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  3. Swiss watch export saw its first yoy growth in March after recent decline
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  5. Vostok
  6. ************Saturday-May-20th-2017-WRUW************
  7. Pics of Nth Azores
  8. Any info on this Sheffield watch?
  9. How do scammers scam eBay / PayPal?
  10. First post, new to watches
  11. Orient Ray II slow
  12. Zorex!
  13. Diver Dilema! Oris Sixty Five vs. Omega Seamaster (pre ceramic)
  14. Buying a watch for the movement?
  15. Chronoswiss - spotting a fake
  16. Carl F. Bucherer Patravi TravelTec FourX
  17. Customs fee from Portugal to USA
  18. YOUR OPINION for New Company
  19. Hertz to BPH - There is something I'm not getting
  20. Dealers of Used Watches you would recommend
  21. Best Swatch watch
  22. TAG Heuer - Crown and Tube - CT2111
  23. The Time 4A Pint Podcast: #8: Collecting on your own terms with Jonas
  24. Those dern Invictas are just soooo... 29mm thick case for a nice one!
  25. Individualized movement accuracy certification
  26. Noob bezel insert question
  27. Why is Raymond Weil underrated ?
  28. Rubber straps and excess........
  29. Quartz Seconds Hand Alignment Issue
  30. \\\\\ WRUW Friday, May 19, 2017 /////
  31. Which watch for a job interview?
  32. Are watchmakers very wealthy?
  33. Newbie with questions in regards to Marathon SAR autmatic & Rolex Submariner no date 14060
  34. One watch
  35. Ordered wrong Rubber B strap...arg
  36. Infraction procesd
  37. It started out as a bad idea and got worse.
  38. Suggestions With Chronograph Matchup: Tudor Heritage Chrono vs Omega Speedmaster Professional
  39. Rolex Event 2 (More Pics )
  40. Maurice Lacroix Pontos
  41. Anybody else have this Swiss Military??
  42. Looking for female watch with Zulu time and standard time
  44. Any other brands with this complication feature?
  45. Any one knows about Rigi watches
  46. Tate Wade photography inspired watches ('nother Kickstarter, you say)
  47. Rolex Event (Pics Only) Enjoy it!!!
  48. Can anyone identify this watch?
  49. ADVICE: Not in love with new watches - Will I ever fall in love?
  50. I did something very bad
  51. \\\\\ WRUW Thursday, May 18, 2017 /////
  52. Marathon
  53. a G-Shock as a Milestone watch
  54. Help buying my Seiko SKX
  55. Looking for links for bracelet band Citizen 59-R0809
  57. NOOB: Intro and Info Needed
  58. Tudor 72033 vs Omega 2531.50
  59. New Breitling Superocean- Ceramic Bezel ?
  60. Which movement is better for its price? ( below $5000 )
  61. The heart beat sound of the watch is so loud
  62. Hamilton Flightimer
  63. True watch enthusiast spotted
  64. What Makes a Frankenwatch?
  65. Omega Speedmaster Reduced Missing Bezel
  66. Impulse buys?
  67. For GMT Watches Owners, question about 24H hand
  68. Looking for dress watch, white dial, 39.5mm... suggestions?
  69. \\\\\ WRUW Wednesday, May 17, 2017 /////
  70. Introductory Short Story w/ "The Commonality Q's"
  71. This strap makes the difference, IMO
  72. Watches that truly punch above their weight
  73. Florijn "Drie" (Three)
  74. New purchase!
  75. Diving bezel subjected to wear and tear?
  76. Uncommon and incoming
  77. Which watch to buy next ?
  78. Maurice Lacroix Automatic - What are your opinions?
  79. Your most aged/nastiest leather strap?
  80. Best Looking Worldtimers
  81. 3 weeks later >>>
  82. New to WUS - U-boat
  83. Advice on Collecting and My Collection
  84. Did anyone pick up on this kickstarter watch? Akrone
  85. It finally happened - a dead watch
  87. Input needed about Poiray Watches from Paris - High end or just high priced?
  88. ************Tuesday-May-16th-2017-WRUW************
  89. I wish I had a smaller wrist...
  90. Disappointing bezel on a $3K watch
  91. I think I spotted a fake on eBay... what should I do?
  92. OKC GTG
  93. Black, silver, and a hint of red
  94. I refuse to buy a quartz watch
  95. Quality, titanium, sports quartz watch - Which One?
  96. Favorite accent color
  97. Worth it to have a watch repaired and serviced, or just cut my loses and replace???
  98. Watches - where do you keep yours?
  99. Need help deciding on a watch face and band.
  100. OT: Are there any risks with selling to an international buyer using a wire transfer?
  101. Nomos Orion or Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Ultra Slim
  102. Zenith El primero 38mm vs Rolex explorer 16750
  103. Query about chronograph watches.
  104. Jomashop Fail
  105. I think I need a new daily watch...
  106. Is Mido Caliber 80 movement serviceability and lifespan
  107. Colorful Watches
  108. The Florijn "Three" arrived this morning
  109. What constitutes "Box & Papers"? And does it really matter?
  110. Omega Watch Vintage Need Help !
  111. Do Turtle bezels fit Skx and vice versa?
  112. OK what the $!&#% Did I Buy Now??
  113. $5 Million Rolex breaks record in Geneva
  114. Why so thick?
  115. Fair price for auto movement swap in Michigan?
  116. My collection SKXA55 and SKXA53
  117. End all homage thread
  118. New Watch - a long time coming...
  119. So we all know Seiko can do it, so why don't they?
  120. Bad Jomashop experience
  121. I really want to hate this watch - but...I...can't...
  122. Need help figuring out what crown to order?
  123. Martenero
  124. Since everyone loses their minds over watches and water...
  125. Breitling AOPA 1966 vs Sinn 903
  126. ultimate guilloche/ texured dial thread!
