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  1. Zodiac Viintage - Movement 107 - anybody has info ?
  2. Chronographe Suisse Cie
  3. Jumping in water with a watch?
  4. What's your 2017 Wish List?
  5. We're not even 1% of WIS!
  6. ************Sunday-April-9th-2017-WRUW************
  7. Health Hiatus
  8. Alpha Watches >>>
  9. The Masters - Watching Watches
  10. Questions about this Citizen dive watch
  11. Experience with Time to Market Japan?
  12. What's The One You'll Never Let Get Away?
  13. The Shortlist of My Purchase Options -- Any Opinions/Advice?
  14. Non-watch related topic: Class Rings
  15. Any info on this watch?
  16. My wife's new Rado
  17. Cases of big brands taking design ideas from smaller ones?
  18. The Battle of the Black Dial Daily Wear -- Go Anywhere Do Anything Watch!
  19. 'FFS moments' - dumbest things you've done in the world of watches
  20. Thread: Dilemma: SST 12 which color?
  21. TISSOT T12 bracelet re sizing
  22. Digging my new Certina DS Action
  23. Calendar auto orient vintage
  24. Premium Materials/Features Becoming Mainstream - What Next?
  25. Need watch suggestions!
  26. ************Saturday-April-8th-2017-WRUW************
  27. And to think I almost sold this beauty!
  28. You Say Your Into Guitars and Watches (How about RGM and Martin)...??
  29. junghans swiss stamped!!!
  30. Need help on this Waltham
  31. A question regarding sellers.
  32. Eberhard & Co limited Chrono 4 to celebrate 130th anniversary
  33. Need some authentication help (rolex, casio, iwc etc)
  34. Icoming Tag Heuer Aquaracer WAY201A - ceramic 300m Caliber 5
  35. Why ask "Is this watch real or fake"?
  36. Incoming 15400 Blue Boutique edition
  37. Does anybody else
  38. Search for people who had successfully purchased watches on WUS from a certain buyer
  39. Seeking advice on a watch, thank you.
  40. Background and Current Collection
  41. Padawan checking in, seeking buying advice
  42. Thoughts on this Rado? Diastar with diamonds.
  43. ******* WRUW Friday, April 7, 2017 *******
  44. MrWatchologist a great guy!
  45. HELP! Need help verifying authenticity. Time sensitive! Thanks!!!!!
  46. Thoughts on SARX041 vs H77715553
  47. SBGX059 price?
  48. GP Traveller II Alarm Gmt ref4935
  49. Your watches, or extra years of early retirement?
  50. Nixon 48-20 chrono
  51. What qualities denote a classic watch?
  52. 7S26C/6R15/4R36 balance issues (amplitude, beat error, etc.)
  53. Best Shops in Chicago?
  54. Anyone find Croc/Alligator straps expensive ?
  55. Some days you just need to rock it old school! (Making a box)
  56. To Trade or Not to Trade
  57. The last King of Viet Nam super RARE ROLEX will take place in an Auction
  58. Need help finding Citizen watch model
  59. This just in! First watch of 2017!
  60. I've found the "one" lol
  61. Blackcaat Watch Collection Revealed
  62. Transition from Fashion to 'Proper' watches
  63. A little help. And also a hello.
  64. Do you have a mod that you miss?
  65. First Rado and Raymond Weil watch pickup!
  66. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Thursday, April 6, 2017 //////////////
  67. Low to mid price range watches that hold their value or gain value.
  68. Aftermarket Seiko parts?
  69. Show your 2 or 3-watch collections!
  70. Hodinkee announcement tomorrow April 6th @1pm est
  71. Need some thoughts: Rolex GMT BLNR vs Rolex Daytona 116500LN
  72. Cruise ship watch purchases and other stuff.
  73. Interesting Swiss watch in my collection:
  74. Short question
  75. Your Most Radical Watch
  76. Amazon Warehouse Watches
  77. Oris Williams lugs
  78. Will it be a mistake?
  79. Baselworld watches that make you dream of future releases
  80. Why so much variation in the same movement
  81. JLC Master Control Date OR Rolex Submariner
  82. Just bought my grail so bye!
  83. Baselworld discussion
  84. Is there any company good at reluming ?
  85. Priceless.....................
  86. New Alpina....too big for my puny wrists?
  87. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Wednesday, April 5, 2017 //////////////
  88. Rolex Deepsea D Blue vs New Sea-Dweller Red 2017!! Which would you choose and why?
  89. The two best Rolex's of the Modern Era? My opinion, share yours!
  90. What's the point in buying a luxury watch when there are so many fakes in the world?
  91. Rolex GMT Master II crown issues
  92. We may never reach consensus on the Public Forum, but.....
  93. Mechanical watches and motorbikes
  94. [Serious question] Is buying a really nice luxury watch a losing proposition?
