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  1. What Price Point do you feel offers the best Value/Quality combination?
  2. Which Seiko SARX would you buy first?
  3. What's your favourite detail or part of your watch?!
  4. \\\\\ WRUW Friday, July 21, 2017 /////
  5. Need help finding first dress watch $3k-$4k MSRP
  6. Think I accidentally bought a Female watch while browsing Men's watches?
  7. Need ideas on a watch for work, <$100 USD
  8. New Luxury Watches - Affordable
  9. You have to love the amalgam of Swiss and Japanese watch culture
  10. Watch identification help
  11. Can you identify this watch?
  12. Why One Brand is Better than Another
  13. Torn between two titanium divers
  14. Its back after a service, and a clean >>>
  15. Fair Price For Pre-Owned Breitling SOH
  16. JLC MUT's not you, it's me
  17. What's your sweet spot?
  18. Dating a watch by its Instruction and/or Warranty Booklets
  19. MAVERICK WATCH REVIEWS - how he talks behind public
  20. Junghans Meister Calendar Moonphase OR Longines Master Collection Moonphase
  22. Unboxing the HELM KHURABURI
  23. Am I a dolt for considering selling a watch that was passed down to me?
  24. 48 reasons we love the Speedmaster : 48 years July 20 1969.
  25. You really, really, know you're a watch nerd when.......
  26. What do you guys think Bamford etc?
  27. Instagram and the watch industry
  28. Maurice Lacroix Calypso..!!
  29. Do you turn your watch's bezel from time to time just for fun ?
  30. Minimalist but not Bauhaus
  31. Some New Additions to the Collection
  32. \\\\\ WRUW Thursday, July 20, 2017 /////
  33. finally saved up for a mid tier watch.......
  34. One-of-a-kind watches?
  35. Shinola makes me buy a watch??
  36. Which 38mm watch to choose?!
  37. Quick Introduction
  38. Help in buying a Hamilton: my first watch
  39. What was Your First Watch?
  40. Tudor Black Bay Chrono or Hamilton Intra-matic 68 LE?
  41. How to fix stiff/sticky bracelet links?
  42. 3 Chronographs
  43. Suggest some Chronos ("intelligent" Quartz, ~500$)
  44. Does anybody else put their quartz watches on a winder?
  45. When it rains it pours - deciding on my next purchase
  46. Why can't I change my avatar via Tapatalk?
  47. \\\\\ WRUW Wednesday, July 19, 2017 /////
  48. Grail Watch - Complication or Simple?
  49. Rolex submariner hulk or omega speedmaster moon phase
  50. New acquisition - Need input (Dressier watch, Nomos Orion - Frederique Constant)
  51. To make a point sometimes one needs to defeat it. 100 posts.
  52. Watch Cleaning & service Warrington
  53. New pickup- zimbe marinemaster
  54. What is your "guilty pleasure" watch?
  55. Happy Speedy Tuesday
  56. Can anyone identify this VINTAGE digital Casio watch?
  57. Squale 1545 30atm GMT -- bezel question
  58. John Travolta - Pulp Fiction
  59. When a boring quartz becomes your daily driver
  60. Watch on shifter pics?
  61. First Watch, Is triwa nevil watch any good?
  62. \\\\\ WRUW Tuesday, July 18, 2017 /////
  63. Seeking Advice for a Unicorn (Or Maybe it's not That Hard).
  64. Picking Glasses by Taste in Watches
  65. Incoming!
  66. Ashford, tag attached to watch doesn't match serial number on watch
  67. Restoration Project: Speedmaster Mark II
  68. Anyone have experience with MPI?
  69. Opinion on Nomos Ahoi Atlantik
  70. Three Brothers (JLC)
  71. Nice new "Talking Watches" with Alton Brown
  72. I'm considering a new Tag Heuer Monaco again. Would you?
  73. Totally won over >>>
  74. Calibre De Cartier vs Breitling SOH
  75. Revue Thommen - is it a good deal?
  76. Patek Watchmaker LIVE in NYC Cipriani 42nd Street...wears NO WATCH! Free patek exhibition
  77. Need Advice - Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 5
  78. Question about Seiko's JDM watches
  79. Slide rule bezel I don't use.
  80. Worn & Wound Watch Roll
  81. AP as the new Rolex?
  82. Exit watch 🚪⌚
  83. \\\\\ WRUW Monday, July 17, 2017 /////
  84. Communication with Rob @ monsterwatches
  85. My problem with arabic indices
  86. Rolex 116300 thoughts and experience
  87. Sinn 103 and Speedmaster pairing
  88. Frederique Constant Slim Moonphase OR Raymon Weil Phase de Lune
  89. Omega Seamaster Vintage ( 35mm Diameter only? )
  90. 102 posts but still cant post on the sales sub forum?
