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  1. Let's play a game; guess the watch by the lume!
  2. Your advice on this 2-watch combo
  3. Okay so what watch is Tom Hiddleson wearing in Kong: Skull Island?
  4. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Monday, March13, 2017 //////////////
  5. I need help getting into this Citizen Eco-Drive!
  6. Daylight savings, ugh. So here's my humble collection
  7. Intriged by the Powermatic 80
  8. Adding the Seiko marinemaster SBDX014 Tuna... what else should I add?
  9. Flinque (or similar) dials?
  10. Watches and cooking
  11. Advice on New Watch
  12. Why are there such few fans of mineral glass crystals?
  13. Opinions sought on Daniel JeanRichard please - photo inc - and help identify movement
  14. Any watch pictures you took recently and you think came out pretty well?
  15. 12 o'clock!
  16. Your watch movements?
  17. What does the term ?hand made watch? really mean?
  18. Any info on this watch
  19. My collection, what am I missing? next step
  20. Looking for members
  21. What is your own reference of a "Less is More" watch?
  22. The Original Rolex Sub or the Original Omega Speedy; Which would you select, and why?
  24. IWC PORTUGIESER 7 Day (5001) vs what else is similar and worth considering ?
  25. Looking for a black Diver with blue on the dial but NOT a blue dial. (Hands/words)
  26. Seiko and Bulova
  27. Watch for a teen?
  28. Longest running Swatch
  29. Watch Collection Recommendation - Currently have a Navitimer & Speedmaster
  30. Seriously tough decision for my first 2k+ watch purchase. Please help!
  31. Help recognizing a Longuines!
  32. Recent Trip to Watch Store
  33. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Sunday, February 12, 2017 //////////////
  34. Hi, newbie here, seeking advice...
  35. Sleep Fast tonite; DST starts in USA
  36. Pi Day is coming! 3.14 What will you wear?
  37. Best manual-wind watch under $2k?
  38. Do any of you wear a certain watch specifically for the job you do?
  39. need a moon phase
  40. Troubleshoot my issue please
  41. Wife's watches
  42. Incoming! Rolex 116719 BLRO
  43. Watch Recommendations for a Cool Graduation Watch for Small Wrists
  44. Time crystals. A new watch technology coming?
  45. Less is more
  46. Is that a Seiko Guy Fieri is wearing?
  47. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Saturday, March 11, 2017 //////////////
  48. My first Swatch
  49. Anyone know were to get this watch???
  50. Rado Sintra
  51. Diving & Smoking ....
  52. Watch design quandary...
  53. 3000th post giveaway: Which brand got you into watches?
  54. Reading negative reviews from online purchasers
  55. Watch hunting in Barcelona
  56. Dressing down IWC Portuguese Chronograph?
  57. Help identifying and opening(!) a vintage Croton automatic diver
  58. Are you getting Bored with any watch?
  59. Mobile surgery
  60. What is the best rotor deisgn you have ever seen?
  61. Hi, help with a watch pls
  62. Most Useful Complication for Intro, Mid-end watch
  63. Seiko Astron vs Sportura GPS
  64. Looking for parts
  65. Looking for parts
  66. Any recommended watchmakers/watch repair shops in Hawai'i?
  67. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Friday, March 10, 2017 //////////////
  68. Tritium Chronograph Tool Watch Match
  69. Why, Seiko?!
  70. Do People Here Have Dress Watches If They Wear Suits Infrequently?
  71. Dressing down a gold watch
  72. Is this a good investment?
  73. Opinion: Seiko SARB033 or Frederique Constant Manufacture Moonphase?
  74. Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope - does that crystal get dinged up?
