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  16. ORIS Accuracy
  17. MAIL CALL!
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  22. Oris Blue Whale LE
  23. Oris big crown pointer date.
  24. Advise on setting time and winding tips on my new big crown pointer date.
  25. Time to service my Aquis?
  26. Any way to figure out manufacture date?
  27. Oris Bronze Bezel: 1 month on..
  28. From TT1 to Aquis CO or Date Relief
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  30. Assistance finding metal bracelet alternatives for 42mm Oris Sixty Five
  31. Metal Bracelets for my Oris 7375?
  32. 40 or 42 mm Oris Sixty Five?
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  34. Oris Roundup
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  36. Oris BC3 bracelet question
  37. Diver Chronograph hour hand
  38. First Oris, won’t be my last
  39. Oris Divers 65 Leather Strap Suggestions
  40. Help identifying Oris model?
  41. How to spot if Oris watch is legit or fake? Help requested
  42. New inbound Oris today!
  43. Oris 7401 opinion
  44. Oris Divers 65 40mm Suggestion Needed
  45. Oris 65 40mm rubber strap
  46. Service Cost
  47. Oris Aquis bezel action
  48. Oris dress watch recommendations?
  49. Oris Aquis (2017) Green Lume
  50. Oris Fake?! Appreciate your help...
  51. Big Crown Pointer in Bronze, Patina
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  54. Best place to find a used Sixty Five?
  55. Hair gets stuck in caseback window - issue?
  56. 65 42mm bracelet, found out an issue with my watch
  57. Any real-world pics of pale green Aquis?
  58. Quick question regarding the Sixty Five Sizing
  59. My very first Oris and golly-gee am I in love
  60. Birth Year Watch: Standard vs LE
  61. Oris BC 3 question model 73576414164LS
  62. How fake is this?
  63. Help with bracelet for Oris Great Barrier Reef limited edition
  64. Oris Bucherer Blue Edition
  65. Oris Big Crown Pointer Date toughness
  66. Joining the Oris club...
  67. Bark and Jack says Oris wins Baselworld.
  68. Oris Aquis Bezel Removal
  69. My favorite Oris Aquis
  70. Oris help
  71. Been searching for a green dialed Big Crown, good deal on this limited edition from 2017?
  72. Aquis Bezel Action
  73. Oris is best kept secret.
  74. Negotiating at dealers
  75. Big crown thickness?
  76. Aquis - watch winder question
  77. Clipperton or Clean the Ocean?
  78. Anyone Here With the New Aquis Date Relief?
  79. Looking for Information on a Vintage late 1960's, early 1970's 17 Jewel Oris.
  80. Diver 65 Bronze Steel Checking In
  81. New Oris Bronze Diver 65 w/ Bracelet
  82. Where to buy the blue OEM rubber strap?
  83. Oris Aquis Manual Wnding Issue
  84. Correct bracelet number for Hammerhead?
  85. New Oris watches at Baselworld 2019
  86. Aquis 2019
  87. Oris Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition III
  88. 2019 Aquis GMT
  89. AQUIS Model numbers
  90. Oris TT1 44 rubber band??
  91. Oris Big Crown Timer help!
  92. Big Crown ProPilot strap help
  93. How accurate is your Oris?
  94. Oris Base Movement Grades?
  95. New Divers 65 LE Burnt Orange Dial
  96. Thoughts on the Oris Divers Sixty-Five 40mm
  97. pics of Oris divers 65 bronze bezel patina?
