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  1. Getting my first auto - Seiko / Orient
  2. Something Different: Concord 20th Ann. Saratoga Dual-Time Chronograph
  3. I bought a watch on WUS
  4. Duty AND sales tax at US Customs?
  5. Are Limited Edition Watches Worth More??
  6. IWC Portuguese watch
  7. Swatch Automatic 1995 red stretch strap - unknown - Does anyone know this watch?
  8. Seiko Astron discolorartion
  9. Milestone watch (part 1) (Pic heavy)
  10. Can anyone direct me where to find this part....
  11. <<<WRUW Sunday 11-13-16>>>
  12. Ever have someone laugh at your watch?
  13. Wife texted me what watch she wants
  14. HOW MUCH??????
  15. Rolex repair man in Cuba
  16. Changing opinions when seeing them in real life
  17. Does an AD ever discount?
  18. Black Bay Bronze, Resistance is Futile
  19. Zenith Chronomaster 1969 Review
  20. Wristwatch: Connects us to humanity (thoughts)
  21. Autodromo Group B - initial thoughts
  22. Buying an Omega on Jomashop?
  23. Watch spotted
  24. New on my wrist: Omega Speedmaster Snoopy Award
  25. New omega Po or Tudor bronze
  26. Options for retrograde seconds?
  27. best&cheapest authorized Tissot dealer in Michigan for REPAIR?
  28. Ladies and gentlemen, oil your bracelets!
  29. WRUW :: sat 11/12/16 ::
  30. It's XMAS ALL the time!
  31. I'm looking to get a Steinhart OCEAN BLACK DLC. Any reason why I shouldn't?
  32. Non-GMT "Jumping Hour" Watches?
  33. watch shopping in Japan!
  34. Latest Pick-Up ...
  35. Octagon Watches??
  36. Can you win the 'Lume Game'?
  37. It's Veteran's Day - MUSTER IN!
  38. looking for a quartz-clockwork for thick dials
  39. ETA 2892 running two minutes fast
  40. Jomashop: Fair is fair
  41. Ahhh approaching over well over 1,000 posts...what I've learned thanks to the community and the mods
  42. Are watches like stocks or coins or some other type of investment?
  43. Bulova Limited Edition Moon watches are dropping
  44. Vintage Cartier Tank Solo
  45. WRUW Friday 11/11/2016
  46. ID On Keith Ape's Watch? Or similar watches?
  47. Men with pink watch ?
  48. [BREAKING] 2016 GPHG Tudor Broze Named The Best Watch in the Petite Aiguille Category - thoughts?
  49. Article: Could Online Shoppers Pull Swiss Watchmakers Out of Their Slump?
  50. I try to get out, but they keep pulling me back in...
  51. Deal Watch Suggestions! Let me know what I should be looking at.
  52. Help! Problems with a new watch - Vacheron Constantin Traditionelle
  53. THIS JUST IN! *new purchase(s)/trade(s) that just arrived in the mail*
  54. Balticus Watches- does anyone have one
  55. Should I sell my Longines and get a Tag Heuer?
  56. Alternative to Orient ER2400CN cream dial?
  57. Too small for me?
  58. Share your UNCOMMON/RARE watches here!
  59. A great video about Timekeeping.
  60. Made one of the toughest choices a watch enthusiast can make, and it paid off!
  61. GMT watches with a separate dial for the extra timezone
  62. Watch for my 4 year old!
  63. Strange Seconds Indicator
  64. Your First 'proper' watch - how did you decide and what was it?
  65. Battle for the Semi-Affordable Everyday Wearer - But Which One?
  66. Starring at these watches ??
  67. ---WATCH on your WRIST Thursday 11-10-16---
  68. Show me your indie watches
  69. New Arrival: FC Moonphase
  70. Replacement strap for AT0550-11x
  71. Yves St. Laurent watches
  72. Seiko 6R15 vs Orient 40751 vs ETA 2892-A2 TOP Movements
  73. News flash for me!
  74. What's wrong with this picture?
  75. RE: Montblanc Star Roman vs Omega De Ville Prestige
  76. MIRA watches
  77. OK, I'm just going to say it...Today's Watches are HUGE!
  78. How well do Rado Ceramic watches age?
  79. can anybody identify this watch?
