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  1. Watches and our perception of value
  2. Really in love with this right now
  3. I was missing a loud, garish, kitsch piece - not anymore: enter Gevril Seacloud.
  4. Watch keeps stopping at same spot
  5. Can this vintage casio dw-5600 watch be restored ? Need help restoring my late grandpa watch
  6. Regulating an Automatic
  7. WUS members from the New York Tri-State Area.
  8. Date, or no date? (And why…)
  9. Citizen Automatic 21 Jewels - Date of production
  10. Which Watch? used, $3k limit
  11. You can't take it with you, or can you!?
  12. LIP or Lannier?
  13. Fossil automatics
  14. ''Rolex Vs Omega'' i wanna buy a watch and i'm confused with two options....NEED HELP
  15. Details about the Valentinian watch company?
  16. Classic Flieger as a Dress watch
  17. Discount codes
  18. Dual Incoming....
  19. Turning hands backwards to set the time.
  20. PVD watches vs Stainless steel
  21. If a Movement was Totally Disassembled...
  22. Brathwait No Response?
  23. Cuervo y Sobrinos
  24. How much currency would be drained?
  25. GMT Master
  26. Seagull M182sk
  27. \\\\\ WRUW Wednesday, August 23, 2017 /////
  28. Disturbing practice at Tourneau - need advice - pressure test lies??
  29. Advice on service
  30. What movement is this?
  31. The Elusive KonTiki
  32. Odd duck?
  33. Long Overdue Introduction
  34. Hamilton for 8 years, some please explain. lol
  35. Watch stores in England
  36. The hype over limited editions
  37. Which Automatic Watches Only Wind One Way?
  38. Old FMH Ladies watch
  39. Don't beat me, but I'm drawing a blank!
  40. Does 'in-house watchmaker' scare anyone else?
  41. Cool old watch ads!
  42. Finding the Right Fit - Lugs Touching Wrist
  43. Is This a Fair Price for a Service?
  44. Miyota 9100 - watch winder instructions?
  45. What watch does your dad wear?
  46. Advice
  47. Hole punching tool
  48. People who wear metal bracelets next to their watch
  49. Ashford discount?
  50. ***** WRUW Tuesday, August 22, 2017 *****
  51. ETA 955.412 not working after battery change
  52. Trying to find an online manual
  53. How long should a buyer's / seller's relationship last?
  54. Raymond Weil Freelancer Bracelet
  55. DaveOBrien - great seller
  56. Vintage Omega Speedmaster Bracelet(1171) on Omega Planet Ocean 42mm
  57. Watch Repair in Pittsburgh?
  58. Tag Heuer or Mido
  59. Me or Your Lying Eyes
  60. I Had My Speedy Auto On When I Took This...
  61. Can't find watch like this anywhere
  62. Eclipse Accutron
  63. What watch did you wear for the Solar Eclipse?
  64. Most recent 8926 mod...
  65. Are these $10 watches from this junk mail flier worth it?
  66. Field Watch Recommendations
  67. Whoa! This watch is designed only for budding lawyers.
  68. Recommend me an everyday watch to replace my Grand Seikos
  69. Straton Syncro auto winding.
  70. How does Jean-Claude Biver make brands go BOOM! ? Will there be a Mechanical Crisis?
  71. Was wondering if this watch is good
  72. South Coast Plaza
  73. Selling watches
  74. If you like Breguet's Type XX Aerovanale . . .
  76. Why don't sellers put the price in the title on this site?
  78. Vintage Zodiac dress watch I'd help needed please
  79. \\\\\ WRUW Monday, August 21, 2017 /////
  80. Classic silver dial auto under $1,500
  81. New watch
  82. Frustrated with eBay buyers
  83. Please ... help.. me
  84. What do you guys think of fakewatchbusta?
  86. Am I crazy to trade?
  87. Antimagnetic properties, quartz v. mechanical?
  88. Patek Real or Fake?
  89. Sellita SW 300-1 Question
  90. Trying to Identify Watch Make
  91. Bell and Ross bracelet on my Omega Seamaster SMPc
  92. Help me decide on a dress watch
