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  1. Do you think one day..
  2. Watch v Occasion
  3. new member, new interest: hello from the hifi world
  4. Is a blank warranty card still valid?
  5. 1932 Bulova Band + Post your pre-1940 watches!
  6. Did you ever see a watch photo that made you pull the trigger?
  7. What kind of Ebay scam is this?
  8. Spanner wrench
  9. How do 'Roamer' watches compare?
  10. Can I send a omega Seamaster directly to Omeaga for restore ?
  11. Why is the Orient Star more expensive than the Orient M-Force ?
  12. Tudor Heritage Black Bay 36 - Incoming! Unexpected!
  13. Look what came in the mail today!!!
  14. Would you trade/sell a LE Blancpain for ALS Saxonia Pink Gold "Terra Brown"?
  15. Mail in service company?
  16. Christmas watch finally arrived
  17. WRUW Monday 9 Jan 17 . . . . . .
  18. New Vintage Wakmann can't decide on the strap!
  19. Wife took my watches to wear
  20. After decades of watch whoring I've just found out that LUG to LUG LENGTH CAN BE DECEIVING...
  21. Sources for Watch Cases and Case Kits
  22. Sapphire Crystal?
  23. Oops my watch [emoji33]
  24. Going to Japan who is with me
  25. Playoff Watch (USA)—How About You?
  26. Best affordable Skeleton watches
  27. SOTC 2016-2017
  28. Do all moon-phase dials look strange?
  29. Experience with Chrono24 seller Rovari Gioielli??
  30. Rule of Thumb
  31. New member, new watch.
  32. Tissot Le Locle vs Orient Star Elegant - Which shloul I buy?
  33. Any information about this Timex
  34. Unbridled Watch Lust
  35. ---Sunday 1-8-17 Wrist CheckZ---
  36. Zenith El Primero Chronograph (for Hodinkee? Design at least) with Blue / Brown dials
  37. Incoming....well mentally. TUDOR Ranger
  38. Three for one? Would you ever do it?
  39. Some info on these watches...
  40. Check this out, what a find for some lucky buyer
  41. IWC Portuguese Chrono Alternative
  42. Buying on chrono24 - experience of seller?
  43. Funny anecdote
  44. Did I miss the boat? Pandas!
  45. Have you ever sold a watch just because of bad memories with it?
  46. Information about a watch
  47. IWC Buyer's Guide
  48. IWC Portuguese Automatic Review
  49. Part Of The Fun ...
  50. Another under appreciated Citizen Field Military BJ8070-51E GREAT LUME
  51. Looking for a black pvd/Dlc diver with black/white/red color way. (Think BB Dark)
  52. Timeless + Bremont U2/T Review
  53. Sunbathers
  54. A Tongue-in-cheek Poll - Only Worn a Handful of Times...
  55. HELP: Jaeger LeCoultre Advice
  56. Please define Replica, Fake, Copy, Retro
  57. Seamaster advice needed
  58. Something different, a watch that turns
  59. ikepod chrono feature
  60. Deciding between a Seiko SRP775 & Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military MK2
  61. Help me pick my first nice watch!
  62. Addiction
  63. Help...butterfly clasp pops open
  64. I need your opinions Oris, Ball, Hamilton, Zeno or Fortis?
  65. Finishing better than Lange?
  66. I went to get a Visodate...
  67. Who was Sandford Fleming and why did he invent worldwide standard time zones?
  68. Is the Omega Speedmaster Moon watch still relevant to me, beyond historic curiosity?
  69. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Sat, January 7, 2017 >>>>>>>>>>>>
