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  1. \m/ WRUW Friday 9th December 2016 \m/
  2. Question about Citizen Eco Drive AW0040 (English/French version)
  3. How Do You Prioritize Your Watches?
  4. you been?
  5. Submariner back from service. Few issues.
  6. David Beckham s watch
  7. Tudor ETA or In House??
  8. Shipping and payment - What to choose?!
  9. New Straps!!!
  10. VW TDI owners - what did you buy with your buyback?
  11. Quick Watch ID
  12. And Then There Was Two.....
  13. Seiko VK64 Meca-Quartz - 24 Hour Sub-Dial Question
  14. ETA 2804-2 running fast (Hamilton Khaki Mechanical)
  15. Can a Sapphire Glass can be as domed as the Plexiglass(Acrylic)?
  16. -/-/WRUW Thursday 12-8-16-/-/
  17. Paypal rules change?
  18. What's your pick? Rolex Batman vs Daytona
  19. Hamilton vs Tissot for second watch
  20. Is it better to sell a watch with bracelet or separately?
  21. Help with my first ever purchase
  22. Help with my first ever purchase
  23. Similar Watch to A. Lange & Sohne Saxonia
  24. Thoughts on this one?
  25. this is why we collect watches
  26. A bit of coolness
  27. Everyday Diver for small (6.0in) wrists
  28. 2/4/8/10 - Numeric dial
  29. What Is The Better Watch?
  30. ---Mid Week Wrist CheckZ 12-7-16---
  31. Someone must have had the same problem...
  32. Large dress watch (+45mm)
  33. Your favorite "Micro" watch brand?
  34. Giving you the bird...
  35. Help: What happens when you pull out the crown on a mechanical watch but the second hand dun hack?
  36. my OP 39mm finally came, and......
  37. Audemars Piguet
  38. Incoming...
  39. End of year gift to myself
  40. New Hamilton Auto not keeping time
  41. For rookie reference. Post your definitely do not's....
  42. Alternatives to Longines Conquest
  43. Sea Gull movements
  44. Cutting extra material off nato straps?
  45. This might help
  47. Can strap changes damage lug holes
  48. not sure about choice - first watch under 650$
  49. SKX007 on a turtle strap
  50. White dial dress watch
  51. Anonimo Firenze repair?
  52. Having some fun with new IWC NATOs on IWC Pilots Chronograph
  53. JLC Master Control Date or Tudor Black Bay Bronze??
  54. -| -| -| > WRUW: Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 < |- |- |-
  55. Got a 25% discount at Jared on Longine.
  56. Watch with a day and date complication only.
  57. I just talked to the worst salesperson ever. What was your worst retail experience?
  58. Casio F-91W tips to avoid fakes
  59. Which Micro Brand Chronograph is Your Favorite???
  60. Everyday watch for 500/$650 - Junkers? Chrisopher Ward? Something else?
  61. Real or fake patek Philippe 756033 turbillion
  62. Look what Ashford sent me :) Hamilton Aviation
  63. Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece - too good a deal?
  64. Help! Whoever just posted a Revue Thommen with a beautiful brown guilloche dial?!
  65. Decisions decisions....
  66. I can't stand polished stainless (among other things)! Whats a guy to do?!
  67. Help me choose my business casual grail
  69. Need second opinion on which watch to choose-Hamilton? Oris?
  70. Recent Purchase..
  71. How much is this SWATCH worth?
  72. Lanco
  73. Anyone seeing this current watch market down turn as an opportunity?
  74. Sapphire Crystal Replacement - COLORADO, USA
  75. ....{Monday Watch on your Wrist 12-5-16......
