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  2. Hexa F74
  3. Is a Tritium 100 Watch dangerous?
  4. Your watch/watches choice for £3500/$4500
  5. Casio Dw5025B Rising White Parts
  7. Vintage JLC Purchase Success from
  8. Looking for additional information about Baume & Mercier Catwalk Ladies Watch
  9. Powermatic 80 - ETA Sistem 51 - Does it deserve public praise and good review?
  10. First "Real" Watch to own?
  11. What is the movement inside the Bvlgari Assioma (3 hands, no cronograph) ?
  12. Anyone else find watches to be stress relieving?
  13. \\\\ WRUW Sunday, April 30, 2017 ////
  14. For my 500th post, a riddle (if you will)
  15. Found a Swiss watch in a box today. It belonged to my dad.
  16. Case back Engraving
  17. You Never Really Own a Patek Philippe...
  18. Rolex at the Post Office
  19. Skeleton Poll
  20. Ice Cream and Rolex
  21. Thinning the herd. What watches have you sold.
  22. Has Anyone Used This App?
  23. Same watch, but would you rather have a Japanese Quartz or chinese Automatic movement (and why)?
  24. Pictures: off-white Airman No 1 purist
  25. Raymond Weil's new in house movement
  26. Debugging a Capricious Mechanical Alarm Behavior
  27. Help Me Narrow My List
  28. Men's Swiss Automatic
  29. Certina SwissQuartz 375feet?
  30. Is this Junghans Milano bogus?
  31. Reformed homage lovers, what was the watch?
  32. Best Products to Remove Scratches from Polished-Silver Watch Case?
  33. Movado watch repair model 0605612
  34. How to spot a "fake" Victorinox watch?
  35. Anyone buy watch and honeymoon never ended?
  36. New Indianapolis/Fishers Watch Meetup Group. GTG.
  37. Trustworthy dealer?
  38. Anyone currently on WTA in Munich?
  39. Piaget Modele Depose 18K Gold Plated
  40. In a quandry over I keep it?
  41. 2nd Preorder for Zelos Hammerhead
  42. My Collection (Part 2), with Pictures.
  43. 2017 Tudor Black Bay Chrono and Steel, A Love Story!
  44. Post Your Best Sunburst Dial Photo.
  45. \\\\ WRUW Saturday, April 29, 2017 ////
  46. Titanium watch with 18mm lugs suggestions
  47. A story of a Tudor, a Rolex, a Sinn, and a small wrist...
  48. Right forum? Two quartz Wengers
  49. Do your appliances tell accurate time?
  50. Lemania 5100 servicing in the USA?
  51. Rolex Spotting in the Napa Valley
  52. Adventures of M. and his Rolex Explorer II
  53. Pls help me to identify this Patek Philippe
  54. Tudor Pelagos from Saudi?
  55. Beater Watch......Beater Car?
  56. Can't read the date - or, what's the point of the date complication?
  57. Omega SMP 2252.50 or Tudor Black Bay 36?
  58. help identifying this watch
  59. New Orion Midnight Edition Review by Worn & Wound!
  60. North Flag on smaller wrists
  61. Help Identifying Movement?
  62. Breitling Gets Bought Out
  63. Brand name or logo?
  64. Ring clock?
  65. New collector introduction
  66. Help finding a new watch
  67. NWD - GWG1000
  68. Watch fanfic: The Last Watch in Human History
  69. \\\\\ WRUW Friday, April 28, 2017 /////
  70. Misaligned bezel fix?
  71. Rolex 214270 v. 114300
  72. So I tried on a Rolex or two
  73. Advice please. Which end pieces...
  74. Suggestsion for Day, Date, Power Reserve (Considering MontBlanc or Baume & Mercier?)
  75. Are used prices really so close to new?
  76. Source for hands for ETA 251.262 (aka Brietling 53)?
  77. Flip or keep part 2
  78. Been scammed...
  79. Who knows!?
  80. Anyone like Syringe-style Hands?
  81. Why would you want a power reserve complication on a watch?
  82. Luminous Hands from Cousins
  83. Looking for a new watch
  84. Watch engraving in Hong Kong
  85. Big watches, small (or not) wrists
  86. Forum Browsing/Posting At Work & "Homage" Watch Ownership
  87. This is going to be a dumb question!
  88. Speedmaster/chronograph pusher issue
  89. Thoughts on Xetum Watches?
  90. \\\\ WRUW Thursday, April 27. 2017 ////
  91. Get Together North of Boston May 18,2017!
  92. What is the Highest Number of Jewels in a Watch You Got?
  93. ???Do You Have a Quartz Drive "Grail"???Are There Any???
