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  1. Chrono worn by George Martin
  2. Seiko padi solar diver. Freezes?
  3. The Only Watch I Will Ever Own
  4. Watch Observer, anybody familiar with them, plus how reliable are their reviews ?
  5. Rolex Explorer 1 or ......?
  6. You want anti-magnetic?
  7. State of the Collection - October 2017
  8. Help with my 2 week old 26331 AP Royal Oak Chronograph
  9. Those that consolidated...what 4-6 did you keep?
  10. Narrowing down
  11. ************Thursday-October-19th-2017-WRUW************
  12. Best Affordable GMT Dive watch?
  13. Odd Timex
  14. Issue with PayPal, unable to make a payment
  15. Reality check needed before purchase of GO PanoReserve
  16. Hamilton quartz second hand
  17. Reasonable price to repair watch?
  18. Most complicated, least accurate movement?
  19. IWC Portugieser Annual Calendar
  20. Are there any other watch companies that make silk or "special" dials like Maison Celadon?
  21. Post your Turquoise or Aqua/light blue watch
  22. Name of Watch Models
  23. Grand Seiko Questions & Answers
  24. Brand curiosity/history
  25. Accuracy of dials and minute hands
  26. Does anybody have an issue with Magrette website ?
  27. Unusual features that are cool
  28. Watch recomendations SGD1000 - 1200
  29. Case and crystal
  30. India refurbished Seiko
  31. <<<<<<< WRUW Wednesday , 10/18/2017 >>>>>>>
  32. Help me decide which watches to keep
  33. Little help here..
  34. Thoughts on Seagull ST2130 Movement as opposed to Sellita SW-200 and ETA-2824?
  35. Rolex Explorer II Polar vs. Zenith Pilot Big Date
  36. Nomos' New At Work Collection Guide
  37. US Marshal's auctions
  38. why does my christopher ward C60 GMT looks so different.
  39. Rolex BLNR vs AP Royal Oak...Swap?
  40. Another SOTC
  41. What do you think about Claude Bernard Swiss watches?
  42. ~~<>~~FAKE WATCHES ON eBay (reporting FAKES) & (authenticate before purchase)(UPDATED EVERY SECOND)~
  43. Need help in finding watch. Ty
  44. Idle Musings about Island Watch
  45. Hamilton H-21 misaligned register hands
  46. What do you want to see in a watch?
  47. Young people aren´t quite as watch-averse...some observation from a 26y/o woman
  48. Polishing the crystal
  49. Affordable Swiss automatic vintage watches - what to look for?
  50. panda style chronograph
  51. Serving Police Officers
  52. Pontos Chrono: push me or pull me!
  53. Has anyone ever totalled the loss/gain they've made?
  54. Unity Watches Custom - Captain Nemo!
  55. Thinking about going from 30+ to 3
  56. <<<<<<< WRUW Tuesday , 10/17/2017 >>>>>>>
  57. How much do you baby your watch and how?
  58. Archimede Outdoor Protect on Nato?
  59. Monnin Cartier?
  60. Second Vintage Watch: Bulova Accutron 218/219 or Omega deville 1365
  61. Another new breitling fave: the avenger boutique b01 limited edition
  62. D freemont watches BEWARE
  63. How often each day do you look at your watch just to admire iT ?
  64. Is watch-selling site "" safe?
  65. Panerai or Rolex Explorer ii
  66. Please help Identify pocket watch and table clock.
  67. Quiz: indetify the brands from a single part, round 2
  68. I need your advice on choosing between these calibers / models
  69. Helson Shark Diver
  70. Buying a Swiss Watch in Switzerland
  71. ---------WRUW Monday 10-16-17---------
  72. Incoming - IWC 18-carat Gold Vintage Watch
  73. Compressed Air To Clean Watch?
  74. Lunar Watch Club Lowell, MA GTG!
  75. - Legit or not?
