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  2. Where to buy a stringray strap?
  3. Anyone has the wristshot of Oris GMT diver?
  4. Oris TT1 Ti Crown Question
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  9. This or that
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  11. Accuracy TT1 Diver
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  13. My second Oris
  14. Correct box/packaging for BC4 Flight Timer?
  15. My first Oris
  16. My first Oris
  17. My First Oris ( as I am an Omega Collector )
  18. New Oris Aquis vs. TT1 Diver Titan C
  19. if you have one.... advice please before I purchase the small seconds 47mm Titan or TT1 Divers
  20. First post
  21. ORIS Aquis Date
  22. Is this a genuine Oris?
  23. Oris Williams F1 Chronograph
  24. I`m looking at an Oris 47mm Titan, small seconds, attached images...
  25. Please Help - I need 1 pin for an Oris TT1 diver bracelet
  26. Just won this on ebay, does all look ok?
  27. Oris Divers small seconds date 1000m
  28. No screws so I can change the bracelet is this right
  29. Added a TT3 to the collection 43.5 edition on bracelet
  30. check out my TT1 with a Zulu strap =)
  31. Is this a real Oris?
  32. Oris Maldives Section on Topper
  33. First ORIS watch! TT1 Diver Rubber Strap - Looking for answers to a few questions
  34. Oris Diver Date strap
  35. Carlos Coste versions
  36. My new oris flight timer 2
  37. New and searching for Oris
  38. Oris Carlos Coste LE - worth it?
  39. Advice on a watch winder for my Oris date diver.
  40. NEW ORIS DIVER C(Ceramic) DATE Pics,
  41. Frustrated with remove lug screws :(
  42. My First ORIS & Experience with Topper Jewelers
  43. First Oris and first post!
  44. About Time Watch Company Presents the Oris BC3 Advanced Day Date Watch Video
  45. Where can I find this model at a decent price?
  46. My 51mm Prodiver Chronograph at the ocean. WARNING: Pic/wrist shot heavy
  47. Oris Carlos Coste LE 2000M
  48. My First Oris Great Barrier Reef LE
  49. Tt3 Chrono Black Vs F1 Chrono 08
  50. My first Oris!!
  51. HELP: Big Crown differences between 58175664361MB, and 58176274361MB
  52. My first Divers - Oris Regulateurs "Der Meistertaucher" pics
  53. Which should be my new Oris??
  54. Where to buy Oris end links?
  55. End Links on Oris BC4 Small Second
  56. My First Oris : Divers GMT Date
  57. Carlos Coste Cenote Chronograph with Pics
  58. What movement is the 735 in my Oris Williams Day-Date?
  59. My first Oris in a long time - Williams Day-Date
  60. Resillience of Titanium?
  61. Oris Titan C - 44mm or 47mm
  62. My Oris
  63. Buying a new Oris - grey market or authorized dealer???
  64. I need comments, notes on this model please
  65. My first Oris
  66. Oris Der Meistertaucher Regulateur...Dies ist gut!!
  67. online purchase from preppyboy1971
  68. What online dealer should I buy from ?
  69. My first Oris
  70. Oris Classic Date Like a Fine Wine!
  71. Ceramic...what's the big deal
  72. Noob doing something wrong??
  73. When did Oris change the dials over from smooth to wave?
  74. Oris Diver question
  75. Looking at a Oris divers tt1
  76. Oris BC Commander, ever know more about it?
  77. Best position for Artilier complication
  78. Oris tt1 1000m
  79. Hey guys i need your help please
  80. Diver Date power reserve inconsistency
  81. question about TT1 divers chrono 1000m movement
  82. Oris Artelier Small Second - some photos
  83. New Pro Diver Ti
  84. My TT1 titan chrono and the carebean ocean!!
  85. Got one of my wish list out of the way.......Oris 4e RHFS Limited Edition
  86. Submariner Ceramic Bezel on TT1
  87. oris tt1 chrono screw down crown
  88. How to remove a strap from Der Meistertaucher model?
  89. First Oris watch, BC4 small second, pointer date
  90. Think of selling my Big Crown Regulator
  91. Finally found a TT1 Titan 300m!
  92. Photos of the new Oris Big Crown X1 Calculator
  93. just got my first Oris
  94. question about TT1 divers chrono 1000m crown.
