  228. Spare snap-on back
  229. This Just In! New Nomos At Work Metro & Tetra!
  230. Ideas Please! ISO Gray Watch
  231. What watch is the President of Mali wearing at the UN?
  232. EUREKA... I Have Stumbled Upon the Secret of Watch Awareness ...
  233. Our Trip to Grand Seiko!
  234. Getting the Protective Film Wrapping Watches during Shipping
  235. Chrono worn by George Martin
  236. Seiko padi solar diver. Freezes?
  237. The Only Watch I Will Ever Own
  238. Watch Observer, anybody familiar with them, plus how reliable are their reviews ?
  239. Rolex Explorer 1 or ......?
  240. You want anti-magnetic?
  241. State of the Collection - October 2017
  242. Help with my 2 week old 26331 AP Royal Oak Chronograph
  243. Those that consolidated...what 4-6 did you keep?
  244. Narrowing down
  245. ************Thursday-October-19th-2017-WRUW************
  246. Best Affordable GMT Dive watch?
  247. Odd Timex
  248. Issue with PayPal, unable to make a payment
  249. Reality check needed before purchase of GO PanoReserve
  250. Hamilton quartz second hand