  75. Is there a way to infuse the vinalla scent into rubber straps?
  76. Anyone else see it? (Nomos)
  77. Shreve & Co. Chronograph?
  78. Adjusting Bracelet on Hamilton H326160
  79. CT Watch Meetup
  80. High value, classy looking diver for a two watch collection - graduation gift
  81. Does anyone else wish...
  82. Thoughts on the visibility of watch dials
  83. What to Replace my Pelagos With, if Anything?
  84. Show your fixed bezel watches. Aviation watch. Diver watch. Racing watch. Whatever!
  85. Downsizing! Help me with a tough decision
  86. Is this a good example of a 40 year old Seiko 6309?
  87. request for advice
  88. Help about corum 10$ coin watch
  89. Chronograph Opinions: Omega Aqua Terra (2512.50) vs. Speedmaster Broad Arrow (3594.50)
  90. ***BIG Leap Into HAQ***
  91. Subaqua Noma I with ETA 6497
  92. -:-/Watch on your Wrist 3-9-17-:-/
  93. Simple Watch Education Material
  94. How do you wear your green leather straps?
  95. Keeping versus flipping watches
  96. My collection. Critique/advice welcome
  97. Blancpain Villeret Retrograde Seconds...
  98. Thoughts on ?Fashion? Watches
  99. Dropped watch ? what to check for
  100. Forget servicing
  101. Ingersoll junk watch and "service"
  102. New Watch..what ya think?
  103. And The Award For Most Reputable Company Goes To...
  104. Which magnifying glass is better; Coddington or Hastings
  105. Sapphire Crystal or handwinding hacking movement - Which is more important in your view?
  106. How many different movements in your collection?
  107. Yet Another "Help Me Decide" Thread
  108. Do you agree with this graphic/chart?
  109. Ranking complications by difficulty
  110. Shipping Anxiety
  111. What does the term "timelss" mean to you?
  112. Not just another Quartz VS Automatic thread...
  113. Totally unexpected purchase in 2017, a happy man with an unhappy wallet
  114. ID this watch, please!
  115. Tauchmeister watches
  116. Help identifying watch - Leslie Knope in Parks and Rec
  117. Nomos Zurich or Breitling Transocean Chronograph 38mm?
  118. Caravelle New York 44A107
  119. WRUW - WRIST SHOT WEDNESDAY - 3/8/2017
  120. I think there could be an issues with my Deep Blue Day Night t100 movement - Seiko NH 35
  121. What is everybody hoping to see from Baselworld?
  122. What are your thoughts on Silicon Part in Watches?
  123. New watch!!! JLC Master Calendar Meteorite
  124. Rolex datejust 1600 vs 1601 vs 1603
  125. Lost watch - eBay Global Shipping Program - time
  126. Recommended rolex AD in NJ or outside NYC for a first rolex?
  127. Detroit Watch Company?
  128. So it seems SWI is really going out of business!
  129. Have you seen any watch can have its strap interchanged with leather and stainless steel strap?
  130. B&M Capeland Flyback
  131. New Tudor Bracelet help
  132. Re-introduction and SOTC 2017 (pic heavy!!)
  133. Looking for recommendations on a lady's watch, some specific requirements
  134. You have 0 watches. A benefactor gifts you $5000 to jumpstart your collection...
  135. What makes an in-house movement in-house?
  136. Help with water resistance Straps
  137. Help me spend my money
  138. 2 Watch collection
  139. ***Help Me Find This Watch***Alpina Startimer Pilot Chrono Big Date TYPE B***
  140. Swiss Military Watch by Chrono - Price??
  141. In-house snobs may wish to ignore this thread.
  142. Date or No Date ?- A poll
  143. What's your thoughts on Ressence watches.
  144. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Tuesday, March 7, 2017 //////////////
  145. Tom Tuttle from Tacoma had one and now so does the Dali Llama!
  146. Please help me to identify this Certina watch
  147. Looking for this Seiko
  148. the ultimte adventure watch
  149. Am I hurting my watches?
  150. Is there a universal watch search/filter site?
  151. Suggestion for Junghan/Larsson alternative or combinations
  152. Purchasing watch while traveling
  153. "Made in USA" challenges...from a US watchmaker
  154. Help identify this watch?
  155. Measuing Accuracy Recommendation
  156. A watch for a grown up computer geek
  157. Does Meteorite Dial really made of Mateorite?
  158. Small wrist - cool watch in that style - any chances?
  159. Watchmaker recommendations in Sydney Australia
  160. Dive watches
  161. Limited Editions and WAS
  162. Collar Pin Bracelet Reliability ?
  163. Help
  164. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Monday, March 6, 2017 //////////////