  91. Thoughts on the TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T
  92. Brands with micro-adjust bracelets like Rolex?
  93. GWS G10 pro
  94. New arrival - ref 2012 Rolex submariner 116610
  95. Incoming: Oris Aquis
  96. Jomashop how much do you pay for returns?
  97. Removing mirrored lettering from inside of Invicta crystal
  98. Real or Fake Breitling Navitimer 01?
  99. Seiko Sumo
  100. Husband cheats, wife finds out, hubby's vintage Heuer on Ebay
  101. Sturmanskie Diver?
  102. on eBay: "Hell hath no fury" auction (s?)
  103. Anyone own or see in person the Seiko Zimbe Marine Master MM300?
  104. What is your favorite Seiko 5?
  105. Kudos to Nodus!
  106. \\\\\ WRUW Sunday, July 16, 2017 /////
  107. Latest acquisition--Victorinox Classic Chrono 1/100
  108. Rare. Help Identifying this watch. Gold
  109. Vintage Ulysse Nardin Acqua - thoughts
  110. Fell in love
  111. Hulk vs hublot
  112. Victorinox chrono bezel refurb question
  113. "runway-hit" eBay store
  114. Rolex Arrives -- Hell Freezes Over...
  115. Buying a watch from "Worlds best"
  116. Worth it? : A watchspotting blog
  117. Suggestions
  118. Any suggestions on adventure lifestyle watches that look stylish as well?
  119. Redial or not redial...
  120. Bradjhomes Reviews the Laco Navy Philadelphia in Worn & Wound
  121. Ronda Mecano?
  122. === WRUW: Saturday July 15, 2017 ===
  123. Oh, how curated the watch media is!
  124. Daniel Mink
  125. Amazing exhibition in NYC
  126. Buying My First Watch (Advice Needed!)
  127. Automatic under 500 euros
  128. Post your favorite watch photos
  129. Something has got to go
  130. Anyone else heard of Ciga Design Watches?
  131. Help choose a white chronograph
  132. Help Identify This Watch!
  133. What is this on my watch crystal and how to fix?
  134. Kern leaves Richemont, buys stake in Breitling
  135. Cartier Watch w/ AD Stamp & Serial Tag but unnamed/dated
  136. Help with ID of a watch
  137. What Is The Best Truly Original Watch That Has been Released Recently (Are There Any?)
  138. zodiac super seawolf 53 skin OEM bracelet
  139. Geckota super oyster link measurement
  140. What would you do? Audemars Piguet Service/Repair
  141. Hamilton H69419363 KHAKI Field Mechanical Authenticity Advice
  142. Your Unclassifiable Watches
  143. Estimated total value of watches lost in the ocean
  144. Seiko divers 5H26 - 7A1A polished crystal...need Bezel.
  145. First post - is it real?
  146. Help! My watch case has an empty slot!!
  147. Green Dial Watch
  148. Why is the date feature so hated?
  149. ************Friday-July-14th-2017-WRUW************
  150. Thin bronze watch recommendations?
  151. GMT watch owners, what time-zone are you actually tracking if not GMT?
  152. The Golden Ratio
  153. New to forum - starting to look for a watch
  154. Thinking of this used Marathon..
  155. Unexpected ebay fees!
  156. Seiko as very first watch?
  157. The Bell Is Back >>>
  158. Mido Ocean Star Aquadari M8720
  159. New Facebook group! Global watch collectors!
  160. 'Dressy' dial color preference
  161. So, I bought a Timex for a Summer watch!
  162. Looking for something cheap and fun to add!
  163. Revue Thommen Sport 30s - what's the catch?
  164. What's your experience with DLC coated watches?
  165. Why is this Seiko more expensive than this similar one
  166. Just another Seiko Limited Edition
  167. Shipping watch sold on ebay to international buyer. How much?
  168. Rust in Aquascope lug crease - what to do?
  169. About to purchase Vacheron Constantin from Jomashop. Appreciate any advice
  170. Opinions on Nomos?
  171. I need instructions on buying a watch
  172. What's the worst condition you've had a new watch arrive in?
