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  26. Why do so many members dislike four or so lines of text on the dial?
  27. You ever fall in love with the ugly girl?
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  29. My new Zelos Eagle E -1A DLC
  30. Is bezel material an important factor while buying your new watches ?
  31. 3 weeks journey...1 watch
  32. --/Saturday Wrist CheckZ 8-20-16--/
  33. Oris
  34. Best 200m 38mm automatic watch in existence?
  35. Which watch currenty haunts your dreams?
  36. Do your watches beg for attention?
  37. Poll: Tudor Black Bay Black or Breitling Heritage three hand?
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  42. Need advice of this Seven Friday
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  49. It's my birthday and here's my watch.
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  51. Christopher Ward C8 UTC Worldtimer
  52. When did Invicta go off the rails?
  53. Need your help on
  54. International Watch Insurance Dilemma
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  56. In your opinion, do you think high end watches are only for the wealthy?
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  58. Advice needed - Possible FedEx scam
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  62. Attention watch makers! Just tell us one more thing and we'll buy your watches.
  63. BN0176-08E size compairson
  64. stuttering second hand
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  66. 700/$900 max to spend. Help me decide, good people!
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  69. Checked out rolex, omega my view
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  72. ARRGH! Dam Party Crashers!!!
  73. Birthday help and onions
  74. <<<<<<<WRUW Thursday 8/18/16>>>>>>>>
  75. Nomos in massdrop
  76. Simple dress watch options (ALS Saxonia)
  77. 30 watches in 4 years
  78. Just me?
  79. Sport Watch with Rubber Band
  80. Mechanical with screw down crown - Help!
  81. New addition.. 116655
  82. Junghans Meister Driver Chronoscope: Has anyone seen it in the metal?
  83. How much are my Carl Bucherer watches worth ?
  84. Fortis Aviatis Cockpit Two...WOW
  85. Opportunity to Buy Navitimer 806 AOPA
  86. Audemars piguet on your wrist - post your photos
  87. Identify This Watch on this Cleveland Policeman?
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  89. Piano and watch pictures?
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  91. Ceramic cases - bad idea or not? (Omega in particular.)
  92. Ever sold a watch out of fear you'd scratch it?
  93. Anyone heard of WatchRepairUSA in NY
  94. A this or that
  95. Has anyone seen the new RGM 151PR yet?
  96. What is a Less Expensive Swiss Movement GMT Sports Watch?
  97. WRUW Wed 8/17/16# # # # # # #
  98. A watch I would like to know more about. (PYCCKOE BPEMR)
  99. Places for Watch Repair? (Deep Blue)
  100. ML "Mysterious Seconds"
  101. Camo on camo Sinn
  102. Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39mm or Omega Aqua Terra?
  103. Here's a contest I wish never happened....
  104. Turn past & go back or not?
  105. I sincerely apologize to the watch experts on this forum....yes Invicta is an effing joke
  106. Sistem 51 Irony (Steel)
  107. is the love of your watch relative?
  108. Safe and Fair Trade
  109. Can Anyone Confirm This Is a Fake?
  110. watch weight?
  111. seeking quality reasonably affordable solar atomic day date titanium sapphire analog 3 hand watch
