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  1. Vintage sea master 600
  2. Interesting and Unique - Ebel Classic Hexagon Power Reserve
  3. Oris Aquis Date (2017 model) vs Mido Ocean Star Captain V
  4. Two similar watches. How to decide which watch to wear?
  5. Goodyear "flying" Blimp watch
  6. real or fake patek
  7. NOS quartz watch battery condition
  8. What watch does he wear?
  9. First post, seeking some advice
  10. Question? Buying and selling
  11. Would you buy a 53mm Rolex Submariner?
  12. Looking for a Watch Upgrade
  13. You can do better if you buy...
  14. Any USA brands?
  15. Hoarding Watches
  16. ************Sunday-July-30th-2017-WRUW************
  17. Suggestions/Alternatives to IWC Yacht club II - Sporty all purpose watches
  18. Saturday Incoming!
  19. Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques Phase de Lune automatic - what to pay?
  20. Confusing my self - how to decide?
  21. Did anybody watch the Tesla presentation last night?
  22. Thank you Watchuseek. Here's my modest collection.
  23. Should watches be reclassified as either functional or aesthetic rather than sports or dress style?
  24. Touch of Modern DM 1936
  25. Back to the watch forum
  26. Should I sell (almost) everything for a 16570?
  27. Who is the Best AD in the USA?
  28. James Bond Pulsar p2 1973
  29. Help identifying the Fluva brand
  30. Zenith Elite Port Royal V 01.0250.684
  31. No if's or but's
  32. Ladies watch in either 33mm, 34mm or 35mm - NOMOS vs Junghans
  33. ETA 251.471 - good movement? Bad? Anyone know?
  34. ************Saturday-July-29th-2017-WRUW************
  35. Whats the average cost of owning a Rolex or an Omega?
  36. Filson watches
  37. Everyday watch suggestions
  38. Need help picking a watch for life!
  39. Newcomer and New Hobby! Watch Recommendations
  40. Does this NATO work on my Seiko...
  41. Vintage Inspired Field Watch
  43. Taking off watches at work?
  44. Help identify Favre Leuba
  45. Omega Seamaster Diver 300 - any alternatives I should be considering?
  46. Help identifying and finding a watch
  47. Timex Minute Hand Issue?
  48. Need opinions on upcoming purchase Tag vs Longines
  49. Do you prefer Boring Watches?
  50. Help identifying an Enicar Watch
  51. E6B Flight Watch Advice
  52. Potger Pietri Earthquake PP014, need links.
  53. Old Certina Dress Watch
  54. First watch Seiko vs Zeppelin
  55. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #16: Time 4A Pint News - July 2017
  56. What to purchase?
  57. I wonder: do they laugh at us at some companies meetings?!
  58. Seeking advice on my graduation watch
  59. your watch.. and your surroundings LETS SEE EM
  60. What are two or three of NYC's biggest watch events? <$50 attendance preferred?
  61. *********** WRUW, Friday 28 July 2017 ***********
  62. Is there a feedback system on this forum for sellers and buyers?
  63. best of breguet...