  95. Dial it Black
  96. Maratac SR-9015 (or SR-1) Owners - a Request?
  97. Spring/Summer Switch to Strap
  98. Another "help me identify this watch" request
  99. Who's Birthday Today 4/4 and What are you wearing
  100. Newbie advice needed for a Seiko watch for the beach
  101. Does anyone use a clear crystal protector on their watch crystal?
  102. My Gold Plated Nomos Orion
  103. Cartier Roadster XL vs Parmigiani Kalpa
  104. Is anyone really making money through "flipping" watches?
  105. Breitling Navitimer 816
  106. Going to visit Italy in several weeks...
  108. When a watchmaker goes beyond the call of duty.
  109. Introducing The Time 4A Pint Podcast
  110. Bored? Quiz time!
  111. Where to Begin?
  112. Field watch and diver side-by-side pics please
  113. I know why they do it but why do they do it?
  114. Searching for a dressy titanium solar/kinetic/auto under $300
  115. Help with bracelet for Junghans Meister
  116. Rose gold Breguet XX frequent tarnish polishing
  117. ******* WRUW Tuesdy, April 4, 2017 *******
  118. The Iconoclast (or which model changed your mind about a brand)
  119. Aight fellas lets see 'em-----show us your Opening Day / Game Day watch----- #Baseball
  120. Watch with most wrist presence?
  121. Watch regrets/lessons
  122. Hager Watches - New GMT out for preorders!
  123. Eterna Kontiki from 1967 - how much is it worth?
  124. Do these Glycine Combat Chronographs exist? I can't find real live pics of them
  125. New Zenith Photos From Baselworld 2017!
  126. Size comparison between Orient Mako and Seiko SKX013
  127. Old Grand Seiko prices
  128. Baselworld summation articles you may have missed
  129. Uhhh...Seiko....
  130. Anyone owns a Welder watch?
  131. Fully lumed watch face?
  132. Davosa Ternos Professional Automatic 161.559.50 - Excellent Accuracy
  133. Help: Trying to design a watch
  134. Show me your 2-tone watch
  135. What is this watch?
  136. Tissot PRC200 & Seiko Padi Turtle Against Steam
  137. Calibre de Cartier Diver vs Rolex vs Hublot vs something
  138. Glashuette: the epicenter of German watch making.
  139. BBC Article: The importance of knowing the right time
  140. Is there a manual wind dress-watch with these specs?
  141. Help me find a new watch
  142. Seeking Engagement Watch - Small Wrist AND Picky!
  143. Just took apart my first watch, complete disassembly of a 7s26c
  144. Post - Unknown brands and your favorite watch from their line.
  145. Can anyone help me figure out what brand this watch is?
  146. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Monday, April 3, 2017 //////////////
  147. How about that?
  148. Possibly my next watch
  149. New Favre Harpoon. Feeling like I fell from the stupid tree.
  150. Will this theoretical watch be too big for my 6.2" wrist?
  151. Where to go from here?
  152. Need help identifying watch worn by actress Brie Larson...
  153. Maurice Lacroix Authenticity - Please Help
  154. How do you set your GMT Master II?
  155. Spares...or surely this watch can worth something?
  156. Baselworld -> Grey Market Dealers
  157. Destination London question, and a little moan about the local Swatch shop.
  158. total impulse buy
  159. how much is this watch worth?
