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  1. What do you think are the best new chronographs for $5000 or less other than the Speedmaster
  2. If U could be involved w/ ONE aspect of the watch industry, making good $$, WHAT would that be?
  3. What Just Came In: Nomos Tangente Neomatik Nachtblau
  4. New member looking for advice
  5. BB36 arrival
  6. Torn between first luxury watch purchase - Speedy or Black Bay??
  7. New Member & My First Automatic
  8. Plan to pick up another JLC but need to move one of my core pieces. Which one would you move?
  9. WatchUSeek/Undone Watches Limited Edition and 20% Discount
  10. NATO Strap Colour Help
  11. Signature watch for about $5K
  13. Pre-owned Watch Shopping in Hong Kong
  14. Concerned about light scratches on Seiko 7009
  15. What's the most accurate watch you own?
  16. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW Thr 10/27/16 >>>>>>>>>>
  17. Leather strap color to go with everything you wear...
  18. Halios Delfin
  19. A watch for the very few
  20. My very unsatisfactory dealing with Jomashop - NEVER AGAIN!
  21. IWC Aquatimer or JLC Master Compressor
  22. So Excited 216570 Polar
  23. Affordable watches in Kiev, Ukraine ?
  24. Have you ever "identified " a WUS member in real life?
  25. Autumn
  26. Accurate, Cheaply Maintainable, Day & Night -readable watches?
  27. Just sharing an article about a probably stolen Rolex for sale at Christie's
  28. A couple of wrist shots. Help be the judge....Too big or just right?
  29. In praise of the ana-digi
  31. Review Pebble Time Steel - using it as an ordinary watch that tells you the weather!
  32. Oris Aquis Date 43mm vs. Chr Ward Trident 43mm
  33. Best Moonphase Dress Watches -- from $1k to $3k
  34. Longines Hydro Conquest v/s Tag Heuer Formula 1
  35. Video: Inside a watchmaking school
  36. ?? WRUW Wednesday 26 Oct ??
  37. Perfect Fit Buckle WUS Project?
  38. First post on the forum
  39. Nomos Tangente vs Montblanc Ultra Slim : Comparison with pictures
  40. Affordable Pilot Chronographs?
  41. Please help to identify
  42. How much more complicated is a GMT movement?
  43. Duration of AR Coatings?
  44. Chr. Ward Trident 38mm too small 43mm too big
  45. Glashutte Original Boutique in Vienna...
  47. Yes Equilibrium
  48. Whats missing?
  49. Alternatives to Tudor BB36/Rolex Explorer?
  50. Zenith EL Primero Chronomaster
  51. ///Tuesday Wrist CheckZ 10-25-16---
  52. first post, getting into the fine hobby of watch collecting!
  53. Potential scammer?
  54. 42mm-45mm Dress Watch Under $5k What are the options?
  55. 1 watch under 50k?
  56. Has Soprod dropped the A-10 movement?
  57. Finally a bezel insert I like on the SKX 007
  58. Watch get together in Asheville North Carolina
  59. Can anyone convince me not to buy a Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500?
  60. Land of the Giants, Capt Burton's chrono id?
  61. Tag Heuer aquaracer strap suggestion
  62. Purchase Hand Wind movements
  63. Return "Held in Customs" in the UK
  64. Beware Jacob Ekland watches
  65. Which watch to choose
  66. Reliability - 2 Hand Small Second vs 3 Hand Quartz
  67. Casio AW-E10 crystal glass
  68. Watch straps in HK
  69. Bucherer introduces new "Blue Editions"
  70. Will i be over my head in repair costs (cleaning and timing)?
  71. Vintage watch shopping in Switzerland
  72. New Watch day
  73. The Daily Mash on Expensive Watches
  74. Solar Powered watches
  75. Which chronograph? (Baume Capeland vs Longines Heritage Chrono column wheel)
  76. Moders for hire of service?
  77. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Monday 10/24/16 >>>>>>>>>>>>
