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  1. OMG!!! Sixty-Five on a BOR bracelet
  2. (Europe) spare rubber for my Aquis?
  3. Oris BC3 day wheel stuck - what should I do with the watch?
  4. Show us your ProPilot on aftermarket strap
  5. Is this 70's Oris worth anything ?
  6. Replacement bezel
  7. Oris Diver 65 42mm vs 40mm comparison
  8. Choosing custom strap for Aquis
  9. ORIS AQUIS 43mm BRACELET PART NUMBER? Canadian purchase?
  10. Oris Barrier Reef
  12. Oris Artelier Date
  13. Oris Artix Date Curvaceous Silver.
  14. Oris Aquis Bracelet and Overall Opinion
  15. Oris Diver Sixty Five new color?? (Black and Blue)
  16. The Other Oris Forum!
  17. Pro Pilot Date with GMT???
  18. Oriis Aqua Depth Gauge Diver
  19. Divers Sixty-Five at 64
  20. Oris 65 42mm best place to purchase online
  21. Can someone please identify this Oris?
  22. All black coated bezel on sixty-five 40mm versus steel finish on 42mm?
  23. Strap for Oris Sinatra Date
  24. question about changing watch strap
  25. Uncut Dive Footage 0 to 23 meters (gauge shot) - Aquis Depth Gauge Chronograph
  26. If I could. . . . See some Pics of the Oris Aquis Date 43 mm on some 7.5" wrists, Please.
  27. Oris Aquis 43mm screw loose/lost, need help in replacing
  28. BC ProPilot Day-Date - spinning Rotor when winding
  29. The 2016 Oris Divers Sixty-Five (42mm), The Divers Sixty-Five Topper Edition
  30. "Made in France" Vintage Oris Question
  31. Just arrived!
  32. Oris Aquis Depth Gauge Chronograph Underwater - Footage Of The Gauge In Action.
  33. Help! Old Oris?
  34. oris divers 65 rubber strap for 40mm version?
