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  1. Every dog has its day, and every watch has its moment
  2. Watch on TV...ID
  3. Leather band in water?
  4. Buying Watches in Bermuda - Customs
  5. Is a cross-threaded crown a big deal for a non-diving WIS?
  6. Falling in love with my beater
  7. Most disappointing Watch purchase...
  8. What is your favorite magnification strength of a loupe?
  9. Flipping my 12yr old Seamaster to get an Oris?
  10. Xeric NASA 50th Anniversary Apollo 11 Automatic Watch
  11. Watches, watches everywhere, nor any WIS to see them.
  12. Why do waterproof watches need gaskets when Pepsi bottles don’t?
  13. Valjoux 7750: When will the mass market see something better
  14. --- Sunday WRUW 7-21-19---
  15. Brand new here...could use some help
  16. In search of: 37mm Gold Face Hand-Wind
  17. If you could start your own watch company, what sort of watches would you make?
  18. How many oyster links from the factory?
  19. I finally pulled the trigger on a Speedy
  20. A theoretical trim-down of the collection
  21. Is this watch too big for my wrist?
  22. Post your EDC, must include a watch!
  23. Opinions - Hamilton Intr-Matic Chrono or Monta Skyquest??
  24. Your watches... And your partner
  25. Article is about a camera choice but it's also about Walter Schirra's watch choices
  26. Starting buying smaller brand watches
  27. The New Timeless Grand Seiko SBGE249 Limited Edition
  28. I'm tempted by Girard PERREGAUX Laureato 42 mm- need your oppinion
  29. Guide to "true"/traveler's GMT watches (with gallery)
  30. My new green oris aquis 39.5mm
  31. Sad story and something to consider
  32. new seller question
  33. DEF STAN 66-4
  34. Zelos Mako on MN strap
  35. ************Saturday-July-20th-2019-WRUW************
  36. Wall safe recommendation
  37. Can't find my watch online
  38. Post your lightest weight watch
  39. Sliding microadjust clasp with internal graduations
  40. Reservoir watches opinions?
  41. A “is that too big?” day turned into an interesting 24 hrs
  42. Seiko 7548 700F stem broken?
  43. Which El Primero?
  44. Should I be worried?
  45. Monta- opinions from those who own one.
  46. Do double dome sapphire mods look good on smaller divers? (41mm and below)
  47. What happens to watches that fail quality control?
  48. Seiko SRPD29 - Godzilla
  49. WatchUSeek Black Forest Watch Week - FliegerFriday / Stowa Genusswanderung
  50. WatchUSeek Black Forest Watch Week - Junghans visit
  51. Timeless 1 Year Anniversary Event Tomorrow, July 20th!
  52. How does dust get under the dial of a new watch?
  53. Is quality control subjective?
  54. What The Guy Standing a Few Feet Away Cannot Appreciate
  55. Do vintage watch dials have more variance (flaws) than modern ones?
  57. <<<<<<<< Wrist Check Friday July 19 >>>>>>>>>>>>
  58. Name That Watch - Aaron Boone
  59. Seiko SRP704 vs Orient Bambino FAC00005W0?
  60. What do you guys think of Ball Watch Co. watches?
  61. ~~ Bird watch restoration/makeover for my mum ~~
  62. New here with a question
  63. Tissot Heritage 150th Anniversary
  64. Tissot T-Touch Battery Question >>
  65. Allowing Mechanical Watches to Lie Dormant--A Question
  66. Kids watches with timing bezels
  67. Has a watch ever really surprised you????
  69. New accent on an old classic
  70. Milled Finish Scratch Repair
  71. WRUW Thursday 18 July 19. . . . . .
  73. Grey Market Dealer sent me two identical watches by mistake.
  74. Accidental Naked Wrist
  75. Talk me into this one... or out of it
  76. Value of complete set vs. watch only for commemorative/limited release editions
  77. One of the last...
  78. Infractions
  79. Limited Edition For HODINKEE - What is up with these special Ed. watches and why it's sold out?
  80. Sentimental Values
  81. Beads n such worn with watches?
  82. How many timepieces to travel and how to pack these?
  83. Franck Muller Vanguard V45
  84. Advice on expanding my collection?
  85. Apple Watch and the Watch Enthusiast?
  86. Titanium and Orange - What do you think?
  87. I order some watch parts from Yobokies 6 weeks ago and the item still has not arrived. What do I do?
  88. ***---Wednesday WATCH on your WRIST 7-17-19---***
  89. Rolex boutique - Changi airport
  90. The Complete History Of The Rolex Submariner
  91. 'Timemaster' vintage watches - info
  92. What makes a good finishing?
  93. Pawn Shops
  94. Share My Modest Collection
  95. What is a dress watch?
  96. GMT Dual Quick adjustment via pushers
  97. anyone heard about NIGEDO watch?