  94. Oris big crown quartz?
  95. Day's Catch: 2 Countries, 2 Rare Complications, 2 Grand Dates, 3 Subdials!
  96. Quick question about payment/shipping with a foreign buyer
  97. California Save the Date! May Events at Topper Fine Jewelers
  98. Does this strap go with this watch?
  99. S-Town
  100. Bloomberg article: Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie catagorizes the watch industry
  101. Watch-related Acronyms and Abbreviations
  102. Engraving - plain or standard caseback?
  103. What does "Grail" watch mean to you?
  104. What watch is this?
  105. Wrong Forum...
  106. Watches for fun
  107. Downsizing (literally).
  108. Older Omega Semaster 300: should I grab it?
  109. Virginia/Maryland GTG, feel like it's time.
  110. Grand Seiko residual value
  111. Peculiar...
  112. Better bang for buck? Oris Aquis vs Omega Seamaster
  113. Is anyone else a serial watch flipper?
  114. Where does all the Squale hate come from?
  115. \\\\ WRUW Wednesday, April 26, 2017 ////
  116. Allure of a watch that never stops and keeps perfect time
  117. which speedmaster?
  118. Best Watch Under $150?
  119. Pictures of the Nomos Lux on the wrist?
  120. feeling kinda blue today
  121. How's it look? POLL
  122. Going on vacation, and have a question
  123. Why are their so many mean people in forums?
  124. Swiss Legend and Swiss Watch International belly up??
  125. Bronze hardware black NATO???
  126. Keep or flip?
  127. Love me a perfect fitting watch
  128. Why are SOLD watches still listed in the FOR SALE Forum?
  129. Searching Orient 2EV03000W
  130. Searching Seiko 5 SNXJ90(92)
  131. What would you guys do? Should I just keep my SM300?
  132. This is something I hate !!!
  133. Do Titanium watches look cheap and less elegant?
  134. Which watch is this?? can someone tell me.
  135. Certina Question
  136. The Best Hands and Dials
  137. Spinnaker - Are they any good?
  138. My dad just gave me his and my grandfather's watches
  139. Hamilton panda dial "Poor man's" heuer vs. Heuer Autavia 1163V
  140. Select a strap for 16mm vintage Longines
  141. \\\\ WRUW Tuesday, April 25, 2017 ////
  142. I seriously can't decide between these two...
  143. best every day all round watches 200 - 500 dollars!
  144. ANZAC Day. WRUW while you commemorate?
  145. Chronograph Tissot 6216-5
  146. first watch buy advice please!
  147. big help on dealing with Joma
  148. First High Quality Watch Suggestion with Unique Needs
  149. Seiko Presage SARX025 Questions
  150. Voit Landeron Divers Info?
  151. Quartz Watch Movements?
  152. Water resistant moonphase? Aquaracer?
  154. What's the best way to spend $1500 for a pre-owned watch?
  155. What Watch has the Best Looking Bezel?
  156. Is time of date change indication of a good watch movement?
  157. Observations from a Reno pawn shop
  158. Thoughts on Watch Flipping
  159. Davosa Axis
  160. Help needed to decide between GMTs
  161. ************Monday-April-24th-2017-WRUW************
  162. What are the average / poor man's watch brands in the early 20 century?
  163. At the edge of a scary cliff...and I jumped!
  164. I couldn?t buy them all so I chose these??.SOTC
  165. Are these watches expensive?
  166. To Good to Be True?
  167. Check your phone for the time while wearing a watch?
  168. WOULD YOU RATHER? Two-watch collection, which would it be?
  169. The Surprising Utility of a Diver?s Bezel
  170. Selling watches and obscure buyers
  171. Marco Fu's watch (2017 edition)
  172. new member - Hi!
