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  3. I have a Vintage Seiko Problem
  4. AR coating Rolex
  5. Looking for a GPS watch, not an exercise watch
  6. Lug Width
  7. New addition to watch box arrived today
  8. So...were bronze watches a thing, before they were a thing?
  9. Help me identify a watch
  10. How screwed up do you feel when you run off without a watch?
  11. Need Help with a Wyler :)
  12. Good watch or not?
  13. Can this watch be cleaned like new?
  14. Question Regarding My Tissot T-Sport Chronon
  15. Free and legal watch photos
  16. Any references for in Baltimore?
  17. The Cringe-iest Watch Video I've ever seen
  18. [Help] Need help finding this particular Dreyfuss watch!
  19. Bulova Question >>>
  20. Hamilton Jazzmaster Open heart or Raymond Weil Toccata ?
  21. crepas decomaster
  22. Springdrive GMT titanium Seiko Transocean
  23. Introduction and Certina pic
  24. Schaumburg Double Moon Review
  25. So ? if you ever have some time to bide (Vilts engraving project)
  26. Anyone carry my dream watch?
  27. Help identifying this watch
  28. Oh-no Nomos
  29. luminox 705-715li movement help
  30. Need help for an award ceremony that can take a knock
  31. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW Monday 7/18/16 >>>>>>>>>>>>
  32. Newbie needs help from the experts...Is this watch legit?
  33. Spread the Love thread (show your appreciation of watches) - Good Vibes only
  34. looking for a watch similar to this
  35. Another charity shop handbag=Another nice custom strap.
  36. Back from service: Titoni Cosmo King
  37. State of the Collection ? A Lazy Sunday Edition
  38. Looking at my watch to tell the time or just to see the watch itself?
  39. Concord Mariner 2014
  40. I can't stand the movements that have a 4 o'clock date being on higher end watches. What are your th
  41. Don't know my wrist size or have a tape measure. Advice? (pic)
  42. Waiting until new swiss laws until buying an omega
  43. Revue Thommon Air Speed XL
  44. BELOW DECK: Mediterranean, Chef Ben Robinson's wristwatch epi.11 2016
  45. New LIV Genesis X1-A came in yesterday
  46. Help to identify watch
  47. How do you make decision for your next timepiece?
  48. Slash Rocks Rolex
  49. Vintage Cartier Pen Watch
  50. Attempt to Photograph a Vintage GS
  51. New user here: help, is this Lacoste a fake?
  52. I started to enjoy my watches a lot more when...
  53. Breitling Aerospace EVO - is it worth it?
  54. WRUW Sunday 7/17/16* * * * * * *
  55. Regrets? - The Watches I Miss. Show Us Yours.
  56. Are you RolexLESS? if yes, since when?
  57. Size comparison pics Speedmaster Pro, Pelagos, and a 42mm Planet Ocean
  58. Which Seiko Diver to buy?!?!?!?!
  59. Pokemon Go & Watches
  60. Muhle Glashutte m99 Titanium chronometer
  61. First attempt at force patina
  62. Is this Seiko 5 fake or real?
  63. Invicta Explorer I potential homage?
  64. Gifts for the next few months
  65. Need opinions on which dress watch to pull the trigger on
  66. Watch Podcasts
  67. Removing second hand from quartz watch
  68. Where have you taken it?
  69. Recommendation for good UK-based Repairer
  70. Piaget Polo S opinions?
  71. Zenith
  72. For the love of older...
  73. Pilot watch recommendations please
  74. 1970's Bulova Accutron
  75. My Only Swatch
  76. So which one did I choose? - Pics!
  77. <<<<<<<<<< WRUW Sat 7/16/16 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  78. Good versatile watch for multiple NATOs
