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  1. oris rectangular complication malfunction
  2. Help Power Reserve a bit too low? 20 hours approx. Oris F1 Day date
  3. Help choosing 1st Oris - Aquis or Diver date??
  4. I've just put a SS mesh bracelet on an Oris classic diver
  5. I can't take this off my wrist
  6. Aquis Titan Tungsten Bezel Chronograph Photos with Carlos Coste Cenote Comparisons
  7. I love my ORIS watches but.....
  8. Great Barrier Reef
  9. Photo request - Oris Miles, rectangular. Preferably wrist shots!
  10. Can't get call back from Oris support
  11. Oris Divers Date - Bracelets & Clasps
  12. ORIS in the movie Prometheus
  13. Great deal
  14. I just bought ...
  15. Assistance with valuing Oris Aerelier Complication Moonphase
  16. Oris Carlos Coste Cenote LE
  17. My First Oris: Divers, Small Second Date
  18. my first ORIS
  19. leather strap on a diver...
  20. BC4 Help
  21. Oris Prodiver Date VS. Oris Col Moschin
  22. Oris Frank Sinatra Thoughts
  23. Oris TT1 Diver's Chronograph (Ref 674-7542-70-54): A Non-Technical Review by a 4-Year Owner
  24. To Dive or not to Dive?
  25. Old bezel vs. new bezel.
  26. I could really use your guys' help
  27. Mistaken jewel count on dial
  28. I just ordered a Titan C
  29. How good is the orange lume on the Oris Small Seconds diver?
  30. der meistertaucher info please....
  31. Orisc BC3 advanced with di-modell strap??
  32. What I have to say about Oris...
  33. NEW - 1000m Small Seconds Diver - Blue
  34. My First Oris
  35. Question about Oris Titan "C" and Rolex Deepsea
  36. Help Identifying Oris
  37. Price for a used Oris Artelier Skeleton?
  38. Classic XXL Pointer Day :(
  39. Polished TT1 case to brushed finish?
  40. Oris Der Meistertaucher "On the Job"
  41. Maldives rubber strap question
  42. Chrono Question on the new Carlos Coste Cenote LE
  43. fake or genuine oris?