  76. Harry Winston Watch Information
  77. The great new watch accessory you didn't know you didn't need.
  78. reached 10000 posts
  79. Considering thinning out the herd.
  80. Can anybody identify this Watch?
  81. What are your favorite watches to wind?
  82. Watch from Japan EMS "Held by Export Customs" in Japan
  83. Help identifying a model and year of a watch
  84. My watches - I think I am good for the foreseeable future
  85. Modern (post 1990) Iconic Watch Designs
  86. Smiths vintage Sport Watch EB8800 movement problem
  87. Real talk: is Jomashop selling fakes?
  88. Post 1,000: Gratuitous collection review and a giveaway.
  89. UK and US "Swiss made" watch brands
  90. Inspiration Needed - the perfect everyday watch 40mm?
  91. True slim Dress watch under $1k - what is your suggestion
  92. What are the drivers for the size of watches today?
  93. Need help finding a nice quartz
  94. Yes, That Watch IS Too Big for Your Wrist!
  95. @@@@@ WRUW Sunday, October 15, 2017 @@@@@
  96. What should be printed on a dial
  97. Hi! from New Orleans..
  98. Strange watch!! Need informations about this watch
  99. Question re: GMT watches
  100. How Often Do You Reset the Time?
  101. What do I need to complete my collection?
  102. Breitling Superocean Steelfish Chrono vs Omega Seamaster Chrono
  103. Is there any Update on Eterna?
  104. Fortis Classic Cosmonautis Chronograph Ceramic PM on Bracelet
  105. Help! Looking for an Atomic Timing Light-Weight Tritium Solar Watch
  106. What type of watch crown do you prefer ?
  107. Blast from the past—Pulsar (titanium solar) I wore 25+ years ago
  108. @@@@@ WRUW Saturday, October 14, 2017 @@@@@
  109. Is this Seiko MM 300 Worth It? First buying used, I think I pulled the trigger too soon
  110. My New Carl F. Bucherer Manero Centralchrono
  111. Steals on NEW Ebels - Just in time for the Holidays!
  112. New to watchuseek
  113. Why Christopher Ward???
  114. New member. Watch service Birmingham U.K.
  115. Alternatives to Christopher Ward Trident C65 Vintage?
  116. It must be Friday the 13th
  117. New Green-Dial Grand Seiko LE!
  118. Scored The Sea-Dweller 50th Anniversary
  119. Vaer Watches?
  120. 2016 Explorer I or Speedmaster Pro
  121. Rose Gold for the fiance
  122. So what do YOUR wives / partners / significant others think of your watches?
  123. State of the Collection Update and Next Move(s)
  124. TISSOT Vintage; model, year and value
  125. Oris BC3, Friday the 13th edition
  126. Changing the date anytime you want
  127. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #25: Heuer Chronographs of the Past and Present with Ewan
  128. I'm not really a Limited Edition kind of guy but
  129. Little horror story
  130. Sub-$1000 watch for best friend's military retirement?
  131. Chrono question/recommendation?
  132. Eterna vs. Maurice Lacroix Vs Fredrique Constant
  133. ♬♬♬FRIDAY 13 OCTOBER 2017♬♬♬
  134. Which would you keep?
  135. Timeless + Zenith Event!
  136. ---==Time Wars, Episode 2: Swiss vs. Japanese vs. Chinese vs. Russian==---
  137. Dressy sport watch < $3k recommendations
  138. Just wishing this was mine.
  139. does a automatic movement contain any parts that is attracted to magnet?
  140. Help Needed: Another Color-Related Thread
  141. Current Collection: Which Is the Next Best Option?
  142. Vacheron Constantin model?
  143. "Luxury steel" in the under 5k range (GP Laureato chronos?)
  144. Incoming from Hong Kong
  145. Liquid Courage and Vices a 2 part Question
  146. Quartz movements going forward
  147. New Swiss 10 Franc note commemorates watchmaking
  148. How to remove water mark on glass?
  149. “Drop the Mic” watch
  150. Corrosion/stains on steel watch
  151. Hour hand ?burned? shadow into watch face
  152. @@@@@ WRUW Thursday, October 12, 2017 @@@@@
  153. If money was no option?
  154. Reporting fakes on Ebay
  155. Can I put a deployant clasp on an existing leather strap that doesn't already have one?
  156. Fair price for servicing?
  157. Bob's Watches
  158. Anyone heard or Lenox watches?
  159. If this was your collection, what would be your next watch?
  160. Question about selling watches and having ridiculous offer...
  161. Need help to find out model number and reference of this Audemars Piguet
  162. Men vs. Boys: Who's Wearing a Watch?
  163. What are the Customs Issues When Buying on Ebay?
  164. The new watch and buckle finally together
  165. Has anybody noticed the Omega watch commercial on HULU ?
  166. Anyone know their Parmigiani? (eBay listing)
  167. Alternatives to Movado Eliro Ladies, rectangular black dial and steel bracelet?
  168. StockX
  169. Photoshopping watch ads
  170. Some Redemption
  171. watches with a hour & minute subdial readability
  172. <<<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Wed Oct 11th 2017 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  173. Hey you Canadian easterners, want a top notch watchmaker to service your watches?