  80. Surprise packages
  81. What I hate in watch dials: "Swiss Made" replacing some minute markers
  82. Omega Speedmaster 1861 Issue
  83. Do election results impact US secondary watch market?
  84. -WRUW- 9th November 2016
  85. Best strap for the SARB065?
  86. Help me Choose, PAM vs Breitling
  87. What did you wear to the polling booth - US ELECTIONS'16
  88. Election night impulse
  89. Hamilton Pioneer Alternatives
  90. Used Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42
  91. Costa Rica, what watch
  92. The MACRO'S ON A BUDGET thread. (Pic heavy)
  93. Need Help / First Watch
  94. Reminder: Grand Seiko Event @ Timeless November 18th!
  95. Magnetic Workspace and Degaussing?
  96. To Bu a Watch While in Europe?
  97. Influence of online watch forums to watch companies
  98. Gold Bulova watch but which one?
  99. New Sinn 103 St
  100. Traser blue infinity quality?
  101. Watches With Hidden Compartments !
  102. Shouldn't a new watch run fast?
  103. Feedback on eBay seller love.otaku.japan ??
  104. Just ordered my first Orient
  105. ^^^^^Wrist CheckZ Tuesday 11-8-16^^^^^
  106. Opinions on this asymmetrical Seiko? Too funky?
  107. Incoming - Casio G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400-1
  108. Sweep hand troubles
  109. What color shirts to wear with this watch and strap combo...
  110. First expensive watch - question
  111. Retro-futurist Watches
  112. Glashutte Original Sixties Panorama Date or Omega Globemaster
  113. New Sistem Arrow
  114. Help me pick my next watch!
  115. Garnering opinions please...
  116. Watch site platform that collect sold price of watches
  117. A question about water resistance in high quality watches
  118. Considering Lew & Huey Orthos - bracelet query
  119. Blue dial with day/date <$150?
  120. Looking for a stainless steel dive watch for a gift
  121. Guidance on purchasing a polished vs non polished used watch
  122. ++++++WRUW Monday 7 Nov 16+++++++
  123. Watchmaker suggestions for Zodiac Sea Wolf?
  124. Wedding Watch Under $4000
  125. Lil Sis
  126. We hit our Stretch Goal. Let me know what you think of this new design!
  127. Watch recommendations?
  128. Quartz - how much would you pay?
  129. Doctor Strange's Watch!
  130. Massdrop Seiko vs Amazon
  131. Has anyone in the US shipped an item to Australia
  132. 2824-2 Question
  133. Is there a true non-dealer sales section?
  134. Carpenter Watches, did anyone here on WUS buy one?
  135. Different prices for the same watch
  136. DST and watch-smashing
  137. Backwards adjust for DST Miyota 9015
  138. Aquis, LegendDiver or Seamaster300
  139. Autumn in Tokyo: Daniel Wellington watches are everywhere
  140. Inhouse movements, ruin of the watch industry, and the future [abtw article]
  141. Finalised designs of the 2016 Chinese mechanical watch subforum project
  142. Parmigiani Tonda 1950 - Value Proposition?
  143. Selling a Collection for 1 watch.
  144. Resistance when winding watch! @@@HELP [email protected]@@
  145. It's THAT time again in the USA, back to Standard time
  146. <??<<?>>??> Sunday November 6 2016 WRUW <??<<?>>??>
  147. Not good...
  148. What do I ned to relume for my cheap $40 watch
  149. Perfect example of where knowing how to use a watch as a compass might have made life easier
  150. Trusting TV star has Patek Philippe stolen
  151. Buying water at an AD
  152. Is it OK to hack for an hour?
  153. JLC MC or Speedy Pro or ...
  154. Denver Area Get Together Hosted by Right Time on Dec 10th, 6PM
  155. eBay sellers, legitimate?
