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  2. Cheating on my Oris
  3. Can the Aquis handle the Thumper??
  4. Local AD Visit: First Oris Impressions & Questions (ProPilot Day Date & Pointer Date, Divers Sixty F
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  6. Does your Oris Aquis do this......
  7. The Sellita movement...
  8. Oris Divers Sixty-Five nato strap fraying?
  9. Aquis Redux
  10. Diver's SixtyFive Bronze Limited Edition!
  11. Artix Date 39 vs 42....
  12. Help With Oris Watch Identification
  13. Loose Rotating Bezel on my Oris
  14. Bought My First Oris
  15. Gold Caliber 110 Oris available this weekend at ginormous discount
  16. Any deals on an Aquis?
  17. Any Big Crown ProPilot Date Owners?
  18. Oris Chronoris Grand Prix 70 limited edition wanted
  19. No one excited about the Big Crown ProPilot Calibre 111?
  20. Oris from eBay - anyone can tell me something about this model?
  21. Oris repair in New Jersey / NYC
  22. Oris big crown pointer date leather straps idea
  23. Aquis SS bracelet
  24. Elegant solution for "too long" Divers Sixty-Five straps
  25. Two Oris Artelier Skeletons, different styles?
  26. New Oris Aquis on the way!
  27. Oris Big Date Chrono Thickness?
  28. Santa (AKA UPS) just brought me this today...
  29. Chrono24
  30. Big crown original why black dial says 25 jewels but white dial says 26?
  31. Some Help...........................................
  32. The Oris Divers Sixty-Five with the New Gray and "Deauville" Blue Dial
  33. After market straps for Oris Aquis divers
  34. Oris Pro Pilot GMT
  35. insanely cool photography + review of the Force Recon GMT
  36. Help on new ProPilot stem/movement concern
  37. Oris Aquis 46mm - rubber or SS bracelet
  38. Oris John Coltrane
  39. Mark Webber f1
  40. Oris divers sixty-five rubber strap
  41. Oris Big Crown Timer Chronograph & Oris Aquis
  42. Oris Aquis Small Second Date Orange Owners
  43. Oris from the 60'
  44. What do you think about the new Williams day/date?
  45. OEM Straps-Where to get? My Divers 65 needs Variety!
  46. Oris size questions
  47. Is this oris real?
  48. Is Oris Big Crown ProPilot with leather straps is more werarble than the canvase one?
  49. Servicing my ORIS in Toronto
  50. Which on to choose -- new vs old Original Pointer Date?
  51. Oris Audi Sport Limited Edition II
  52. Which one?
  53. Share Your Artix Photos
  54. Teach me about my new watch!
  55. Is this authentic Oris?
  56. First Swiss Watch (Leaning towards Oris Aquis)
  57. Rubber strap for my ProDiver?
  58. Oris Regulator watch
  59. Your opinion is required: New watch calibration
  60. My diver off for repair, sad day.
  61. Custom straps for Aquis
  62. 2-week old aquis - broken, grumble
  63. Oris TT1 733.7533 Bezel Replacement
  64. Vintage Oris Identification
  65. My dad's Oris and his only watch left. Kinda 40+ year-old watch
  66. parts
  67. Transferrable Warranty Question
  68. Aquis + Stone Creek Straps: Examples?
  69. Oris Big Crown Original Pointer Date -- when was it first launched? Which dial color do you like?
  70. Oris depth gauge chrono review?
  71. Oris Big Crown - Oskar Bider Limited question?
  72. Vintage Oris strap options
  73. Divers 65 blue dial!
  74. ORIS eBay find.
  75. Oris diver new vs vintage
  76. Oris Big Crown ProPilot Chrono GMT
  77. Oxidized Hands On Chronoris
  78. Oris Boutique in HK Closed
  79. Oris Titan - Nato Strap Adapters
  80. Force Recon GMT Launch Event in San Francisco
  81. New Oris TT1 skeleton
  82. Force Recon GMT
  83. New (To Me) Or is Artelier Big Date
  84. Oris Regulateur ?Der Meistertaucher?
  85. Aquis date with metal bracelet: Should I take 43mm Aquis or 46mm Small Seconds for this wrist?
  86. Real or Fake Aquis
  87. TT1 crown replacement questions?
  88. Decent Deal on Oris Rubber Strap?
  89. Poor mans Depth Gauge ...
  90. Diver Date question - First Oris in my collection
  91. Identify this Oris
  92. is this fake?