  173. Need trusted watch repair in Alberta, Canada- Help
  174. \\\\\ WRUW Thursday, July 13, 2017 /////
  175. The Essence of Time
  176. Oris Divers Sixty Five vs Stowa Prodiver
  177. System 51 accuracy
  178. Help New Guy - First watch purchase
  179. Has anyone ever seen this Liberty Zodiac coin watch?
  180. Lume: why hasn't everyone figured out what Seiko seems to know?
  181. Adding lume to watches.
  182. Ladies Diver/Sports Watch: Budget $1,000.00 (U.S.)
  183. Setting the moon phase on a Maurice Lacroix Phase de Lune?
  184. Diantus
  185. Need suggestion on watch to buy
  186. When did they stop putting Water Proof and Change to Water Resistant?
  187. Two piece stainless steel case or one piece?
  188. Can I buy a Seagull 1963 clear caseback (long island watch version)
  189. Solving one of the three main complaints against the Seiko MM300
  190. Anyone a Gold or Pioneer Swatch Club member?
  191. Selling my Rolex!
  192. Casio GW810D. How to remove shroud??
  193. Have you got a better grab and go weekend watch
  194. Avant-garde watches / Avant-garde watches for under 1,000?
  195. The Rakuten nightmare - Omega purchase
  196. Tissot Watch Authenticity Check Request
  197. Shoo Sandstrom movements?
  198. ***WRUW RIGHT NOW!!!...Show ?EM!!! Part 3 +++
  199. Pelagos or Submariner? To buy or to save?
  200. Brand now targeting young adult
  201. Need help Identifying this Patek Philippe
  202. Reasonably Priced Automatic GMT Watches
  203. Recommendation Needed!! Frederique Constant Slimline (Heartbeat) vs TAG Carrera Calibre 5 ?!?!?
  204. How does this strap look with this watch?
  205. ************Wednesday-July-12th-2017-WRUW************
  206. My first vintage watch.....Hamilton
  207. Why rubies for watch bearings and not other gems?
  208. Help watch identification
  209. Sinn 104 - particles under back crystal
  210. Fidget Spinners: I am Starting to Understand
  211. Mechanical similar to Timex Blackjack?
  212. Automatic Watch for Everyday Wear -- For the Rest of My Life
  213. HELP Identify Grandfather's Hamilton Watch
  214. Enicar
  215. Zenith & Watchonista at Indy
  216. Price of Movement vs Watch?!
  217. Any prime day watch deals?
  218. Grilling watch. How to ruin a perfectly good diver.
  219. Advice for a fussy newbie please
  220. I hate diver's clasps and...
  221. Views on minimalism as a design style (not a hyped marketing term)
  222. Can you identify this watch for me?
  223. ************Tuesday-July-11th-2017-WRUW************
  224. Trying to open a Timex for its parts... help? <laughs>
  225. What watch is David Letterman wearing?
  226. Help curate a 5-watch collection
  227. Desperately needing a recommendation!
  228. The Elusive Grand Seiko: Just laid eyes on it in the wild
  229. Breitling Navitimer 92 A30022 info
  230. What's up with the Timefactors Speedbird
  231. Just some thought's on a forum crossover thread
  232. Watch under 600$, Strap over 100$! Show em!
  233. Philosophy about watches in one sentence
  234. Baume & Mercier
  235. Fun Rolex Watches Not Often Seen
  236. Choice between two very different watches, opinions?
  237. Best hand-wind watch for each range?
  238. Watches one must have or at least trying to justifying them...
  239. The genius of Biver - and the future of Zenth
  240. Enicar Watches
  241. Rotating bezel/digi analog watch
  242. Ancon Bronze watches
  243. Seiko Monster Dracula vs Hamilton Khaki Navy Sub
  244. ***** WRUW Monday, July 10, 2017 *****
  245. Seeing somebody wearing the same watch as you
  246. Omega 1957 Reissue Speedmaster, Railmaster, and Seamaster 300.
  247. Sears brand watch
  248. Liked a watch after a long time...
  249. Interesting Micro-brands
  250. Are these watches worth the price