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  1. Crazy fast - what the heck...??!
  2. MING 17.01 is here : Review
  3. Pick-pocket resistant straps?
  4. This or this
  5. How bright are T25 watches?
  6. guys with a 6 1/4 wrist whats in your watch collection?
  7. Let's show your Flieger/Pilot watches!
  8. How do you measure the accuracy of your mechanical watches? ...if you measure.
  9. Why are Seiko owners so sensitive?
  10. Swiss Watch Design Seminar in Hong Kong (tonight)
  11. Orient Star
  12. What is your most accurate mechanical watch?
  13. Which Pilot Watches Have The Best Lume?
  14. \\\\\ WRUW Friday, September15, 2017 /////
  15. Hd3 Slyde Software
  16. Everyday Semi-Casual Watch
  17. Vintage Rado Diastar Automatic
  18. Grail watch ending in disappointment
  19. Anyone have experience with Taiwan dealer, by James Huang?
  20. I Have A Fake Bvlgari?
  21. New Vs. Pre-owned? They made me rethink this.
  22. On A Lark....
  23. Self concious about you high-end watch??
  24. Zenith DeFy Lab Timepiece with the Zenith Oscillator
  25. What's the most shallow / superficial thing that has affected a purchase?
  26. eta 2824 VS 6497
  27. Watch cartoons
  28. I came back from the future...
  29. Breil Model Identification
  30. TechCrunch Article Hmmm
  31. Matchy Matchy
  32. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Thrusday September 14 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  33. New 'G' Diver....
  34. Ceramic coating on your watches...
  35. Please help me find one watch
  36. Movado Instructions?
  37. Learning to live with one watch >>>
  38. Vintage Cuervo y Sobrinos real or fake
  39. Special Sunburst Dial? Never seen this before
  40. Sorry, WHAT? I do not understand. Does not compute.
  41. Help with APO address shipping queries
  42. One Day in Geneva
  43. Seiko Sarz005 JDM 4R36 movement crazy slow daily
  44. Spreadsheet to organize your watch collection - I made a good one!
  45. Wind down before demagnetising - necessary?
  46. Movement Information (Soprod C125 and J-01 Dual Balance)
  47. Higher-end alternative to the Hamilton Intra-Matic?
  48. Thin/hand wound chronograph revisited
  49. Seiko 5 Movement Transplant
  50. [Help needed] More info needed about Omega Geneve Ref 135.070
  51. \\\\\ WRUW Wednesday, September 13, 2017 /////
  52. Fossil 4656 help?
  53. Luther s1e1 watch
  54. Bremont Event at Windsor Jewelers in Winston-Salem, NC on Friday September 15th, 5-8pm
  55. The year
  56. Linde Werdelin Spido Speed DLC VS Girard Perregaux BMW Oracle USA 87
  57. Any experiences with Torneau?
  58. Best aftermarket bracelet for an Evant Tropic Diver? (Lug width 20mm)
  59. What to buy - Vintage Rado Captain Cook or Vintage Seiko 6105?
  60. Seiko Alpinist Strap Advice (SARB017)
  61. Please help identify a watch: 2-register chrono with wire lugs
  62. Would you have paid the same for a Rolex Submariner if it said "Seiko" on the dial?
  63. New additions
  64. Runs differently on leather strap
  65. Help identifying Lum-Tec watch
  66. TAG Carrera Calibre 5 Auto (WAR211A.BA0782) VS Omega SM Aqua Terra 150M Quartz (
  67. Vintage Omega Constellation 2648 Cal. 352 (NEED PARTS)
  68. My "go to" and what I do - Introduction
  69. Request: silver dial rhodium-played indices watches
  70. Which should be my first luxury watch?
  71. Watch Size Myth
  72. ************Tuesday-September-12th-2017-WRUW************
  73. Watches to match your car
  74. Questions to ask yourself when contemplating next watch purchase
  75. Incoming old HAQ
  76. One watch, stranded on a deserted island
  77. Anyone recognize this case back Logo?
  78. Max case size vs max strap length
  79. Anything in the affordable range with a domed sapphire crystal yet?
  80. Swatch watch with bling
  81. Recommend me a handwind watch!!
  82. 114270 and leather straps - how bad are they?
