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  1. Feeling guilty
  2. Affordable first 'serious' day to day watch - advice welcome
  3. Need Help. Movement always stops at the same marker
  4. SKX007 available again
  5. Could regular mail from Sweden to Iowa take over a month?
  6. HELP NEEDED! Zeppelin watch!
  7. Vintage size revival?
  8. Visiting Chicago- Recommendations on where to look at watches?
  9. Recommend a watch for nighttime ice fishing
  10. <<<<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Monday 10/17/16 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  11. Watch for my 14 year old daughter
  12. Give me your thoughts on these 2 choices for my next addition. To be honest the Tudor with inhouse
  13. Traditional feeling in the air (thoughts)
  14. Anyone going to W&amp;W Wind Up fair NYC Oct 20-21?
  15. Patek Phillipe
  16. Info on likelihood of customs charges on DPD delivery from UK to USA
  17. Best watch for $2.5k
  18. Common WUS topics\arguments.... addressed by expert panel
  19. Strange Combo?
  20. Have you ever sold & later re-bought a watch? Why?
  21. Some subconcious wish to get caught?
  22. Who doesn't want a display back?
  23. Buying Replica
  24. To Owners of Rolexes, Omegas and (Eternas?)
  25. Average Service Cost for a Chronograph?
  26. Is this too big?
  27. Breitling Chronomat: bracelet or leather strap?
  28. How often do people get taken advantage of?
  29. How to remove those scratches (by myself or from jeweler?) ?
  30. Tissot T-Touch Solar Exper , Certina DE Edge , Tag Heuer Connected or else ( ~ $1500 ) for daily use
  31. Which watches have a cowboy look ?
  32. Biatec Watches - ETERNA MOVEMENTS
  33. Orion watch just bought
  34. the Time Capsule
  35. Ebay purchase stuck in Canada Customs
  36. ========WRUW Sunday 10/16/16========
  37. New Rado classic coupole
  38. Oyster vs. Super Oyster vs. Super Oyster 2
  39. Help me pick my next (dress?) watch
  40. Think I may be done adding for a while
  41. Random ?s on a Chinese Watch
  42. does such watch exist on Earth?
