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  1. A first for me
  2. GO Observer or Zenith 36k 1969 - help decide
  3. Scratches on Seamaster Aqua Terra
  4. Checking the authenticity of Baume et Mercier
  5. WRUW Tuesday 6/28/16 * * * * * * * *
  6. I know I shouldn't like it, but I just can't help myself
  7. Good Time To Buy British?
  8. Worn Watch Lug-- Any Fix?
  9. Trying to ID and value this watch PLEASE!!!!
  10. Watch collection and customs
  11. Canada Post possible strike on July 2nd..any watches incoming?!
  12. she collects g-shocks
  13. Side by Side: Ready... Go!
  14. Thoughts on "Memorigin" watches
  15. Watch ID?
  16. Looking for a cheap diver, chronograph like watch for kid
  17. Pick a Dress Watch for me: Seiko or FC?
  18. Business Watches
  19. Worst Lines Used to Sell Watches
  20. First "Dive" with My Omega Seamaster Diver 300m
  21. Do you wear a not-so-dress watch to your office job?
  22. Input on expanding watch collection
  23. Has the shake up of the economy from Brexit obliterated anybody elses watch funds?
  24. Recommendations for a < 42mm, radio controlled watch
  25. Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope on Massdrop
  26. Accuracy Test @@All [email protected]@
  27. conflicted between Rado and Sinn
  28. Audemars Piguet homage?
  29. Peer-to-Peer watch rental business idea
  30. Seiko 6105-8000 just in. Does it look original?
  31. The New Timeless Bremont U2/T Limited Edition
  32. Looking for a California dial watch 40mm or less
  33. WRUW 27 June 2016
  34. What brand is more prestigious amongst WIS community; Breguet, VC, PP, JLC, ALS or JB?
  35. They are all I have now -reunion after service
  36. State of my Collection
  37. Watch for my Wedding - Narrowed down to 5, need help!
  38. Identifying my father's watch
  39. Custom Tritium on Dial and Hands?
  40. buying dress watch under $5,000
  41. What does everyone think of the 39 mm Oyster Perpetual?
  42. $5 Estate Sale Pick
  43. Help me out! A trade conundrum...
  44. Damn I really should not have walked into that ALS boutique! Now I can't stop thinking!
  45. My cursed watch and refinishing
  46. Help with Seamaster Aqua Terra!
  47. What battery does a Wenger 542.0796 chronograph watch take?
  48. Recommend a rugged weekend watch
  49. Elysee Watches--What say yee?
  50. Tudor anthology book :anyone purchaserd? Reviewed?
  51. Red Daytona Second Hand On An Explorer II?
  52. Review - Christopher Ward C9 Moon Phase (White)
  53. Tough watch under $3000
  54. Silicon parts in Watches is "Souless" *
  55. Paranoid about Bulova Watch Fall
  56. Does anyone watch Million dollar listing?
  57. Strap choice for incoming Seiko SKX009J
  58. ??? WRUW Sunday June 26 ???
  59. Need help! Love the look of this DJ homage, but internet is steering me away... suggestions?
  60. Why would Longines do this ?? I'm so confused.
  61. THe color of my new Deep Blue
  62. Omega Speedmaster, unknown reference
  63. Best dress watch for 5k
  64. Suggest a watch to match a strap
  65. Why would a stem pull out of a watch?
  66. vintage Eterna Military: Question what is the difference between Majetek and Tartarugone
  67. 30€ watch, need help!