  127. \\\\\ WRUW Monday, May 15, 2017 /////
  128. State of the Collection - 5/14/17
  129. Maurice La Croix MASTERPIECE Mysterious Seconds
  130. i want to buy a biz casual watch on a braclet
  131. Valjoux 726 experts- can anyone tell me what this screw is for?
  132. OTUMM watches ~ Any good?
  133. Omega Aqua Terra 2017 38mm vs Grand Seiko SBGA285 vs The Citizen Automatic NA000059-E.
  134. Ladies Omega
  135. New watch bracelet...please help!
  136. Armand Nicolet ranking
  137. New Patek, new camera; great combo.
  138. Good pre-owned watch stores, in various locations.
  139. Can "Swiss Made" ever be considered second-best?
  140. G-shock watches, I just don't get it!!
  142. How do you justify to yourself getting multiple watches to fill a niche?
  143. Great WIS Moment
  144. Arbitrary maximum for my watch collection.
  145. \\\\\ WRUW Sunday, May 14, 2017 /////
  146. Explorer II vs Speedmaster
  147. Incoming: my first Rolex!
  148. 32-33mm Automatic Dress Watch Recommendation
  149. Please help recommend a Long (8") Unlined Shell Cordovan Strap
  150. Watch worn by Jerry Buss
  151. Tough decision- Sinn vs Guinand
  152. Seeking info on Armand Nicolet M02 8646a-2-gr-p974gr2
  153. Looking for CASIO DIVE WATCH (199X - 2001)
  154. Demagnetizing
  155. E-Global Digital Cameras - any watch buying experience?
  156. It's time for a cocktail...
  157. Zeno Explorer help
  158. NATO on a dress watch??
  159. Sinn 104
  160. Help needed with watch choice!!
  161. Female members?
  162. Getting Married, Which Watch?
  163. \\\\\ WRUW Saturday, May 13, 2017 /////
  164. What do you wear for cooking?
  165. Hole in case?
  166. Tudor BB 36
  167. I got wood......
  168. Recommend my beater Summer Watch Purchase!!
  169. Las vegas trip
  170. Krosdeal website
  171. First mechanical watch recommendation, special achievement
  172. Which watch with the Tuxedo tonight?
  173. Double Incoming!!! JLC and Helbros
  174. Best mens Quartz/HAQ watch for under 400 €
  175. CHRONOSPORT UDT Services PAUL or JOHN ?
  176. One week old Blancpain and the strap is fraying!
  177. Can you trust water resistance ratings?
  178. The Time 4A Pint Podcast: Season 1 Summary
  179. Too Nice To Wear / The Miser and His Gold
  180. Piaget real and value
  181. I thought I saw a Credor in the wild
  182. zenith watch , real or not
  183. Please Help - which silver dialed watch should I buy?
  184. Need some advice from the experts
  185. Yet Another Single Watch Scenario Thread
  186. Dietrich Watches
  188. Where does Frederique Constant source its quartz movement?
  189. \\\\\ WRUW Friday, May 12, 2017 /////
  190. Customer Appreciation Night
  191. Can someone help me identify this antique?