  165. Are the Seiko 6105-8110 worth investing in ?
  166. Please help ease the pain
  167. Your 'what a steal' deals this year so far?
  168. Fixing a stretched bracelet
  169. Brown strap, black face...what shoes and belt?
  170. Can Anyone Tell Me More About deLaCouer?
  171. Filson watch
  172. Mid/High End Watches that Look Good on Different Straps
  173. Question about re-brushing a watch case
  174. Anyone know what kind of movement this is?
  175. Nomos
  176. Any regret selling a watch?
  177. I just gave away my oldest watch.
  178. The World's Most Reputable Companies In 2017 [Forbes]
  179. Ok, small rant re COSC time
  180. Owning Quartz Watches, Dan Henry Chronos, Should I?
  181. Jewelers Insurance
  182. Find a watch that catch People Attention
  183. 12 Years / 12 Watches - Entire Watch Collection
  184. Watch for High School Graduation?
  185. A week with my Marathon CSAR
  186. Looking for a similar watch style and design to JFK's Omega Ultra-Thin
  187. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Sunday, March 5, 2017 //////////////
  188. Authenticity of Omega Watch (from father)
  189. Ralph Lauren Slim Classic alternatives?
  190. Tudor Black Bay observations
  191. What's everybody's thoughts on this new pilot watch and their marketing strategy?
  192. Speedy Pro vs. Tudor Black Bay vs. Panerai Radiomir
  193. Movie watch id? Paterson by Jim Jarmusch
  194. question about about your grail watch
  195. Help Identify Watch and Value
  196. Super Advanced Multi-Function Alarm Watch
  197. Where would a thread about new, high-quality pocket watches go?
  198. Help understanding clearance fees
  199. Gone bonkers and bought back the same watch
  200. Watch hasn't arrived yet - when to contact paypal?
  201. Help me find my next watch please!
  202. Next step in collecting
  203. ****** WRUW On Saturday March 4 2017 ******
  204. It's been a good year -- time buy a watch
  205. Storing Your Straps
  206. introduction / custom design in the works
  207. Homage Hypothetical
  208. So Who Is Going To BaselWorld 2017
  209. Celebrating my '2500 post
  210. We've all done it at least once - I got lucky
  211. New arrival - Zeno Magellano GMT
  212. Finding a watch by description
  213. Just Got Em In!
  214. Rolex OP Rhodium v Blue, which colour?
  215. Austin Kaye London Watches
  216. Replacing Tritium Tubes on a Luminox Atacama?
  217. List of watch brands that use double-AR coating on their watch crystals
  218. Unable to change time on the minute hand
  219. Tissot couturier identification
  220. Ford Dealership Watches
  221. 100m Versus 200m Watch With Screw-down Crown
  222. Skeleton
  223. Watch ideas for a gift to my dad - not an easy task
  224. Help me to Choose Breitling SOH 42 vs Tudor Pelagos blue (Pic attached)
  225. Explain This?
  226. A big watch collection keeps you younger?
  227. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\ WRUW Friday, March 3, 2017 //////////////
  228. Watches with glossy black bezels?? Similar to the Blancplain 50 Fathoms or Seiko Prospex SBEX005??
  229. Non Production Quality question
  230. Macabre question of the day: do you ever consider what will happen to your collection when you die?
  231. Tokyo Watch Shopping and a Grand Seiko purchase
  232. Seeking advice
  233. Seiko Crystal replacement
  234. ATM water ratings
  235. Wish my eyesight was better......
  236. The Explorer 214270 new lumed 3-6-9 indicies has arrived!!!
  237. Quartz second hand missing the mark
  238. What is this Invicta?
  239. funky crystal?
  240. The brand you love but just can't pull the trigger?
  241. How to open stuck screwdown case?
  242. Good work watch
  243. Brand new JLC MUT Moon - Buzzes when tapped
  244. Some Brand Recognition!
  245. Is this a real A. Lange & Söhne and if so, what model?
  246. Going to Phoenix
  247. New Watchuseek Store, Coming Soon!
  248. Re-purchasing watches
  249. Rolex OP 39mm blue v Omega De Ville Prestige
  250. Dangerous products used in watches?