  76. Westworld
  77. picked up the new Tudor Black Bay with in-house movement
  78. Screw In Crown Open/Close
  79. Help with trade! Can't decide!
  80. Watch suggestions for the misses sub 1000 gbp
  81. Experiences with Watches and Beyond?
  82. Will I burst into flames for even looking at this website?!
  83. Fidel Castro's watch on Time magazine cover
  84. What brands do sell small and affordable men's watches ?
  85. Jumping back into Micros -- a little help :)
  86. What would you get?
  87. Suggestions for Next Watch in the Collection
  88. Newbie questions and watches under/around 2000$
  89. Need a picture of the price tag for a Rolex Daytona 116500LN
  90. A new year a new Watch
  91. WRUW Sunday 4 December 2016. . . . . . . . .
  92. Thoughts on the blue dial Bvlgari Octo Solotempo?
  93. Incoming...Alpina Seastrong Heritage
  94. Saw this Longines and thought WTH???!!!!!
  95. Brightest and coolest looking Tritium Watches
  96. Guys, please help me decide
  97. Submariner 50th Anniversary 16610LV
  98. Is anyone can identify this movement?
  99. Will a quartz watch use up any battery if I leave it with the crown pulled out so it doesn't run?
  100. Anyone experiencing trouble with USPS Priority Mail?
  101. Anyone ever buy from ? ? They seem to have some great pricing on certain watches.
  102. What do you think about the Hermes GMT?
  103. What on your watch list for Christmas..
  104. SOTC - Lots of Pics!
  105. Novice watch addict: my lessons learned so far
  106. Who can fix my Seiko SKX007 in Italy?
  107. Love this JR GMT/Didn't expect to
  108. Can the strap on the Citizen Promaster Altichron Eco-Drive be changed and what do you think of it?
  109. Stuck with my cat on my lap, so what else to do but take a photo of my watch?
  110. -/-/Saturday Wrist CheckZ 12-3-16-/-/
  111. Finally pulled the trigger on my first nice watch!
  112. Shopping channel junk
  113. Rolex vs IWC vs Omega vs JLC -- best watch around $4,500?
  114. Need help with direction of next purchase
  115. Forum Darlings
  116. Domestic-Market-only watches...why?
  117. Zenith Type 20 Extra Special Bronze Review
  118. Planet Ocean GMT Master Chronometer Review
  119. Best business casual dressy watch with a brown leather strap. Post your suggestions here.
  120. Help with a repair
  121. Question about a Girard Perregaux Medico Compax
  122. Sub 4k annual automatic?
  123. New trend? The show off your watch and car finger selfie challange
  124. How reliable is and
  125. Help deciding on my first Swiss automatic (Hamilton versus Baume & Mercier)
  126. Christopher Ward Out, Oris Aquis In
  127. Sick of horrible customer service? Check this out.
  128. WRUW Friday 2 December 2016 . . . . . . . .
  129. eBay Global Shipping Program
  130. Watch with 3 sub-dials (Skull and Bones)
  131. Everyday Quartz Recommendations?
  132. Since 2013
  133. New Arrival!
  134. What are your favourite Eternal Matic watches?
  135. Big Collectors and Big Spenders...What if Plutus and Lakshmi took less a liking to you? WWWYB?
  136. Big watch lovers: Big Watches that Disappear
  137. Mid-size watches like the Tudor Black Bay 36mm?
  138. Skeletons
  139. How do you wear your Chris Ward c60 Trident?
  140. G. Gerlach watches
  141. Crooked/Bent Crown, Easy Fix?
  142. GP 49480?the "Fiat"
  143. Need help deciding a good brand and a good watch!
  144. Squale Homages
  145. 4 Watch Collection
  146. Dress Watches
  147. Dress watch with manowar on the dial
  148. Help sought on JR Terrascope and RW Maestro (square)
  149. WRUW Thursday the 1st?
  150. Stunning chronograph - Where to find??
  151. What is your ideal collection?
  152. Anyone else being asked to watch p0rn?
  153. Its been a rough few weeks and I needed some cheering up
  154. Baume & Mercier Capeland - 10082 Value
  155. Need your help again..
  156. Which Seadweller would you have
  157. Any Tips on "vintagizing" a new watch?
  158. Birthday Watch - Oris Diver 65 or Tudor BB 36mm - which would you choose?
  159. Overly optimistic water resistance ratings
  160. Time for an upgrade from my Tissot to my first entry level luxury watch - HELP