  192. Black speck on hour marker of brand-new SKX013: exchange, or are my expectations too high?
  193. What kind of watch (worn by Vin Scully) is this?
  194. Would you do this trade? Or is it madness?
  195. Want Ebay Selling advice.
  196. vintage Longines alligator strap question
  197. Good $4K alternative?
  198. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf no date
  199. Leaving Watch In A Hot Car?
  201. Help identifying models
  202. Identify This Watch
  203. Watch problem - any guesses what's wrong?
  204. Eterna-Matic Vintage Help What Calibre is this?
  205. \\\\\ WRUW Thursday, May 11, 2017 /////
  206. Original Grain Alterra Series
  207. Vintage Baume & Mercier
  208. JLC MUT Moon Black Dial with Brown Strap?
  209. Soprod Movement Question
  210. PLEASE HELP: What watch is this?
  211. Suggestions for a quality triple+ watch winder at affordable price?
  212. Bought a Dan Henry 1939....
  213. Any Appraisals of a MOVADO GENTRY "Sport/Diver" Watch?
  214. Servicing an inexpensive automatic
  215. A Stock Market for watches
  216. Which do you enjoy most : Wearing, handing, or putting the watch out of your hands ?
  217. Your "someday" list of watches
  218. MAURICE LACROIX original or fake?
  219. Why does it take so long?
  220. Did the seiko monster jump up in value?
  221. Max you would spend on pre order?!
  222. I killed the cyclops
  223. Jomashop question regarding servicing?!
  224. ************Wednesday-May-10th-2017-WRUW************
  225. New Guy in Town
  226. Help looking for DLC or Black Ion watch on a bracelet
  227. this is how I wear a suit (if possible)
  228. Anyone seen the LE wood watch made from 1923 Yankees stadium chairs?
  229. Advice on a cool watch for 30 year old
  230. I've got to quit stopping by my watch guy's shop
  231. Need advice on new watch
  232. So I finally took some shots of my sort of new arrival. JeanRichard Aquascope Hokusai grey
  233. New Seiko Cocktail Time versions - now with more Presage!
  234. A working theory - building a collection with a vision
  235. My first bullhead
  236. Longines La Grande Classique
  237. Is this out of spec for this movement?
  238. [Chrono24] Is khrono68 a reputable seller?
  239. Posibile PayPal scam?
  240. I sold the Rolex BLNR
  241. Magnetism, how real is it?
  242. === WRUW: Tuesday May 9th, 2017 ===
  243. UPDATE - NOT GOOD! Dropped Tissot Luxury Powermatic 80 - should I lose any sleep?
  244. Thank you from new member
  245. 3 Watch Rotation Help
  246. My quest for knowledge
  247. E-BAY ........ARE YOU KIDDING ME ????
  248. I thought I scored today....
  249. Another watch size help thread
  250. A WIS that has come full circle