  70. Professions with a higher rate of watch collectors
  71. Ok now lets see em! Show me some Disney watches!
  72. Hardly a fan of Invicta; however...
  73. My Dial Collection feel free to post yours;
  74. Anyone know of a way to sync the Citizen Proximity with android?
  75. Gen or Rep: Chopard Gran Turismo XL Power Control
  76. Best Bracelet Watches? No straps allowed! :)
  77. Dress-ish/casual watch (JLC?)
  78. Snowy Day Moves Into a Perfect Night
  79. Knowing if a watch is fake or real
  80. Show us a photo of your biggest and smallest watch together
  81. Decisions.... Omega Aqua Terra Midsize (2504.50) or Tudor Black Bay 36
  82. Certina DS bracelet removal
  83. Overwinding Valgranges?
  84. Is it time to start hating on the SKX?
  85. If you don't wear it, sell it..........for realz?
  86. Incoming! Breitling Navitimer
  87. I Killed It :(
  88. Holiday watch haul
  89. The Doxa Project Aware II making history.
  90. Identifying Vacheron Watch
  91. Hello :-) My current collection.
  92. suggestions wanted: high WR simple dial quartz
  93. Little Help?!?
  94. Newbie Here!
  95. Introduction to the term backhand hacking
  96. Would you rather have 5 watches that cost around $200 or a watch that costs $1000 ?
  97. New user here
  98. JeanRichard Servicing Questions
  99. Omega Aqua Terra: Pricing Question
  100. Longines Hydroconquest vs Oris Aquis vs TAG Heuer Aquaracer
  101. *****WRUW Friday, January 6, 2017*****
  102. Presyden Dive Watch
  103. a Q&P discussion worth a read
  104. manual wind watch issue
  105. Newb Alert. Advice needed. Longines Master Moonphase (metal, black)
  106. [Audemars Piguet], authentic or fake?
  107. New guy here with a couple of questions
  108. Thoughts/comments/advice on my list of watches to buy?
  109. hey guys... Financial Calculator Function needed
  110. Analog hands with digital display?
  111. Just 2 Watches?Which would you keep?
  112. Finally... A Nighthawk
  113. ---Wrist CheckZ Thursday 1-5-17---
  114. What (relatively) cheaper watch do you love just as much or more than your expensive ones?
  115. Vintage Rolex Day-Date -- replace with leather strap?
  116. Feelings on mods
  117. Slow Night ...
  118. I LOVE this watch! it too late to share my joy with y'all over my Christmas watch?
  119. Stainless steel bracelet only - WRUW?
  120. New watch; recent production
  121. [Patek Philippe] Real or fake?
  122. Why are chronographs so thick?
  123. Sharing Here to, Re The Traveling Blumo
  124. Mysterious old watch...?
  125. PVD Pilot
  126. What are the different types of Superluminova and what do the letters and number after stand for?
  127. Decided and Purchased: A Bit of a Surprise
  128. Rolex Oyster Perpetual grey dial homages ?
  129. Vuarnet Squaw Valley
  130. Tudor BB v Tag Aquaracer size
  131. The ever-changing semantics of "vintage"
  132. New watch buyer £2000/$2500
  133. Dress watch sizing - Too big?
  134. (((((((((WRUW Wednesday 4 Jan 17)))))))))
  135. Hunting in Japan / If you only had one jet lagged Day..
  136. Is THIS watch too big for my wrist?
  137. Speedmaster, Pelagos, Tutima, or Zenith?
  138. Chrono24 as a private seller?
  139. Year End Give-Away ...
  140. Interesting Chronograph options for comfortably under $5,000.00
  141. If you could only have one watch $2000 max
  142. Is this watch too big for my wrist?
  143. What watch is this?
  144. This ZENITH arrived in the mail today
  145. Every Time I Put It On ....
  146. Baselworld outrageous speculation thread
  147. Eyeing Amazon for Roamer
  148. In 2017, I want a $5Kish watch. Help me decide which one.
  149. 2016 SOTC
  150. 36mm Watch with Date function?
  151. I am back for one month and this is the damage
  152. Ladies Watch Eszeha (Karl Scheufele)
  153. When does "elegance" / "right look" trump legibility?
  154. Baume & Mercier needs service
  155. *New watch* --- Jaeger Lecoultre
  156. New(ish) member explaining where his forum name came from...
  157. Any Tudor Black Bay owners who also owns Omega Seamaster 300 MC?
  158. WRUW Tuesday 3 Jan 2017 . . . . . . . .
  159. A collection of vintage inspired divers
  160. What brand of watch is this?
  161. Looking for some information about great-grandfathers Universal Geneve
  162. Vacation with my Seamaster + Wife joins the club
  163. Rolex Submariner AND Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch
  164. Are you obsessive about hand alignment? How good is good enough?
  165. Watch Related New Year Resolutions??
  166. Watch repair options: Don't want to drop $600 on Tourneau to fix quartz watch
  167. Trading for Watches with other things besides watches??
  168. Culling the Herd: World Travel Ahead. What would you do?
  169. Down to deciding between 3 watches... which one?
  170. SHow your UN - UN to offer 5 Year Warranty on all new pieces sold 2017+
  171. 1st Time Watch Owner: Good Deal??
