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  1. Any recommendations on how to find a 40mm grey dial/tungsten aquis?
  2. Thinking about getting a second Oris...
  3. Baselworld 2015: Oris Live Report and Video Interview with Ralf Hilbich
  4. Oris on a Orange rubber strap!
  5. Oris ProDiver strap
  6. A pic
  7. Looking for my first Oris
  8. Oris TT1 Skeleton or Blue Aquis Date with a suit in office?
  9. Oris has a screw loose!
  10. Micro adjustment on Oris Aquis
  11. Pre-Basel: New Oris Re-issue Divers Sixty-Five!
  12. Thickness of a TT1 1000m
  13. Pre-Basel: New Oris Pro Diver! Force Recon GMT in DLC
  14. Is Oris the best "value" swiss maker
  15. Pre-Basel 2015: Oris Calobra Chronograph Limited Edition II
  16. Oris Aquis versions?
  17. Just wrote a review - Oris BC Pointer date 40mm
  18. I Think I Want an ORIS Again
  19. ORIS Divers Date Bracelet Screws
  20. First Oris, TT1 - I'm Impressed...
  21. Oris stopped on winder?
  22. Oris Aquis ceramic scratches at AD
  23. Oris movement quality
  24. Pre-Basel 2015: Oris Thelonious Monk Limited Edition
  25. New BNIB Maldives LE...need some help!! :(
  26. What's wrong with this picture?
  27. I do love my Oris!
  28. seeking elegant 40ishmm dress watch with great movement...your op in oris line?
  29. unofficial timing results
  30. Maldives for a Titan... Am I Crazy?
  31. Let us see your Oris Saturday 2/21/15 ############
  32. Can I get an opinion from the Oris owners / enthuiasts? 7400 Big Crown
  33. Aquis Date case finish question
  34. ORIS Chronoris dimensions
  35. Aquis DLC 46 mm Small Seconds Owners
  36. Wolf Cub Watch Winder new, cheap
  37. What Oris are you wearing today?
  38. Off Topic: watch shopping on St Marten
  39. New Arrival: Coltrane LE
  40. Is this a good price for the Oris Calobra Limited Edition ?
  41. Considering the Big Crown Timer as my new daily - and 1st Oris
  42. SS Bracelet for ProDiver Date ??
  43. Oris Prodiver - Good value at 1500?
  44. Where to get replacement bezel for Williams F1?
  45. Official Oris Cust Service Watch Winder requirements PDF
  46. To hand wind or not hand wind an Oris Automatic
  47. BC3 on Hirsch lord (honey)
  48. Any comments/reviews on the Oris Big Crown Date (Grey)
  49. Should I buy now or is it already too late?
  50. The new Pro Pilot Altimeter. First impression on the wrist.
  51. Shall I pull the plug?
  52. New Black Aquis 43mm
  53. Is this a real TT1 and is it worth trying to repair?
  54. Modding Oris hands?
  55. Question on Movement 908 (LJP5800/AS 5008)
  57. Oris 17 jewels thoughts?
  58. Titan C 47mm needs a see through caseback
  59. Oris needs repair
  60. Oris 2000m Carlos Coste LE VS Oris Depht Gauge....
  61. Help dating my Oris
  62. Oris Birthday Present for my Girl.
  63. NE US weather
  64. Oris Aquis Date 40mm Model Options
  65. Oris TT1 Chrono Box Question
  66. Where can I buy this watch? CLASSIC XXL FULL DAY
  67. Big Crown small second day pointer has arrived...
  68. ProPilot has landed...
  69. Possibly buy my first Oris
  70. Looking for Oris 7493
  71. Aquis needs lubrication after 7 months
  72. Oris Super Divers Watch
  73. Couple of questions(I would search but no access to PC!)
  74. finally, a custom nylon strap for Oris - GasGasBones content
  75. ORIS on the way!
  76. Polishing your Oris titanium band
  77. Aquis Bracelet
  78. LE Carlos Coste Chronograh keeps stopping!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  79. Can anybody help me identify this Oris Classic Date