  83. New watch brand, first model. Smallish but nice.
  84. Polycarbonate or Steel case watch with T100?
  85. Carpenter Sale
  86. Philip Dufour Platinum Duality #00 to be auctioned off next month
  87. I Sure Ruined This Guy's Day!
  88. Problematic history?
  89. Seiko Monster Limited Editions: Where to Buy
  90. Dietrich TC-1 SS
  91. Broke down and got an expedition,
  92. Weird Watch Buying/Returning Experience
  93. Trashed/Wrecked Ebel & Maurice Lacroix Straps NEEDED!
  94. Suggestions for a Pilot Watch
  95. Leather + sweat
  96. Which collection would you choose
  97. Is this a good deal? Tudor prince day date
  98. How has WUS influenced you? Confession is open.
  99. Shipping to the UK - a quick question
  100. Unknown Watch Brand
  101. ************Monday-September-11th-2017=WRUW************
  102. Suggestions for Chronograph
  103. For those that like seeing their movements.
  104. Similar To SeikoSNA411
  105. Help identify this breitling aerospace
  106. Scuba SDR900-What does button above the stem do?
  107. Luminox vs marathon
  108. Is the movement in the SeaGull 1963 a VENUS 175?
  109. Zodiac Skin Diver 53: Marker fell off!! (Pics included)
  110. Is this Longines authentic?
  111. "Poly watch" will make it all better... Right?
  112. Seiko Diver's Watch with yellow face
  113. "Testing the waters"