  160. Your Collection's Organizational Dynamic
  161. Triwa YNGVE DIY wristwatch
  162. Watch's with a 22mm Lug
  163. New German regulator
  164. Wrist watches in world war 1 (just sharing a small article)
  165. Manglish: Funniest Watch Ad Translations
  166. Daytona Ceramic Deposit
  167. PayPal problem
  168. Stiff crown, hard to turn and to pull out, possible movement slip
  169. Moderate cost dress watch like this one, with no date?
  170. Is it ok to let my automatics stop running long term?
  171. Thoughts on proper Care for vintage watches
  172. What do you have on a Jubilee Bracelet?
  173. Not Sure Which Direction To Go In Next
  174. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Sunday, April 2, 2017 //////////////
  175. Wearing two watches at the same time?
  177. First Grail purchase
  178. Which strap? Can't decide...
  179. Black, White and Blue? Your favorites
  180. Automatic vs solar for a single watch
  181. Real or Fake? Tag Hauer Mercedez Benz SLR Limited Edition
  182. Another scratch question....sorry
  183. How to Tell the Difference between an A+ and an A- brand?
  184. Affordable Holy Grail and finally a watch with some recognition and cache & review\comparison
  185. Watch repair and service in Hong Kong
  186. Stage of the collection. Where to go next.
  187. Help ID a watch
  188. Recommendation needed for a very skilled watch repair person in Philadelphia
  189. Opinion on selling off affordables
  190. How/where do you store your watches securely? (Serious)
  191. Mmm Tuna
  192. Watch butler
  193. An Homage Quandary
  194. Which to sell?
  195. \\\\\\\ WRUW April Fool's Day, 2017 ///////
  196. Extract Balance from Defective NH36 Movement?
  197. Please recommend a jeweller in Brisbane, Australia
  198. Poor man timegrapher, an experiment
  199. Help me value this trade: my LLD No Date for a Speedmaster Reduced 3510.50
  200. Dan Henry 1947 unboxing/initial impressions
  201. Orient Esteem.
  202. Venting-Delivery Frustrations!
  203. Is there a watch out there that can meet these specifications?
  204. Omega Railmaster 2503.52, is this a good price?
  205. Classy vs beautiful vs interesting (SW200 vs 2824-2 vs 6R27)
  206. HELP NEEDED! Anyone here with a Raymond Weil Toccata?
  207. New watch..difficult choose R day date
  208. It ain't April yet
  209. ETA Powermatic 80 question...
  210. Vintage Bidding: The "I'll never see one of those again" Blues.
  211. Pawn shop haggling---any tips?
  212. If Steve Jobs wore a Swatch, I guess this one would be it...
  213. Kara's Watches
  214. Ladies watch suggestions
  215. Help-ebay global shipping lost my watch
  216. Who says hockey players don't have style?
  217. How Lug to Lug is measured? Green or Red?
  218. Baselworld 2017
  219. Reccomendation for servicing automatic watches in EU
  220. Nervous about buying my first 'expensive' used watch
  221. If you had the cash, what would you buy your friends?
  222. Help me value a possible trade. Tag Heuer Carrera for Breitling SuperOcean Heritage
  223. Anyone set their watch out the night ahead?
  224. Browsing my local Craigslist - WTF
  225. ] - - - - - WRUW Friday, March 31, 2017 - - - - - [
  226. Looking at Swiss Watch Brands Under $1k -- Suggestions?
  227. Could Omega be the new Rolex within a generation (~20 years)?
  228. Which vintage watch to buy
  229. april fool's apple watch trolling
  230. Momentum Fieldwalker- any thoughts?
  231. Tradition Continued: A Pocket Watch Story - CHECK IT OUT - Second Watch Stories Series
  232. Watch Winder Question
  233. 40th Birthday - New Damasko DA 46 incoming
  234. Certina DS First - opinions and reviews
  235. More Problems for Swiss Watchmakers
  236. That is One Scary Invicta!
  237. Oakley Judge link
  238. Can anyone confirm if this is the Japan made?
  239. What's your most understated watch?
  240. Women CEO in watch industry
  241. any feedback on screw down crown "issue" would be appreciated!!
  242. Birthday Haul
  243. Watch regulation question...
  244. Help me regain trust in water resistance
  245. New Member introduction
  246. Crazy about Genta
  247. Great Modern Watch Designs?
  248. Ballast Watches - Trafalgar BL-3133-03
  249. Lume Question - Charging by different light sources
  250. Updated collection: Couple of recent acquisitions