  78. Seiko SNK809 strap recomendations!
  79. My review of the Seiko SRPA29
  80. please help! need advice on a rare Panerai watch without papers
  81. "Watch" Your Girlfriends
  82. JLC Reverso Duoface Rose Gold
  83. The Personality Type of a WIS
  84. Primetiming watches
  85. Before and after ...entering the world of strap swapping
  86. Current Year Watches Drawing your Attention
  87. Are watch collectors playboys?
  88. The Member Berries of the Watch World
  89. If Chuck Norris wore a MECHANICAL watch...
  90. How can I purchase a new watch which is not available in any retailers in my country?
  91. MYTHBUSTERS WUS Edition.
  92. What watch is Mike Ditka wearing?
  93. Which do you prefer : Superior movement or superior looks ?
  94. Munichtime 2016 - Oct 28, 29, 30
  95. Rolex Explorer 214270 or Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic 1958
  96. ^^^^^^^^WRUW 10/23/16 Sunday^^^^^^^
  97. Coming up on 2 year WUS Anniversary: my embarrassing list of watches since then
  98. Power reserve problems - New Aquaracer
  99. Looking for watch similar to Fortis B-42 Flieger - Any help??
  100. Can someone assist in identifying this Sekonda?
  101. Help me identify this Ferrari watch Please!
  102. New Watch! Whatcha think of Airman?
  103. record watch
  104. 12 hour bezel for SKX?
  105. Crown replacement for P'6340 Porsche Design???
  106. Zenith Cairelli Press Release
  107. Would a Longines Conquest classic chronograph or Longines Saint Imier chronograph be good?
  109. Another tick on my wanted list [emoji3]
  110. Dreaming of a Preowned, need advice.
  111. What is your quartz recommendations under $1000?
  112. Does an oil-filled watch ever need service?
  113. Choice between Grand Seiko SBGA127 & IWC Ingenieur Vintage Laureus
  115. Reliability of Rolex vs ETA vs other movements
  116. How are watches adjusted to 5 (or 6) positions?
  117. How would your view change if certain watches costs 10% of what they do?
  119. <<%%$$##@@<< WRUW 10/22/2016 >>@@##$$%%>>
  120. JLC Reverso Tribute Opinions
  121. My oiled Casio F-91 dives deeper than 40 meters several times (many underwater photos)
  122. Dual color bezels
  123. Have you ever...
  124. Tudor Heritage Advisor Review
  125. Zenith Ton-Up Review
  126. Just built a chronograph ...and, surprisingly it turned out kinda sexy
  127. Orient Perpetual Calendar
  128. bronze-cased watches within/under 12mm thick?
  129. Innovation in mechanical watches - intro and pilot for what I hope to be a series of posts....
  130. the secondary market
  131. Does Sinn or Damasko Ever Go On Sale?
  133. Grand Seiko in the UK
  134. Watches hard at work
  135. Regulator
  136. What watch is Cubs owner wearing?
  137. Fixing a Bent Lug
  138. Brand sponsorship
  139. Need help finding new watch.
  140. Sinn 104
  141. <<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW 10/21/16 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  142. Money20/20 GTG (Vegas 10/23-10/26)???
  143. Golden Swan Watches
  144. My latest ? an exotic chrono diver
  145. Should I pull the trigger?
  146. Looking for a white dial dress watch under $250
  147. Strap problem anyone else had it
  148. A Question on Buying a Slightly Used Rolex
  149. Decisions, Decisions...
  150. OT: Paying with multiple gift cards
  151. Who has the new Tudor Black Bay Black?
  152. Hi From the UK
  153. New user
  154. Hardest materials?
  155. Marcello C Nettuno Owners
  156. New Dial Colors for the Outdoor Protect
  157. Are white dials on sports watches (divers, chronos) too dressy? Should sport watches stick to black?
  158. Does Anyone Make a Quality Elastic Stainless Bracelet?
  159. Watches with Californian theme ?
  160. Help..... have I killed my seiko 5
  161. To fix or not to fix
  162. Is this worth buying for 270???
  163. Lume - avoiding disappointment
  164. ((((((((WRUW Thursday 10/20/16))))))))))