  80. Anyone got the new Altimeter?
  81. My new Oris John Coltrane Limited Edition
  82. Oris ProDiver - scratches easily?
  83. Oris Big Crown Pointer Date - Review & Pics
  84. regulation question
  85. Oris Advise
  86. Happy 2015 from your friends at WatchUSeek!
  87. Can you I'd this 1970's ish oris
  88. Artix
  90. Model # ends with MB or SET
  91. Oris Chronoris (my last watch for 2014)
  92. Oris BC3 Advanced
  93. Repair question
  94. Where can I get a Big Crown ProPilot Day Date?
  95. New version of Aquis with green bezel?
  96. Does the Oris Artix Date have a standard or screw-down crown?
  97. New black/yellow Depth Gauge!
  98. Checked out the Big Crown ProPilot Day Date today
  99. Aquis- SW 200 Question
  100. Picked up the latest ProDiver Date model...
  101. Big Crown ProPilot
  102. Oris aquis first impressions
  103. Between Artelier 2nd Date and Classic Date
  104. Amazon came today
  105. Just saw this amazing photoshoot of the Aquis Limited Red
  106. New (to me) Oris, Diver Date
  107. Deployment buckle for Otis Classic date
  108. limited edition Red question
  109. Wind and regulation question
  110. need links for Oris SS bracelet
  111. Look what I got!
  112. ORIS AQUIS Rubber Clasp Question
  113. Oris Big Crown Timer - grey PVD - quick review
  114. oris cal.451
  115. Aquis bezel
  116. Oris Aquis Date 40mm vs 43mm
  117. Help please guys !
  118. Looking For A Little Advice . . .
  119. sharing my dirty diy effort of Nato on Aquis
  120. Have any of you used the warranty repair?
  121. Oris Rubber Strap
  122. Artix Pointer Day, Date
  123. Small Second Bracelet Problems
  124. First time Oris owner
  125. New Aquis Titan Small Second, Date without warranty card
  126. Oris Big Crown Royal Flying Doctors Pilot Watch
  127. Topper Fine Jewelers Black Friday Promotion
  128. is this watch on ebay authentic ? bc3
  129. Oris Maldives on NATO
  130. Maldives vs Tubbataha straps
  131. SW-220 movement in Aquis Titan Small Second
  132. Aquis...36, 40, 43mm
  133. Depth Gauge... Think We'll See It On a Smaller Case?
  134. Oris Chronoris bracelet?
  135. Aquis 43mm on 7.25" vs 6.5" wrist.
  136. My first Oris! TT1
  137. Question on advancing the date: BC4 "Der Meisterflieger"
  138. Oris Classic Date...Questions
  139. BC4 Retrograde Day (SW220), kind-of automatic?
  140. Need help please!
  141. Need help with Oris Diver WO67475204164
  142. Decide between two Oris models
  143. Oris Aquis Red LE - little help plz
  144. Small seconds vs Aquis Small Seconds
  145. Oris help
  146. Oris Titan
  147. When is 40mm Blue Aquis coming out?
  148. Want to service my Oris locally -- Suggestions for Toronto?
  149. Oris Aquis rubber on divers date
  150. Oris BC3 Air Racing Limited Edition 73576414184SET for $645 in Tokyo! Should I get it?
  151. A huge thanks to the Oris sub forum members
  152. F1 crown weirdness...
  153. walked in think of buying Tudor Pelagos or ML Prontos S Diver, but walked out with Aquis Red LE