  43. Helson Watch Customer Service / Sales Contact Needed
  44. Sea-Gull watches
  45. Quartz watch that gains 20 seconds in 12 hours!
  46. Another Help me choose thread. Nomos Zurich Weltzeit Vs. Zenith El Primero 36,000 VHP
  47. Evolution of watch taste over the years.
  48. Omega Dirty Dozen How to spot a fake?
  49. Oris Sixty Five (mini review)
  50. My 8 Divers
  51. Nomos Tangente Sport Review
  52. Omega Globemaster Review
  53. A messy picture of clean-dialed watches
  54. Zenith Chronomaster Grande Date Review
  55. Progression from affordable to expensive ?
  56. Is this Tudor bracelet Correct?
  57. Is WUS on Your Toolbar in Quick Links?
  58. Im 18, and just started watch collecting, any tips,advice or any knowledge of value, even opinions n
  59. Reduced From 50 to 18; 12 More to Cull
  60. Mission Critical: watch challenge
  61. Pictures of you wearing a dress watch
  62. The aesthetics of very narrow roman numerals
  63. Welcome to the wacky world of Amazon pricing (Part 3,780)
  64. Question about watches from India on Ebay...
  65. ?>?>?> Saturday October 15 2016 WRUW ?>?>?>
  66. CountyComm Sale of Maratec Watch this weekend
  67. Is This INOX Fake ?
  68. Lightest watch on SS bracelet
  69. How long to wait for response after sending $$$?
  70. Where Do You Store Your Watches?
  71. Eterna Monterey Blue dial
  72. If superheroes wear a watch, what would they be ?
  74. What should I buy?
  75. Biatec - the name
  76. #######WRUW Friday 10/14/16#########
  77. Help me pick another watch...
  78. Watch Collection Appraisals
  79. A PP 1518 up for auction
  80. It's on it's way!
  81. That one watch that you own that says, "I'm a real watch"
  82. I'm satisfied with my collection right now
  83. Ancon customer service - does it exist?
  84. Selling a watch to New York jeweler - anyone with experience?
  85. Thinking of buying a Squale master
  86. Luxury Watch Daily Wear
  87. Getat, Panerai homage
  88. Nivada watches
  89. How Many Watches Have You Given Away
  90. The one...A compilation from past threads
  91. This forum is huge and I can't seem to find a particular thread..
  92. Low light lumers
  93. Forbes article on Fifth Watches
  94. ((((((((((WRUW Thursday 10/13/16))))))))))))
  95. Repair Questions
  96. Inexpensive watch related gifts?
  97. Thoughts on this LL Bean....
  98. Jomashop Warranty - Non-Transferable !!!
  99. Irritating!
  100. Humble Beginning - My collection started Dec. 7 2015
  101. Help! Victorinox Alliance Mechanical Crown issue?
  102. What is the model and price of this watch?
  103. NOMOS DAY AT Topper Jewelers Saturday October 15th-- See the new 2016 Neomatik Midnight Blue
  104. Any places to go watch hunting in the Denver area?
  105. Thoughts on Baume Mercier's new perpetual calendar?
  106. Vintage watch recommendations under $400
  107. Determining Where to Sell Watches
  108. Talk me out of the Moonwatch
  109. Why are Seiko watches so more expensive compared to similar Casio watches?
  110. New Tudor Black Bay - Advice for Scratch
  111. Does this look good?
  112. Is this valuable? Favre Leuba Genéve F25-100
  113. Depreciation...Your worst (orbest) brands?
  114. A walk through Madison Ave: Seiko, Nomos, and Rolex
  115. Please help me with this small vintage beauty - Abercombie & fitch - who was producing the movement
  116. End Link Wobble - technical suggestions?
  117. Forum Darlings
  118. Like the look of the corsair
  119. New guy here from Orange County SoCal
  120. Biatec Watches - INTRODUCTION
  121. Looking for black dial, leather strap automatic sub 3000€
  122. Newbie looking at Rossling & Co
  123. How much money were you making when you bought your first $10k watch?
  124. -/-Mid week WATCH on your WRIST 10-12-16-/-/
  125. I love you guys.
  126. Oversize automatic watch
  127. Do You Ponder a Purchase or Quickly Decide
  128. BREMONT ALT-C/PB vs TAG HEUER Calibre 36 vs TUDOR Heritage
  129. Advice needed: Victorinox 241373 vs Eterna 11841741400178FRA
  130. Making the switch to a regulator ( single hand) watch?
  131. For the benefit of tin foil hat crowd.
  132. I Was in My Man Cave Today... and The Wife Steps In...
  133. Huge Christopher Ward order blunder!!!
  134. Spending savings on a watch? financial wisdom needed please
  135. Pull the trigger?
  136. Raymond Weil, where's the love?
  137. Show your Quartz Swept Second Hand Watches
  138. Bremont OTUSA-R/BK Review
  139. Zenith Elite Ultra Thin Review
  140. [Vintage Chronograph] Is this watch destined for the graveyard?
  141. Omega Aqua Terra Ryder Cup Review
  142. Nomos Comparison - Tangente vs Orion vs Metro Gangreserve
  143. Question: Miyota 2S60
  144. Help Me Choose My Next Watch!
  145. Handwinders: Don't wind "only in one direction" (Nomos, Swatch System 51).
  146. Seiko SNK809 negative reviews
  147. *****Tuesday WRUW****
  148. Is my thought process logical and/or worth it?
  149. Dress watch on nato strap ok?
  150. Playing all in: When do you allow yourself to wear a watch without worry?
  151. Sports/athletic watches before the 1980's
  152. What makes Orient Star more expensive than Orient Bambino ?
  153. Was it because of James Bond that Rolex and Omega became the most recognized watch brands ?
  154. Chronographs under $3000?
  155. Been Saying I'm Done but Found Something I Like;
  156. === WRUW: Tuesday October 11th 2016 ===
  157. Watch Brands You'll Never Own
  158. Manual Wind Watch Advice
  159. Best way to determine value??
  160. Advice sought from owners of...
  161. SOTC & some pictures
  162. T ips of Introducing yourself at the watches collectors community
  163. Sanity check on ebay vintage prices...
  164. "Luxury"
  165. Watch size (diameter)/wrist size issue.
  166. Should the industry change watch certification? (COSC)
  167. What to wear, and how to decide!
  168. Newbie ready for a higher end everyday tool watch
  169. hi, can anyone help identify this watch?
