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  1. TGIF What's on your wrist for July the 29th?
  2. Bracelet Recommendations?
  3. Incoming!!
  4. Rolex warranty
  5. Most beautiful/handsome/elegant dials? Your vote?
  6. Watches in Movies
  7. Steinhart Nav-B 44 Handwinding unboxing!
  8. Just got this bulova but i hate its leather
  9. Old Omega
  10. Opinions on collecting affordable watches?
  11. Trying to find a smaller, ladies, self winding, automatic, skeleton watch.
  12. Have a couple Autos, starting to appreciate Quartz
  13. Is the watch collecting being hijacked by dealers? Give your story!
  14. New panda chrono from RW
  15. Loving my Seiko SARB033 on a mesh bracelet
  16. Extreme Patina!
  18. Bezel insert fell off a Glycine, what to do?
  19. Simple question - What are the 5 most iconic watches ever?
  20. Is it me or have people drastically reduced the number of watches purchased
  21. Is there a watch that meets what I want?
  22. What are your favourite Day/Dates?
  23. Milgauss > 4000 gauss
  24. Help with watch identification
  25. authenticate u boat watch
  26. Graduation/First Job Chrono for Small Wrist
  27. Tudor Chrono Blue + Nomos Club vs. Rolex Datejust 116200
  28. WRUW Thursday 7/28/16# # # # # # # # # #
  29. A question about an old Tag Heuer
  30. What are some of your favorite watches that has a splash of orange in them?
  31. IWC Portuguese Chrono 371417 (white dial, blue hands) as daily wearer
  32. Name this watch: Netflix's Stranger Things
  33. Which watch should get this new strap?
  34. To Replace Crystal on My Tag or Not?
  35. Need Help deciding Oris TT1 Chromo Vs. Raymond Weil Freelancer Chromo
  36. Help choosing a new (tool) watch!
  37. What an unusual hobby this is, had sworn off of 'larger' watches (i.e. is this GO too big for me)
  38. Help please!! Need advice on a great watch repairer near me, urgently!
  39. Watch Identification from movie "Extraction"
  40. Best Introductory Panerai
  41. Who Here Has Killed A Watch With Water?
  42. TrueFacet
  43. 1940s chronograph service recomendations
  44. Who sells a Rolex and buys a Casio?
  45. Dark, Decorated, and Skeletonized - My Next Watch?
  46. Small chip in orange bezel
  47. Mont Blanc Opinions and Alternatives
  48. Battery Change for my TX730
  49. allesandro balderi movements
  50. Alpina
  51. Rolex or tudor or different piece
  52. What were the requirements / specs demand for making the moonwatches?
  53. Advice on recreating lost watch
  54. looking for my second real watch, sport one. help needed:)
  55. Anniversary watch for the wife in the 1-3k range?
  56. Anybody else think this? IWC 3714
  57. <<<<<<<<< WRUW Wednesday 7/27/16 >>>>>>>>>>>>
  58. What are your thoughts on this photo?
  59. Just bought second watch this month.
  60. My beautiful New Seiko Astron Limited Edition Giugiaro. Just beautiful. LUME SHOT
  61. Need help in buying a Tag
  62. Rolex Oyster Perpetual Air-King, Real or Fake?
  63. Deep Blue SKX007
  64. Who does this?
  65. Is it normal....
  66. Birth year watch aborted but what else to get
  67. SOTC - version 2, pondering on what next
  68. Hublot (45mm) Classic Fusion vs Rolex Submariner
  69. Orange Hirsch Pure , perfect strap for the summer time and the beach..
  70. Tudor Black Bay Blue or Omega SMPc, which to buy???
  71. New addition to the stable
  73. Scam
  74. Rolex Datejust, Longines Legend Diver, Tudor Black Bay Blue, or Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue
  75. Bracelet Pin Removal
  76. Help and guidance needed.
  77. Miracle return!
  78. How About A Costco Thread?? A Place To Post All Of Those Great Costco Finds!!
  79. ** WRUW Tuesday 26 July '16 **
  80. Ch. Ward sale going on
  81. IWC Portugieser, Pilot, or Portofino?
  82. Hialeah?
  83. Buyers Beware! Quality of fakes and Crazy Thread at TRF
  84. Who has some cool and rare pieces? I'd like to see them.
  85. Has anyone heard of this watch?
  86. Is a G Shock worth 6K
  87. Opinions on Tag
  88. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly...all in one Rado
  89. You are always in my mind
  90. Incoming sinn 556i
  91. Buying from an overseas seller
  92. Which one?
  93. Seagulls just want to have fun
  94. Bremont MBII LE
  95. My next piece, Tudor, Omega, or Breitling
  96. Duty Free or Not to Duty Free......
  97. Help deciding
  98. Came across this watch
  99. Bomberg Missing From Forum?
  100. Anyway of fixing a leaking LCD?
  101. ....{Monday 7-25-16 Wrist CheckZ......
  102. Don't like the hands on Tudor, wish that I did
  103. Suspicious member gillespela
  104. What exactly do I have here...
  105. Can using a hammer drill whilst wearing your auto cause any harm to your watch?
  106. Obris Morgan
  107. If a genie came up to you and said they would give you ONE watch, what would you choose?
  108. ROYAL OAK OFFSHORE QE II CUP 2016 real or fake?
  109. Bird pooped on my Rolex BLNR yesterday...but I forgot to get pics :( BLNR or AP royal oak?
  110. Jack @ IWW
  111. Should I???
  112. Ray Donovan Wearing Omega's in Season Four
  113. Oulet Stores for Omega, GO, Blancpain etc
  114. Excause me,Does anybody know this watch brand??
  115. What does "modest collection" mean to you?
  116. Advice on finding "The One" good-for-most-everyday watch...
  117. Local watchmaker quoted $400 service fee. Reasonable?
  118. Black or White
  119. Best Chrono max 7k Swiss Francs!
  120. Friend is visiting Singapore
  121. Please help me find the model of this watch
  122. UK VAT query
  123. Chronograph recommendations
  124. WRUW Sunday 7/24/16 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  125. Davosa Argonautic Dual Time??
  126. Do watches get in the way?
  127. A movement to swim with. GS Spring Drive vs Omega 8500 vs Traditional Lever Escapement
  128. Custom Lume / Reluming in DFW?
  129. My newest - something different
  130. Considering buying this Universal Geneve Compax, need some help
  131. GS Quartz vs Tudor BB 36mm
  132. Has anyone purchased from Texas Time Trader?
  133. Watches, and getting SCREWED when buying them. An epic journey down the halls of greed and deceit
  134. My tastes have changed again!
  135. Who is your favorite brand ambassador?
  136. San Francisco watch shopping?
  137. Oris Aquis v Sinn 104 v Damasko DA36/46
  138. Best contemporary chronograph outside of the Holy Trinity/Lange
  139. Hello All
  140. Who uses Chrono?
  141. The BIGGEST Turnoff!
  142. Reactor watches. Authentic Mother of pearl?
  143. Where does the white-dialed red 12 design come from?
  144. Acceptable use of Gold and Titanium in watches
  145. Watch shopping in Melbourne..
  146. Ebay original 6309 seiko, lady doesnt know what she has! Hurry!
  147. Organization Station!
  148. Is this a Precista?
  149. My Month of Wearing One Watch
  150. Monkey Swag no longer communicating?
  151. WRUW Saturday 7/23/16* * * * * * * *
  152. Looking for a Tritium (tube) Chrono
  153. Jurassic Park's Jeff Goldblum/Ian Malcolm watch I.D.?
  154. Where to post for "help me find...?" watch guidance?
  155. Dress Watch for suits suggestions?
  156. Patina on bronze watches
  157. Any gen one Makos out there?
  158. Finally feel like a true WIS
  159. Can you imagine a better beater with automatic movement for a few hundred euros?
  160. Nomos Minimatik Review
  161. Help Identify Watch Worn by Movie Star - Rajni
  162. NATO Strap hardware