  95. Rubber strap - still possible to but "striped" version?
  96. Old BC4 Small Seconds with new shoes
  97. Oris Divers Titan Chronograph 1000m
  98. Very, very, very old Oris - Date help please
  99. New Oris Pro Diver Chrono
  100. Will I regret modding original TT1?
  101. NEW ORIS Diver C Date.
  102. oris divers chrono 300m ss
  103. Just bought my first 'modern' Oris....
  104. Oris b7460
  105. Oris Modern Classic 633 Hands
  106. Oris Thailand!
  107. hello tell me more
  108. Oris Divers Date Canadian MSRP??
  109. Oris question
  110. Rubber strap
  111. My new Oris
  112. Likes and Dislikes for Oris
  113. Oris Diver Bezel Transplant
  114. Oris TT1 diver facelift
  115. Does this look legit?
  116. Lester Holt wearing an Oris?
  117. Where to get replacement Oris TT1 lug screws?
  118. How to fix scratches on Titanium?
  119. SW200 movement on a Oris
  120. Basel 2011 Oris Video
  121. Need help on Oris TT1 49mm
  122. Did i pay to much!
  123. New Oris video
  124. Oris F1 Day-Date 2008
  125. My ORIS
  126. Does anyone know what size of strap on 49 mm Oris Titan TT1 Regulator, 1000 meters?
  127. FOUND ONE NLL Looking for Ti bracelet for my in coming TT! Ti
  128. Need info on the tt1 titan Chrono 300m.
  129. Basel 2011 Thread For Oris
  130. Oris TTt Ti 300m looking for leather strap
  131. Need lug screw for Oris Small Second Diver - HELP!
  132. New Arrival - Vintage Oris Star Chronoris
  133. Looking for a decent watch repairer for an old Oris
  134. New Swiss Hunter LE!
  135. My discovery of the Oris Titan C.
  136. They at it Again LoL
  137. Oris...one more time!
  138. Oris Diver GMT's
  139. Oris f1 watch - need replace the outter rim
  140. Oris 7500 - Stops intermittently while being worn!
  141. pro diver chrono w/ pics this time.
  142. Info on Oris Movements
  143. oris pro diver chrono arrival.
  144. Oris Vs Revue Thommen
  145. Oris GMT Bezel Question
  146. Oris classic - autenthic?
  147. Oris 582 KIF movement
  148. Finally pulled the trigger on a BC3 Sportsman
  149. Info required - Vintage Oris Diver??? Anyone seen one like this?
  150. Oris accuracy report
  151. Issue with Andrew Charles UK ORIS Service Centre
  152. Going "old school" today - did anybody else pick Oris to start the week?
  153. New Member searching for first REAL watch, ORIS DIVER
  154. Oris TT1 Repair
  155. New ORIS catalog
  156. Does this Oris model exist?
  157. How to wind a Oris Diver?
  158. Oris BC3+
  159. My first Swiss watch - One year old.
  160. My new vintage Oris
  161. Oris, Hamilton, and Tag Heuer Name Cache??
  162. Is this a Vintage Oris????
  163. New Nato on my BC3 Advanced
  164. any referrals for replacement straps / bracelets???
  165. nos bc3
  166. WTB: Oris bracelet links for Williams F1
  167. I removed the rubber ring of my Prodiver bezel !!!!!!!!!
  168. Oris RAID
  169. 4 Oris and counting.....