  161. Biatec Watches - PREORDERS - GET 20 % DISCOUNT for a limited time only!
  162. Are you terrified to tell your wife that you......
  163. Why only few ladies watch for sale in the forum?
  164. JBW: How to trick people into thinking they're real diamonds 101.
  165. Which GMT?
  166. Are these blue dials the same, or different?
  167. WRUW......Wednesday 11/30/2016.......
  168. Talking about watches with John Mayer (video)
  169. Watch Brand Death Watch
  170. Best looking case back under $10k
  171. "Ting" noise coming from bezel on new alpina alpiner 4 GMT
  172. Watch servicing schedule and manufacturing date
  173. Let's check in on Glycine since Invicta acquired them!
  174. Help Me decide a watch!!
  175. The Fall of the Giants? Breitling up for sale?
  176. Mossimo Watch Gift from Daughters
  177. Did you ever realize that..
  178. Help Me Decide (a chance to get revenge on me)
  179. My new darling and a confession
  180. Opinion on strap for new Zodiac
  181. A key detail that folks don't often mention....Vintage
  182. Watch Shopping in Taipei
  183. Member Pissed Off At Me
  184. Biatec Majestic CONCEPTS
  185. Rolex non-dress watches were "dirt cheap" in the 1980's?
  186. Invicta 9307A v 8932
  187. WRUW Tuesday 29 November 16 . . . . . .
  188. Invicta 8928ob issue
  189. In the Mail Today!
  190. Does anyone Wax their Crystals...
  191. Need Help! Somebody Stop Me Before I Buy Again!
  192. New Pick Up
  193. Anybody know anything about this watch?
  194. Frederique Constant watch accuracy device
  195. Have you ever considered a career in the watch industry?
  196. Battery Damage
  197. 5 Cool Car watches
  198. Another Industry Assessment
  199. 47mm lug-to-lug vs 6.3 inch wrist
  201. Hello, i am new here!
  202. Trying to decide between 3 pieces
  203. What do we know about Monchard Watch?
  204. Where can I send my watch to be modded?
  205. Armand Nicolet Cyber Monday deal on Ashford - Your thoughts?
  206. Need help deciding on a Rolex Purchase!
  207. ******WRUW Monday 28 November 16********
  208. Catching people checking out your watch
  209. Input requested
  210. Brice "Jeep99Dad" has had a huge loss in his family...
  211. Game: spot the mistakes in this poster. And watch musings
  212. KOHL'S Sale on Bulova and Seiko
  213. Under 1k$ first watch for small wrist
  214. New arrival: Seiko 6105-8119 with a twist!
  215. Looking for a sporty chronograph with the following specs...
  216. What other high end devices are made by quality watch manufacturers?
  217. Poor man's Explorer?
  218. Help me understand Patek Philippe
  219. Help! What to buy? 40th bday
  220. Revue Thommen MoonPhase is it worth ?600?
  221. HELP SEIKO 7430-5470 STEEL BAND
  222. If Omega made a motorcycle...
  223. Does the Seiko SARB033 Overlap With the Rolex DJ 1601 In a Collection?
  224. Hi can someone please ID the watch in this picture for me?
  225. Things that make you go hmmm....
  226. Print-a-Dial Project
  227. Want to learn about watch movements
  228. FC-303RV6B68 Bracelet to Leather strap suggestions please
  229. HypnoWatch
  230. Let's see those Black Friday finds!
  231. WRUW Sunday 27 November 16 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  232. Seiko SARX027 vs Stowa Partitio? FIGHT!
  233. Longer clasp = Better clasp? Seems so...
  234. Sinn EZM3 Pic
  235. Waltham Watch
  236. Who can help me ID this watch?
  237. Which Nomos would you add to this collection?
  238. Another "help me find a watch" (ani-digital, Solar, Atomic)
  239. Fall Gear Lifestyle Shot From My Instagram.
  240. Raymond Weil Automatic Maestro
  242. Need help with this engraving on the back of my watch: MR1244
  243. Difference in price
  244. Time Travel Watch
  245. other brands with in-house under 3000 bucks other than nomos or tudor or japanese companies?
  246. Would you ever buy a Panerai?
  247. I Have Gotten Literally 100's of Emails for Black Friday and Jomashop's Was The BEST ! !
  248. Status of collection and future develpments
  249. Desperately need advice on picking up the right watch
  250. Peoples opinion on buying a watch on a monthly payment plan?