  163. Certina DS
  164. Hamilton Khaki Aviation Flight Timer
  165. What Is the best Breitling to buy?
  166. Suwa and non suwa dial
  167. LF watch like DW, but with 22mm strap
  168. Watches of the world
  169. Slight Humidity in Watch
  170. Dive watch w/ Day and Date but not Automatic Movements.
  171. NYC boutiques
  172. ++++++WRUW TGIF July 22, 2016++++++
  173. Are these scratches removable?
  174. Watch suggestions - Blue domed sunray dial
  175. Pulled the trigger. INCOMING! Oh man this thing is fine.
  176. Best Automotive Themed/Inspired Watch?
  177. --Authenticity check on vintage ladies Rolex from antique shop--
  178. recommendations for a dive watch?
  179. What's the deal with the Porsche Design P’6540 Heritage Chronograph?
  180. Is this a Breitling?
  181. Me
  182. Anything New Out or Coming Out?
  183. Which Seiko Divers?
  184. Help me identifying this watch
  185. Creation of new watch
  186. Aaron Faber Gallery's Watch Collectors' Roundtable
  187. Navitimer world wristshot: Does that fit?
  188. Timex Reef Gear - stops working - on and off
  189. Philip Ashton watch company warning
  190. A Frankenstein Swatch?
  191. Which one goes?
  192. First Major Watch Decision -- Nomos vs Glashütte Original
  193. What watch do you wear on first dates?
  194. Need recommendations for white dial, dressy GMT or dual time watch
  195. WRUW Thursday 7/21/16^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  196. Chrono24 seller, Turin Time snc?
  197. Buying and Selling With Bitcoin
  198. Help With Opening Watch Case
  199. Tag Huer alternative
  200. New watch release: Longines Heritage 1969
  201. New Users answering to WTB
  202. budget 20mm bracelet for Callaway chrono?
  203. What does V8 mean?
  204. My first Swatch
  205. Extremely new to this. Bulova watch
  206. Cool Reflections
  207. Before pulling the trigger...
  208. armida or chris ward ...update...just arrived
  209. Baume and Mercier Capeland Chronograph Blue Leather Men's Watch
  210. What Exactly is a "Low Ball" Bid?
  211. Don't you hate waiting for your next watch?
  212. Anyone notice your watch?
  213. Orient Explorer Pics (finally)
  214. Basic question on reference number vs serial number
  215. Hats and Watches
  216. So I just graduated Ranger School...
  217. What is My Collection Missing?
  218. WRUW Wednesday 7/20/16* * * * * * * * *
  219. An Introduction
  220. Quick Introduction....
  221. Why isnt there a Breguet forum?
  222. Seiko repair dallas/dfw area?
  223. Any opinions on the Certina DS-2 and the other Quartz "precidrive" chronographs?
  224. Orient Explorer Pics
  225. Hi from a new member
  226. Watch regulation with iPhone app? ...
  227. Uncle Seiko oyster bracelet srp 777?
  228. I have caught the Bug. Any Cricket owners out there? (*RIMSHOT*) Can I get some pics?
  229. Which bracelet for Orient Ray II?
  230. Why so many used watches from the Philippines?
  231. Chrono suggestions please?
  232. Any suggestions for a cheap aoutomatic with day and date display?
  233. Should I buy a watch from these guys?
  234. Please help me decide on strap for Tudor Black Bay Blue - put me out of my misery!
  235. Introduction - New Member
  236. Swiss Automatics Changes
  237. Help Me Pick an Outfit for My Watch
  238. 2 out of 2 for Amazon - Used - Worn - Stained- Scratched
  239. Eterna fans deal on amazon uk now
  240. Does the Omega Speedmaster look ok?
  241. What kind of watch is this ? >>>
  242. Buying my first dive watch - strap recommendations?
  243. Watch case backs - picture thread
  244. Roughly 5 months ago, I had one watch
  245. Tough decisions
  246. Anyone with experience with this particular Tissot?
  247. Is this seiko 6309 7040 original or aftermarket mess!?
  248. [1970s Tissot Searstar Seven] Hi! I recently acquired this watch and know little of it...
  249. Seiko 6309 experts please help!
  250. WRUW Tuesday 7/19/16 * * * * * * * * *