  174. Great first part in 4 reading
  175. First post; first watch
  176. Jomashop experience - Buyers Read First!
  177. Can anyone help me with this Daniel Mink moon phase value?
  178. Trying to decide: Orient Polaris GMT or Victorinox Maverick II Dual Time
  179. Watches with Geometric Design Features
  180. Finding A Place To Do Mods
  181. Poll: Where do you service your nicer watches
  182. New Wenger Squadron Chrono Watch
  183. "Survey" on Ball Watches
  184. Some Thoughts on Expensive Watches
  185. Sistem51 movements now in Tissots?
  186. Frank muller watch is this genuine please
  187. Omega Railmaster 60th Anniversary LE - Incoming
  188. Help with a high end dealer not honoring their warranty?
  189. Watch Aficionado - Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull
  190. ************Tuesday-October-10th-2017-WRUW************
  191. AP ROO vs VC Overseas help
  192. Up to Rolex back down to Sinn/Oris??
  193. Longines womens watch verification if real or not
  194. Just About Tired Of Craigslist
  195. What is the typical accuracy of a Rolex/Tudor or Panerai?
  196. Which Citizen watch to buy
  197. 42 mm (or more everywhere)...searching a smaller GMT affordable watch
  198. From Vintage to Super Modern >>>
  199. Squale 1545 Militaire
  200. Open heart, skeleton, and mislabeled tourbillon under $2k
  201. Quiz: can you indetify five brands based on a single watch part?
  202. Longiness vs Raymond Weil
  203. What kind of Timex watch is this?
  204. Curved lugs?
  205. Do you find Skeleton Watch beautiful?
  206. Wasting my time on Ebay...
  207. <<<<<<<<< WRUW MONDAY 9th OCTOBER 2017 >>>>>>>>>
  208. Service and Winder Question
  209. Fake watches: How do you avoid or protect yourself?
  210. Does anybody out there know anything about Benrus Type II's?
  211. A couple of dress watches I bought after a worthwhile accomplishment
  212. Please help me identify this watch
  213. Is it possible to scratch a sapphire crystal in everyday use?
  214. Timex® for J.Crew 1600 - Where can I find?
  215. [Authentic?] sold out bulova accutron.... possibly fake? Need some help here determining authenticit
  216. Best place to buy Orient Star and strap?
  217. Best watches under 10 000$
  218. Is it possible to simply replace date wheel to a Moonphase plate to make it a moonphase watch?
  219. My wrist hurts...
  220. What are these marks on my sapphire crystal?
  221. How to make a watch review??
  222. Tissot Le Locle chronograph vs Hamilton Jazzmaster chronograph
  223. MKII Hawkinge-style field / aviation watch
  224. What did you bump down to?
  225. What gets stolen, why, and how?
  226. Need ideas for a dress watch under $500
  227. Anywhere to get a stripped bracelet link screw head removed?
  228. MLB Playoffs! WRUW and who are you rooting for??
  229. \\\\\ WRUW Sunday, October 8, 2017 /////
  230. What type of watch is this?
  231. Is my new Brietling Colt Chronometer too big?
  232. Help finding a close to Bvlgari Diagono
  233. Your best, cheap watches...
  234. Watches with both central seconds and central chronograph-seconds hand?
  235. What is this watch worth?
  236. Mods: How to find hand sizes (post size) for Seiko mod?
  237. Vacations and Watches
  238. One year on the wrist. Ball Hydrocarbon Silver Fox, Limited edition #817 out of 1000
  239. Rank your favorite 3 watches
  240. Apart from Perrelet, which brand has the double rotor feature?
  241. Astronomy-related design elements
  242. Quiz
  243. Are we in a watch bubble?
  244. Show up your Maurice Lacroix Masterpieces
  245. Timeless Chronomaster Heritage Review
  246. Suggestions For A Budget Watch For Outdoor/Daily Use
  247. Resco Watches
  248. DC Microbrand Meetup 2017
  249. Show Me Your Sandwich...
  250. Rolex Explorer II(16570) VS Grand Seiko GMT(SBGM001)