  98. Unusual Trade Offers for a Watch??
  99. **Tuesday WRUW 7-16-19**
  100. I accidentally left home wearing 2 watches.
  101. Ordered my first Watch - Ball Skindiver Heritage
  102. *Latest Addition- my first Tissot(PRS516 in Blue)*
  103. Sport moon phase quartz watch
  104. Anyone do a SKX “Pogue” mod?
  105. Vacheron constantin geneve
  107. If I was a Quartz Man and had Nothing Better to do with 110 Bucks...
  108. Green Bezel with double dome green AR?
  109. How Come Nobody has Made a Big Deal Out of the Upcoming Hodinkee / Blancpain Collaboration?
  110. Penny wise, dollar foolish-- Is this reasonable?
  111. Looking for a very specific watch
  112. Can a watch winder impact the accuracy/rate of a watch?
  113. Smart move? Advice needed.
  114. Vacation Watch Decisions - Italy
  115. Your Current Wishlist Top 5.
  116. German watches are giving me something to think about. Do away with my Seamaster?
  117. Hello, 1st post and a sticky question or two (Seiko, Swatch)
  118. ************Monday-July-15th-2019-WRUW************
  119. Omega Speedmaster box on Ebay
  120. Endlink gap too big?
  121. East Bay Unusual Usual Suspects gtg
  122. Something very Fishy With Chrono24
  123. Swatch Group service under warranty -90 days and still waiting
  124. Let us see you most eccentric/weird watch in your collection
  125. What Watch To Buy & Wear until I've saved up for my dream watch?
  126. which watch is robert downey jr wearing in this iO9 interview?
  127. Another great watch spot in Miami
  128. Does a GMT day-date Chronograph Exist ?
  129. Seeking the last true tritium dial
  130. Need help with a watch under $1,000 with in-house movement
  131. Brands like Hublot?
  132. Please identify Steve Railsback’s watch, chronograph, from Lifeforce (1985)
  133. Need Help Identifying A Niche Swiss Bespoke Watch Maker
  134. ----WRUW Sunday 7-14-19----
  135. The "Waltham"
  136. New strap
  137. Recommendation for a lady's watch?
  138. Recommend the tool to remove and add links to a watch bracelet
  139. Renting Watches and Watch Lending Club
  140. Tudor Black Bay 36 - Blue or black dial, I can't decide...
  141. I picked this up (Casio) >>
  142. "Report Shows Radium Dials Might Pose Serious Danger"