  64. So what's the deal w/ bracelets made of beads worn next to watches?
  65. Kickstarter Watches
  66. Query on my watch
  67. Tissot t racer orange silicon band change to leather t011417a
  68. Need you opinion - is this a gold bezel?
  69. Purple Dial Watches?
  70. With Or Without >>>
  71. Watch recommendation: Numbers!
  72. Girard-Perregaux - help understanding the brand?
  73. Need Watch Strap Advice
  74. But, will they like it?
  75. Best mid-sized watch with awesome bracelet? and date?
  76. Bulova CURV: slightly misaligned chronograph hand
  77. This Just In: Tudor Black Bay Chrono
  78. Swiss Army Pilot or Field?
  79. Steinhart
  80. Thanks LCandela and WUS - Seiko SRP309
  81. Which is your children's favorite?
  82. Anyone own this Tissot Chronograph? if so whats the good and bad?
  83. ***** WRUW Thursday, July 27, 2017 *****
  84. Any love for Nixon watches?
  85. I need one special watch to round out my collection......Hentschel?
  86. Avg. cost of all watches on WUS
  87. which one do you think is Better/nicer? HAMILTON vs TISSOT
  88. How do I know whether or not I can buy an old watch and put a new movement in it?
  89. do you need to clean the workings of an Automatic
  90. Are ZENITH's a Hard Sell?
  91. Show me your shiny ones >>>
  92. Tissot T-Touch Expert Titanium 1853 model
  93. Time 4A Pint - London GTG - 22nd August 2017
  94. Consolidation to a Trio - Need Help Picking the 3rd
  95. Any Victorinox INOX V sightings in the wild? Wrist shots?
  96. Anxiety over selling on Ebay
  97. The Uncommon Movement Chase
  98. Newb intro: Is there a way to quantify the economic impact of this site?
  99. First attempt at regulation a hit!
  100. Gmonon
  101. Marathon GSAR: Quick question about manufacture date...
  102. Need advice please
  103. Consolidating or trimming down my Watch collection
  104. What's the toughest built analog watch on the market?
  105. Ashford Customer Service: Better to Call or email?
  106. What gold-tone watches do you have?
  107. *********** WRUW Wednesday, July 26, 2017 ***********
  108. Taking watches to the grave
  109. About to buy my first diver... just a little help, please
  110. Bracelet on summer?Long Sleeves on Winter?
  111. How long does it take an item to clear customs in Switzerland
  112. Help identifying watch
  113. Alternatives to PayPal
  114. Recommendations/suggestions
  115. Best watches for $200 or less?
  116. Doxa's Value?
  117. hello everyone!
  118. Antikythera Mechanism
  119. Sydney Event: Gregory Jewellers x Tudor 2017 Pre-Release
  120. Watch ID help...John Mcaffee
  121. \\\\\ WRUW Tuesday, July 25, 2017 /////
  122. Calling All Knife & Light Nerds
  123. Time to talk dirty, for some of you pure filth. What fashion brand would you purchase?
  124. Your advice for my next purchase? Omega, Rolex, etc. I'm stuck!
  125. Dagaz watches
  126. Rwise from your gwave!
  127. Is there a name for big orange minute hand divers?
  128. if you could only own ONE DRESS watch......
  129. Did the gamble pay off?or did I get suckered?
  130. What are your watch superstitions or weird habits?
  131. I need help identifying this watch
  132. Good or bad idea? Partial Maintenance @ Hamilton Service Center in L.A.
  133. What is the size of your biggest watch?
  134. Discount or not?
  135. Why is it this wont leave my wrist >>>
  136. Need Suggestions for New Watch must have alarm feature, Analog
  137. Help Needed With Irresponsible AusPost and Watchmaker
  138. Looking for a specific Christopher Ward c60 Trident, and need advice! Pls Help
  139. AP Royal Oak Accuracy Issue
  140. ************Monday-July-24th-2017-WRUW************
  141. Does Bvlgari make these?
  142. Advice: buying a watch for a friend
  143. Trading on the FORUM
  144. anybody else bothered by slanted date windows?
  145. Looking for my first white dial automatic dress watch help too many choices.
  146. Hello and please help
  147. Advice needed for an ana-digi watch
  148. Daily Accuracy (+/-) of Automatic/Mechanical Watches?
  149. Seiko divers
  150. My First SOTC.
  151. Anybody want the catalog from the NY Patek show?
  152. Is Anyone Else A Moonphase Dork?....
  153. SOTC & suggestions of what next please
  154. As someone relatively new to watches, what's the big obsession with Seikos?
  155. ************What Christopher Ward are you wearing right now??????????