  156. Would you ever really want to find the perfect watch?
  157. I wasn't planning on buying a watch today.
  158. Modern, masculine, non-diver, sport watches?
  159. Brew Watches?
  160. Di Morello Chronissimo on Planet Ocean
  161. # # # # # #WRUW Saturday 5 November 16# # # # # #
  162. What watch do you wear when choking the chicken
  163. Interesting watch ID
  164. how sick are you? A poll
  165. mods: delete
  166. Double delivery - two takes on retro... Black Bay vs. Intra-Matic
  167. Suggest a retirement watch
  168. What are your WIS realizations?
  169. Date, or no date, that is the question
  170. The Truth about US Customs and Returns, Buyer Beware
  171. Seiko 6139
  172. Help me balance my collection
  173. Omega Tresor Review
  174. When did dive watches become popular?
  175. IWC Big Pilot 5002 or Le Petit Prince?
  176. Girard-Perregaux Traveller Moon Phase or Ulysse Nardin Dual Time Automatic 42mm
  177. Reshuffling at Richemont - CEO Steps down
  178. Destroyed, Rusty, and Rebuilt
  179. Question about applying lume to hands
  180. How do you choose what to wear?
  181. OK a Vintage Rolex Daytona is out reach, what are other vintage chronograph options?
  182. !!! WRUW Friday 4th November 2016 !!!
  183. Can I get the model of this Movado?
  184. Deep Thursday-night question: if you ended up selling it, was it worth buying in the first place?
  185. Ball Fireman Enterprise: thoughts?
  186. What's the FBI Director got on his wrist?
  187. Had battery replaced on my GW3500B. It worked fine and then I left it in the dark and now it's dead
  188. Found my brand
  189. Seiko beats Rolex in value appreciation!
  190. Well, I got my grail
  191. Third watch…Squale 1545 pics and thoughts
  192. Is anyone home at Helson Watches?
  193. What do you guys think about the brand, and couple of models in particular:
  194. AR coating repair
  195. German Quartz for $200????
  196. Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Memovox Boutique Edition
  197. Fantastic AD experience
  198. Any 'dressy' digitals out there?
  199. Benarus vs StevRal
  200. Which iconic chronograph watch?
  201. Skeletons: Rado Vs. Oris Vs. Tissot
  202. Roamer and Gant watches
  203. New on my wrist: Nomos Metro
  204. My perfect collection: what's yours
  205. Show off your 4R/NH movement watches!
  206. -----------WRUW Thursday 3 November 16-----------
  207. Show your Sellita equipped watches!
  208. Thanks for the support...
  209. Are Orient Bambinos worth ~$210?
  210. Watch Manufacturer based on China (mainland) or Hong Kong
  211. Replacing crystal need help
  212. Your opinion:Watch under $1,000 for a young man in his early 20's
  213. I need info on this watch.
  214. I would love feedback on this new watch and our KS campaign
  215. 3000$ Dressy Everyday Watch
  216. What Just Came In: Planet Ocean GMT & Chronograph Master Chronometers
  217. This Just In: Grand Seiko SBGJ019 Hi-Beat GMT
  218. Weiss Watch Company, I wanted to like them BUT...they went mainstream
  219. Does anyone agree with me about Ferrari watches?
  220. -/-/-Wednesday Wrist CheckZ 11-2-16-/-/-
  221. Automatic watching winding issue
  222. Used and Abused Watches
  223. What is your favorite Thread Title over the Years?
  224. Wow! A total game game changer!
  225. Undone Custom Made Aqua No Date
  226. The nowhere land of 30mm to 35mm
  227. Comunicating
  228. What brand is this?
  229. Which color schemes of these two C60 Trident Pro 600 do you favor?
  230. -------------WRUW Tuesday 1 Nov 16---------
  231. Watches similar to the Nomos Orion Rose
  232. A Collection Mixing Vintage & Modern
  233. Help :-) what watch is this
  234. You might not be a WIS if...
  235. Is legitimate?
  236. Watch rotation
  237. What do you think of this Seiko?
  238. Watch Stores in the US Virgin Islands?
  239. Best $2k + Diver
  240. Can you have too many black dial watches?
  241. Is the word "Deployment" winning the Battle?
  242. if you like enamel....
  243. New arrival (vintage content)
  244. I really didn't need another expensive habit
  245. Leather off the Glycine, Super Engineer PVD on
  246. Limes Endurance II vs. the usual suspects
  247. A two days visit - Munichtime 2016
  248. AR coating removal
  249. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Monday 10/31/16 >>>>>>>>>>>
  250. Which Watch Do U Want Santa To Put Under The Tree For Christmas, 2016 ? SHOW EM !!!