  68. And the madness starts here.
  69. Quartz dead when you need it ?
  70. Need help ID'ing late 80's early 90's Movado
  71. Update from my previous post: CONSOLIDATED COLLECTION!
  72. Rolex vs Blancpain
  73. Maurice de Mauriac: opinions & an owners perspective
  74. Where/How to start in watch collecting?
  75. Opinions about the new summer look
  76. Show your wrist size vs watch size pics
  77. What watch is this?
  78. WRUW Sat 6/25/16^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  80. are these guy cheap watches real?
  81. Unknown watch - any ideas?
  82. Why is a seamaster better than a sumo?
  83. Need help with U-Boat Italo Fontan
  84. Methods in aging a watch?
  85. Opinions On The Quality of Porsche Design Watches
  86. Anyone ever see one of these Chinese "Police" watches before??
  87. Anybody used ?
  88. Help a WUSer out?
  89. Bremont ALT1-C/PB Review
  90. BREXIT to Omega SMPc?
  91. Desire to buy second watches. A practical thing or beginning of a collector?s madness? (tgif:)
  92. Anyone purchased a Certina from Jomashop?
  93. Help identify watch my dad got in the 80s: Celine
  94. The Brexit - What does it mean to UK based WIS?
  95. What do bespoke timepieces do to value retention?
  96. Best used timepiece to wear everyday?
  97. What's the best way to store watches for long-term and to protect them from moisture?
  98. Opinions on Christopher Ward C70 Brooklands COSC
  99. On your marks, get set, Brexit, Time to buy watches from Europe.
  100. what drives you to love/hate certain watches?
  101. Always wanted one of these... Incoming!
  102. Glad To Be Here
  103. Which santos 100 watch looks better??? The previous ones or the new one?
  104. WRUW TGIF 6/24/16 * * * * * * * * *
  105. Great CS Experience With Alpina
  106. Dark skinned peeps, own a watch with a white dial?
  107. post watch images that show real life size and proportions
  108. Incoming - IWC Portugieser Chronograph 3714
  109. Daughter's interesting/surprising watch choice . . .
  110. Unboxing SEIKO SRP783K1 Mt Fuji
  111. New Eterna Kontiki Chronograph
  112. First Luxury Watch - ($5000-$6000 budget)
  113. Omega Speedmaster Mark II Rio Review
  114. What is MISSING in the watch world ? What do you wish existed ?
  115. Tax Question
  116. I dunno, maybe I'm in the wrong business.
  117. Sub and Mont!
  118. Rising prices of vintage Tudors.
  119. Watch day wheel days of the week in different languages
  120. Skx007(7S26) and family - next generation.
  121. The husband is rushing home...
  122. Why do I always spot nice watches at airports?
  123. Logging in and Remembering Me
  124. Poor customer service from crystaltimes
  125. Is it just me?
  126. Question about eta2824-2 and Sellita watches
  127. Dive Bar Watch!
  128. Funny
  129. new here..