  93. Help sourcing a crown stem!
  94. Fixing dial and glass - anyone has experience?
  95. Aquis Hand Winding Not Smooth
  96. Oris Depth Gauge opinions
  97. Aquis bracelet screw size
  98. Please and thank you pre owned oris at very good price, concerns, PLEASE AND THANK YOU
  99. Does Anyone Have the New 111?
  100. White spots on dial?
  101. Source of Genuine Oris Straps?
  102. Down to only two 40mm Aquis variants on the Oris website...
  103. Oris Diver Sixty-Five: Our favorite 2015 watch under $2,000
  104. opion on this oris watch
  105. Oris movement - real or fake?
  106. Oris Divers Date Small Seconds - Links and Bezel
  107. After Market Straps
  108. Strap for big crown pointer date
  109. TT1 Rubber?
  110. Oris Pilot Comfortable?
  111. Help Identifying this Oris
  112. Oris TT1 and aftermarket straps.
  113. Comments on the ProDiver Pointer Moon please?
  114. Think I found my next watch: Big crown Propilot Chronograph GMT
  115. Aquis newer date version
  116. Looking to buy my first Oris ..
  117. Oris Air Racing IV Limited Edition
  118. New Arrival - Oris Aquis Red LE
  119. Atelier Moon Phase complication dead?
  120. Divers 1965 .... really
  121. Want to buy an Oris Chronoris!
  122. Wich Aquis i should buy ?
  123. Couldn't remember is these had been posted
  124. My first Oris
  125. ORIS certified ISO watches
  126. Best place to buy an Oris (Divers Sixty-Five) online?
  127. New Oris Air Racing Edition V - New for 2015
  128. Vintage Oris date pointer with 7 jewel cal. 453
  129. Oris Big Crown Propilot Date: Defect on case or normal?
  130. Is it a Fake?
  131. Vintage Oris find
  132. Oris Tungsten Bezel
  133. ProPilot GMT
  134. Oris Calobra Limited Edition - Any thoughts?
  135. Oris Carlos Coste Limited Edition 64375847154 Titanium Men?s Diver Watch
  136. What is that puck for?
  137. Oris ProDiver Chrono travel case size?
  138. A Tribute to Oris.
  139. Oris Aquis date 43mm Rubber Strap question
  140. Metal or rubber?
  141. Just got my 43mm Aquis!
  142. Oris Big Crown Propilot Date Review
  143. 2015 Reno Air Races - Limited Edition Air Racing V coming!
  144. Oris Force Recon GMT: taking advantage of Marines
  145. oris big crown automatic watch
  146. Oris diver real or fake
  147. Orange and Yellow Strap - dirt magnets? how to clean...
  148. Oris Aquis w/ Sunburst dial. Readable?
  149. My Love of Oris Died - Bring the Curves Back
  150. Oris rotor noise?
  151. Blue vs "Gradient" Blue Oris Aquis Diver... HELP!
  152. Need Help from Oris guru.
  153. Oris Artelier Complication or Oris Artelier Complication 2014
  154. Stolen watches
  155. Show Your Oris Big Crown Original Pointer Date
  156. ORIS Prodiver Bezel - help requsted
  157. oris & datum lorix watches... can anybody tell me what these are please. . .
  158. My new Oris Prodiver Chronograph
  159. My second ORIS! :)
  160. Question for you rubber strappers...
  161. New Arrival: Oris Aquis
  162. New oris fan
  163. My first Oris...and my first real watch
  164. Oris SA 7415
  165. 2015 Reno Air Races Limited Edition Watch?