  79. Pelagos ETA vs. in house movement
  80. Friend bringing in 12 old soviet watches, has no idea of value. What should I look for?
  81. Omega smp stopped running, ideas?
  82. Good watch for under $150 and under? Possible???
  83. American Watchmaking heritage and tradition....thoughts on a comeback?
  84. Which one for her?
  85. Pros/cons of a ceramic bezel
  86. Longines La Grande Classique - most affordable way of getting a quality **slim** automatic?
  87. The hands of an F.P. Journe on a Seiko budget . . . . .
  88. Hello and help
  89. Please help me identify the model of my watches
  90. Basis of all collections
  91. Affordable 18K gold dress watch?
  92. WRUW TGIF 7/15/16 * * * * * * * *
  93. Home made watch part coasters. Very cool, must see.
  94. Rolex V Omega - Crazy Person Edition
  95. Introducing myself
  96. My 3000th Post... What a Way To Celebrate (With a Grail Reveal + a Bonus) . . . ! !
  97. Advice on making a watch more legible
  98. Anyone Lubricate their Bezels?
  99. Have $3,000 for a diver...Pelagos, PO, or other?
  100. Please help me with identyfying watch
  101. Your favorite choice of strap for a White Dial Moonphase watch?
  102. PO 2500 or Tudor BB Red
  103. One PILOT must go! But which one?
  104. Polar opposites
  105. Stainless Steel Bracelet Pin issue while re-sizing
  106. I want to have a sapphire crystal put on a Citizen watch
  107. Battle of the 40th Bday presents - Eterna Kontiki vs. MKII Hawkinge
  108. Registration Now Open for WatchBuys Orange County, CA Road Show
  109. Vintage Diver Kander - Manual Movement
  110. Black and Yellow watch ideas?
  111. AD sales people
  112. Spring bar size - how do you know?
  113. ZBlue Milgauss lume question
  114. Just wondering...
  115. Flame Blued or Painted?
  116. Cheap Digital with HUGE numerals for old eyes
  117. Watch to last
  118. Vintage Cartoon Manual Wind?
  119. ---Thursday 7-14-16 Wrist CheckZ---
  120. Lost for words....
  121. Seiko SNK809 default spring bar direction
  122. HELP! Need help deciding on my first watch.
  123. Help me decide on which watch I should buy-Glashutte Original?
  124. New addition (hopefully no regrets)
  125. Rolex getting too blinged up? Ruined it for me
  126. Complications under 2000?
  127. Needing advice on choosing
  128. Dark object of my desire-Porsche Design P'6000 chrono review & brand appreciation
  129. Just In: Grand Seiko SBGC015 & SBGC017 Limited Editions
  130. Tudor Pelagos vs Breiting Superocean Heritage 46
  131. Question about tokyo-watches dot com
  132. The Best Thing about Quartz
  133. New arrival (A super hero w/pics)
  134. Mechanical Field Watches
  135. Crown and stem came out.... now what?
  136. Seiko Sarb035 vs Tissot Visodate Size Comparison
  137. Black or White Tudor
  138. Would you do this trade?
  139. What is Omega's Daytona?
  140. $2,000 budget for an everyday watch
  141. How to spot bad/over polish
  142. Quick question regarding Ladies Oyster Bracelet
  143. Please Help To Identify Watch
  144. what is the best durable digitl watch or smartwatch out there ?