  170. Miles
  171. SCORE!!!!! new oris bc3 & bc4 chrono
  172. My new Oris Prodiver Chrono
  173. Problem with vintage Oris
  174. Good source to purchse Oris Diver(models included in post)
  175. First Oris - Titan 1000m Chrono (many pics!)
  176. Oris X1 Chronograph
  177. To all Blue Eagles out there
  178. 2 Oris questions from an Oris ROOKIE
  179. Oris= One of the most pathetic companies I have ever done business with !!!
  180. 2003 Oris Big Crown BC3.
  181. Good place to pick up a vintage Oris Pointer?
  182. Any opinions on the ORis BC4? Maybe one of you have the watch
  183. Can I nab a good used <5 yr old $500 Oris diver or...
  184. New Artilier chrono
  185. Are all Oris Hacking?
  186. Looks like my orange regulateur is dead!
  187. Question about interchanging TT1 Strap and Bracelet
  188. New member with new Oris(my first)
  189. Need help on Oris TT3, fake or real?
  190. If you were to own 2 Oris dive watches...
  191. New Pics Of My Old F1
  192. What do you prefer?
  193. Oris lume
  194. Strap solution for my Oris Swiss Hunter LE
  195. Jumped in with 2 feet...and 2 watches!!!
  196. Pictures of the Great Barrier Reef
  197. Where's the place to buy a bezel for TT1 divers?
  198. Screw Driver for ProDiver Bezel?
  199. Finally Pulled the Trigger, ORIS Big Crown Small Seconds Pointer Day
  200. My new Oris Der Meistertaucher 44MM
  201. Getting walloped by snow again in NY so...
  202. TT3 for a newb
  203. Oris friendly leather watch strap seller please
  204. TT3 chrono on rubber or bracelet?
  205. Oris diver date
  206. Incoming BC3 Advanced Pics added
  207. Did humidity enter my new Titan through the helium valve?
  208. My first Oris to show off here >>>
  209. NEW Oris Bc4 Models!!!
  210. 44 mm Meistertaucher diferent versions
  211. Will an Artelier 22mm bracelet fit on the XXL 44mm model?
  212. Chronoris LE advice please
  213. First Oris
  214. What prices am I looking for a bc3 advance from a AD
  215. Which ProDiver should I get?
  216. Need New Polyglass Crystal for My Oris Big Crown Original
  217. Please help me identify this Oris base on description
  218. REplacing damaged bezel inserts
  219. My new Oris!
  220. My newly acquired Williams F1 Chronograph
  221. Oris - can you identify?
  222. Does Oris make a blue rubber strap for the Great Barrier Reef watch?
  223. Holy Macro !
  224. Review of BC4?
  225. How to change the Clasp on a diver strap
  226. Can this be real? Oris watch HELP
  227. Help Identify - ORIS Ladies Big Crown - Fake or Not?
  228. Options on Straps for the Divers 47mm
  229. Where to get a rubber strap for Oris Diver TT1
  230. I guess I should have posted this question here!
  231. Reasons to pick a Oris Diver over a Breitling Steelfish
  232. TT1 Dial Hour Marker/Hand Finish Peeling and Marks?
  233. Gillespie and Sinatra series
  234. My new "new" Oris BC3
  235. Help needed with my early Oris Star (vintage diver watch)
  236. It is Oris Friday!!
  237. Just Arrived - Oris Divers Small Second - Black/Orange
  238. Oris OEM Leather Straps???
  239. Bracelet or Strap Suggestions for BC3+
  240. Screw links - Ti bracelet
  241. ORIS Classic Date - with Rose Gold
  242. ORIS TT1 Titanium 300M vs 1000M Case Thickness Difference?
  243. Oris TT1 300M Divers - some photos
  244. Where To Buy: Modern Classic Date as seen in Constantine
  245. Oris TT1 with silver dial, why is it 200M vs 300M?
  246. Anyone own one of the newer 44mm Big Crown's?
  247. Small second 47mm diver
  248. Getting a custom leather band for TT3 to replace rubber. Anyone keen?
  249. Oris big crown complication
  250. busted glass