  166. My First Oris. Big Crown Pointer
  167. Thoughts on Oris Flight Timer R4118?
  168. The crown on my father's Oris watch came off.
  169. Oris ProDiver Vulcanized Rubber bezel
  170. Oris 733 (SW200-1) Enhancements
  171. Help with Oris Spares
  172. Does Oris make a blue diver that is 39,40 or 41 mm with a 20 mm bracelet / strap?
  173. Help Identifying Oris Aquis
  174. Oris Aquis 40 discontinued?
  175. Lume comparisons on Aquis models
  176. Interesting Oris article on gearpatrol.com
  177. ORIS Artix GT Day Date review...no love?
  178. Oris Big Crown Pilot Military - suspicious!
  179. Vintage Service Suggestions (Oris Chronoris)
  180. Oris started this thing call Watchuseek
  181. Wanted to purchase: titanium bracelet link for oris pro diver
  182. Aquis Date Grey PVD Orange Markers with Orange Strap Pics and scratch resistance of Oris PVD Anyone?
  183. Oris Aquis bracelet
  184. New Oris Aquis Date models
  185. Was I right to report these as fakes
  186. Old Oris age and value?
  187. Really? Still no blue Aquis 40mm?
  188. Hi guys, new to forum, big fan of Oris
  189. Where to source rubber strap for Aquis date - UK
  190. Oris Rubber Strap Question
  191. ORIS Big Crown ProPilot
  192. BC Original Pointer Date
  193. Out with the Aquis Blue, in with a Halios Laguna
  194. 1970 Oris Watch Automatic With Quick Date SelectoR
  195. Incoming!!
  196. Got my new Oris Aquis (Green Ceramic) brushed
  197. Oris Aquis Depth Gauge Chronograph
  198. Oris Artelier Complication vs Complication 2014
  199. Watch Event at Topper Fine Jewelers 6/27/15 featuring Oris. Ball, Bremont & Zenith
  200. Looking for info on a small pointer
  201. New Aquis
  202. Oris ProDiver Date
  203. Oris Divers Small Second, Date
  204. Oris Aquis Date with green bezel
  205. New oris aquis limited edition
  206. Aquis Gaining Time
  207. Oris Aquis Serial Number
  208. Oris Aquis
  209. MM300 is out, Oris Depth Gauge is IN
  210. Oris big crown propilot day date
  211. Aftermarket straps for Oris BC3 advanced day date
  212. Authenticity of Aquis
  213. vintage oris
  214. Big Crown Oris Pointer Date, Mens Real or Fake?
  215. Loving my new Aquis small second hand Grey dial
  216. Oris higher calibre 111
  217. Can anyone identify/date my Oris Anti Shock floral pocket watch?
  218. First and Last Oris
  219. Oris Big Crown Original Pointer Date on milanese mesh strap?
  220. Oris BC3 Advanced Day/Date vs. Oris Big Crown Date
  221. Oris Big Crown ProPilot GMT
  222. Oris Servicing
  223. Force Recon GMT first impressions! (diving w/ ABlogtoWatch + Oris in Grand Ca...
  224. Oris Der Meistertaucher Regulateur - 49mm model watch band
  225. I need info on this Oris watch
  226. Baselworld 2015 Aquis Date DLC
  227. Vintage Oris looking for information
  228. Oris Aquis Diver - Black or Grey
  229. Is this Oris Carlos Coste fake or ligit? Your thoughts?
  230. Bracelet Getting Old?
  231. Worldtimer Gold Rotor Dates Watch to When?
  232. Thickness of the Aquis Small Second Ti
  233. Oris Cal. 652 Chronometer Certification
  234. Oris ADs in Chicago suburbs?
  235. Oris Service Recommendation
  236. Looking for an XXL Chrono
  237. New to Oris Questions!
  238. Which of these 2 Oris Aquis Date?
  239. Oris diver crown and stem came out
  240. Video Review: Oris Aquis Titan Chronograph
  241. Punkt made by Oris
  242. Video Review: Orist Artix GT Automatic Chronograph
  243. 46 vs 44
  244. Aquis Small Second Question
  245. HELP: Oris- Carlos Coste Limited Edition
  246. how to remove scratches from clasp
  247. New Oris Aquis Date - Sunburst Blue Dial and Black Bezel
  248. Siro/Oris pocket watch - Help with identification?
  249. Just in Oris TT1
  250. Oris Aquis Date 'The Seas of Time'???? Can anyone tell me the model number of this one?