  143. WRUW at the Beach or the Pool ! Wet or Dry lets see them.
  144. Insuring My Collection
  145. Chronoforce anyone?
  146. Tudor Black Bay 36 Blue - Rolex 114200 Blue - Moonwatch - BB58 - 6.2" Wrist
  147. New acquisition.. 38mm Zenith El Primero
  148. Thinner Seiko Dress Watch? &lt;9.5mm
  149. Show your tritium dial watches from the period 1980-1993—when superluminova was invented
  150. Anti-shock for biking?
  151. Lets see your grails guys >>>
  152. OT how long before I can add pics
  153. Help me decide on a Tag Aquaracer quartz! Let's see them...
  154. Skyraider & Stephen King
  155. Interim lume between radium and superluminova?
  156. Why hands are 10:10 and not 1:50 ?
  157. Which type of bezel do you prefer?
  158. Help me to idntify this movement
  159. Graduation Gift Suggestion
  160. How Repairs Effects Value
  161. Help me decipher this return policy
  162. Grand seiko JDM and mastershop
  163. Looking for longines homage...
  164. ************July-13th-2019-WRUW************
  165. New Arrival and Small Review: Longines Conquest V.H.P.
  166. Recommendations for watches between $1,000 and $1,500
  167. Watches in a Movie: Killer Force (1976)
  168. Oris x HODINKEE Diver’s Sixty Five - Unboxing and Impressions
  169. Cam or column wheel actuated?
  170. Trying to find a watch
  171. What's with people requesting Paypal F&F?
  172. Share you near-drop/dropped watch stories
  173. Which Chrono?!
  174. Crystal times shipping speed.
  175. How thick is too thick?
  176. Does this fit my wrist?
  177. Rolex vs.... the world
  178. What does it mean for a watch to be "Jumbo"?
  179. Good substitute for an Omega Speedmaster
  180. **Friday WATCH on your WRIST 7-12-19---***
  181. My 2 watch collection
  182. deleted post
  183. What was your favorite purchase since getting an interest in watches???
  184. Chrono24 - Questions around Trusted Dealer?
  185. What would you do?
  186. Are there Customs fees for buying direct from Europe, shipped to USA?
  187. Bulova Accutron Astronaut Service and Lume Experience with Kent Parks and Rob Berkavicius
  188. Updated shot of my collection. Lots of changes in a short time...don't expect many changes soon!
  189. First entry level watch buy, need help deciding plz
  190. Purchasing from Online ADs like Hodinkee/W&W
  191. Any help would be appreciated
  192. Are you a swiss snob ?
  193. Oris 65 crown
  194. Help with info on this watch colleciton
  195. A song title that captures your watch?
  196. Something similar to Seiko Spirit Blue Spark ?
  197. Question on quartz FO6 vs Rhonda 715Li
  198. Stuck Crown on Seiko
  199. ************Thursday-July-11th-2019-WRUW*************
  200. Fixing a dive bezel
  201. Breitling Colt on Tropic Strap
  202. How do you know if a watch your buying online is stolen?
  203. New watch complication - the 'faux chronograph'
  204. My first quartz in over 20 years and first titanium ever. Bertucci C-1T
  205. WTB Unimatic UI-MP
  206. New watch - Breitling Avenger II GMT
  207. Rolex QC; I Just Couldnt Resist
  208. How long with an watch until you can make a good purchase decision?
  209. Which would you choose?
  210. Stuck at the Collecting Crossroads
  211. Which watch has time and GMT function only (No Day or Date feature)?
  212. Inexpensive watches displacing the pricier ones
  213. And the bucket list gets lighter...
  214. Bulova royal oak
  215. What role does quartz play in your collection?
  216. Best strap monster: brushed or blasted
  217. A bittersweet day...Nahh
  218. A bittersweet day...Nahh
  219. Squale 60th Anniversary piece announced
  220. Best daily sports watch to get next? Zenith, Rolex, Omega, nomos
  221. Help me buy my first watch "IWC" "GALSHUTTE"
  222. HELP, Just bought my first watch (Orient Star Classic 2nd hand) but the movement isn't working
  223. Does the Luminox 5241 XCOR Ana-Digi watch have a non screw down crown?
  224. Need help on some vintage ladies watches
  225. *WRUW*WRUW* Wednesday July 10 2019 *WRUW*WRUW*
  226. Buyer Beware Gerlach
  227. Difference between Casio PRG-40 Backlights
  228. What is the best BSH mod: Rolex 16800 vs. NTH IWC
  229. Advice on first 'proper' watch
  230. Most beautiful movements for around $1500
  231. 12-Hour Bezel, Where Have You Been All My Life?
  232. Which watch would you choose and why?
  233. Dishwasher for bracelets
  234. Quartz watch with alarm function that can actually wake you up
  235. Iconic non-European Chronograph?
  236. What watch is this???
  237. Bit of Tuesday afternoon fun?
  238. Show me your Solar Watches
  239. Feel cheated by AD
  240. Image size
  241. SOTC + next move: Cartier Santos, AP Royal Oak, or...?
  242. Awesome $15 LED light for solar watches.
  243. **----Tuesday Wrist CheckZ 7-9-19----**
  244. Is it a “franken” if....
  245. Vintage Timex Info
  246. 20mm mesh bracelet options
  247. You ask, we answer: Fluco's Hunter leather watch strap, now with blue or red stitching. 21mm, too!
  248. Recommend a titanium automatic under $1500 (CAD)
  249. Timeless Luxury watches....?
  250. Grand Seiko ex-AD warranty