  44. Question about warranty
  45. ORIS Pro Diver Limited Edition Kittiwake
  46. TT1 Titan Divers DIY Bezel change?
  47. Oris Divers Small Date as an everyday watch?
  48. A Little Help Please - Oris Divers Date Pricing Question
  49. Letter D marked in oscillating weight?
  50. My first Oris
  51. Question - Chronoris Grand Prix 70's Limited Edition
  52. My first Oris
  53. New member of the club
  54. ORIS 635 7517 41 61- Review
  55. Requesting Der Meistertaucher picture from Oris site
  56. Thinking about an Oris Swiss Hunter
  57. Good price for an Oris Blue Dial Diver?
  58. NEED HELP TO BUY A Meistertaucher
  59. Relume Oris BC3 Advanced
  60. First Oris ever...Help me please
  61. My ORIS goes to Boracay (Philippines)
  62. Aquis rubber ???
  63. My Aquis..
  64. Oris value retention/appreciation
  65. Oris Shocktested Space Style 2000
  66. Why doesn't Oris offer more blue dials / bezels on their titanium watches???
  67. My Aquis... and my other divers.
  68. Fast Oris??
  69. Ready to take the plunge: Oris Aquis Titan Chronograph
  70. Recommendations for refinishing?
  71. Worth the upgrade?
  72. Aquis Date ceramic bezel question
  73. My First Oris
  74. Identify this vintage Oris
  75. Great Barrier Reef bracelet cost
  76. Oris Artelier Complication Questions
  77. My new Oris Divers Date
  78. My Oris 44mm Titan "C"
  79. Winding Issue: Help Please
  80. Oris Flight Timer 1945
  81. Oris Warranty Transferable?
  82. Moved to forum
  83. Oris small-second divers movement fail?
  84. What have I got here?
  85. Oris Baselworld 2012 Booth Photos of new releases
  86. The Start of a New Addiction
  87. Forum AD?
  88. I am looking for an Oris Classic
  89. oris TT! 300m lug pins
  90. Rubber Strap on Oris Aquis
  91. Oris Diver Discontinued model | Help !
  92. Strap/bracelet suggestion for full steel CS
  93. An Oris history lesson (and some buying advice needed)
  94. New/Old Oris and Quick Durability Question
  95. Sending Oris in for Repairs
  96. New old stock
  97. TGIF WRUW 24/02/2012 Lets see those Ori'
  98. First Oris (BC3) - what a smooth sweep hand! (and a nice aftermarket bracelet)
  99. Oris Sporty Elegance COSC Certified (just bought, 1st Oris)
  100. Oris owners, look here! Got some problems with my thin wrists.
  101. Manually winding Oris 581 movement (Oris Artelier Complication)
  102. Just bought a Oris Divers small second
  103. Oris cutting ties with Williams
  104. QUESTION ABOUT Oris TT1 day/date: 635-7522-41-61 (year 1999/2000)
  105. Oris Titan question
  106. New Arrival
  107. Oris TT3 Dial error
  108. New to Oris
  109. Grey faced Oris diver
  110. Received My First Oris
  111. New Oris Big Crown X1 Calculator
  112. Oris Titan C Question.
  113. Help with a Der Meistertaucher
  114. Divers Date vs Aquis - which would you buy?
  115. Oris Artelier Skeleton - women - some photos
  116. Oris BC3 question
  117. Vintage Oris Star Automatic
  118. Does anyone have an Oris single deployant (model 32 18 40)??
  119. Oris TT1 Black Rubber Strap
  120. Oris Service in Canada ??
  121. Oris Williams F1 Team Day Date - some photos
  122. What new Oris Diver would you like to see in 2012?
  123. New Oris Wrist Alarm in the post
  124. Oris BC4 Strap Changes
  125. Moderators: please delete: Titanium Titans (and TT1s): need help re: discontinued models
  126. Oris XXL 44mm Chronograph ID
  127. Oris dropping LaSwiss or LaSwiss dropping Oris?
  128. Big Crown Original Pointer Date - discontinued?
  129. Oris bracelet fastening question
  130. Lets see your Oris Titan chronos!
  131. Stealth Black Watches: Lum-Tech M42 Phantom vs Oris BC3 Advanced
  132. New Oris diver crown issue
  133. The Great (and still unfinished) Bead Blasted Case/Leather Strap on a Divers Date Experiment
  134. Using Oris Chronograph For Diving
  135. Can u help me ID this Oris ?
  136. Who else is wearing Oris to start the week?
  137. Quick caseback question >>>
  138. 49mm pro diver date
  139. New TT1 series
  140. A little help?
  141. ORIS Maldives LE - Good Deal???
  142. Does the Oris Divers Date only come in blue and black face?
  143. Oris Raid 2011 Limited Edition Photos
  144. Is Oris independant
  145. Oris Executive Quartz
  146. Finally 1st Oris TT1 Diver (silver dial, blue bezel)