  112. Which of these outside of the box watches would you choose?
  113. Dual dial, Dual time watch
  114. ---Tuesday 8-16-16 Wrist CheckZ---
  115. Breitling Chronomat or Omega Speedmaster Auto?
  116. I'm really into this woman ('s watch)
  117. New arrival: IWC hommage
  118. The economics of accuracy
  119. Can somebody explain the Jomashop warranty?
  120. Omega 2254.50 or TAG aquaracer wak2110 500m
  121. Where to sell
  122. Watch producers for new company
  123. Nomenclature Help
  124. Hands and indices not lining up
  125. Wade Van Niekerk rocking a Richard Mille
  126. Why do you wear a luxury watch?
  127. Looking for a good 3 6 9 12 dress watch
  128. Help. Identify my watches
  129. Interview with Raynald Aeschlimann of Omega
  130. Reaching the end - my next and penultimate watch
  131. Dial Mark
  132. Tudor Pelagos Blue With Isofrane
  133. Do you miss your watch.
  134. Evaluating a Ferrari automatic swiss chronometer
  135. Strangest Watch-Related Dream?
  136. I Have to Admit... I'm a Olympics Junkie and I Cannot Lie... Just wish I Wore an $800k watch...
  137. WRUW Monday 8/15/16 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  138. August purchases
  139. What is your favorite watch?
  140. Scratches & rub marks on brushed bezel
  141. Steinhart Ocean 1 Bronze
  142. All Black Stunner
  143. Anyone here from Ottawa, ON?
  144. Oris and Orient watch identification
  145. My next watch purchase - opinions please?
  146. watch disassembly videos
  147. VSA pricing (or, watch pricing generally)
  148. Patina formulas and recipies
  149. I don't like the Pelagos.....
  150. 2016 Tudor black bay heritage in house movement
  151. Narrow Watches?
  152. Is it worth buying?
  153. Would you sell your Rolex in my position?
  154. Which Watches Look best on rubber or leather ?
  155. Disconcerting Noise from My Christopher Ward Trident Pro
  156. How long until new releases appear at gray market sellers?
  157. Watch analyser app
  158. -WRUW- Put on your Sunday best! 14th August 2016
  159. Seiko PADI SRPA21K1
  160. It's a toss up so help me decide (updated with decision and new pics)
  161. Ryan Kim makes killer leather straps!
  162. Timeless Club II Review
  163. What actually causes a watch to patina?
  164. Can anyone identify this watch?
  165. Birth Year Watches.
  166. My 1971 Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch...
  167. Turquoise Rebel not working after battery change.
  168. Love this watch!!
  169. ***** WRUW Sat. 13 August 2016 *****
  170. Cocktail-ish alternative to Seiko SARB/SAR - consider if looking for affordable Seiko automatic
  171. PayPal Gift
  172. Will Grand Seiko ever be as good as Rolex
  173. Is anybody else making factory petina watches like the Laco Erbstuck?
  174. Vintage Timex 100 movement identification
  175. Need opinion on my first dress/luxury brand name watch.
  176. Teach me about automatic watches
  177. Wearing a nice watch on a daily basis vs beater watch?
  178. Factory replacement straps?
  179. How do you pronounce Seiko?
  180. Anyone else having problems with PMs and Chat messages?
  181. Help with some watch history?
  182. Do you buy a watch while on holiday?
  183. Alternatives to Seiko Alpinist Sarb013
  184. Should I change my IWC for a Zenith
  185. Help me choose..(yes, another one of those) between two Sea-Gulls
  186. WRUW :::FRI 8/12/16:::
  187. Power Reserve Competition
  188. Gerald Genta Fantasy Mickey Mouse
  189. What is your grail and what features would you want in your perfect watch?
  190. WSJ: Hard times for luxury-watch dealers
  191. What's the longest you have ever had your eye on a watch before pulling the trigger?
  192. Shipping Help to Singapore
  193. Rolex Resale Value
  194. Trusted Checkout - trustworthy???
  195. Miyota 3S60 Problems
  196. Is my Quartz movement using current?
  197. Impressed with my Lew & Huey!
  198. Soprod movement repair
  199. I don't get this at all
  200. Seiko solar question.
  201. Post your Watch with Attire
  202. Swatch Aquachrono Identification
  203. Quest for the Holy Grail
  204. advice on strap for new AT...
  205. Wrist size measurement
  206. # # #WRUW Thursday 8/11/16# # #
  207. Identification Help
  208. Looking for a rubber strapped watch to wear at school 120$ budget
  209. post pictures of your 38mm watches!
  210. Potential issues with buying a 5 year old "new" watch.
  211. New Vintage watch dealers and "All original condition"???
  212. Which chronograph do you prefer (if either)?
  213. Watch of shame
  214. If you purchased 3000 store credit for a high street retailer/authorised watch dealer for 2000...
  215. Chronograph, what do you think?
  216. Question regarding fake watches
  217. Help the neophyte decide if this is sketchy?
  218. Introducing the Squadron One by Havaan Tuvali Watch Company
  219. I have a few questions that will help me decide whether or not I'm going to buy this watch...
  220. Vintage Omega repair in Washington, DC?
  221. What do you think of Shinola brand watches?
  222. Setting time
  223. Popular watches
  224. >> WRUW 10 August 2016 <<
  225. Gray Market
  226. Parmigiani?
  227. Casio Find
  228. Luxury Bazaar?
  229. Watch Search Help!
  230. What Watches are the hardest wearing?
  231. Looking for a diving watch (plastic strapped) for 100dollars budget
  232. TAG Question
  233. Oh No, not again
  234. Advice on a 36-38mm Swiss fieldish watch under $1000...
  235. London GTG - October, gauging interest
  236. Legit?
  237. I didn't have to use my AK
  238. Reign Watches: Soliciting Opinions
  239. [Help] Watches with blue hands and white dial
  240. Another Chrono24 Thread :) Don't hate me
  241. Musing about fakes and replicas and how people identify them
  242. A forgotten classic
  243. Why I will never buy a luxury watch again.
  244. WRUW 8/9/16 # # # # # # # # # #
  245. New aftermarket bracelet on my Tudor BB Red! (Pics)
  246. Best hand wound
  247. A No Brainer Choice or Is It?
  248. Bernhardt Captain's Watch and Seiko Sarb Water Resistance
  249. My '75 Zodiac Olympos Now Ready for Business
  250. Where to find