  173. My newest addition to the collection...
  174. Watch collecting is a solitary hobby
  175. Just...Can't...Do...It (aka I think I'm an addict)
  176. Watch Strap Theory
  177. Need help with a Chase-Durer Special Forces Udt 1000XL
  178. Bezel check
  179. G Shock vs Diver choice
  180. Newbie in need of shopping advice, s'il vous plaît!
  181. Thoughts About This Even Trade?
  182. Pocket watch help
  183. New seiko sarb alpinist... Setting the time does not seem accurate!!!
  184. Looking for advice on best watch to get under $15,000
  185. A review of the Panerai PAM590tl
  186. \\\\ WRUW Sunday, April 23, 2017 ////
  187. Maratac Mid Pilot is Back
  188. Am I the only one who wishes all watches had drilled through lugs?
  189. Blue AR coating
  190. Tissot Seastar original??
  191. Faux patina a faux pas?
  192. Watches that make women HOT for you
  193. New Green Turtle
  194. Omega Aqua Terra Goodplanet 38.5
  195. Espresso at my favorite AD
  196. Has anyone bought a strap from cheergiant?
  197. Am I out of my mind for falling for this Hublot?
  198. In the wild
  199. Dial swap
  200. Help! Can't Decide on a Watch
  201. New gentleman in need of an opinion.
  202. Why do non-chronographs have sub-second markers?
  203. Matching Watch with a Men's signet ring?
  204. Fitted leather watch exist?
  205. What Watch Does Rafael Solano Wear in "Jane the Virgin"?
  206. Where I am at
  207. Cause for Concern?
  208. What alternatives are there for PayPal for Canadians?
  209. Tudor pricing?
  210. Mido Commander or another automatic?
  211. Lord Norle- Anybody know anything about this brand?
  212. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Day-Date
  213. Gift for my mother
  214. Hamilton H-31 (ETA 7753) Mvt Wobble & Grinding sound. Advice?
  215. Where should I go from here?
  216. Watch service
  217. ************Saturday-April-22nd-2017-WRUW************
  218. Would you wear a striped NATO and a plaid/check shirt?
  219. Watch style / type "terminology"?
  220. Taking pictures of watches not in their natural habitat... why?
  221. What do you think about Revue Thommen watches?
  222. Looking for first Watch
  223. Wow - really? Not just junk, actually dangerous
  224. A seller's etiquette on "holding a watch" for you...?
  225. Let's talk about winding an automatic
  226. Has anyone bought a watch from StarBuy? They are part of the Star Jewellery Group
  227. Looking for lume watche
  228. What's the big deal about in-house movements?
  229. RIP "36-42 Is Not The Sweetspot Claimed!"
  230. Incoming....
  231. Quartz, automatic, hand-wind, and pricing
  232. Where can I get a Nomos Tangente at a discount?
  233. Looking for a CWC SBS Diver.
  234. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Stolen Watch Outside of Home?
  235. The Definitive 'Sports Watches with Suits' Thread
  236. Graduation gift - watch <$1000 ideas?
  237. Anyone want to identify any of these watches?
  238. The deal breaker
  239. Can anyone help identify this watch?
  240. @@@@@ WRUW ON FRIDAY APRIL 21ST 2017 @@@@@
  241. What makes a True Classic? Longevity!
  242. Tissot Seastar 1000 crown needs repair
  243. Best **Value** Preowned Watch! Post Your Ideas!
  244. Do you like Sub-Second Dial?
  245. Best Watch Bought on Ebay Under $500
  246. Did I Sell the Right One? (SNKL23 v. Orient Ray II)
  247. "Newbie" Watch Buying Advice
  248. HElp identify
  249. Rolex or JLC?!!!
  250. How many of you think the SEIKO SRP775 Turtle is TOO LOUD ? You may like my SOLUTION !!!!!!!