  147. Low Power Reserve on BC3 Sportsman Day Date
  148. My First ORIS (BC3 Advanced Day Date)
  149. My first Oris ever!!
  150. Trying to replace Oris XXL Pointer Day 7529
  151. rotor is not red, on vint pointer
  152. Oris AD in Toronto Ontario?
  153. New orix atrix complication
  154. Oris BC3
  155. Final opinions needed on Oris polishing
  156. Oris BC3 Divers Regulator Video Overview/Review
  157. Blue oris titan diver?
  158. Prodiver rubber strap
  159. Check this out !!! Oris Swiss Hunter Team on .......
  160. Stumbled across this 633 7490 4061
  161. Leather Strap for BC4
  162. Greetings all! seeking Oris s/s bracelet
  163. Oris Carlos Coste 2011 Chronograph Photos --Cenote Series
  164. Will ceramic bezel from "C" small second fit Titan Chronograph? (they're both 47mm)
  165. Oris Service
  166. My first Oris
  167. early 1990's oris divers
  168. Is this oris artelier real?
  169. help! BC4 bracelet
  170. Oris Williams 673 7563 4754RS
  171. Oris purchase for EU online shop
  172. Oris BC3 choice for 2nd hand
  173. I Can't decide - Prodiver Date or Titan C 47mm??
  174. No Aquis owners?
  175. Oris Prodiver date questions....
  176. need help identifying these oris watches please
  177. First Oris
  178. New Artelier Date Model
  179. Oris Men's Maldives Limited Edition Dive Watch
  180. First post... My Oris tt1 SILVERDIAL!
  181. My first Oris - BC4
  182. My first Oris - the BC3
  183. My first Oris diver, from my fiancee
  184. Oris Artix Complication Full Calendar!
  185. Attention Oris Experts! Help Please!
  186. help me to get this oris wrist alarm with a 18k gold bezel
  187. Need help deciding on an Oris diver...
  188. Oris Maldives Limited Edition (I'm new to Oris)
  189. is this big crown pointer date authentic?
  190. Oris Williams F1 problem?
  191. Oris Chronoris - strap
  192. Can I seek some guidance please?
  193. is the 44mm Titan C dressy?
  194. Oris Dial replacement
  195. My New TT1 Worltimer
  196. Oris Warranty Card???
  197. oris serial number
  198. BC3 advanced day/date second hand sweep
  199. Oris experts: Please chime in! - Re. A FABULOUS Oris TT1 Chronograph
  200. ORIS - RAID 2011 Alarm Edition
  201. New to the forum
  202. new oris dealer in Houston Texas
  203. New Oris Owner
  204. BC4 Pics!!
  205. Where to Buy Good Aftermarket Oris Williams F1 Day Date Rubber Strap?
  206. Rubber strap for oris??
  207. First timer justs wants to say hi!
  208. Question about Oris Diver White Dial with Blue Bezel
  209. Picked These Bad Boys Up This Past Summer .........
  210. Oris Renown wants to know what year it was made, can anyone help me with this.
  211. oris aquis date
  212. Steel back vs. glass
  213. Bitten by the Oris bug...BAD!
  214. Hunting the Hunter Swiss Team LE
  215. New arrival!
  216. Where to buy Oris Divers date blue in EU?
  217. Oris pro diver or Titan C small seconds
  218. First Oris - Great Buy from a Great Member
  219. Early Bday Pressie ... to myself ; )
  220. how to wind oris tt1 day date 7517
  221. Williams F1 Crown Help??
  222. Oris tt1 bracelet issues
  223. Williams F1 Team Day Date
  224. BC4 flight timer w/pointer day
  225. Heights of TT1 44mm and Titan 44mm
  226. My new ORIS TT1 Diver Titamium 1000m
  227. Just picked up a BC3 Sportsman
  228. Oris Scratched Crystal
  229. Oris Maldives Limited Edition Photos---And comparisons
  230. Best place/price to buy Oris TT1 8454RS Small-Second Diver?
  231. What's the best aftermarket TT1 rubber strap?
  232. 44mm and 47mm TT1 lug to lug length?
  233. I have found an old old vintage Oris. Need an expert opinion!
  234. Is Fricker still making Oris cases?
  235. AD in mid Maryland, DC area
  236. Timeless Watch Exchange New Authorized Dealer
  237. LE 1945 on NATO....
  238. Members, Please Help Me Assess Price On Diver
  239. New to the fam
  240. strap BC3
  241. Is this post pointless enough for you?
  242. My 1st Oris
  243. Value of this watch?
  244. Incoming- TT1- Did I do OK?
  245. Ceramic bezel incert on older TT1???
  246. Looking for pictures of an Oris TT1 Chronograph
  247. Pictures of Oris TT1 day date
  248. Any way to verify the authenticity of this ORIS on ebay?
  249. Any significance of the red rotor in oris?
  250. Thinking about an F1... First Oris