  35. Help with Oris Pro Pilot Big Crown - Actual crown size?
  36. oris rubber strap
  37. Oris Aquis in blue wanted!!!!
  38. ProDiver bezel hard to turn when wet
  39. Looking for comparison pic of the 42 mm Sixty-Five Diver.
  40. Diver Date stopped working, should I...
  41. Good deal on Oris 65 (UK)
  42. Inquiry
  43. Help with Oris Artix Pointer Day Date & Oris Big Crown Pro Pilot
  44. What's your favorite Oris Carlos Coste Flavor?
  45. Divers 65 going in for service in the US
  46. Oris Titanium Carlos Coste- feedback
  47. My new Oris Divers 65 Black and Tan
  48. Oris El Hierro limited edition
  49. SIAP: New Anthracite sun-ray brushed Big Crown ProPilot
  50. Oris Aquis Depth Gauge Chronograph - Promo Images
  51. New (to me) Oris Sixty Five 42 Blue Dial
  52. Anybody pre-order or receive their new Topper LE 65?
  53. Incoming!!!
  54. Info on oris bracelets
  55. Oris Small Second - Need a lug screw replacement
  56. Joined the Oris Group today!
  57. Question about the blue Oris Aquis
  58. Vintage ORIS 17 Rubis Automatic divers watch 'Made in France'.. - Fake? Info? (1960/1970's)
  59. Oris 65 Rivet Bracelet? Quality?
  60. Question in Comfort of Oris Rubber Straps
  61. New Orange strap on DLC Titan yea or nay?
  62. MODEL HELP ?
  63. Aquis Depth Gauge Chronograph Power Reserve
  64. My Oris Aquis Regulation and Analysis of Movement (clearly custom spec to Oris)
  65. New model Artelier Date - info needed...
  66. Diver 65 Topper Edition Update-- Live photos!
  67. Vintage Oris' on their Way!
  68. Just got my Oris Aquis in and sized!
  69. Incoming
  70. Big Crown Complication
  71. Should I wait or not?
  72. Needing advise on Oris posted on Kijiji (yes, I know you are skeptical immediately!)
  73. Oris Carl Brashear Patina progress pics in order.
  74. Strap/bracelet changing tools?
  75. Seeking information about the bezel from Divers Sixty-Five owners.
  76. Incoming : Oris Aquis 01 733 7653 4158-07 8 26 01PEB
  77. Topper in Burlingame
  78. Outdoor Shot
  79. Pic request: 65 on a 7.5" wrist
  80. Oris Artelier Skeleton accuracy?
  81. Saw my first Oris in person yesterday
  82. Diver 65 textile strap
  83. Aftermarket orange rubber strap for an Aquis?
  84. How I got into an Oris.
  85. Is my vintage Oris authentic?
  86. Oris Carl Brashear First opinion hands on
  87. New Addition. Titanium!
  88. Replacing Aquis bracelet with rubber strap
  89. First Oris
  90. Oris Pointer help
  91. Diver Sixty Five and my 6.5 inch wrist?
  92. Artix GT "Calobra"
  93. Looking for a Oris Carl Brashear piece
  94. Oris Propilot date Clasp Comfort
  95. Vintage Oris Classic real or Fake (newbie)
  96. Diver 65 Official Strap
  97. I Think I Just Bought a Fake Vintage Oris...
  98. Carlos Costs LE IV accuracy
  99. oris williams chrono - info needed
  100. What is the lug to lug on the new Oris Diver 65 (42mm)?
  101. Oris strap?
  102. Quick question regarding the strap
  103. Oris 65 or Tudor BBB
  104. The Oris Handbook: Real Time
  105. Oris aquis bracelet question
  106. The Oris Carl Brashear Limited Edition "in the Bronze"
  107. Oris Artelier Calibre 112
  108. Help to choose
  109. Oris with skeleton back
  110. Post your Sixty Five Diver with Camo straps if you have them!
  111. Propilot Chrono or else?
  112. A quick question about storage
  113. Ruined my new titanium bracelet...
  114. Frank Sinatra Oris
  115. What's your story?
  116. Oris Artix GT Date - is that a rubber insert?
  117. An Oris for the wife...or perhaps another brand
  118. Oris 65 with a suit?
  119. Oris Aquis Titan titanium bracelet?
  120. Diver 65 plus siblings plus wish piece
  121. Can someone tell me more about this Oris?
  122. Can someone tell me what Oris this is?
  123. Oris Diver - Rotor Color?
  124. Stingray with a Touch of Ostrich Belly
  125. My First Oris! Maybe the first ProPilot on a NATO?
  126. Strap size for Oris Big Crown ProPilot
  127. Sixty Five Deauville Blue
  128. Let's see your straps!
  129. My first post and it's about this!
  130. Real or Fake Oris 7599 titan chronograph?
  131. Oris F1 Williams Team strap change
  132. I'm back...
  133. My first Oris
  134. Oris in Canada? Help
  135. Oris tt1 day date
  136. Oris TT1 Diver 200m era watches
  137. New To Oris, Great Barrier Reef LE II.
  138. SOTC, Oris wing
  139. Oris Carlos Coste IV Limited Edition
  140. Question about Position of the Date Corrector Wheel on SW 200 Movement.
  141. Big Crown Propilot GMT
  142. Help on how to cut a rubber strap (Aquis)
  143. To buy an Oris
  144. New to me BC3. Strap options?
  145. Soon to be Oris owner
  146. Leather or steel band?
  147. Divers Sixty-Five NATO versions
  148. Newly Issued 43mm Aquis models
  149. oris aquis chonograph
  150. Oris 65 issues?
  151. Longevity of rubber straps?
  152. Question about the dreaded 9pm -3am time change and Oris 732 calibre. Manual is confusing.
  153. BC3 Advanced 2016 "Blau"
  155. Oris rubber strap
  156. Oris Divers Sixty-Five original reference number
  157. What type of strap options are you looking for?
  158. Coste LE IV- Disappointed with Lume
  159. Oris X-1 Calculator Bezel
  160. What are these things?
  161. Oris Artelier on a Brown Leather Strap - What Do You Think?
  162. Oris pointer date (1996)
  163. Aquis vs Seamaster...best value
  164. Need installation help on rubber strap
  165. Oris Aquis - 43 or 46mm ?? How does it size ?
  166. Oris has adjustable clasp for diver with rubber strap?
  167. Artelier feedback...
  168. trying to determine price on oris model #7496...any links/help please?
