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  2. If Steve Jobs wore a Swatch, I guess this one would be it...
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  6. Who says hockey players don't have style?
  7. How Lug to Lug is measured? Green or Red?
  8. Baselworld 2017
  9. Reccomendation for servicing automatic watches in EU
  10. Nervous about buying my first 'expensive' used watch
  11. If you had the cash, what would you buy your friends?
  12. Help me value a possible trade. Tag Heuer Carrera for Breitling SuperOcean Heritage
  13. Anyone set their watch out the night ahead?
  14. Browsing my local Craigslist - WTF
  15. ] - - - - - WRUW Friday, March 31, 2017 - - - - - [
  16. Looking at Swiss Watch Brands Under $1k -- Suggestions?
  17. Could Omega be the new Rolex within a generation (~20 years)?
  18. Which vintage watch to buy
  19. april fool's apple watch trolling
  20. Momentum Fieldwalker- any thoughts?
  21. Tradition Continued: A Pocket Watch Story - CHECK IT OUT - Second Watch Stories Series
  22. Watch Winder Question
  23. 40th Birthday - New Damasko DA 46 incoming
  24. Certina DS First - opinions and reviews
  25. More Problems for Swiss Watchmakers
  26. That is One Scary Invicta!
  27. Oakley Judge link
  28. Can anyone confirm if this is the Japan made?
  29. What's your most understated watch?
  30. Women CEO in watch industry
  31. any feedback on screw down crown "issue" would be appreciated!!
  32. Birthday Haul
  33. Watch regulation question...
  34. Help me regain trust in water resistance
  35. New Member introduction
  36. Crazy about Genta
  37. Great Modern Watch Designs?
  38. Ballast Watches - Trafalgar BL-3133-03
  39. Lume Question - Charging by different light sources
  40. Updated collection: Couple of recent acquisitions
  41. Arrived - Grand Seiko SBGW253
  42. Cognitive Dissonance (or how far would you go to make it fit)
  43. Did I miss the boat on the Orient Bambino ?
  44. Invicta's answer to the Tuna?
  45. Room lighting for your watches
  46. In The Wild
  47. This is the lfinal straw...
  48. ******* WRUW Thursday, March 30, 2017 *******
  49. Certina DS First -- need some opinions and reviews
  50. Left a deposit at a sketchy jeweler in nyc
  51. I?m having a Rolex wobble!
  52. Trying to find another watch that I "love"
  53. Need help identifying a Heuer movement. PLEASE!
  54. Watch used as a weapon or implement of destruction (or other atypical use)
  55. I was a watch magnetism denier
  56. What do you think about Thomas Earnshaw watches?
  57. The Basel Report 2017>>>
  58. Island Watch Customer Service! A+!!
  59. Private Joker watch in Full Metal Jacket
  60. Brother Scored A Couple of Deals
  61. Next big buy
  62. That ONE watch... you just gotta have.
  63. Questions regarding service intervals for mechanical watches
  64. Rolex 1965 Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Lug Width
  65. casio made i japan?