  154. Oris 7549
  155. Anyone pick up the new Aquis colorways?
  156. Oris Star Fiber-Date, info request.
  157. Aquis Strap Question?
  158. Best place to buy an Oris?
  159. Aquis Date - Should I drop down to 40mm ?
  160. Big crown timer for less than a grand a good deal?
  161. Oris TT1 Date or Small Seconds in blue still available?
  162. Who to Contact for Craftsmanship Complaint
  163. Oris Divers Limited Editions
  164. Oris Titan Day-Date Rectangular
  165. 582 movement without regulation sign (+/-)
  166. Impressed Oris Classic Date Accuracy/ Magnetizing Effect
  167. Officially an Aquis club member
  168. Oris Aquis stainless chrono pics
  169. Help with model number? need to find replacement crystal, 1970's 'divers'
  170. Getting my Aquis Blue brushed
  171. Legit or replica?
  172. BC4 Retrograde Day
  173. Oris tt1 day date blue dial.
  174. ORIS photodump - In case you wanted to see the factory, I went
  175. Oris Star received..
  176. Turns per day to keep an Oris 735 movement accurate
  177. Carbon fibre dial - gorgeous
  178. Help IDing this Oris watch?
  179. Oris rubber strap pricing...
  180. auto ball race and reversing wheel replacement
  181. Let's see those LE oris watches...
  182. ORIS ProDiver Date - Functionig question
  183. Need help to identify recent Oris purchase
  184. Swithing strap for bracelet on a BC4 Retrograde
  185. Accuracy of my Aquis
  186. Oris ProDiver
  187. Quick owner question on Aquis
  188. My first high end automatic
  189. Oris BC3 Advanced Day Date & Aquis lume quality?
  190. Oris in Ottawa, Ontario
  191. Help needed regarding purchase of Oris BC3 Advanced Day Date
  192. Dove in to an Aquis today...
  193. BC3 Advanced Day Date incoming....
  194. New Oris Aquis - Orange - Your Expertise please
  195. Oris Bracelet precise measurements please for 2 models?
  196. Bracelet or leather
  197. Trying to Identify my watch... what model is it? is it genuine or fake?
  198. Colour of TT3's second hand
  199. Oris Aquis stands tall with the MM300
  200. Incoming...first Oris!
  201. Breathing new life into an old ORIS...
  202. A dream achieved... *edit* (watch just came in, need advice)
  203. spent a month with the Depth Gauge, here's my review!
  204. A new Oris fan - BC4?
  205. Just in: Oris Big Crown Timer
  206. New Oris Aquis owner >
  207. ORIS Quality?
  208. Big Crown Pointer Date-comparison?
  209. Bracelet link .
  210. SW200 in a 633 7541p
  211. Oris BC3
  212. Looking to buy first Oris - feedback from experienced owners?
  213. Looking for a Oris Classic XXL crown
  214. Oris Air Racing Edition IV
  215. Oris Artelier - stiff crown when setting time or big date
  216. Sending my Oris Artelier Big Date for servicing in a different country ?
  217. Looking for Oris Classic XXL 44mm
  218. Oris F1 Williams pin question. Help needed
  219. Oris Rotor?
  220. authentic f1 williams?
  221. Oris diver Star
  222. just another new oris fan...
  223. Regulation
  224. Oris experts, please chime in......
  225. Aquis Titanium Bracelet
  226. Aquis bracelet
  227. Aquis manufacture date
  228. Aquis Chronograph in Steel?
  229. Oris orange strap
  230. Best time
  231. Cleaning up my new/used Oris BC3
  232. Oris Rubber
  233. Did Oris ever use an FHF 96-4N??
  234. Condensation in my Aquis
  235. Moonphase Purchase
  236. Oris Royal Flying Doctor Service Limited Edition Lume Question
  237. Good aftermarket strap options?
  238. crown seal with Oris Diver?
  239. Spring bar pin size?
  240. How rare is this model (small second diver)
  241. Oris big crown pointer - 36mm
  242. Help me pick a casual wear Oris (thoughts and opinions on the Artelier date?)
  243. how do they wear?
  244. New Oris Owner Here
  245. For reference.... Oris Aquis Blue can look gray
  246. Oris Prodiver Chrono (Post Your Pics Please)
  247. Silicon/Rubber Strap or Stainless Steel Bracelet?
  248. I think I scored a great deal.
  249. New here and having a serious problem...
  250. A question about swimming