  169. Oris Big Crown ProPilot Day Date price research
  170. Authenticity Question
  171. Oris 7429 Tri-Date Vintage Watch
  172. Check out my Oris Artelier
  173. Black & Blue Steel (Artelier Cal. 112)
  174. Does this seem reasonable?
  175. I'm thinking of buying a Ti Oris Diver
  176. Another new Oris - Potentially!
  177. Baselworld 2016: Oris Live Report
  178. Baselworld 2016: Oris Watch Collection Preview
  179. Need to decide which diver to sell.
  180. My "new" Oris super 17j
  181. Watchuseek Oris Basel report
  182. My Oris needs servicing, I think
  183. Where to buy a rubber strap for Aquis Date
  184. Ok...I guess the titanium does scratch pretty easily
  185. Favour from 46mm Aquis/Titan Rubber strap owner please?
  186. 42mm Oris 65 Diver at Basel
  188. New Oris at Basel - in house and fantastic
  189. Need help from any central NJ folks
  190. Question on my Big Crown Moon Phase Complication.
  191. Dreaming out loud...A white dialed Sixty-Five...
  192. Screw driver size for Oris F1 William ps Team Chrono
  193. Oris forum new?
  194. Oris Divers Sixty-Five Topper Edition
  195. Just ordered my first Oris 3/15: Received!
  196. Oris Caliber 733 vs chronometer 737
  197. Oris Aquis TSF Limited Edition Chronometer
  198. Calibre 111
  199. Anyone here ever purchased and Oris from...
  200. How I found Oris watches
  201. Not sure why I never considered Oris before.
  202. My new ORIS
  203. Screwdriver size for aquis bracelet link removal?
  204. Advice needed on possible pre-owned Pointer purchase
  205. Question about authenticity
  206. Complication on NATO? Posted pics, not sure it works well.
  207. Grandad's old watch looking shiny
  208. New to Oris
  209. 2nd hand SMP or brand new Oris
  210. Lume shot Oris Carlos Coste
  211. What is Oris brand DNA?
  212. Oris Super 17 jewels
  213. New Oris Aquis Date 40mm
  214. Oris Force Recon GMT Detailed Review.
  215. Which strap for my blue/grey divers 65?
  216. Oris Pro diver, poor time keeping
  217. Small second Titan date change problem
  218. Pics of my killer blue/grey 65
  219. Great Barrier Reef II
  220. Oris for EDC
  221. Oris Carlos Coste Cenote Record Edición
  222. Oris aquis small second sunburst blue or oris aquis small second date titan
  223. Where is the best place to buy Oris Aquis Rubber Strap?
  224. ripple texture on Oris 65 sapphire domed crystal?
  225. Small Wrists and Rubber Straps
  226. Help with water damage..
  227. So I wanted presence, Just ordered Aquis Small Second
  228. New Oris Arteiler Chronometer at Basel
  229. Oris valuation question
  230. Oris aquis date crown issue
  231. Cigar? I've got Twins...Oris TT1's!!
  232. The Metal Bracelet Option on The Oris Diver Sixty-Five
  233. New Member, First Oris
  234. Oris ProPilot Altimeter : Barometer calibration
  235. Possible to get watch production number from serial id?
  236. Oris Depth gauge
  237. Oris Rotor
  238. Which of these 2 colours for Aquis Date?
  239. Oris Bracelet
  240. Oris TT1
  241. Got my first watch and i love it
  242. Refurbished vintage Oris on Ebay?
  243. Artix date good value?
  244. servicing grey market oris?
  245. Oris Aquis Date 43mm Dress Shirt?
  246. Oris Gents Automatic - 633 7317 26 65 - BLUE FACE
  247. Replacement strap for Oris Big Crown Propilot GMT
  248. Questions about ProPilot Altimeter
  249. Oris Aquis Dilemma (Color)...
  250. Lift Angle for Oris 292 movement?