  66. No Universal Geneve Forum ?? Help Me Out Guys.
  67. Don't believe it ...Stung again for import charges
  68. Zenith VS Heuer Actavia?
  69. Raymond Weil: Beatles "Abbey Road" Limited Edition Maestro
  70. Calendar auto orient..tell me more about it please.
  71. Hamilton Pilot Day Date Auto versus Field Day Date Auto
  72. What year did flat crystals on watches first appear?
  73. But only if it came in another size....
  74. Figuring out the third watch to buy?
  75. Rolex Explorer (214270) vs. IWC Portuguese Auto (IW500705) vs. Hublot Meca-10 (414.NI.1123.RX)
  76. Favourite topic: Would you get a Cartier Tank, or a similar model?
  77. It's Here!
  78. What is the ideal dial color for a chronograph watch with small sub-dials
  79. Some of my friends say only watches with chronographs are perfect. Do you think the same way?
  80. Adding my 2nd Watch
  81. Just over a year ago I posted here about inheriting my great grandfather's mystery watch (Patek)...
  82. Wednesday-March-29th-WRUW************
  83. NEWS ITEM: Little Switzerland buys Switzerland...
  84. Sapphire question
  85. New Gucci Automatic
  86. Net to me [rant]
  87. Chrono under $400
  88. Pipe dream? Almost certainly. Would you like the option?
  89. Try not to get political
  90. Help identifying the make/model of a lost watch by description
  91. How difficult is it to remove gold plating from a case?
  92. Easy Winners for Day 5: DOXA, GoS, Chronoswiss, Graham Watches
  93. New Victorinox Lancer 100
  94. Your most useless watch?
  95. Citizen AT4008‑51E vs Victorinox Maverick Chrono
  96. Video Review: New Breitling Watch Collection from Baselworld 2017
  97. WSJ: Small watches are back in style
  98. 62MAS Crazy AD Discount
  99. Brave myself...regulating my ETA watches
  100. Old Watch Club site
  101. Is this genuine? Need help
  102. Restoring a dial
  103. Bulova Accutron 63A001 vs Bulova AccuSwiss 63a123
  104. GS or Seiko GS
  105. James Bond with a Speedmaster
  106. From gunked up to super clean in a couple of minutes - video
  107. my top 12
  108. Oris Aquis BRACLET price in Canada
  109. Internet Movie Watch Database?
  110. Any boxing fans? Julio Cesar Chavez shows off couple of his watches.
  111. Seiko SBDB011/SLA013 vs Omega Seamaster Diver 300m
  112. Bell&Ross 123 Officer legibility question...
  113. Effing Seiko
  114. WRUW Tuesday 28 March 17 # # # # #
  115. What's a turtle?
  116. Zeitgeist Testers
  117. 20mm nato on a 18mm lug
  118. Picked my top 5 favorite watches from baselworld.
  119. Seiko SKX009
  120. San Diego Watch Hunt
  121. 7.5k$, a perfect dressy watch for wedding, and risks of buying from small/endangered brands