  165. What do you think is the coolest watch out there?
  166. After reading some of the more inane entries here tonight...
  167. At the risk of being accused of being a shill for Omega......................
  168. Modern watches with sector dial
  169. Need Help Deciding on a watch based on the Warranty
  170. Strap on
  171. Advice from 1849 on regulating a Watch
  172. Suggestions for Me a New Watch: Criteria Inside
  173. Tag Aquaracer at Walmart?
  174. New Bracelet for Sarb017 Green Alpinist
  175. Vacheron Constantin Overseas 47040 Size comparison request!
  176. GMT II Pepsi or Patek Aquanaut 5164
  177. Watch repair Cincinnati
  178. As Danny said to Sandy....It's Electrifying
  179. New clockwork for Maxi Swatch
  180. How do you organize your collection?
  181. The Guardian: "Still ticking: the improbable survival of the luxury watch business"....
  182. Orlando GTG?
  183. Sitting-at-desk-watch-taker-offers, do you have a special doodad you rest your watch on?
  184. Vulcain Alarm hand wound watch - please help identify
  185. SalonQP in London - 3rd to 5th November
  186. What are your favorite french watch brands?
  187. Is there a better option than this for the price?
  188. New watch broke almost immediately - my rights as a buyer?
  189. Please recommend me THREE watches up to approximately $400 each
  190. Eterna watch movements
  191. Am I Watch Collecting or Hoarding?
  192. Help is this watch
  193. Help me find a lookalike / homage...
  194. First 5-10 watches you bought and why if up for it!
  195. ****** WRUW Wednesday October 19th 2016 ******
  196. Under 31 mm Lume watches -for lady
  197. What To Do With All the Left-Over Straps
  198. New purchase, should I keep or send back? Advice needed please
  199. Looking for the best scratch-proof bezel watches -ceramic or super-compressor?
  200. Alpina
  201. Regular Sellers on Watchforums
  202. Thoughts on The "Other" Moon Watch
  203. Valjoux 7750 Durability??
  204. 100th Post Observations
  205. Seiko SBDS001J or Oris Aquis Titan Chrono?
  206. Looking for some similar watches...
  207. First Time Automatic Watch Owner Care Questions
  208. Do you diligently service your Automatics?
  209. the Patek Nautilus is just so cool...opinion question at the end of post
  210. Amazon Seller It''AboutTime Inquiry
  211. One watch arrived today, still one to come....
  212. <!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!<!< WRUW Tuesday 10/18/16 >!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>!>
  213. Possible Denver GTG with RightTime hosting
  214. Nomos Tetra Neomatik or Zenith New Vintage 1965 ?
  215. Vintage style military chronograph
  216. Mesh or leather?
  217. 2X/mo enough for auto's
  218. My new Terrascope GMT
  219. Unsizable bracelet?
  220. Brands I Want to Like - Zodiac
  221. Shark-themed Watches
  222. Rado or Nomos?
  223. Four of your unacknowledged watches
  224. How to get bead blasted / matte finish using sandpaper or other supplies?
  225. Anyone interested in the new H20 Kalmar 2 DLC?
  226. Help me pick my next watch
  227. Altenative to PP Aquanaut Travel Time
  228. Finally completed my Invicta Subaqua Noma III collection :)
  229. Black Friday countdown / target thread
  230. Marine Chronometer Observer Watch Options
  231. Help me buy a watch to commemorate my first hole in one!
  232. Drilled lugs = feature
  233. My Bad week. The story of my stolen watches and what i replaced them with.
  234. Decent watches $500-600 and under
  235. Tough decision Lange vs Blancpain
  236. Feeling guilty
  237. Affordable first 'serious' day to day watch - advice welcome
  238. Need Help. Movement always stops at the same marker
  239. SKX007 available again
  240. Could regular mail from Sweden to Iowa take over a month?
  241. HELP NEEDED! Zeppelin watch!
  242. Vintage size revival?
  243. Visiting Chicago- Recommendations on where to look at watches?
  244. Recommend a watch for nighttime ice fishing
  245. <<<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Monday 10/17/16 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  246. Watch for my 14 year old daughter
  247. Give me your thoughts on these 2 choices for my next addition. To be honest the Tudor with inhouse
  248. Traditional feeling in the air (thoughts)
  249. Anyone going to W&amp;W Wind Up fair NYC Oct 20-21?
  250. Patek Phillipe