  98. New old Big Crown pointer date (Rare)
  99. Vintage Oris
  100. Accuracy this week
  101. A quick question about the Oris Big Crown Complication Moon Phase.
  102. Oris Aquis rubber strap clasp
  103. 39.5 Green Aquis
  104. Looking for info on this older 17 jewel Oris manual
  105. Oris Artix GT Day Date with troublesome inlay
  106. Oris on eBay
  107. Oris C.O.S.C/Chronometer
  108. Snowy Aquis
  109. Moderator Please Close Thread
  110. Is this a real or fake Oris divers watch ?
  111. Oris Divers Sixty Five Bracelet Spring Bar Size Question
  112. First Oris Diver incoming (Used black TT1) I've owned EVERYTHING...
  113. A Visit with Oris in Hölstein
  114. Out for brunch and this happened, fake?
  115. No ratchet? No can do Oris
  116. Arctic Diving With The New ORIS AQUIS BIG DAY DATE
  117. Massive availability of vintage Oris pieces?
  118. ORIS Divers Date Accuracy issues
  119. Help with Links
  120. Anyone have the Oris Big Crown Pointer in 36mm
  121. UK vs Europe pricing difference
  122. I'm thinking of a new Oris, but I can't find one that's right.
  123. Joined the Oris club (and WUS for that matter)
  124. Authenticity question: Vintage Oris Pointer Date ref 7503
  125. Oris: General Question - New to Oris
  126. Need on Oris TT1 Authentication
  127. Question About the Big Crown 2-Tone (Rose Gold/Silver) Pointer
  128. Genuine vintage Oris star?
  129. Oris Diver Pre 65 or Oris Explorer watch
  130. Artelier Complication
  131. Encounter with the Cradle of Life, aka Oris Aquis SoL
  132. Oris 65 21mm what straps do you got?
  133. Calibre 111 Question?
  134. Oris 7401 from Japan on eBay
  135. Took me ages to pull the trigger, but so glad I did
  136. Favourite colour and model Aquis ?
  137. Aquis Blue/Grey Source of Life Limited Edition vs Green dial and face Version
  138. How to remove spring bar from Oris Aquis 39.5
  139. Aquis 43.5 vs SKX
  140. ORIS TT! Quartz?...Probably already know the answer to this
  141. Considering a BC3 40 mm Question;
  142. Replacement Movement for Oris circa 2000 - need confirmation on suitable replacements
  143. Oris Chronograph - a sad tale - how do I move forward?
  144. Oris 65 36mm Available In SS With Black or Green Dial Without Bronze Bezel?
  145. A question about dial paint and applied markers >>
  146. Authorized Dealer vs. Grey Market
  147. Re-living the Bronze Age with the Big Crown Pointer Date 80th anniversary edition
  148. Oris Carl Brashear after 2 years
  149. Oris 7463B - Big crown pointer date - fake or real?
  150. Aquis Owners - Bezel play??
  151. Oris Aquis adjustable bracelet clasp?
  152. Contacts to Hölstein Manufacture?
  153. My Aquis in its natural habitat
  155. 2 Weeks in.....
  156. Help me identify this watch plz.
  157. Oris Staghorn strap size
  158. Is this oris legitimate?
  159. Aquis rubber strap orientation
  160. Finally got an Aquis - I'm in love.
  161. Oris 65 - alternate rubber strap
  162. Oris 65 vs Monta
  163. First Oris on the way, the search is over!
  164. Post your Oris Aquis or Oris 65 along with your wrist size
  165. New to the Oris family!
  166. Need you honest advice about 39.5mm Oris on my wrist
  167. Is the Divers 65 metal band too small/thin on larger wrists?
  168. Oris Aquis textile strap?
  169. Help - BC4 Der Meisterflieger
  170. Wife’s picked out my first Oris!!
  171. Oris aquis 39.5 from Costco
  172. Anyone try a torx screwdriver for lug bolt removal?
  173. Oris STAR WARS limited editions
  174. Oris Artelier Calibre 111 - has anyone seen this beauty???
  175. Oris 7540 Pointer Date - Loud movement sounds clunky
  176. My first Oris
  177. Help with model numbers differences
  178. BC3 Advanced owners? Day/Date setting
  179. Thoughts, Comments and Advices on My Collection
  180. Any Oris Pro Diver owners?
  181. Incoming! Just joined the Oris Owners club...
  182. Where to buy my first Oris watch??
  183. Oris Pointer Date 36 vs 40mm
  184. Incoming...Artix 39
  185. Incoming Bronze 80th Anniversary and NATO / Strap Question and Opinion Needed
  186. Vintage Oris Explorer watch similar face to the sixty five diver
  187. ORIS Vintage Diver "Super" 17
  188. Transferring ownership
  189. Lets see those blue dial ProPilots
  190. Has anyone used Wiltshire Watches servicing? for 60's Oris divers watch
  191. ORIS Authorized Dealer Discounting?
  193. Is this original WILLIAMS F1 TEAM 2004
  194. Is this Oris Genuine
  195. Oris straps and bracelets...
  196. is this sound coming from the automatic rotor normal?
  197. Oris Caliber 11X Accuracy
  198. best place to purchase official Oris bracelets?
  199. Please identify this Oris
  200. Can you guys help me determine if this "vintage Oris" is authentic
  201. bracelet for Sixty Five 40mm
  202. ORIS ChronOris -
  203. 2 Oris pictures from my wedding!
  204. ORIS Bracelet Screw Backing Out
  205. ORIS Sellita Movements.
  206. Are You A Watch Collector ?
  207. Oris Aquis Chronograph
  208. Oris - Hammerhead LE
  209. Big crown propilot GMT seconds issue
  210. Took the plunge!....or..dove in?
  211. ORIS Authorized Service/ Repair Centre
  212. Service for Big Crown Pointer Day
  214. My New/First Oris - Divers Sixty Five Blue Dial Leather Strap
  215. Oris water resistance
  216. Oris power reserve problem - please help
  217. TT 1 case and bracelet refinishing
  218. RE: Problem with my Oris Artelier Calibre 113
  219. Wishlist Orises
  220. I'm told they're 60's manual wind Oris watches.
  221. ORIS williams chronograph model? genuine or not?
  222. Sourcing rubber for aquis date 39
  223. Did I miss something, or did Oris raise their prices on everything recently?
  224. Rubber Strap for Oris F1
  225. Vintage Oris Watch - Which Model? Real or Fake?
  226. Oris Movember 2018
  227. Oris Diver Sixty-Five 40mm with Blue & Black dial - Review
  228. Any people here with or who had the newest / latest Meistertaucher ? What is your experience ?
  229. Talk me into this Oris Artix GT!
  230. Manually winding an ORIS Williams F1
  231. The Diver 65 is just so good...:
  232. Divers Sixty-Five bezel quality/action opinions sought
  233. Where to buy Oris artelier calibre 113 in UK?
  234. Oris Skeleton 7481
  235. Oris Big Crown Propilot Worldtimer Owners?
  236. My first Oris
  237. Aquis and Airport Metal Detector
  238. Is this vintage oris real or fake?
  239. Oris big crown propilot textile straps (black and grey)???
  240. ORIS Staghorn Restoration - Exact Height?
  241. NEW (to me) ORIS IN THE WATCBOX
  242. My first Oris - Big Crown Pointer Date
  243. Old or new Aquis
  244. Oris Williams Day Date model numbers
  245. Divers sixty five blue vs black dial
  246. Oris Aquis Accuracy and Nato Strap Options ?
  247. Orsi Propilot GMT vs..
  249. Poll: which Oris should i get for my wrist size ?
  250. Should I Have Gone 43mm? - Oris Aquis