  130. New Bremont Limited Edition Coming!
  131. Any experiences using for WUS transactions?
  132. Help identify watch (from Jack Reacher: Never Go Back movie trailer)
  133. IWC Portuguese Chronograph Automatic
  134. Striking out on finding a summer watch to fit my needs, any recs?
  135. WRUW Thursday 6/23/16 ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
  136. How is Jason Singer so wealthy?
  137. Omega engineering and sensors, interesting pack of cards
  138. Tight Crown solution found
  139. Speedmaster Homage with No Date?
  140. Posting pictures from Iphone
  141. Good global destinations for shopping & buying?
  142. The Art of Collecting
  143. Anybody with positive experience with
  144. Changing the date between 10pm and 2am
  145. Inexpensive Ladies watch with High Lume
  146. Looking for hourly chime and alarm on analog watch?
  147. (not necessarily) titanium illuminated watch recommendations please
  148. Breitling Navitimer A30021 - location of SN
  149. Update to question: 1 for 3k or 3 for 1k?
  150. Should I buy a Steinhart?
  151. Here is my new purchase... and I love it!!
  152. Rolex for your BDG
  153. Swatch may continue to supply ETA to 3rd parties
  154. Questions about dirt!
  155. Sell my Stowa and get an Alpina?
  156. Vibrations harmful to movement?
  157. Question to knowledgeable members
  158. Big Grand Seiko Announcement: Free First Service & More at Boutiques
  159. Watchspotting (misjudgement calls)
  160. Grail incoming... What Now
  161. What to do with a troubled Smiths Everest PRS25 watch that i really like.
  162. Nadim and Helgray - Customer Service Non Existent
  163. WRUW Wed 6/22/16 # # # # # # # # #
  164. Are you an enabler?
  165. Any suggestions for a watch that looks like this?
  166. A Great Comment Made By an 8 Year Old on AGT Tonight...
  167. The Goldilocks Watch: Not too Dressy, Not too Tooly
  168. New Member Looking for advice on Milgauss
  169. Weiss is about to become fully American Made
  170. I've Been Hacked! Apologies for the private messages
  171. Longines Legend Diver (No Date)
  172. Help! Watch problem
  173. Accuracy unused
  174. Sinn 103 St Sa or Omega Planet Ocean??
  175. Omega SMPc
  176. [SOTC] State of the Collection and Looking to Make My First Big Purchase
  177. Watch blogs that sell. Are watch buyers getting a fair shake?
  178. Hodinkee editorial...Swiss Made vs. Made in USA
  179. Appreciating Watches
  180. Any fix for pokey / scratchy feeling with ColaReb leather strap?
  181. Nomos Ahoi Atlantik or Black Bay Black?
  182. Best site to compare prices and inventory? Barnebys?
  183. Hamilton Thin-O-Matic vs. Seiko SARB035
  184. Where am i ?
  185. Frank Sinatra / Von Ryan's Express (1965)
  186. "Time Flyback" Watch
  187. Ion plating help
  188. $3K Collection: What are your picks? How far along are you?
  189. Met Archie Luxury today....
  190. John Mayer - playing w/ Dead and co. Watch id?
  191. Incoming . . .
  192. WRUW Tuesday, 21st June,2016
  194. 4-month old Tudor Pelagos stops
  195. Need info on this watch!
  196. "No, I can't wear 44mm, it's too big for my wrist." So...
  197. Westcoastime recommendations?
  198. Modded Omega SMP 2254.50
  199. What have I done?!?! Hahaha!
  200. I gave away my beater dive wiatch and need suggestions for a replacement
  201. Ask my girlfriend what she thinks about your watch.
  202. Finally! my first "real" watch
  203. Need help deciding between two watches!
  204. Casio F91-w fake?
  205. Memphis Mean Time
  206. Recommended Watchmakers on LI
  207. Daytona too small? Should I go for deepsea? Or santos 100
  208. Father's Day Watch Spotting!
  209. Does a fake borealis watch exist?
  210. New Daytona(s) Airking and explorer 1
  211. Liberation of a "cheap" watch?
  212. <<<Monday Wrist CHECKZ 6-20-16>>>
  213. Help! Titanium, solar, sapphire crystal, thin case thickness watch-- does it exist?
  214. Question regarding buying a watch from the US...
  215. Rolex sub-c vs gmtII-c vs datejust II smooth bezel
  217. Will Steinhausen ever be as good as Stauer?
  218. Possible to repair myota movements at reasonable price?
  219. Don't miss out on this amazing deal!
  220. New Acquisition - IWC Big Pilot 500912 from SIHH 2016 (photo heavy)
  221. I'm so Impatient
  222. Ringing sound in Longines movement
  223. Lectos: has anyone heard of this manufacturer?
  224. Why so many 'macho' watches?
  225. Sports Sponsership and Watches
  226. New daytona black ceramic bezel vs deepsea vs hublot project f vs New santos 100 carbón 2016
  227. Need opinion to make decision
  228. Importing Melbourne Portsea to The Netherlands
  229. Happy Fathers Day
  230. Please suggest mechanical vacation/weekend watch with charisma :)
  231. -WRUW- Sunday's Sundials 19th June 2016
  232. Awesome Watch Day
  233. Germinal Voltaire Diamond Watch
  234. What are your "fun" watches?
  235. Which Chronograph? IWC or Omega
  236. Cheapest place online to buy watches from?
  237. An easy way to post pics?
  238. Newbie introducing himself
  239. I don't belong here...
  241. Upgrade from Certina DS action
  242. Don't you love when the Fed Ex man comes early on a Saturday!?
  243. Which is better movement ?
  244. Did I ordered a chocolate?
  245. Cedric Johner ABYSS GMT
  246. Advice needed: Tudor North Flag vs Eterna Royal Kontiki (or other?)
  247. Help me choose between SKX007; SSC015P1 & SSC017
  248. Oris Titanium Scratching
  249. Let's pretend I can only wear ONE WATCH indefinitely. Which of these would you suggest?
  250. alex pig timepiece??