  114. Lost my Panerai last night
  115. Manual watch stops after 17 hours
  116. be careful when buying a vintage watch
  117. *__*_*Sunday Wrist Checks 9-10-17_*_*_*
  118. Show me your beater watch, and your finest watch!
  119. Porche Design Eterma Ocean, is it a Replica or real?
  120. Would a blue Longines Hydroconquest suffice....
  121. Triangles on the dial at 3, 6, 9, & 12 - some I've found, help me find more :)
  122. Vintage Watch Shops in Scotland
  123. What my 6-year-old son said should be my next watch
  124. Six Months With an Citizen Eco-Drive One
  125. Show us the most versatile watch in your collection...
  126. Show off your Domed Crystals
  127. Where to shop in Hong Kong?
  128. Old manual/quartz watches?
  129. Best Tide Watch for Surfing?
  131. A trip to Singapore and a possible new addition
  132. What to buy on a trip to China?
  133. Back to 1974
  134. Boston GTG
  135. I need to admit: I?m wearing two watches...
  136. Strap suggestions for my Junkers Bauhaus?
  137. Has This happened/Does this Happen to Anyone Else?
  138. Help me spend my $ (Oris / Sinn / Damasko)
  139. Invest in wrist watches for looks not value
  140. TechnoTime Versus ETA Movement?
  141. SOTC small state of my very modest and humble collection
  142. Quartz watches with special movements?
  143. After years of the Swiss, 2017 is the year of Japan
  144. Helson shark diver
  145. When you don't click with a you flip it right away or keep it for a while?
  146. Best way to carry out a secure (buyer perspective) private watch transaction
  147. \\\\\ WRUW Saturday, September 09, 2017 /////
  148. Removing Crown from Invicta 3044
  149. Rolex Awards
  150. State of Quartz Swatch Quality/Accuracy 2017 Onwards
  151. Investment Resesrch
  152. Fell in love with watches, help me choose my first luxury piece. (~$5000)
  153. Show me the watch you will never sale...
  154. Views/opinions on large case watches
  155. New arrival #2! Orient Epoch
  156. It’s here! (Evant Tropic Diver 300 Fumé Blue)
  157. The Time 4A Pint Podcast: Season 3 Summary
  158. So I’ve been on this forum for almost 3 months now…
  159. Chanel 12 - Real or Fake?
  160. Help me buy my first analog watch
  161. How long has your mechanical kept its accuracy.
  162. Surf and Turf watch comparison and value
  163. HELP! Instructions / manual needed for Mens chrongraph Maurice Lacroix Miros 81849
  164. Alternatives to Steinhart pieces
  165. pink Geneve 17 jewels pocket watch
  166. First watch purchase of 2017
  167. Recommendations for watch shops to visit in Paris and London
  168. I need some help ordering a stem extender
  169. Watch repair in Chicago?
  170. \\\\\ WRUW Friday, September 08, 2017 /////
  171. Gilt(y) Pleasures
  172. Outside of Watch Crystal Fogging
  173. Just in! My Hamilton Regulator!
  174. Bezel
  175. Need advice/info from Bulova Moonwatch owners
  176. What's your current favorite watch?
  177. PSA: Hamilton Pan Europ Chrono on Ashford
  178. New (used) watch, low power reserve
  179. Recommendation needed for a $10k watch
  180. Review: Shinola Runwell Chrono 41mm
  181. TAG changing to cheap mechanism
  182. Last time I'll ask for help, promise....
  183. Selling watches from Hong Kong
  184. ************Thursday-September-7th-2017-WRUW************
  185. Tudor oysterthin 7960
  186. Vintage Eddie Bauer Field Watch
  187. What would you rather have in your collection?
  188. Question about buying vintage watches and ogival
  189. The $100,000.00 Casio Edifice
  190. Recommendations?
  191. Swatch movements vs Miyota
  192. Experience using timepeaks website?
  193. site issues -- no info!
  194. Help a WIS out
  195. Victorinox 4.514 Help
  196. Tag Heuer 2000 Chronograph - Advice
  197. A hurricane is coming. Which watch for evacuation?
  198. What's your favourite variation of iconic watches
  199. Yet another choosing between two watches thread (Damasko - Borealis)
  200. Life Situation - Watch Recommendation (The Parody)
  201. Back from the shop
  202. Easy way to start a collection!
  203. You Can't Relay The Catcher's Signs With A Mechanical
  204. Vacheron Constantin Overseas - 1st gen - (42040, 42042, 42050, 42052) - Queries
  205. Rolex everose gold vs white gold ? thoughts
  206. Saphire to suit skx with dlw ceramic
  207. Bargains in Second Hand Shops?
  208. Do not sell using EBay! If you do, keep good records of everything!
  209. Panerai P.3000 Compared to Omega 1861/3...Opinions?
  210. \\\\\ WRUW Wednesday, September 06, 2017 /////
  211. Moisture Problems - Hamilton Khaki
  212. Collection Advice needed: to get an entry-level Rolex or a Nomos?
  213. Good manual watch with a blue dial?
  214. Moon Phase Sport Watch Under $5000
  215. Anyone know the weights of the Oris65 and Zodiac Super Sea Work 53 Skin?
  216. New Diver....
  217. Choosing Between New Divers
  218. Is the Omega Speedmaster Professional - Automatic worth the extra money?
  219. Choosing my first watch and I need your help
  220. What can the watch companies do to keep the resale value high
  221. How to change a Swatch Buckle?
  222. Marathon GSAR
  223. Omega 1154/1164 Valjoux 7750 problem?
  224. Show off the yacht timers!
  225. Aevig Huldra 2
  226. A "help me find" post - dress watch under $400 USD, anniversary gift
  227. Possible Favre Leuba sub forum
  228. Help a newbie out
  229. How'd I Do? Very first SEIKO WUS post! HELP
  230. Help Choosing Between 4 Watches
  231. <<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Tue Sep 5 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  232. Singer (the famous custom 911 builder) watch
  233. If you had 5000$ which watch would you buy?
  234. Time for a new Watch
  235. What's with this latest watch industry meme?
  236. Nite watches worth the money?
  237. Two-tone dress watches? Looking for suggestions
  238. Any good Facebook groups for watches?
  239. Watch for the office
  240. What guidelines, if any, do you set for yourself to limit your watch purchases?
  241. Recommedations for a dress/office watch - Datejust 41 vs Nautilus?
  242. pics of my collection, for the watchaddicts
  243. Advice on where to go to learn how to repair watches and watch making
  244. Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Chronograph vs Tissot Bridgeport Chronograph
  245. Help Please – Will This Longines Hold its Value?
  246. Aviation Chronograph Poll - I need help!
  247. Good micro brands?
  248. Ladies pendant watch with 24 hour dial?
  249. Victorinox strap trouble
  250. ************Monday-September-4th-2017-WRUW************