  170. Pam Radiomir 425 Vs Hublot Caviar Vs Chopard Speed Black 2 Vs IWC INGENIEUR AMG
  171. Show us your Archimede watches
  172. Pre-Owned watch shopping in Singapore
  173. As a luxury watch collector, which entry level watch satisfy you the most ?
  174. What is your first luxury watch and how did it make u feel ?
  175. What is your favorite type of watch and why ?
  176. Is Rolex the upper class Seiko?
  177. What is your favorite way of enjoying watches ?
  178. Outsider
  179. ///////////////WRUW Monday 10/10/16\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  180. Can anyone guess what watch Cornell is wearing from Luke Cage?
  181. Best British Watch: Rotary or Christopher Ward?
  182. Is it worth the extra $1K?
  183. Watch ID Help for Novice
  184. What brought everyone to WUS for the first time?
  185. Weirdest thing
  186. Odd obstacles to buying a watch :-)
  187. Unofficial Baume & Mercier Riviera Thread
  188. Have you figured out the perfect number of watches to have in your collection?
  189. Seiko owners, what are your favourite seiko and why?
  190. Solid, everyday watch under $600
  191. New watch novice
  192. My Local AD has Breitlings on sale
  193. Acceptable seconds loss on an auto?
  194. For you Lume freaks. My contribution to WUS for a day. Sincerely, Your favorite troll.
  195. What's your favourite watch that you didn't have to pay for?
  196. WRUW ::: SUNDAY OCT 9th 2016 :::
  197. Watches with real histories ...
  198. Enjoying my new AP Royal Oak
  199. Christopher Ward Vouchers?
  200. Need help with finding a special watch part - please help!
  201. MY NEW OMEGA CK2998
  202. Spring bar pliers?
  203. Unbox: Victorinox Dive Master 500 Titanium Ref: 241660
  204. Fix old quartz watches
  205. Types of watch you realise you no longer want
  206. Lume shot. My images speak for themselves.
  207. What are the most disapointing watches you have ever owned ?
  208. I'm bored with my first mechanical watch.
  209. Incoming!!!
  210. Squale Y1545 prices have now doubled on Ebay
  211. +_+ WRUW - Saturday, October 8, 2016 +_+
  212. Jack Dalton's Watch on Episode 3 of Macgyver (2016)
  213. New Pickup Frederique Constant Moonphase
  214. How loose is too loose?
  215. A really good movie about a legendary watchmaker.
  216. Show us the watch that you will keep for ever
  217. Girard Perregaux Cal 3100 part needed.
  218. Favre-Leuba is back!
  219. Watch Wiki - a great website
  220. Best Watch YouTube Channel?
  221. Skagen hagen automátic
  222. How many hours in a day do you spend on WUS ?
  223. I can't find the one :(
  224. New arrival
  225. Roadtrip to the UK!
  226. Watch ID on The Grand Tour
  227. Is Grand Seiko really excellent value for money?
  228. Alternative to Breitling Super Ocean Heritage 46 for smaller wrist.
  229. LUME WAR!!!! Seiko vs Lum-tec! Be the Judge.
  230. Damasko DA36 too big for skinny wrist (6.2")?
  231. Can anybody identify this watch? Impractical Jokers
  232. Purchasing New vs Old watches
  233. Size of a dress watch
  234. *****WRUW FRIDAY 7th*****
  235. Can anyone I.D Luke Cage's watch?
  236. What are some affordable watches with an exotic dial?
  237. What exactly is a "tool watch?"
  238. Canada Post Changed Delivery Address
  239. Hello all
  240. Diamstars watches? Heard of brand?
  241. UK: BBC 4 tonight: Marie Antoinette's watch / Breguet
  243. What is the most you will pay to have your watch Professionally polished/cleaned?
  244. Does anyone know this watch ?
  245. what is this watch?
  246. Nomos Ludwig 38mm vs A. Lange & Sohne Saxonia Thin 37mm
  247. NYC watch event - 10/14-10/15 - any interest?
  248. Donald Trump Watch Anyone?
  249. Speedbird on a nato - thoughts? >>>
  250. Superocean 44mm in its natural surroundings !!