  145. A simple GS question.
  146. Do most WIS protect their favorite brands with their lives?
  147. Help choosing my first swiss watch.
  148. Bell&Ross WW1-97 Heritage - has anyone seen or handled this watch?
  149. <<<<<WRUW Wed. 13 July 2016>>>>>
  150. The Thing About Cars and Watches..
  151. Impulse Amazon day purchase
  152. insuring watch shipment/best companies/parcel pro registration
  153. Looking for any information you may have on this watch
  154. Narrowing down collection. Would like some help please bunch of pics inside.
  155. Seagull watches for a UK buyer?
  156. The Watch Snob has done it again **Grand Seiko**
  157. New Strap for SMP Blue Bond--I finally found one!
  158. The Invisible Crystal Picture Thread
  159. My current collection (all German)
  160. Help me spot the watch, going crazy :)
  161. Online retailers
  162. Vintage Rarity vs Desirability
  163. caseback for Invicta 8926Ob needed
  164. Tiger Vs Daytona.
  165. New watch
  166. Help me decide on my beater
  167. Ulysse Nardin Chronograph fake?
  168. Vintage Bucherer 17 Jewels Gold Ladies Watch
  169. Mercer Brigadier Chrono has arrived...
  170. 8 new watches ordered, need help (again) picking the 9th (Omega vs. Rolex)
  171. New to forum, could use some help if you guys dont mind.
  172. Orient Sun and Moon
  173. <<<<<<<<<<< WRUW Tuesday 7/12/16 >>>>>>>>>>>>>
  174. Why so few Swiss quartz with day date?
  175. celebrating my speedmaster
  176. 1980s, Citizens & Knight Riders
  177. It's big, it's bold, it's built like a tank.
  178. Best choice from list for hot summer days
  179. Hey guys and gals big dilema here HELP!
  180. My Nomos Zurich Weltzeit Nachtblau
  181. Does anyone own a shiny black Rado?
  182. First Watch for 25th Birthday (70s-look!)
  183. Some strap aesthetics help, please
  184. Introduction
  185. What brands use ETA 2824 automatic movement?
  186. John Mayer regarding IWC's range of new Pilot Watches
  187. I bought my first automatic, how do I keep it running?
  188. Need help choosing between Monster and Baby Tuna
  189. Next watch
  190. Watch Winder Box
  191. 'Swiss Made' - never noticed all the differences in positioning, kerning, etc till now
  192. Help with a watch gift please!
  193. Mr. and Mrs. modest collection. What do you think?
  194. WRUW Monday 7/11/16 * * * * * *
  195. Ochs Und Junior - In Los Angeles????
  196. Carl Perkins wouldn't care
  197. Help with my GMT dilemma?
  199. Eta movement better suited for a watch winder?
  200. Wrist shot please of field watches
  201. What are the two best things you can say about a watch?
  202. Watch Suggestions
  203. Do you wear a mechanical/automatic watch while training/running?
  204. Henry Jay?
  205. Does this exist?
  206. If you can only keep 2-3 Seikos in this collection, which one would it be?
  207. What a Grand day...
  208. If you had $2000 to spend on a new watch what would you get?
  209. My day old Tudor Black Bay Bronze
  210. Baume & Mercier Hampton Quartz 65562
  211. Seiko 6309 lume hands discoloured OVERNIGHT!!!!
  212. What band would look good on this? Tag Heuer
  213. >>>>>> WURW Sunday 10 July <<<<<<
  214. Salty/humid air - seriously worried about storage
  215. Tips for avoiding scratches?
  216. Need Help: Fake or Not?
  217. Incoming: Casio G-Shock GW-5000-1JF
  218. Anyone know what model this is?
  219. is it safe to say....
  220. Screw in links
  221. Help pulling the trigger
  222. ID this watch for me please
  223. How to find watches wholesale
  224. my experience: Parnis Power Reserve (open heart)
  225. Variety needed in affordable automatic dress watches
  226. Selling to someone with low feedback. Advice needed.
  227. My Seiko Collection
  228. Paul breguette ladies 14k help
  229. Check out my YouTube Channel
  230. History in time. THE premier watch of the day.
  231. Incoming - Pelagos 25600TN
  232. Anyone Have Any Info On This Watch?
  233. ---Saturday Wrist CheckZ 7-9-16 ---
  234. Watch Strap Suggestions
  235. Vintage watch accuracy problem
  236. Turning your analog watch into a smart watch
  237. Let's see your back up watch.
  238. Thin Automatics, Let's see them
  239. Sjoo sandstrom
  240. Hamilton watch back is different than store pictures?
  241. Watches that remind you of something else
  242. 36-38mm watches. Lets see them !
  243. Omega Ploprof 8500 Review
  244. Anyone help me to identify this Glashutte watch?
  245. Why do I collect Zenith watches?
  246. Steel Watch bracelet that squeaks? How to oil it?
  247. Does the Miami Design District have the most luxury watch boutiques in one area in the world?
  248. Help on buying decision
  249. [Fake/or not] Breitling for Bentley motors 13048 100M
  250. Incoming the PAM005