  122. Anyone else like faux patina on your lume?
  123. Looking for a fun watch $1500 max
  124. Plz Help the Massdrop Community Buy the Seiko SARB017 (Alpinist)!
  125. Selling and Flipping Watches: Its the Details That Matter Or is it?
  126. Do you preferred dome or flat crystal and why?
  127. Strange Love: Thirty Years with a Rolex Turn-O-Graph. An Appreciation.
  128. Baselworld 2017 Nomos Live Report: Nomos Campus, The Graduate Edition
  130. Baselworld 2017 Review: Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver
  131. What makes a watch?
  132. What is this watch..brand and model ??? (worn by Frank Grillo in The Purge Election Year)
  133. Baselworld 2017 Review: TAG Heuer AUTAVIA
  134. Best Watches of BaselWorl Day 4: Bulgari Octo Finissimo Automatic, Christiaan Van Der Klaauw Planet
  135. Purchased a SARB035
  136. Any other manufacturers that use pocket watch movements in new wristwatches?
  137. Has Amazon ruined your shipping expectations?
  138. This one has taken over >>
  139. Smallest watch/clock for survival kit ?
  140. Why there is no Patek Phillipe Forum?
  141. Watch from grandfather that no one has been able to identify
  142. Is it True?
  143. Oris Aquis Fellas - Proprietary lug defeated.. finally !!
  144. What is THE signature watch of famous boutique brand?
  145. ******* WRUW Monday, March 27, 2017 *******
  146. Travel Watch
  147. Screw Down Crowns
  148. Safe to have Watch Box in the Bathroom?
  149. Where to find small/narrow watch strap?
  150. Favorite affordable diver?
  151. Help identifying watches
  152. Hard time deciding between Omega Speedmaster/Seamaster; first watch to symbolize a life milestone
  153. Memorable watch from your childhood- any pictures?
  154. New (2017) Sistem51 models
  155. Choosing my first Watch, Need Help!
  156. What is Bauhaus Style Watch?
  157. Bulova or citizen??
  158. Selling alternatives?
  159. Baselworld 2017 (Your Thoughts)
  160. Tudor Blackbay Heritage or Breitling Superocean Heritage 2017 (new caliber)
  161. Define "Sports watch" for me please?
  162. Question for those with large collections.
  163. New Breitling Selection Opinions, Please
  164. My first Omega: The Mitsukoshi Speedmaster
  165. My new (old) IWC
  166. New watch day!
  167. Challenge Part 2: The Tickening (and the search continues...)
  168. The Day Has Come!
  169. Sunday-March-26th-WRUW************
  170. Bought My First Omega Watch Today! (2232.30.00)
  171. Thanks for all the knowledge
  172. Seiko SRP051 and 053 live video?
  173. Is Zenith El Primero 410 worth extra cost over Longines Master Collection Moon Phase
  174. Does anyone "dual-wield" a mechanical watch + an Apple Watch?
  175. Is my watch in need of repair?
  176. Another SKX question - uneven bezel gap?
  177. Tag Heuer Autavia
  178. Hello all. New to watches
  179. Is this Normal (First World Accuracy Problems)
  180. Which watch companies contribute to charity?
  181. Anyone else put off by the new Rolex SD cost increase?
  182. SRP775 - Too Flashy for Basic Training?
  183. What is this rare Jules Jergensen worth? Given to me by father.
  184. Fix or repaint dial
  185. Seiko SKX bezel - how much shock/abuse can it take?
  186. Need some help!! Suunto vs G Shock
  187. Are Invictas Thug Watches? (If so, is that a good thing?)
  188. Interested in opinions on this Frederique Constant watch (and the brand)
  189. Corum Bridge
  190. Cool Looking Pieces of Junk
  191. Rolex stickup in Vegas
  192. Help! I have the WIS disease! Is there a cure?
  193. To cyclops or not to cyclops...that is the question.
  194. How important/relevant are the "heritage" brands?
  195. [ASK FOR HELP] Can diamond paste remove the scratches on sapphire crystal.
  196. Help identifying a watch that I saw!
  197. Pocket Watch Conversion
  198. HELP! Need input on making first substantial purchase!
  199. Greet Type XXI 3817
  200. Insane battery life or is this normal?
  201. Hamilton Khaki Field Navy Color - Is it out?
  202. Looking for options with separate day & date windows
  203. ******* WRUW Saturday, March 25, 2017 *******
  204. The anti-formal watch! you really want to see this one, if not buy it
  205. Daniel Wellington @ Baselworld - some nice stuff
  206. Sporty Dressy black dial with terrible restrictions, a challenge.
  207. Traser Red Alert help!
  208. Affordables - neglected @ Baselworld?
  209. What settings should I put my winder on? Can you identify this watch model?
  210. To regulate or not to regulate, that is my question
  211. New Breitling SOH with Tudors in-house movement
  212. Getting the Speedmaster bug again
  213. Best books on watches?
  214. Displaying cost on watch websites
  215. How to create a unique/successful minimalist watchbrand
  216. Timeless Luxury Watches Now Carries Seiko Presage!
  217. Simichrome: Best Polish I Ever Used
  218. Wristwatch for small man's wrist
  219. Jacques Etoile? Berthet Horlogerie? Obscure independents
  220. Swirl marks (microscopic scratches) on a new SKX009??? SKX owners please help!
  221. Are you kidding me? Rolex Hat??
  222. Need help identifying this watch.
  223. Has the baton of design innovation been passed?
  224. A to Z of luxury watches
  225. ******* WRUW Friday, March 24, 2017 *******
  226. Baselword releases (especially Tudor)
  227. Yet Another "Help Me Decide".... Bremont U-2 or Nomos Ahoi Atlantik
  228. Longines HydroConquest vs TAG HEUER FORMULA 1 vs ORIS ARTIX GT CHRONOGRAPH
  229. Monsters
  230. Interesting Tool (not me)
  231. USD$1-2.5k birthday present
  232. Opinions on Chronoswiss
  233. The Easy Winners of Day 1 at Baselworld 2017: EDOX, ORIS, RADO and EBERHARD & CO.
  234. Baselworld 2017 Hublot Live Report: Sapphire Wishes and Ferrari Dreams
  235. Baselworld 2017 Tudor Live Report: All About the Tudor Black Bay
  236. Watch beat rates compared - video
  237. BaselWorld 2017 Preview: TAG Heuer Aquaracer Camouflage 300 Meters Caliber 5
  238. Baselworld 2017 - the year of the retro reissues (again)?
  239. A New Grand Seiko Snowflake Coming?
  240. My personal opinion about Seiko's new releases
  241. What's Your Best Deal Ever?
  242. Damn, I forgot to put a watch on before going to work.
  243. Brand snobbing
  244. Only seen afew of these Ulysse Nardin Platinum sets come up for sale
  245. Graduation Gift - Luminox 1942.BOB, Citizen Nighthawk CA295-58E or Seiko Prospex Sky SSC419P1
  246. Suppaparts lack of customer service
  247. CHECK IT OUT - First Watch Story: From Beirut to Pontiac: A Rolex Story
  248. Trying to source BP 50 fathoms 50th anniv. edition, regular version slightly too large (see inside)
  249. I need some help ? time for a new timepiece! Please lend a hand!
  250. BaselWorld 2017-- Grand Seiko