  93. Damaged Watch - Repairable?
  94. Fake Seagull Watch Story - Real or False?
  95. Any Canadians bought from Jomashop recently ?
  96. I hope my last purchase for a while!
  97. 6 month watch hunt - input needed on final list of candidates
  98. How much can a watchmaker tell from looking at a watch
  99. New Member
  100. How often do you change strap on your watch
  101. It took Six years but its worth it.
  102. ************Sunday-August-20th-2017-WRUW************
  103. Watch Gunk Rant
  104. Choosing Between Rolex OP 116000 / Tudor BB 36 / Omega SMPc Midsize
  105. A few newbie questions...
  106. My experiences of visiting multiple watch stores in Europe
  107. New Field(ish) Watch Recommendations?
  108. Dufa Bayer
  109. BARGAIN: Maurice Lacroix MP6807 @ Jomashop for $999 - Free shipping/No tax!
  110. Watch suggestion for 30 year old woman?
  111. Scratched top of lugs when changing watch strap!
  112. Vintage Heuer/Zodiac Autavia 73463 Parts
  113. Need help to verify authenticity of SevenFriday M2/02
  114. Casio analog watch defective?
  115. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #19: The Joy of Tangents. With Mat, a.k.a. The Watchnerd
  116. Quality of Ceramic material used in Rado watch
  117. Enough members in Canberra and surrounds for a GTG?
  118. Are these fakes/frankens?
  119. Info on these watches
  120. Plastic movement holders in >$2000 watches - OK or not OK?
  121. 1976 Bulova Accutron 2181-G
  122. Incoming....Hamilton Navy Pioneer
  123. What size screw driver for skx007 strapcode band?
  124. If Japanese watches did not exist, what would you be buying in your price range?
  125. Yet another "Help Me Choose my Next Watch" ($2500 ceiling)
  126. ****** WRUW On Saturday August 19th 2017******
  127. 2,000 posts and 8 years - a retrospective
  128. Am I too picky about this LeCoultre?
  129. Looking for online watchmaker classes
  130. Is Washington, DC a watch desert?
  131. Best place to buy a luxury watch ?
  132. Raffle a Patek or high end luxury watch?
  133. Picked up today! TUDOR BB 41
  134. What I'm looking for in my first 'decent' watch.. some help...
  135. The ultimate horological "sleeper"?
  136. Deep Blue Sea Ram Ceramic Bezel "Repair"
  137. Today's Flieger Friday: "Fundamentals" by Bhanu Chopra
  138. Bought my first automatic, a few questions
  139. Noob question: is it inadvisable to manually wind my auto?
  140. Opinions much appreciated, Luminox vs Glycine
  141. Does carbon steel watch case affect the accuracy of the movement?
  142. Trade Omega PO 39,5 for a Rolex Explorer II 16570
  143. Purchase inspired by movie or TV/cable program?
  144. Loving this Forum!!!
  145. One of the first automatic chronographs
  146. What's a compromise you've made but regretted in the long run?
  147. Tag Heuer Carrera 1887 Alternative (~$1000)
  148. \\\\\ WRUW Friday, August 18, 2017 /////
  149. Looking for some information
  150. Small wrist question, is the Omega pushing it?
  151. Corum admirals cup
  152. A Tale of Two Chronos (Caution: long, rambling post with no real point)
  153. New to forum
  154. Deadpool WIS?
  155. Eta 2671 project watch complete
  156. Bvlgari Automatic Movements?
  157. Anyone know what happen to Dion from Magrette/Belmoto watch?
  158. just bought my first watch, worried I have killed it.....
  159. First watch under £1000
  160. New Hamilton Jazzmaster Traveler GMT II
  161. Bulova Precisionist 98M113, 96M123 crystal size
  162. Watch without lugs?
  163. If you could only have one watch .... which one would it be?
  164. Big watch? please advise
  165. Dress watches with less dressy straps?
  166. Breguet or Patek Philippe? The Ultimate Luxury Watch
  167. "Lucky" watch?