  173. What's your % of good/bad watch choices (no matter the length of time taken to figure it out)
  174. Last buys of 2016? (last minute buys)? PICS!!!
  175. What a difference a year makes!!
  176. Did you purchase a watch to celebrate the birth of your first born to hand down?
  177. Seiko 5 water resistance confusion
  178. Help me identify a vertical bi compax chrono with silver dial and black timing bezel insert
  179. -//Monday Wrist CheckZ 1-2-17-//
  180. Help Finding Watch?
  181. Omega seamaster real or fake
  182. Watch meme collection
  183. Victorinox Advice
  184. New Member Introduction
  185. Stainless Steel Quality
  186. Omega AT vs Rolex DJ vs Rolex OP ?
  187. Most Worn Watch, 2016
  188. I Can't Believe It... January 1st and I've Already Bought a New Watch...
  189. Watch theme device home screen
  190. +9s?
  191. The Unidentifiable Watch...
  192. Tudor Black Bay Bronze or Longines Master Retrograde Moonphase
  193. Trying to not buy another Rolex...Are there any good Sub alternatives?
  194. JLC Master Control now or Patek Calatrava later (maybe never)?
  195. Suggestions Please
  196. Happy New Years!
  197. What was Joe Rogan Wearing UFC 207
  198. Holiday Giveaway: Free watch, and free money! Sorta ;)
  199. **WRUW** New YEAR'S DAY 2017 ?
  200. My Grandson, The Future WIS
  201. Do you own a Stowa Flieger? If so, what one and are you happy with it?
  202. World of Watches Woes
  203. Oris Diver 65 Blue Dial vs Alpina Seastrong Heritage vs Longines Legend Diver
  204. Remember to Set Your Watches at Midnight!
  205. What could cause this to happen to a sapphire crystal?
  206. Importing to US through chrono24
  207. Dress watches: More options for women?
  208. Ebay converted pocket watches
  209. Omega/Orient... Sacrilege?
  210. CANDINO embarassing warranty behavior
  211. ##### WRUW ON SATURDAY DECEMBER 31ST 2016
  212. 2017 Watch Goals
  213. Tissot PRC 200 Automatic or Chr.Ward C60 Trident GMT
  214. Question: Repairs For Old Swatch System 51
  215. When do you determine that you like a watch?
  216. PVD Hypoallergenic?
  217. Purchasing from GSM Watch in Taiwan
  218. What movement is in these Dunhill Facet Watches? JLC?
  219. HAPPY New Year 2017...and my latest acquisition
  220. Ball Canonball ii or Alternative?
  221. My major horologic accomplishment of 2016, what's yours?
  222. Bremont DH-88 Review
  223. Missing this old friend. One of many, many, many regrets.
  224. IWC vs. Montblanc
  225. NYE Pics
  226. Wrist Shape: Round, Flat, Square?
  227. People with Megabucks who wear cheap watches
  228. Checking Accuracy w/o a Second Hand
  229. RE: Duty / Fees. Other than America, Best Country for US resident to buy from (online)??
  230. Having a son - New watch purchase
  231. So the Wife Bought Me a Fitbit...
  232. Brown Leather Strap on Black Dial Watch
  233. ** What will you be wearing to bring in 2017 ? **
  234. ABC article "Watch repairers pushed out by high end brands".
  235. Just Bought my New Citizen Blue Angels Skyhawk JY8058-50L
  236. So... Gray market is over $2500 cheaper - what to do?!
  237. Took a chance, came out fine thankfully . . .
  238. Piano/synth playing and watch accuracy
  239. Pre-owned vintage watch/flea shops in Toronto area?
  240. WRUW TGIF 30 December 2016 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  241. From no watch purchases for a year to three new watches in a week!
  242. Help replace my Black Bay Red?
  243. Is 88 Rue Du Rhone good watch brand?
  244. Re Sale
  245. My 2 Tudor Black Bays
  246. A beautiful cheap Seiko
  247. NOMOS or Omega Speedmaster Professional?
  248. What to buy next
  249. What Just Came In: Grand Seiko SBGH051
  250. Need some help to decide between two watches!