  156. Watch size advice
  157. Where to SELL Seamster 300 for Explorer
  158. Pick your favorite blue, silver, and black watch from this collection
  159. Things Your Parents Had Wrong About Watches.
  160. ************Sunday-July-23rd-2017-WRUW************
  161. Post a Pic of Your Collection
  162. Which of your watches has the most impressive lume?
  163. Affordable alternative to Aqua Terra/Explorer/Black Bay?
  164. ISO $400 to $500 Stainless Watch with PRESIDENT Style Bracelet
  165. New Arrival: A 2824...and a little bit more
  166. Can anyone identify this watch?
  167. What Are Your WR Habits?
  168. Hiking with Laco Blue Hour and lighting a candle>>>>
  169. Info about this watch (identify)
  170. Non-mesh bracelet for Squale 50 ATMOS Blue Opaco - Super Matte
  171. Poor Man's Heuer, Truly Poor Man's Heuer pics only.
  172. Hublot Probably Fake
  173. Dedicated forum for GMT watches?
  174. Mineral Crystal that bad?
  175. Roth watch
  176. New to Watchuseek - Purchase Question
  177. Unknown omega
  178. All plastic movement Swatch automatic watch?
  179. Can someone defend this? ... please?
  180. Seiko Recraft disaster and recovery
  181. Rolex Explorer 1 stopped working at night while fully wound
  182. ***** WRUW Saturday, July 22, 2017 *****
  183. Any Fossil fans here?
  184. Is Superluminova expensive?
  185. Watch Recommendations on the following please ?
  186. OJ's Lawyer LaVergne's Wristwatch...
  187. Insomnia
  188. Domed Crystals
  189. Turning the crown counterclockwise on a quartz watch will harm it - Fact or Myth?
  190. Price alert on Filson watches
  191. Comic-con, Jim Lee & Rolex Batman
  192. Vintage Watch Market Bubble
  193. Rust on watch case
  194. Seiko Epson Corp. releasing new brand, TRUME (TRUE+ME)
  195. Swatch Automatic Chronographs
  196. I'm bummed
  197. Only one...which?
  198. What did your first automatic watch teach you?
  199. Should I go Blue, Ti, or Chrono for my Next Watch?
  200. Unusual watches under $600
  201. Any Love or even Like for Alfex watches?
  202. Value for money - watch price dead zones
  203. Can I pull off this big 48mm?
  204. Which Breitling? Which color?
  205. The Time 4A Pint Podcast #15: A Lazy Sunday Afternoon with Mike from Fratello
  206. question for you all
  207. Lewis Hamilton timepiece
  208. Dunkirk (movie) watch identification (minor spoiler)
  209. What Price Point do you feel offers the best Value/Quality combination?
  210. Which Seiko SARX would you buy first?
  211. What's your favourite detail or part of your watch?!
  212. \\\\\ WRUW Friday, July 21, 2017 /////
  213. Need help finding first dress watch $3k-$4k MSRP
  214. Think I accidentally bought a Female watch while browsing Men's watches?
  215. Need ideas on a watch for work, <$100 USD
  216. New Luxury Watches - Affordable
  217. You have to love the amalgam of Swiss and Japanese watch culture
  218. Watch identification help
  219. Can you identify this watch?
  220. Why One Brand is Better than Another
  221. Torn between two titanium divers
  222. Its back after a service, and a clean >>>
  223. Fair Price For Pre-Owned Breitling SOH
  224. JLC MUT's not you, it's me
  225. What's your sweet spot?
  226. Dating a watch by its Instruction and/or Warranty Booklets
  227. MAVERICK WATCH REVIEWS - how he talks behind public
  228. Junghans Meister Calendar Moonphase OR Longines Master Collection Moonphase
  230. Unboxing the HELM KHURABURI
  231. Am I a dolt for considering selling a watch that was passed down to me?
  232. 48 reasons we love the Speedmaster : 48 years July 20 1969.
  233. You really, really, know you're a watch nerd when.......
  234. What do you guys think Bamford etc?
  235. Instagram and the watch industry
  236. Maurice Lacroix Calypso..!!
  237. Do you turn your watch's bezel from time to time just for fun ?
  238. Minimalist but not Bauhaus
  239. Some New Additions to the Collection
  240. \\\\\ WRUW Thursday, July 20, 2017 /////
  241. finally saved up for a mid tier watch.......
  242. One-of-a-kind watches?
  243. Shinola makes me buy a watch??
  244. Which 38mm watch to choose?!
  245. Quick Introduction
  246. Help in buying a Hamilton: my first watch
  247. What was Your First Watch?
  248. Tudor Black Bay Chrono or Hamilton Intra-matic 68 LE?
  249. How to fix stiff/sticky bracelet links?
  250. 3 Chronographs