  168. So my wife wants a Daniel Wellington...
  169. Milestone Gift - Rolex or Montblanc
  170. Do I have the sickness ?
  171. Which watch for the Great American Eclipse?
  172. ************Thursday-August-17th-2017-WRUW************
  173. Everyday watch query
  174. Recommendations Swiss watch under $600
  175. PSA - Scam alert
  176. Help identify my Longines
  177. Marathon Repairs
  178. This alignment acceptable?
  179. Omega Aqua Terra vs Longines for small wristed person
  180. Vintage Omega Seamaster Automatic
  181. Ending the vicious serial flipping cycle
  182. Should I have my vintage Swiss watches overhauled?
  183. Affordable skeleton watches for men
  184. What's the value of your beater?
  185. Which movement to choose, 2824-2 Top vs 2804-2 Elabore
  186. What about dark dial small dress watches under $1k
  187. Buying a watch
  188. Options for Retro 2 Register Chrono Please
  189. Cheaper alternatives to Sarpaneva watches?
  190. Jared Kushner Watch Brand?
  191. \\\\\ WRUW Wednesday, August 16, 2017 /////
  192. Polishing Watch Case
  193. Showering with seiko skx007?
  194. Panerai or Tudor and B&R
  195. Watch recommendation for upcoming trip
  196. What happened to Skagen?
  197. what is the name and model number of this watch?
  198. What should I do to make a novel rectangular watch? Complete newbie here.
  199. If you have to choose just one watch...
  200. I Just bought a Chanel J12 watch- Help!
  201. 7002 won't keep time, service or replacement suggestions
  202. Why would one buy a hand winder?
  203. If you had to choose between these two only...?
  204. Need suggestions for a watch for my 12-year-old son
  205. Is this watch worth keeping and wearing?
  206. Anyone take the plunge and go for no seconds hand!
  207. Can you help me identify this watch? (from Scorpion-CBS)
  208. Is any Watch Under $150 a Throwaway?
  209. Openwork leaf hands
  210. Can (should) this be fixed?
  211. HELP, finding solar/eco atomic watch
  212. Dive Watches - Some thoughts
  213. Which watch have you owned the longest?
  214. Having expensive watches
  215. Affordable Lume!
  216. Size of Hamilton Khaki 38 vs. Tissot Visodate
  217. Good Strategy to Find a Discontinued Watch?
  218. What suit do you match your watch with? Ladies and Gents
  219. ***** WRUW Tuesday, August 15, 2017 *****
  220. Advise on purchase of vintage omega
  221. Seeing Is Believing
  222. Any info on Swiss Army watch, please.
  223. Vintage Elgin Watch
  224. Buying my first watch
  225. Help Identifying a Wristwatch [The Flash - Barry Allen (Grant Gustin)]
  226. Interesting new watch brand announced today...
  227. Can a $200 automatic watch last a lifetime?
  229. Solar Eclipse 2017 and Moon Phase Watches
  230. Quality Control or lack thereof, a tale of frustration
  231. Opinions wanted! On watch size.
  232. Purchased G-SHOCK watch from Japan / Hongkong
  233. I am trying to figure out this watch...anyone help please
  234. Ferragamo automatic anyone?
  235. A mini-review of my 1st Black Bay!
  236. Help ID'ing an Omega Constellation Dial
  237. Suggestions for a Modern-style Watch? (Similar to Patek Pilot Travel Time 5524)
  238. If you make your own dive watch, it will look like this.
  239. Are most of us wearing watches on the wrong hand?
  240. \\\\\ WRUW Monday, August 14, 2017 /////
  241. This place is madness!
  242. Watches of HBO Games of thrones !!
  243. Have You Stopped, Are You In Control?
  244. My Collection - Part 1
  245. Tag Heuer Aquaracer missing "Aquaracer" printed on dial. Is it authentic?
  246. Will a watch still work if rotor broke?
  247. Help me find a watch!
  248. Montblanc Heritage Moonphase - opinions
  249. Why Go Bronze?
  250. ***Help ID Miami Vice Watch***